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Comment 02/27/15:
Ginni, your Mea Culpa is so phony. You and the rest of the senior management team are presented an annual "GTO" (General technology Outlook) that looks forward several years where IBM should position itself. 200+ people spend several thousand hours working on this and demos of technology to show how IBM can address the future. In addition you and the rest of the senior management team are given monthly or bi-monthly "TT's" (Technology Transfers) again many people spending much time preparing boiled down education sessions so you can give the pretense of knowing what you are talking about. Having been involved with both over recent years, YOU WERE TOLD about coming technology changes. As the article points out
"No. 1. The enterprise tech world is changing faster than she thought it would." and
"No. 2. She wasn't watching how consumer technology was invading the workplace."
means that you were asleep at the wheel, not paying attention to what was presented to you. Bob Cringely and Peter Greulich would have a fun time if they dig into GTO and TT process and contents. -Anonymous-

Comment 02/27/15: To - GTS PM - You should not let your FLM get away so easily. It is his job to find out such things. You need to realize that, in IBM, no one will do anything for you unless you force them to commit one way or the other by asking them in writing to do something specific for you. You need to write you manager an email. Copy the same section you pasted here and say "As per this section, I understand I am eligible for a change in my departure date to a date prior to June 30. If it will be OK with you, please approve a change in my departure date to xxx". Wait for two days and, if he does not reply, send a reminder copying your second line. If he asks you to talk to someone in the Program Office, ask him (again in writing) a specific name and copy that person while reiterating your request. In the end, he may approve it or he may not but if he screws you, he would be doing it on record with some visibility. Good luck! -BlowThisJoint-
Comment 02/27/15: CEOs at IBM have been suggesting a huge turn around in IBMs profits since Lou Gerstner was CEO. The only problem is that the CEOs (Sam and Ginny) have continued mass layoffs, benefits have been cut, pensions for retirees are terrible, and there is no profit in site. IBM really needs a sweep of the entire management and executive team. The only thing that will cause this to happen is a strong union. -ANA-
Comment 02/27/15: "The company continues to remix its skills and resource needs to match the best opportunities in the marketplace"
Hey let's make this the lead lyric for the new IBM company song! End it with 'Ever Onward IBM. To the Next RRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Then it will be stuck in everyone's head for all eternity. It's failed miserably and Roadmap 2015 proved it!!!
Comment 02/27/15: -LowMorale- Ginni will either be gone or retire by 2018. So I doubt she really cares one rat's a$$ about making the 3 year target. I believe she will hit the big 60 by 2018 where traditionally IBM CEO's sail of into the dreamy, filthy, rich USA royalty in Millionaire Acres (unless your name was IBM King Gerstner where you hang on longer to reap more $$$) -Anonymous-
Comment 02/27/15: Watch the video with Rommety being interviewed. At 1:59 into the video watch for the small ad box on the left. Enjoy! -RandyT-
Comment 02/27/15: "Rometty continues a habit of making claims about how IBM can be turned around, while not a single one of the important claims have come through. IBM’s shareholders need to prepare for another period in the wilderness between now and 2018."
Yep, more smoke and mirrors and promises. How do you achieve those lofty goals when much of your talent has been fired or left on their own due to the horrendous treatment of employees, and the ones that are left are demoralized and hoping for either a RA and package or the company to crash, or shopping for new jobs? Promising $40 billion in cloud revenue when it's a razor slim margin business and your competition is already established and willing to sell at little to no profit? -LowMorale-

Comment 02/27/15: Folks, unless somebody actually has a plan to organize, this site will remain what it is today, which is an information exchange. So, let's quit with the "we need to organize" BS postings we've seen for 10 years. Somebody put forth an actionable plan or let's admit that in a W@H culture with a wide range of risk tolerances, the best we can do is exchange information. -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: We have our platform and some of our action plan at the top of this page.
We certainly are not going to put everything on this site so IBM can see it. The main thing we are missing and which is vital to move this forward are people willing to step forward and publicly organize. Are you willing to do that? If so contact us at
We need multiple chapters of the Alliance nationwide. Remember, the Alliance has lost people too with all the job cuts. We need to rebuild in some locations.

Comment 02/27/15: IBM will stoop to anything. I never got a PBC review for this past period as others with mid-year RA dates did. I just figured they would not do one because I was RA'd with a departure date of Feb 27 and the last time I looked the PBC was left uncompleted in the tool. Last day today, I went and viewed and lo and behold it was complete. I was shocked at the scathing assessment after support multiple accounts and never a discussion of not performing as was expected. The PBC says that I agreed I could not improve my performance in a timely manner and as such I did not need to review the PBC. I never agreed to anything and how can they just stop you from reviewing? I have requested that the PBC be reopened and I be allowed to comment.
-2015 Round 2-
The word has been going around that another shedding of employees will happen in 60 days and it is not those that have been given RA date through to June. This is supposedly a fresh round of RAs. -LastDayATIBM-

Comment 02/27/15: @2015 Round 2 I echo the same in "Great White North" From at least 3 mgrs told me there is another round of "initiative" happening in early March. -Chromed-
Comment 02/27/15: We has 2 round of job cuts in Australia. Target employees are 800 nos. I lost mine yesterday feeling angry and disgusted on senseless cuts. In-spite of having experience in agile and cloud and PBC ratings of 2, I got the tap on shoulder. I spend 4 years 11 months and 15 days. Loosing my 5 year benefits of encashing LSL leaves and 1 year additional redundancy pay by just 15 days. Any suggestion how can I atleast get my full 5 years rather than missing by 15 days? -Anonymous-
Comment 02/27/15: CEO Ginni: "I'm a big believer in lessons learned. Constantly with the team we go over why, why, why? What did you learn and what would you do different, right? The only bad mistake is a mistake you don't learn from," she said.
Read more:
Ginni: I thought the GDF's use the "Five whys" from Mike Daniels blueprint from Toyota on how to run the GDFs. So , where DID the other TWO WHYS GO Ginni? You are in denial, Ginni. Maybe mad since you are consistently doing the same things (RAs) and hoping for different results. You do not have the answers and are not in the CLOUD but in the FOG since you don't ask and look at the WHYS enough! Wake up should go to GDF training camp now and maybe 'learn' something! -GDF'ed-

Comment 02/27/15: To -Blowthisjoint - I should have clarified that I did talk to my first line manager. They referred my to the Project Office. The project office actually told me that the paragraph only referred to T2R's (which was incorrect). I asked HR, they don't know and are being intentionally vague. So, my friends (who are lawyers) looked at this entire agreement and said it was crap. Thanks but not thanks for your advice. -GTS-PM-
Comment 02/27/15: Yes, the Walmart story is inspirational! We are making progress here - on glassdoor the company rating has fell to 3.0 and Rometty's rating from 4.8 to 4.4 now. Your PBC's of the company and CEO are working! Think how significant it will be when the company rating is 2.x rather than 3.x and her 'PBC' rating on glassdoor is in the 30's not 40's! It can happen if the rest of you who have not yet found the courage to just fill out that anonymous survey there could just do it. And more importantly, as the company 'shrinks' we need fewer members to gain enough to finally be represented and refuse such treatment. Our membership numbers become more significant as the company shrinks. So *please* forego the cost of a Starbucks once a month and join here with the rest of us. Because if you don't, Starbucks might be an unaffordable luxury in your near future. Please get us off this stuck 57 mark. Fight back against the machine! -HelpYourself-
Comment 02/26/15: to - GTS PM - who was wondering about departure dates. You should speak with your manager before talking to lawyers. From the section you quoted, it seems you may be eligible to leave before the scheduled departure date of June 30, 2015 while retaining RA benefits as long your desired date is 60 days past the notification date of Jan 28, 2015. However, you cannot just hand in your laptop and sneak out the door if you want to guarantee your severance payments. At the very least, you will need your manager's written approval stating the new departure date that you both agree with. -BlowThisJoint-
Comment 02/26/15: In July 1993, our company laid off 60,000 employees. This workforce reduction was predicted to save $4 billion a year. So why is anyone here surprised at what is happening in 2015? Any of us who have been hired in the past 22 years have been aware that this is not a "job for life" type place. The only surprise should be that we are still working, without a contract, for a machine that reduces the workforce regularly and with increasingly surgical precision. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/26/15: IBM's work force drops by 50,000 in 2014 under reboot -JustSayin
Alliance reply: We posted this article on our web site's front page, recently. Thank you for sending it here, too.

Comment 02/26/15:
Shows the power of concerted action by employees. With just 57 new members, IBMers need to find some of this stuff too.
"Over the past several years, Walmart employees -- united under the banner of OUR Walmart -- have engaged in protests and advocacy to press the retailer to improve compensation and working conditions in its more than 5,100 stores nationwide. These workers have held rallies, demanded to speak at shareholders meetings, and reached out to elected leaders and the general public. Their efforts are now starting to pay off, and no doubt, Walmart workers' success will serve as an inspiration to millions of other low-wage workers nationwide, making similar demands in the retail, restaurant and health care industries." -Dave G-

Comment 02/26/15: You won't get paid for those vacation days. I can't believe anyone working at IBM wouldn't take all their vacation days. Not like this company gives you anything back for working 365 a year. Take your vacation each year!! -anonymous-
Comment 02/25/15: "Departure dates will be based on business needs and will generally begin as indicated in the memo you received from you manager (1/28/15). Departure dates changes may be recommended by managers ands assigned by the Project Office based on business needs, or for employees receiving IBM Short-Term Disability Income Plan benefits, which may continue after their scheduled departure date. If you scheduled departure date is more than 60 days past your initial notification date (1/28/15), you will remain eligible to receive the payment and benefits associated with the resource action, provided you work 60 days past your initial notification date (or until released by manager, if earlier), and otherwise comply with all requirements of the resource action. Any change of the scheduled departure date shall be made at the sole discretion of management and which determination shall be final. In any event, no departure date will be later than the date indicated in the memo you received from your manager except for employees receiving IBM Short-Term Disability Income Plan benefits and employees on a military leave of absence.
Employees may not depart prior to the departure date approved by the Project Office and received the payment and benefits of the resource action unless management has recommended and the Project Office has assigned a new departure date"
1) 1/28/15 Notification date - June 30th is my departure date.
2) 60 days after notification date (1/28/15) will leave me at 3/30/15 (more or less)
3) Does this mean that I have to get Project Office and management approval to leave anytime between 3/30/15 - 6/30/15?
4) May I walk in on March 30th and hand my laptop in and still receive the payment and benefits of this resource action OR can they deny me this w/o Project Office and management approval?
I've gotten mixed opinions (even by lawyers) as to the way this was written. Does anyone know for sure???
-GTS - PM-
Comment 02/25/15: -Anymous- There is nothing you can do. IBM has a use them or lose them policy when it comes to vacation days. A verbal agreement with a manager you no longer report to is worthless. You should have gotten the agreement in writing. Never trust this company with a verbal agreements. -longtimebeemer-
Comment 02/25/15: Yes, next round of RA's now happening in Australia. Had the meeting with my manager yesterday and received the letter. Last day is March 31st. The rumour is that so many RA's were identified for 1Q that HR did not have the bandwidth to process them all at once. So they did some at the end of January and doing the rest now. -Time to Go-
Comment 02/25/15: Lenovo hit by lawsuit over Superfish adware --
"One lawsuit filed in federal court last week charges both Lenovo and Superfish with violating wiretap laws and trespassing on personal property, Ars Technica reported Monday. In another case, a legal firm has launched a class action investigation over potential claims against Lenovo's actions. The Chinese PC maker has found itself in hot water following last week's revelations that many of its PCs include a software program called Superfish Visual Discovery. Considered either adware or spyware, Superfish tracks your Web searches and browsing activity to place additional ads on the sites you visit. But the software also installs its own root certificate that leaves affected PCs more vulnerable to malware attacks."
HA! So the U.S. government approved this divestiture from IBM to Lenovo, Lenovo allayed all the concerns regarding potential security issues, & now they get caught doing this. -@N0NYm0U$-

Comment 02/25/15: To -Anon-: "You sound skeptical - not of IBM, but of the stories you're hearing about people being forced out of the company."
Not at all, I was just questioning LackingInIntegrityBlue's assertion that retirement-eligible people were get RA'ed without severance, and I mean RA'ed literally. I know that IBM is using means other than RA's to force people out -- I was one of the non-RA PBC3 recipients -- but when you're talking about severance, you need to differentiate literal RA's from other practices so that people reading these comments don't get misled. My own situation was a bit different from most others that received a 3, but I've already covered that in previous postings -- the bottom line is that I negotiated a minimized separation package and I'm retiring in a few days. It remains to be seen whether most people who went on a PIP will receive any package, since the PIP period is at least 30 days. -Survivor-

Comment 02/25/15: I have to agree with -lastdino1- on the PIP. I am not an IBM manager, but was a manager at a couple other large corporations in the past. If you are placed on a PIP, your manager and HR want documentation that you were given a clear set of goals and objectives. In many cases these goals end up being subjective. My advice to anyone placed on a PIP is to make sure each goal is quantitative and can be easily documented that you achieved it. Something like, "have a better attitude", is not acceptable.
In general, I believe you would not be placed on a PIP if your manager intended to keep you around. If that was the case, your manager would have been coaching you throughout the year so that you reached your GDP goals. I have seen employees placed on PIP as a "wake-up call" that their performance is an issue. From the cases I observed, those employees were actually once great employees that were suffering from personal problems that affected their work. Their managers were actually trying to help them throughout the year but that help was falling on deaf ears. The PIP was used to alert them to the seriousness of the situation. -Anonymous-

Comment 02/25/15: To: -Anymous- You asked about unused vacation from 2014 when you're RA'd. I had the exact same situation. When your new (RA) manager is filling out your separation paperwork, there is a section about vacation that is used to calculate your final paycheck. In addition to asking how much vacation you've used for 2015, it also asks how much unused vacation you had coming out of last year. You are entitled to get paid for the unused days from 2014, plus the earned days for 2015. (So, if you had 3 unused days and 2 days earned for this year, you'll get a total of 5.) Most managers don't understand this, so make sure it's done correctly. When I was RA'd, my manager assumed that since vacation isn't banked anymore, the automatic entry for carried over vacation should be 0. When I later found the correct answer on W3, he vaguely recalled hearing something about that when they went through RA training. But, because he had already submitted the paperwork, he won't put through a change. -RAtired-
Comment 02/25/15: IBM's global employee count fell for the second year in a row, the first two year decline since 1993-1994. Even before the 2015 firings, IBM reported 379,592 employees at year end 2014, down 12% year on year (3.9% excluding divestitures). But there are allegedly 15,000 job openings, IBM claims. -Citizen Five

Comment 02/25/15: Second round for 2015 now happening in Australia with exit end of March. Some people already notified from Monday this week, others with required invitations with managers for Thursday and Friday. Will it end after 1Q or will this continue all year? -2015 Round 2-
Comment 02/25/15: So I got caught in this last RA.... At the beginning of 2014 I had some vacation days that I didn't get to use from 2013. Manager"A" verbally told me it was ok to use them in 2014. In 2Q I was transferred to a new mgr and he wouldn't honor the verbal agreement. Can I get paid for those days? -Anymous-
Comment 02/25/15: So there you go - more cheap labor available -Anonymous

Comment 02/24/15: IBM Employee Count Falls for Second Year in Shift to Cloud. -Anon

Comment 02/24/15: I can't understand how anyone can stay at IBM with the cost of healthcare there.
Best case scenario: High Deductible $0 premiums for single person; $2.5K deductible before insurance will kick in; $6.45K max out of pocket.
Worst case scenario: 2 adults + 6 kids PPO+ premiums of $17,328/year with $300/$600 deductible with $27,000 max out of pocket. Even individual max out of pockets are $15,000/year. IBM must be paying well for employees to take risks like that? Consider an illness in December & January (double these numbers) I wouldn't go near IBM with a ten foot pole. I'd high tail it out of there even with a lower paying job. Good employers are limiting family premiums to $3500; deductibles $500 and max out of pocket $5K range. Worst case. You are paying IBM to work there.
Comment 02/24/15: To: -Survivor- You sound skeptical - not of IBM, but of the stories you're hearing about people being forced out of the company. To your literal question of whether anyone gets RA'd without a package, I think the answer is "no." However, that doesn't mean that everyone managed of the business is officially an "RA." All the stories about surprise "3" performers, PIP's, etc don't necessarily get a package. And, if they did, it was probably 1/2 of an RA. All of those forced retirements only mean that the employee had enough age/year-of-service to quality. It doesn't say whether the exit was voluntary or a package given. If you are a survivor, the only thing you can reasonably count on is 30 day's notice that you don't have a job anymore. Sleep tight. -Anon-
Comment 02/24/15: -OnTheWayOut-: According to the Software License Management web page, your Microsoft licenses are automatically returned when you leave IBM, so they'll be made available to someone else. -Survivor-
Comment 02/24/15: All IBMers do on this site is complain how IBM gives you the shaft. Its is really amazing that only 57 IBMers have signed up for the union. You are all at will employees of IBM and they can treat you and get rid of you any time and any way they want. H/R and executives in this company are greedy and corrupt. Without a union, this type of disrespect will continue towards the employees, until the employees wake up and join the union. -ANA-
Comment 02/24/15: I am jumping to another company in the midst of all this carnage. One thing I would like to find out is what happens to my Microsoft subscriptions. Will all the keys be recycled and given to a future IBMer or is that subscription (along with all the license keys) going to waste? -OnTheWayOut-
Comment 02/24/15: -Sean- : Your description of the PIP process is a bit naive based on my experience. A PIP is a plan developed by your management team and reviewed by HR with the intent that you will fail. It is a document to fail and has a time limit on it. But as an at will employee you can be fired at any point during the process. The plan should have difficult deliverable with daily milestones.The employee does not have a say nor can they negotiate the terms of the assignments. There is sufficient subjectivity in the plan that would be a he said , she said argument with the weight going to the FLM. The mere fact that you are on a PIP means you will be fired. The issue is whether you will get a package or not. So the employee should try to convince the FLM to give him a package. That is the only negotiation. -lastdino1-
Comment 02/24/15: IBM: Who wants to leave with a swollen package? --
"The EEC [Employee Consultation Committees] formation is a standard process to get those people out of the door who want to go, and we are told IBM is doing this unit by unit.“IBM hasn’t yet moved to compulsory redundancies in the UK,”
said a source close to the matter. 'They are doing it tactically before they decide on compulsory redundancies'. The software group appointed an ECC in December for two areas – Business Analytics and Information Management – 45 people walked from BA and three people from IM, say sources. Global Business Services also formed a working group late last year. It was looking for a couple of hundred people willing to leave but some '600 asked for the package', said a source. All staff in marketing were put at risk of redundancy last year but El Chan understands 15 heads asked for the axe. -@N0NYm0U$-

Comment 02/23/15: -LackingInIntegrityBlue-: Everyone who gets RA'ed gets a severance package, regardless of their PBC rating and retirement eligibility, even if IBM calls it an involuntary retirement. Do you have first-hand knowledge of a case where this didn't happen? -Survivor-
Comment 02/23/15: -T2R- Like many on the T2R program, I received an unwarranted PBC=3. I was just told by my manager that my PIP is under scrutiny by HR and two up-levels of management - get this - because I posted a couple of things in the T2R community on Connections. So... if you are T2R -- SHUT UP on any internal forums, it apparently only makes a miserable situation more miserable! -16YearsAndCounting-
Comment 02/23/15: More IBM “resource” trickery: Retirement-eligible staffers PBC 3ed and RAed. The RA becomes a forced/involuntary retirement, which in turn is portrayed to the public as a (PC) retirement (“please join me in congratulating XX on his/her retirement after YY wonderful years as an IBM employee”). No sev package needed. Sickening. -LackingInIntegrityBlue-
Comment 02/22/15: To -Confused by all this- Being given a PBC 3 and being put on a PIP does not mean you're the next for the door, but it also does not mean you are safe! You have to ask yourself a few key questions, the main one being "is the PIP achievable?". Your PIP should be a documented set of achievable goals that you feel you could provide documented evidence that you have completed. For each goal you should agree with your FLM (in writing) what evidence will be required to prove you have achieved each goal. If any of the goals or evidence required are ambiguous or cannot be documented then you must decide if you are on a hit list or not. Throughout the process you should arrange weekly reviews with your FLM to discuss your process and document your results. Again if your FLM is not prepared to do this then this should feed into your decision making process. Do not leave everything to the last minute and if you can achieve goals early, do so and concentrate on the next goals. Of course, as an at will employee, this could all be irrelevant. But if they are looking to get rid of you as quick as possible then surely a 30 day PIP would have been preferable for their purpose. The only chance to change any of this process and PBC's is to join the Alliance, US IBMers not doing so are like turkeys voting for Thanksgiving, but hoping a wave of vegetarianism will save them. Cheers n Beers -Sean-
Comment 02/21/15: You do not get all your vacation at the start of the year at IBM. IBM lets you *take* vacation days before you have *accumulated* them, so if you use vacation before it has accrued you will have to pay it back. If, on the other hand, you have accrued vacation that you have not used as of your last day, by federal law IBM has to pay you for those days at your final salary rate. Look on the HR pages in w3 and you will find one with vacation accrual tables. My memory is you accrue a certain number of days each pay cycle, depending on how many days per year you accrue. PC holidays, however, are different in most states (other than California). You do not accrue PC holidays -- instead they are instantly available on Jan 1 and you can use them all immediately and are never on the hook to pay them back, since they are not treated as accrued vacation in most states. On the flip side, if you do not use them, you will *not* get paid for them, again because they are not accrued benefits. In California PC holidays I think are treated the same as vacation days -- they are accrued -- because CA law is different. I don't know about NY specifically. But in general you want to use all your PC holidays before your final date, but don't use the vacation days so you can get paid for however many have accrued instead. -Reply to Finally out-
Alliance reply: Thank you for your reply to -Finally Out-. It is apparent that your reply is part of the general consensus and multiple answers to the questions -Finally Out- asked. This is proof beyond a doubt, that Alliance@IBM's web site helps IBMers, by having other IBMers answer questions and give advice...advice IBM HR or Manangement refuses to give. Alliance is the alternative, and we will continue to be the alternative as long as we stay on-line. Thank you for your donations, memberships, and overall support of this web site. We still have much more work to do. We still need to raise the "thermometer" higher. This is what organizing is all about. Keep it going. Join Alliance@IBM

Comment 02/21/15: To -Finally out- Your vacation is not earned as of the beginning of the year; it accrues as you go. If you take too much, IBM will want the money back. If you don't take all the days you've earned, they'll pay you for them. Personal Holidays are different. Take them all before you go. Also, if you have a Health Care Spending Account, use as much of the full year amount as you can before you leave. (Maybe buy a C-PAP or Defibrillator) You can spend it all - even if you leave now - and you don't have to pay it back. However, if there's unused money you've paid in prior to your exit date, you lose it. -Anon2-
Comment 02/21/15: At the end of January, I was given my 1st 3 on a PBC, and given a 30 day PIP. Nothing else. Then later my FLM said that HR was requiring a 60 day PIP.
Q1. Don't these things normally come with a PIP or a package choice? (3 months)
Q2. I am concerned that at the end of the day, they will say, see ya and I will get nothing. Thoughts.
Q3. Retiring ahead of this is an option. I have to admit, that would be satisfying but I don't want to cut off my nose to spite my face.
-Confused by all this

Comment 02/21/15: To -Finally out-, take the PC days, there is no compensation for those. Vacation is "earned" one month at a time. So you would only get about 2 days. If you take more, they will deduct it from you final check. -Rich-
Comment 02/21/15: -Finally Out- You "earn" your vacation throughout the year. If your annual entitlement is 15 days, you earn 1.25 days for every month you work in the current year. If you take more vacation than you have earned at the point you leave IBM, the value of the extra days will be deducted from your final check. Conversely, if you have not taken all your earned (up to that point) vacation, you will be paid for the days. By all means take the personal choice holidays as they are " use it or lose it". -retired ex-mgr-
Comment 02/21/15: Use or lose PC holidays. Unless the rules have changed since 2013 you only earn 1/12th of your vacation per COMPLETE month worked. If you take more days then you will owe IBM for excess taken. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/21/15: -Finally Out- You don't get all your vacation at the beginning of the year. It is allocated on a monthly basis I think. So, if you get 3 weeks a year and leave at the end of March you would be entitled to 1/4 of your vacation time or about 4 days. While employed they do allow you to use it before you earn it but if you exceed what you have earned and leave before the end of the year they will deduct it from your severance pay or final paycheck. PC days are a different story. You are entitled to all 4 PC days at the beginning of the year. Use all of those before leaving. Good luck! -longtimebeemer-
Comment 02/21/15: @Finally Out - Be careful. Vacation is earned at the END of a month. It being 2/21, you have only earned 1/12th of your 15 days of vacation, since you have completed only 1 month so far in 2015. That's 1.25 days (round down to 1 full day). You will get another 1/12th of it after the end of each calendar month. If you leave IBM, they will reconcile taken vs. earned vacation and charge you for unearned vaca that you have taken. Your 4 personal choice holidays are yours to use any time. If you leave and don't use them, you won't be paid for them. In other words, if you have taken more than 5 days off (4 PC holidays and 1 vaca day) and you leave IBM today, they'll withhold the balance from your last paycheck. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/21/15: to -Finally out-. You actually accrue the vacation days. You will get paid for unused time that you've accumulated. Taking all your vacation now will require you OWING money when you leave. Those of us in Burlington, VT will get paid x number of days when we go to Globalfoundries this year. You're allowed to take all the vacation anytime during the year (depending on FLM usually) but if you leave before years end you will owe for extra days. Maybe your FLM won't care if you take all your days but YMMV -anonymous-
Comment 02/21/15: -Finally out- Ok, you have to understand IBM vacation is EARNED. So if you leave on Jan. 1 you get no vacation days for the upcoming year. Otherwise it is pro-rated earned based on time worked. The Personal Choice Holidays are not earned. Take them all before you leave.
This has been ALL over this forum since 1999. This is really getting old. Doesn't IBM (maybe your apparently useless FLM) tell you anything about your vacation and such anymore? Promise, this is the last time I am posting this information for those leaving IBM. If you joined the Alliance or looked at this site more often you would know what you have lost! So it is time, real time, to really THINK TWICE folks and know what IBM is offering and NOT OFFERING YOU are benefits, paid or not!!! -ThxSirMayIHaveAnother-

Comment 02/21/15: RE -Finally out- and vacation ... Vacation accures over the course of the year. When you leave, they'll account for how many days are earned vs used. So, you may owe IBM or they may owe you. Use the PC Holidays you have first and if you need it any earned vacation. Depending on your finances, you'll get some extra in your last check for any not used vacation. --Annon--
Comment 02/21/15: Dear IBM family... fellow IBMers and fellow Contractors. I hope you are all coping as best you can with this heartbreaking downward spiral of IBM in terms of "Respect for the Individual". As we all know, this is absolutely the fundamental and driving catalyst in terms of IBM's horrendous financial performance ... over the past years. It is very sad for us all as at one time IBM was the greatest company in the world. My proudest achievement in life , apart from my children, and Rudy the Shih-Tzu, has been growing up in IBM and meeting all you wonderful, talented, intelligent, compassionate, loyal, hard working friends. Some of you I know, some of you I don't know. This does not matter. My health is not great so I have been absent from posting but following along yours, and of course keeping up with IBM in the press. I did post to, my post appears on February 20th where I hope I acknowledged all of my friends and colleagues around the world at IBM. It was brutally honest. I also hope I acknowledged the tireless work of the Alliance for IBM and all the wonderful people who have been looking out for our best interests for years. Respectfully, -Deb Kelly, Proud Alliance@IBM member-
Comment 02/21/15: to -finally out - who stated "My question is: I get my vacation all at once at the beginning of the year (3 weeks + 4 PC holidays)....."
You do NOT get all your vacation at the beginning of the year. Vacation hours are earned on a pro-rated basis. From IBM HR site:
"Vacation can be taken at any time of the year (based on business requirements and your personal preference), but the full amount isn't earned until year-end. You may take your accrued vacation before you have earned it. However, vacation taken before it’s earned is considered a salary advance. If you separate from IBM before you earn the vacation you have taken, IBM will seek reimbursement for the value of the unearned days."
Comment 02/21/15: -finally out-: You do not get all of your vacation at the beginning of the year. They are prorated so you will not get 3 weeks. I forgot the equation but you are going to be surprised on how much you get. As for PC holidays you need to take them ASAP or you will lose them. Also there is no need to give 2 weeks notice. It would be nice to do it if you want to be good to the company but not necessary. Also your date of resignation is usually at the end of the month so I would take all of my PC days off and walk into your managers office on the last friday of the month and tell him/her that you are resigning/retiring today. If you do it in the morning they should have the paperwork for you in the afternoon. If you wait then tell them to send you the paperwork. I don't know if things have changed but I had an employee walk into my office at 4PM on a friday and told me he is resigning effective that day. I had all of the paperwork done and walked him out the door by 5:30 that night. Do what you feel is right for you. -lastdino1-
Comment 02/21/15: IBM Denmark will cut 300 employees on this coming Wedensday. All employees on Monday, will get the message to be on location on Wedensday morning. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/21/15: -EXIBM- Now you know IBM really doesn't have a clue about staffing and makes mistakes and just doesn't learn from them by the score! It's not about you though..I've seen this happen to many newbies and freshers before. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/21/15: Hi everyone, These last 2 years have truly been really bad. I finally made the jump and accepted an offer to get out of IBM STG. My question is: I get my vacation all at once at the beginning of the year (3 weeks + 4 PC holidays). Will I be compensated for my unused vacation days when I give my two weeks notice? Or should I try to use as many as possible before I leave? I work in NY if that matters. Thanks! -Finally out-
Comment 02/20/15: Recently hired, spent 1 month onboarding(All those career promises), 10 weeks in Global Sales School and then RA'd. Go figure? -EXIBM-
Comment 02/20/15: IBM gets a very bloody nose and two balck eyes in UK Pension case:
The summary is, subject to appeal, they have to put the pension back to what it was. It is a complete and utter mess for IBM UK. and was totally avoidable.
-IBM UKer-
Comment 02/20/15: "Has anyone had the experience of being told (without explanation) to stop working immediately, but not disclose this to your co-workers."
Well, sort of. I was RAed in 2009 after coming back from disability and was told I was not allowed to come to my office if my IBM Director was there. I'm not kidding. I had to work from home remotely as best I could. I had no IBM interviews at the site to try to get other IBM employment where my office was located. I contacted to IBM HR and they said there was no "work restriction" concerning me. So I was able to work for the office again. Nice to know IBM hires bullies or executive management that "feel threatened" as Band D and such when doing an RA. At least I was able to go back in to the office and work my last 30 days at IBM as a professional and with class and didn't mention the classless attempt from my then IBM Director. I wouldn't be surprised the now IBM management makes this restriction on some now to just stop work for the 30 days and be quiet. I would contact IBM HR just to see what they "say". You certainly don't want to lose the RA package and be fired with cause and lose severance, any medical coverage, and even UI. You want to go out with class and as a professional as you are! -sby_willie-

Comment 02/20/15: All AMS spanish workforce is soon to be moved to a different company owned by IBM. Numbers are not clear at this point. Only sellers, high profile administratives and execs are to be saved. It's not clear to us what is the outcome of this operation in terms of salary and conditions. Rumors say that this could be an operation to apply general cuts in salaries & people firings without staining IBM's name. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/20/15: Lenovo Canada offered Voluntary leave package similar to USA for employee acceptance on Mar 3. 3.5 wks pay per yr service with partial year counting - 15/25 yrs service min to qual for most groups. HW Ottawa transferred from IBM and qualification is a single year. Lenovo wants HW Ottawa gone. Were told that a follow on Involuntary layoff would not be as generous. Lenovo will complete Record of Employment showing reason for leave as 'other'. HR states no net job losses with program, so EI is very unlikely, but case by case dependent. Lenovo refuse to issue a statement or letter to Employment Insurance group stating that"volunteer" would be saving someone else's job. IBM DNA runs deep. -Beaten Blue-
Comment 02/20/15: Not related to layoffs, maybe. -Gone in 98

Comment 02/19/15: WARN Summary:1/28/2015 03/30/2015 International Business Machines San Jose 68 Layoff Permanent
source: -Anonymous-
Comment 02/19/15: In another brilliant move, IBM just budgeted $1 billion to take down EMC --
"'Software-defined' is a term that refers to taking expensive hardware, removing all the fancy features from it that makes it expensive and putting those fancy features into software apps that run on special computers. You still need the hardware, but you need less of it, less expensive varieties and your data center becomes faster, more efficient, and less expensive — important for today's cloud computing needs."

Guess it sounds good from a software perspective, but clearly from a hardware perspective: a lot less of all varieties of storage hardware will be needed, especially premium-variety storage hardware; thus a lot less storage hardware will be sold overall in the future, and so, a nail is sunk deep into the coffin of storage hardware. -@N0NYm0U$-

Comment 02/19/15: When I got my separation package years ago there was a clause that you could file an eeoc suit but IBM would not be required to pay any damages. If you don't take the package you can try to sue for monetary damages -samtheman-
Comment 02/18/15: To -Soon To Be Grad-: I spent 31 years at IBM and have 3 newly graduated tech degreed children. I told all of them NOT to work at IBM and fortunately they listened. They all got jobs elsewhere, working for GOOD companies that treat them well and pay them excellent wages. IBM will only stagnate your career. For years, this company has continually dropped the ball on progress and innovation. The job you perform will leave you technically obsolete very fast. At IBM you are basically slave labor to be thrown away at a whim. Don't even think about retraining or learning progressive skills - you won't have time because you will work ungodly hours. I can't tell you how many times I tried to complete certifications only to be denied because of cost or time factors. Go someplace where your skills will be appreciated and tranferrable to emerging technologies. IBM is not the place for a young bright person like yourself. They are a stodgy old company that thinks it can bully people and push their way into any market. Truth being, they lost their edge years ago. You don't want that to happen to you, do you? Be patient, look elsewhere. You'll be glad you did. -anon-
Comment 02/18/15: IBM Netherlands is looking for just under 100 volunteers to leave. They will be approached by management, based on PBC results and other criteria. -OnceProud-
Alliance reply: To US workers, notice the more humane way of doing this in the Netherlands. They have unions and works councils. Here it is not voluntary and the RA is abusive.

Comment 02/18/15: It's hilarious how many short-sighted people are buying IBM stock because it's hitting the news that Buffet bought a ton more shares for Berkshire-Hathaway. First, that stock was bought months ago. See the new Jim Cramer articles on today "Imitation is a Form of Stupidity". I wonder if Buffet would buy it today, three months later? Regardless, his motives are different from the normal investor. He may have an ulterior one to crater the company, or take advantage of a break-off or sale of Systems, or even be part of takeover. But, the company is doing well in stock price anyway after its evil deeds. Don't let them be rewarded. Join the Alliance, organize, rate the company and CEO on Both ratings are inching down. If we get enough momentum in all three places, maybe the board will wake up and can her, then we will at least have that victory. -ReadTheTeaLeaves-
Comment 02/18/15: To -Soon-to-be-ex-IBMer- Your concern that they can drive you into a lower level job with a 10% pay cut is absolutely correct. However, even if you're prepared to leave IBM, don't refuse the interview -- you can be fired with NO package, period. Don't let IBM off that easily. Also, in the interview, don't take the Marshawn Lynch approach and give any cause to fire you for insubordination. Simply raise enough of a concern in the interviewer's mind that they don't want to take you for the job. Be honest that you're concerned about being forced into a lower level job and/or being managed into resigning. -xHR-
Comment 02/18/15: @-Soon to be grad- You are right to be concerned. Look over your new hire paperwork, I'm pretty sure there is a disclaimer stating that IBM is an "At Will" employer. This means that IBM has the right to fire you at any time and for any reason, no matter if you are an employee of 5 years or if it's your first day on the job. Being a former IBM'er myself, I have seen new college grads fired/laid-off after just a month on the job, just after IBM finished relocating them to a new city. No one is safe from the layoff hammer. I personally believe that IBM practices age-discrimination for both old and young employees (new grad). I have seen teams at IBM that pad the ranks with young talent (mostly H1Bs or new grads), mainly to serve as a buffer to protect the more politically-entrenched employees. And when layoff time comes as it always does, the good-old-boy architects and PMs keep their jobs while the "young & inexperienced" ones are spit back out. -Anon-
Comment 02/18/15: To -Anoynomous- I filed with EEOC and gave up... It was easier to get a better job vs getting sick. IBM hires the best attorney to LIE and boy do they lie!!!... My manager even signed termination papers and lied that I had an exit interview (which never happened)... I refused to sign anything and just retired after 5 months ... Collected my pension, moved my 401K out of Fidelity and started working for a smaller company who values my skills. After the 1993 age discrimination actions, IBM has learned and they protect themselves well. The EEOC is difficult and they should lump all the EEOC filings vs state by state (which they don't) and they are pro-company vs pro-employee... - Happy to be Gone!-
Comment 02/18/15: -To Soon To Be Grad- The Rochester site is on a course to be shuttered. I spent my whole IBM career there and retired when I could no longer stand IBM management and personnel policies. Any job in Rochester is on archaic systems like the AS/400. In short order, your new university skills will atrophy, there will be no raises or promotions, and at some point when you can least deal with it, you will be fired. Do not take a job with IBM anywhere. -I'm afraid the ships run aground, Cap'n Ginny-
Comment 02/18/15: Received an email yesterday from the Ladders titled "Capital One, Amazon and IBM are hiring" Did the loss of 5K jobs tell you nothing? 56 new members since December 2014, disgusting? What are you waiting for, the writing is on the wall? IBM fires your fellow co-workers while at the same time it is advertising for job hirings! How may of those people fired could fill these jobs that IBM is now advertising for? And here's is the real kicker, for most of the jobs listed, they want 5-15 years experience, so they're not looking for recent college graduates. Come on people, join the union! -Long Time IBM'er-
Alliance Reply: The Alliance has also learned that some jobs in the US are for landed resources/off shore workers only. US workers are being denied jobs in their own country by IBM. If you have examples or documents send to

Comment 02/18/15: Many, many former IBMers have filed with the EEOC for age discrimination practiced by IBM. I haven't heard anyone succeed based on age discrimination ruling by the EEOC against IBM. Your best way of taking AGE out of the RA equation is to organize, organize, organize, get a vote, get a contract! Make that Alliance membership number 57 go into the hundreds, then thousands! -Anonymous-
Comment 02/18/15: Warren Buffett’s mantra was "..I only invest in what I know something about" or so I thought.. Guess he knows IT when he said a few years ago he didn't. So if IBM does not turn it around then will Warren scream bloody blue at them? Or maybe have enough of billions to do a leveraged buyout of IBM? -Anonymous-
Comment 02/18/15: Has anyone had the experience of being told (without explanation) to stop working immediately, but not disclose this to your co-workers. You are not laid off - but are required to look for a new position internally but you can only apply to openings approved by your FLM and SLM? Please share your experience. This may be part of the long game in getting people out without having to pay severance. Thank you. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/18/15: Has anyone had the experience of being told (without explanation) to stop working immediately, but not disclose this to your co-workers. You are not laid off - but are required to look for a new position internally but you can only apply to openings approved by your FLM and SLM? Please share your experience. This may be part of the long game in getting people out without having to pay severance. Thank you. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/18/15: So I just got scheduled for an interview for a job in IBM that I didn't apply for. I believe I'm reading RA package correctly that they can offer me this job, at band 8 instead of band 9 and 10% less $ and I no longer have RA package available? Is this happening commonly? Should I refuse to show up for the interview (or give Marshawn Lynch answer)? -Soon-to-be-ex-IBMer-
Comment 02/18/15: This RA on my wife is the most disturbing event of my life. She had a medical condition on her file.The only request we and our physician made was that she be close to her family due to her medical condition. We strongly believe that this would have played a role in her RA. PBC is 2. Last couple of years are 2+. Her manager never informed her of any improvements she had to make on her skills during appraisal review. He neither gave a feedback on her performance and never used to pick her calls when she used to call him to request for a nomination for trainings. Never ever there was a support on anything from her BPM. For the first time of my career,I saw how brutal work place politics can be and destroy your career to the maximum. She is suffering humiliation now and is not able to concentrate on her work. She is billable until last day of her exit from IBM. The current project manager of the project she is working and the Blue page manager is not able to bestow any courtesy to let her spend little time in the day to search for opportunities outside and deal with emotional stress. What world are we living in. I just feel ashamed that my wife is part of this orgnization all this time. How can your fellow people especially your BPM and other managers behave so ruthlessly? I used to put work before family all the time and never ever used to anticipate any bad word/remark from my boss. I always believed that your work should be your answer to all the politics played in office. And This happens to my spouse now. I SINCERELY believe she did justice to the job she had done with all the medical disabilities she had. I hope god gives lot of emotional strength to all other RAed resources who are going through the same phase. -anon-
Comment 02/18/15: -vivalaunion- you are pretty much correct here but there is one little quirk here. As I mentioned the FLM checks a box when you are fired and if they feel you should not be allowed back in an ibm location they will not let you in even as a contractor. This would be any ibm location.Also if they feel you have sensitive company data/knowledge they will try to prevent you from working for a competitor. -lastdino1-
Comment 02/18/15: "Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. increased its stake in IBM by 9.2 percent" -- perhaps Buffett has finally jumped the shark. -Shark Jumper-
Comment 02/18/15: Anyone have inside info on how many employees have 30+ years? Can't be many left at this point. -Anon-
Comment 02/17/15:
Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. increased its stake in IBM by 9.2 percent, affirming support for Chief Executive Officer Ginni Rometty as she tries to reignite growth at the technology company. Berkshire boosted its stake in International Business Machines Corp. -- one of Buffett’s biggest bets -- by 6.5 million shares, the Omaha, Nebraska-based company disclosed in a regulatory filing Tuesday. Berkshire remains IBM’s biggest holder with 76.97 million shares for a 7.8 percent stake, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. -Anon-

Comment 02/17/15: I was recently offered (and accepted a job) in Rochester COE but am now concerned the job may not even be there for me anymore by my June start date, considering they are downsizing, not growing. Does anyone have any tips on this? -Soon to be grad-
Comment 02/17/15: Anonymous wrote: ... After giving 36 years of my life to IBM! They gave me a 3 PBC 1/2 of my package and I am gone! AGE, AGE! .....
File a case with the EEOC and they will determine whether IBM has discriminated based upon age. Come on, someone in this RA file an EEOC claim so that we know once and for all.
Comment 02/17/15: to -SeverMe- who said "TRUE. But...IBM or the State you work or live in will TRY to threaten you with returning the severance balance left. Especially if you file for UI before the severance period is up."
We are not talking about UI here. Of course, some states will not give you UI while you are getting severance pay because they reasonably conclude that they do not need to give you UI until you severance runs out in six months. To them, you are still drawing the same salary as before for these six months even though you are not actually working. Anyway, the question was about coming back as a contractor. Say, you are hired as a contractor where your paychecks will come from a company OTHER than IBM and that company makes you sit at an IBM site or at a customer site to do some work. In that case, IBM will not ask for severance money back. Nor will they prevent you from working in this kind of role using non-compete reasons. They may take it up with the contracting company who sent you but they will not threaten or come after you.
Comment 02/17/15: Everyone who has been RA'd: IBM is like the bad boyfriend or girl friend that dumped you. Move on! Why would you want to get back together again, knowing that nothing will change? For us retirees, IBM is like the crazy rich relative that remembers you in their will, but has an attorney that can change the distributions at any time. My personal guess is that the next thing to go will be the Future Health Account. (Not sayin' I have inside info or anything.) Everyone who remains or is retired, join the union or at least contribute. -T2R 2013-
Comment 02/17/15: Totally agree with TheFielder. It is PATHETIC. I am DISGUSTED that so many US IBMers have been brainwashed into believing that joining a union is somehow un-American. Do you even understand your history? Rethink your voting position and become dues-paying Alliance members. -DISGUSTED-
Comment 02/17/15: -WebSphereITS- About sale of IBM Systems.. Can't get much worse? You can bet most of IBM Systems is a joke if IBM wants to divest it. It's a non-revenue joke. Ever heard of IBM Smartsuite? Sure you have! Where did it go? Sorry, WebSphere is not leading edge middleware anymore either C'mon, are you an Alliance member or a pacifist? -YouShouldBeWorried-
Comment 02/17/15: Why are many of you so eager to come back to IBM as a contractor after IBM morally corrupt management outright RIGGED a FIRING on YOU based on the IBM Placated Bull Crap(PBC) system! SO you haven't had ENUFF of BIG BLEU? I guess you like being kicked like a dog and want to bleed out all IBM blue? Being an IBM contractor is NO FUN: You get the crap assignments and you are treated like a paid slave; indentured servant or mercenary: FAT CHANCE! It's much worse than a present IBM payrolled resource (used to be an IBM employee). Health benefits you generally have to pay for yourself. Ill for a day or two: NO PAY. 401k plan is generally not matching. IBM can give you an up to two weeks UNPAID furlough without warning at any time and you get NO PAY FOR NO WORK and your contracting company still holds you to your contracting agreement. Nice way to plan for paying the bills, ha? You can get your hourly pay cut at anytime; you can even get your hours per week worked reduced, you can be shifted or shuttled like a piece of cattle to where ever and whenever IBM wants, etc. You contracting company, and there are only a few IBM deals with, like CTG, Manpower, etc. are basically pimping you essentially. And if you quit then you don't qualify generally for UI. If you want to come back as a contractor I would advice joining the Alliance in solidarity. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/16/15: Russian researchers expose breakthrough U.S. spying program --
"Kaspersky's reconstructions of the spying programs show that they could work in disk drives sold by more than a dozen companies, comprising essentially the entire market. They include Western Digital Corp, Seagate Technology Plc , Toshiba Corp, IBM, Micron Technology Inc and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. Western Digital, Seagate and Micron said they had no knowledge of these spying programs. Toshiba and Samsung declined to comment. IBM did not respond to requests for comment."
So, the certain hardware sales declines associated with this revelation ought to help push IBM Systems to the chopping block with more rapidity, if indeed it's headed there as some have speculated here. -@N0NYm0U$-

Comment 02/16/15: PATHETIC...that is all I can think of when reading these posts.. "...oh,,do I have to give back severance pay if I get rehired?.." ..." long do I have to wait to be approved to take a contractors job?..."
..COME ON Folks, they do not want you, and yet you all go dribbling back. Those RA' have marketable skills, go out and find a BETTER JOB, those clinging to this site to listen to the complaints, ORGANIZE and take control,of your job and career...aren't you all tired of these constant RA's, unnecessary demands and in general, management treating you like serfs...have some courage and exercise leadership...the old guard, now long gone would not have put up with this crap, and that is what it is. (part of the old guard).. -TheFielder-

Comment 02/16/15: I am a former IBMer who was RA'd back in 07. I work at a company that is a competitor. We currently have openings for team members who have Transition Management experience in the Infrastructure space. You can send me an email and I will do what I can to get you engaged with the right folks to see if you are a fit. I wanted to help out as I know the feeling after a RA. I am at a great company that has a strong corporate culture that values the workers. Best of luck to everyone -Former IBMer-
Comment 02/16/15: "If you come back as a contractor and your paycheck/paystub will be coming from a company OTHER than IBM, then you do NOT have to return the remaining 2 months' severance pay. In this case, you are not actually working for IBM but for the company that hired you."
TRUE. But...IBM or the State you work or live in will TRY to threaten you with returning the severance balance left. Especially if you file for UI before the severance period is up. This is for W-2 workers. For 1099ers I'm not sure. For some stupid, inane, but always political reason, severance pay for W-2's are considered "time worked pay" and such subject to tax. (It is not considered paid work in CT but still taxed of course.) Even though you cease to be an IBMer on RA or 'emancipati0on' day (check BluePages for your name after your RA!) severance is still a 'paid wage'. -SeverMe-

Comment 02/16/15: Another skills questionnaire? Look like since they got away with decreasing salaries 10% with the last one - might as well do it again! It would seem the same tactics will be used again and again. -On The List-
Comment 02/16/15: RAed. Starting process. what does FHA stand for (per 2/12 comment)? is severance negotiable? -Anonymous-
Comment 02/16/15: Uh oh, here we go again. I just received an email from the GM, Global Sales, Systems & Middleware about a mandatory "Strategic Skills Questionnaire" that must be completed by March 4th. Hmm, I wonder if that's to get ready for the next big purge? Since the last 'questionnaire' was used to sack people and take away salary, perhaps we should all just refuse to take it? The thermometer's been stuck at 56 for a while now, come on, join us, organize so we can stop getting treated like this! Unions were formed to fight exactly the kind of employee abuse IBM is practicing. It's a shame it's still happening all these decades later, but that's what happens when employees don't fight back. -LowMorale-
Comment 02/16/15: Please, join the alliance! After giving 36 years of my life to IBM! They gave me a 3 PBC 1/2 of my package and I am gone! AGE, AGE! Please, join. I'm joining today. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/16/15: For those looking on clarification regarding what happens to severance pay if you come back to work for IBM:
Say, you get six months severance and you come back to work for IBM as a contractor after 4 months. If you come back as a contractor and your paycheck/paystub will be coming from a company OTHER than IBM, then you do NOT have to return the remaining 2 months' severance pay. In this case, you are not actually working for IBM but for the company that hired you.
You only have to return the severance pay if you actually came back to work for IBM (temporarily as a contractor or permanently) IF you will be getting a paystub/paycheck DIRECTLY from IBM.
After six months, of course, your paycheck could come from anywhere (IBM or any other company) and you would not need to return the severance pay. However, it is likely that IBM would not hire you (as an employee who gets paycheck directly from IBM) 2 years after you quit or were fired.
Comment 02/16/15: -ISSWGuy- Do you have a source for the "Systems will be sold" comment? That is, is this just a "gut feel" or do you have solid information to back that up. -lookingforfacts-
Comment 02/16/15: "They have put everything IBM feels they don't need in IBM Systems"
Do you mean all the Business Machines that are sold Internationally ? -Anonymous-

Comment 02/16/15: What should I be concerned about with the rumored sale of IBM Systems? It's a money making portfolio of products. If it gets sold off the transferring employees will be working for a company that has great cash flow and much less of the management overhead than what the current IBM organization has. Maybe they'll be working for a company that can be better managed and treat their employees better than IBM. I don't think it could be worse! Lexmark, Hitachi, and others own parts of IBM that were sold off and they're doing very well. -WebSphereITS-
Comment 02/16/15: -Anonymous- about working as an IBM sub-C or contractor: Yes, the sub-contract and IBM contractor working agreements are somewhat confusing. You think IBM wants you to become one if it might hurt them in any little way and might benefit you (like maybe a $.01 more in weekly pay)? A lot of facts depend on the contractor hire on times and process. I reckon some IBM divisions have different criteria for bring back former resources. Note the word: RESOURCES! I used to hear of IBMers leaving on a Friday and coming back in their same exact job as a contractor on the following Monday but not sure about that now. Hope you did not sign a "non compete clause" when you agreed to work for IBM. Then, Yes, IBM can stop you from working for the client as an outside, independent consultant by suing you as "..taking business away from them.." You are considered a resource by IBM and they don't want their resource competing against them in any way. If you REALLY want to come back to IBM as a sub-C then pursue it; but rest assured, is it really worth your time and health since you already worked with IBM as a resource when you should have been considered a human being employee? One thing you can bet your house, car, and life on: IBM always wins when it comes to you working for them; in whatever form. -Contractored-
Comment 02/16/15: @ISSW guy: While I am getting your point about the whole reorg, I am still skeptical about a full on sale of the Systems group. With the reorg, it included WebSphere which is still a pretty big chunck of IBM's revenue... anyone has any info and is able to comment further on this? -IBM Systems-
Comment 02/15/15: "Does this mean all the 2s got the same feedback or only a select few?"
I was given 2+, but was working on an account that did not renew with IBM for 2015. I was told that I was caught between accounts. I had been put on that -10% education garbage in Oct. Finished the year with nearly 150 hours on Think40. I'm also over age 50. I was also told I was "eligible for rehire", but I have not tried to apply for any more IBM jobs. I feel fortunate that I was able to escape with a standard severance package. My heart goes out to all of you getting raped with lowball PBC's and reduced severance.
Comment 02/14/15: @Anonymous - Of course the next step is the sale of IBM Systems... this is the reason for the reorganization that is happening right now. They have put everything IBM feels they don't need in IBM Systems. That includes the ISSW ORG that I am part of, middleware, etc... IBM Systems will get canned in the next 18 months. Go luck to everyone. Let's organize NOW! -ISSW guy-
Comment 02/14/15: "Transformations are only clear when they are retold in revisionist history, never when you are in the middle of them" WHAT THE..? A political comment if ever there could be. Shows what is killing IBM: executive management politics and absolutely nothing else. The ME ME ME management mentality. This woman is mad. IBM BOD wake up and kick her out the Armonk door! Then the IBM BOD has to be weeded out too. They are not part of the solution; so they are the problem as well. I don't know what can save IBM except the Alliance! along with a new CEO and a thorough executive housecleaning. -ByeByeGinni-
Comment 02/14/15: -whatever- is this set in stone by IBM HR? 2 years. Wow. Sounds like if you apply for another IBM job they can't discriminate against hiring you or can they? -Anonymous-
Comment 02/14/15: -Ben Dover- Your right! Also those unplanned furloughs (no work, no pay but no UI either) and other 'fringe' benefits of being an IBM contractor...Also the IBM contractor badge sticks out in the crowd. The IBMers don't call contractors a YELLOW for nothing! (the top of the badge is yellow in places like East Fishkill). -FishFooled_in_EFK-
Comment 02/14/15: I was a top performer who left IBM voluntarily (although under significant duress) a couple years back. I ran across this brief "Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe" TED talk video at
and thought of my former colleagues. I'm posting it here mostly for the management types that monitor this site :-) -gone_and_so_glad-

Comment 02/14/15: Although IBM UK does not recognise trade unions because, ahem, we are treated so well and there is respect for the individual, you are still able to join a union (I am in Unite) and they can advise you of what to do should you be put on a PIP. It is not as easy as it is to put you on a PIP in the UK despite the spread of 3s, nor is it impossible to get off. There is a set process that has to be followed and if they miss any step then they are in breach of UK employment law. And this is where Unite will step in and provide you with the best advice. I think I pay £12 or so per month for that security. And know of a few others that do too. People are under the misapprehension that IBM's word is law, well it has been proved in the UK High Court that it isn't. I would not be in the least bit frightened to take IBM UK on with or without Unite as I will never give into the corporate bullying they employ. And people can and do get off PIPs - I am not saying it is easy and you have to be prepared to meet IBM head to head and not be intimidated. -UK IBMer-
Comment 02/14/15: I'm confused about the conditions to return as a sub-c and not lose severance. I see mention of a 30 day window in the package but I also see comments here ranging from 6 months to two years. My client was very upset I was leaving and wanted to know what consulting firm I might be joining to bring me back. If I don't go through IBM at all, is it just 30 days? Can IBM insist I am taking a job from them and remove the package? As an FYI, IBM management told the client I was leaving voluntarily. I had one lawyer look briefly but maybe I will have another look for a fee. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/14/15: I've decided to RA IBM! Yes, you read that right. Henceforth, in every case and every way, I'm going to RA IBM. That means whenever there's an opportunity to weigh in on whether products and/or services should be from IBM or anyone else, I will vote for the anyone else. And when IBM products and/or services are already entrenched in my environment, I will do everything in my power to convince any powers that be that they could - and should - be doing better with solutions other than IBM's.
In other words, I will be rating IBM a 3 or less everywhere I go, and RA'ing their backside. Why? Well, first off, their products and/or services *are* 3-(or worse)-worthy. As a former IBMer, I have inside information on how poorly they treat their employees, and there's just no way that people being treated thusly could produce goods and/or services of the quality and commitment to every customer's success that happy employees elsewhere could. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't blame IBM employees for intentionally sabotaging IBMs plans, albeit in subtle ways that slowly ground their operation to a halt. Surely, hell hath no fury like the employee scorned. But there's another reason: IBM is *old*. Yes, I've decided to discriminate against IBM based on age. "What's good for the goose..", right?
And of course I can do this and get away with it because my giving them 3 (or worse) rating will serve me well in court, where I'll simply point to their poor performance, and insist their termination had nothing to do with age. (Never mind that we have an "at will" relationship, so of course I can do as I bloody well please.)
Please join with me in perpetually RA'ing IBM! -Turning-the-Tables-

Comment 02/14/15: Here is an eloquent description of a resource action:
We need publicity like this. -Gorya-

Comment 02/13/15: They get RA'ed (or outright dismissed) like everybody else. Being a FLM isn't like donning some magic cloak, trust me on this. I've been there. FLMs are the Staff Programmers of the management chain. They're the only ones doing any real management work, they have little to no authority and virtually no say over budget and yes, they get PBC'ed just like anyone else. My old department lost 2 FLMs and a SLM in one of the RA's in 2010. It does happen, even if you don't want to believe it. -managerscanbea3-
Comment 02/13/15:
IBM, Endicott residents settle toxics suit. On Tuesday night, the two sides announced they had come to terms on an out-of-court settlement that will bring to a close a toxic tort suit that dragged on for six years and produced volumes of legal filings.
The announcement gave no details of the settlement. Lawyers bringing the suit expect to discuss details with some 1,000 plaintiffs in the coming weeks. Corporate filings by IBM also give no indication of the company's potential liability from the Endicott case, saying that personal injury and punitive claims are "unspecified." Some legal experts said it's possible the public may never get a glimpse of the final settlement. -Anonymous-

Comment 02/13/15: Systems for Sale / SC IBM Systems is the new world wide business unit created by the amalgamation of Storage, Systems and SWG Middleware. A 30 day consultation period is a requirement of UK law when redundancies are to be announced. Usually it involves a company and a trade union, but as IBM UK does not recognise trade unions, it is nothing more than a sham. Some employees will be nominated and voted onto an Employee Council, they will attend a few meetings, they will say very little as an NDA will be in place, and the company will go ahead and implement what they have already decided to do anyway. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/13/15: Hi. I'm an IBMer in Ontario. I've been worried about IBM sneaking their way out of giving severance packages by forcing PBC 3's on employees and giving short notices. So I did some research and found some useful information. The information gives me some relief and I want to pass it on to other IBMers in Ontario who want to know more, or may be affected:
Ontario Ministry of Labour on Severance:
Ontario Ministry of Labour severance tool calculator:
Lawyers who offer free consultation and even have a radio talk show: &
Comment 02/13/15: Just a couple of points here based on my past experience. Once RA'd (fired) the FLM will mark your package whether to let you come back or not. This also depends on the relationship you had with your FLM and if you are considered hostile. As for finding another job while waiting for your last day of work this is far and few between. You would be surprised and disappointed if you heard the conversation between your FLM and the other FLM. If you had a godfather in the VP ranks maybe you could get another internal job but if not you are labeled and not considered.Also an MIS 3 won't be allowed back even as a S/C. -lastdino1-
Comment 02/13/15: ROSS - The future of legal research --
"Built on top of Watson, IBM's cognitive computer, ROSS is a digital legal expert that helps you power through your legal research."
Hmmmmm. . .good to see real-world applications being implemented, but can it translate into a little boost of sustainable, organic growth or will it wind-up just being novelty?

Over 50? Out of work? Watch out because IT is about to EAT ITSELF --
A decent read with multiple insights, one of them (the main one, IMHO) below:
"A hidden price of flexibility is decreased resilience. Complex systems become brittle where the talent that brought those systems to life has been cut to save costs. An angry sysadmin can bring a firm to its knees. A clever sysadmin could save that firm from disaster. You don’t always need to call on that talent, but you do always need to keep that talent around, because you never know when it will be needed. Experience is the ultimate insurance."
Comment 02/13/15: "Usually after 6 months you can come back as an IBM contractor after being RAed and not pay back severance if IBM is willing to take you back and you are willing to put up with more of the BS of working from the outside in IBM. -BeenThere-"
Sure, lose half your pay and all your benefits, and come back as a contractor. If you think life as a regular IBMer sucks these days, just try being a contractor. Even if you had put decades into the company as a regular employee, as a contractor you are no more than disposable dreck to IBM. Your status as a former IBMer means absolutely zero. IBM didn't want you as a regular, and they sure as heck don't give a darn about you as a rental. Being a contractor to IBM is a very ugly life. I think it's even more difficult to absorb how awful it is for people who used to be REAL IBMers. Look someplace else for work and save yourself the grief. -Ben Dover-

Comment 02/13/15: I have a question. I got 2 and was RAed.Told that my skills are no more in demand. Does this mean all the 2s got the same feedback or only a select few? I have a medical condition and submitted wp modification request last year but was not addressed. I now got RAed.Not sure if my medical condition played a role in my RA. But HR pretends that they don't even know about my modification request -Anon-
Comment 02/13/15: Re: Comment 02/13/15: To the person who posted this: "New IBM Systems group in the UK announce 30 consultation period - almost certainly around redundancies -Anonymous-" What does this mean? Can you explain in more detail? -SC-
In the UK a company has to launch a consultation if it intends to lay-off more that 19 people in a single location. For 20-99 employees, this must be 30 days before the first lay-off. For more that 99 people the consultation needs to start 45 days in advance. The consultation is a process for officially selecting who gets cut. I didn't make the original post, but I thought I'd explain the law here. UK-Happily Ex IBMer. -Anonymous-

Comment 02/13/15: If I was 45 days away from locking in any kind of bridge or benefits or whatever, I would find a way to go on short term leave, ie...nervous breakdown, i have feelings of ending my life... I know it sounds horrible but you have to do what you need to do. I know at least two previous managers that did this, it's a game, stay ahead of it -Anonymous-
Comment 02/13/15: As I read these blog posts I am watching my IBM inbox and listening to my new FLM (6th in 10 years) in our weekly phone meeting. The emails coming in are all the same-old-same-old propaganda about how we have to work smarter, faster, better. My FLM is telling us the same thing over the phone. What is not said is - how we the IBM technical specialists can overcome the massive road blocks to our success. The road blocks are NOT our demanding customers, the changing IT landscape being ushered in by the new "Cloud" technologies or our being lazy and unmotivated. The road blocks are caused by 10 years of giving all the profits to the stock holders and senior management and NOT putting any money back into improving products, support and people. So, both employee and customer morale and approval of IBM is zero or close to zero. As I read the emails and listen to my manager, I see how badly they understand the huge crater they made of this company and they continue blindly (see no evil, hear none, speak none). As I recall it, as the Titanic was sinking, the captain and crew were rearranging the deck chairs while ordering the band to play"Nearer My God to thee". Sound familiar? -Stop_making_Sense-
Comment 02/13/15: I'll never forget when Ginni sent an SVP/DE from Austin out to 'win' us over, after they purchased my company about 19/20 months ago. I asked where he thought IBM would be in 5 years, his reply was "At about $320"
I knew then I was talking with someone that was more concerned about his retirement in the next five years, then the technological position of the company.
20 months into that 60 months, and well, Scott, I think you're off on your prediction.... As it went from 212, to what, 156? Must be nice being part of the 'good ol boy' network. 8 years @ SoftLayer..... was considering 30, but this is not the company I want to grow old with, anymore. You're pushing your old talent out the door, and making the new talent want to leave. -Anonymous-

Comment 02/13/15: Yeah you can work for IBM after you get a severance package but it's now a year and a half from the date your package ends so if you get 6 months pay then your year and a half starts after the 6 months, so 2 years. -whatever-
Comment 02/13/15: In response to RA2015 - Although I would consider it extremely rare, it is possible to be RAed, sign the document, and then subsequently find another internal position while still within the termination period. The documents would be rescinded and voided. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/13/15: -Systems For Sale-, I have heard vague rumors of some sale in the wind, but as always, it is hush-hush, so nothing credible. Do you have anything credible on a sale of IBM Systems? -Anonymous-
Comment 02/13/15:
IBM's Rometty To Partners: Change Is Hard, Not Pretty
IBM CEO Ginni Rometty expressed little regret reflecting on massive challenges that faced IBM over the past year, telling attendees at the PartnerWorld Leadership Conference during her keynote that the table is now set for success in the year ahead.
"Transformations are only clear when they are retold in revisionist history, never when you are in the middle of them," Rometty said. -Anon-

Comment 02/13/15:
It's make-or-break time for IBM's cloud.
What's needed is a complete reboot of the company, including new leadership and a renewed focus on innovation. IBM won't accomplish that by purchasing other companies. It needs to change from the inside out.
In its current approach, IBM's cloud efforts will suffer the death of a thousand cuts. Unfortunately, the company has too much legacy baggage that its leadership doesn't know how to manage. That leadership is short on new ideas and long on office politics. If they can't solve those problems, the first names on any layoff list should be those existing executives.
Comment 02/13/15:
IBM is running a dating service for staff in China in a bid to ensure employees stay with the company, according to reports. Summer Zhang, who co-ordinates club activities at IBM in Beijing told the FT: “Most engineers are shy, and they find dating a little hard. So we hold these activities to help them."
Earlier this week IBM warned of the security perils of sex scheduling software on mobile devices.
Big Blue said it studied 41 different hookup apps, and claims it found that more than 60 per cent contained vulnerabilities that could be exploited by an attackers.
Cynics might draw a link between the warnings in the report and broader push to bring all its employee dating in-house. But then it seems in other parts of the world, the company can't get rid of its staff quick enough.
-No Comment-
Comment 02/13/15: What a great article. It hits the nail on the head. The IT media are finally seeing behind the gauze that IBM puts up and aren't buying its BS any more. The leadership just doesn't get it, how inserting LeBlanc as cloud leader was such a bad move, it signaled to everyone that the company can't change its ways to adapt to the 21st century and that will be what takes it down, unlessradical change occurs now at the top. Losing Lance Crosby was huge. The leadership of IBM is clueless about these things, and have turned the media, customers, and employees against them. What else is left to destroy? The shareholders need to insist on a complete revamp, new blood, and restoring the faith and morale of the employees. We in turn need to learn a lesson from all of this, and organize. Join the alliance! -LowMorale

Comment 02/13/15: I was with IBM since the late 60's. I was very loyal, dedicated, and gave lots of overtime, when it was required. Seeing what has become of IBM today, is like having a death in the family. It is just so sad. The lack of morals, integrity, competent management (remember this one?), respect for the individual is simply tragic. -Another Anon-
Comment 02/13/15: Has anyone heard of a sales of IBM Systems? -Systems For Sale-
Comment 02/13/15: To the person who posted this:
"New IBM Systems group in the UK announce 30 consultation period - almost certainly around redundancies -Anonymous-"
What does this mean? Can you explain in more detail? -SC-

Comment 02/13/15: And the tale continues..
IBM has been lying for decades to its customers, its shareholders, the world public, and especially to its employees; including putting the very blame for their troubles directly ON the employees.
Lie #1: "We are a services company, and we are proud of our leadership in the industry for the past 100 years"...
The truth is that IBM became leaders in a field that was otherwise unoccupied by any other company in the 1960's: High tech machines; especially mainframes.
Lie #2: IBM has consistently 'preached' US IBMers have "lacked the skills to compete in the global market place".
The truth is the COST of the IBM US labor is why IBM off shored 70,000 jobs. They just wanted dirt cheap labor, period.
With just those two lies happening in that order, IBM revealed itself as the arrogant "Hare" of Aesop's Fable, "The Tortoise and The Hare". IBM was so far ahead that they lost all ability to really compete with anyone. They thought their #1 spot in the world of "advanced machines" would never be challenged. They were wrong and they will never admit it. They will destroy IBM before they grasp that reality. This is IBM's legacy. -soothsayer-

Comment 02/13/15: -LookingForATransfer- This is the story. The position I will be RAd from used to belong to GBS and it was moved to SO/GTS at the end of last July. In other words, I only knew my current FLM for a few months. I even never even saw his face at all. Before I applied to these two positions in last Nov, I told my FLM about that I would like to look for other opportunities in order to help my career grow. He made some very nice promises and encouraged me to do it. The main reason for me to turn down my first offer was that I had more interests in the Cloud. I was also confident about my technical skills and performance. Until now, I still do not know what my FLM really told that hiring manager that made the hiring manager change his mind in two days. I once asked my FLM’s thoughts about my performance, he replied that “you are very good…etc” . He also told me that he would help me by talking to the hiring manager for that position. After a few days, then, he told me that “the position is frozen due to the end of year.”. “they will consider you next year…” The biggest mistake I made was that I should have recognized my FLM falsehoods and left him earlier. My personality is very trusting of other people, It is why I am so hurt right now. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/13/15: -managerscanbe3- Ok, if IBM managers get a PBC 3 do they lose their management gig or do they get RAed like everyone else? I reckon they lose their management assignment before getting RAed. Correct? If all IBM resources (employees and managers) are to be considered equal, then why is it IBM management seem more equaller than the other non-management employee resources? -George Orwell-
Comment 02/13/15: -RAed2015-: Usually after 6 months you can come back as an IBM contractor after being RAed and not pay back severance if IBM is willing to take you back and you are willing to put up with more of the BS of working from the outside in IBM. -BeenThere-
Comment 02/13/15: -managerscanbe3- Sure one knows IBM managers do get PBC 3s but the vast majority are FLMs no doubt. How many IBM directors and above get or ever got a PBC 3? That is the real rub. Well if you know this and are an IBM manager you broke Section 7 of labor law by replying here with this fact! -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: The key thing to remember about IBM Executives is that they are bound by an "employment contract" that stipulates THEIR resposibilities and performance. It's a rigged game, because the executives are able to "massage" their performance results with excuses that are never challenged by the BoD; especially because some of those executives have 'friends' on the BoD. The PBC system is for the "little workers" in IBM that don't have a voice or a choice in how the IBM rules are applied and executed. It's a rigged game. IBM employees need a contract.

Comment 02/13/15:
Nice to know these greedy and morally bankrupt IBM insiders still do quite well when they screw up and totally under perform (Roadmap 2015 EPS $20??????) and then RA thousands who will be toast by end of Feb. to pay for it all... LIFE@IBM IS NOT GOOD (unless your Ginni and rest of the SVPs and VPs who just cannot be a PBC 3, put on a PIP, or even RAed under any circumstances).
Comment 02/12/15: To -RAed2015- regarding coming back as a contractor: read the portion of the RA packet dealing with severance and repayment. In 2013 the packet mentioned the conditions under which repayment was required: if you returned to IBM within the number of weeks covered by your severance payment, you would be required to repay an amount reflecting the remaining weeks. Thus, if you were paid 20 weeks and returned after 15 weeks, you would have to repay 5 weeks. It also stated that the repayment was required if you were returned to IBM by being hired directly by IBM or through a third-party agency. This is very unfair - why should you have to repay any amount? The payment was part of you leaving IBM. When you sign your separation papers and are given the checks, you are no longer an IBM employee. If you are rehired by IBM, your service date is reset as there is no credit for your prior years of service. You do not lose any defined benefits you left IBM with (pension, etc.) but as far as vacation and the number of years of service that you have it is as if you never worked for IBM before. So, you will need to work at least 15 years in order to qualify for FHA (assuming you are 55 at that time) no matter how many years you had already worked for IBM. If you get RA'ed again, your years of service would be based on your rehire date. -OutIn2013-
Comment 02/12/15: The Apple comments are interesting, given they declined to participate in IBM's biggest conference of the year, which is just over a week from now. With all the ballyhoo about this 'partnership', wouldn't you think they'd be front and center? With attendance way below expectations, and moving it to February rather than in spring when it usually is, what a fiasco it would be if there was another big storm in the midwest and northeast and the few that did sign up couldn't get there. Fight the PR machine that they are attempting to use to humanize Rometty and provide cover for these actions they are undertaking, and sign up for the Alliance. We are building momentum, don't let it die. It feels good to be wanted, it feels good to belong, and it really feels good to fight back against these greedy, non-caring individuals. Fight to organize, fight for your jobs, fight for those who have been cut. If you have been RA'd, make a call to MoneySmart to get financial advice. Talked to them yesterday, and they have been innundated with calls from IBMers getting RA'd. The person I talked to told me one woman was a month from FHA eligibility. Evil. -HelpYourself-
Comment 02/12/15: to -RAed2015- : If you were RAd with a PBC 3 for 2014, then No you cannot come back to IBM either as an employee or a contractor, because your re-hire flag would have been automatically set to NO. -canucks-
Comment 02/12/15: I was RAed out of GBS this last round in January 28th. I wanted to know if I sign the RA documents/packets and I get another internal IBM job before the end of the month, will there be a problem since I already signed the RA documents? -RA2015-
Comment 02/12/15: I agree that these must be 'rolling' layoffs overs several months, for all the reasons noted already. I too have not gotten my 2014 PBC back (nor my 2015 goals) and my manager said that my PBC assessment hasn't been approved yet. Not sure if that means by 2nd line mgr or HR? So... I'm expecting the worst. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/12/15:
IBM Falling Behind The Hottest Tech Trends, IBM is no Apple. And it’s no Google.
IBM is unexciting. It’s often described as a “dinosaur” for its history of falling behind the hottest tech trends.
As the tech sector continues to unveil sleek new devices like smartphones and tablets, and begins making forays into wearable tech, IBM is nowhere to be found.
IBM is instead rolling out the same six-and-a-half-foot, three-ton mainframes it has been famous for since the 1950s. The rest of its business focuses on consulting and software. -Anon-

Comment 02/12/15: New IBM Systems group in the UK announce 30 consultation period - almost certainly around redundancies -Anonymous-
Comment 02/12/15: Article on Alliance press release on Dubuque: -member

Comment 02/12/15: To -anonymous- (whose FLM messed up his transfer to another internal position). The hiring manager (Cloud) never made any commitment to hire you if he still needed to check your performance history with your FLM. So, what happened after he DID talk with your FLM? Did the hiring manager extend you an unconditional, committed offer and THEN the FLM blocked your transfer? -or- Did the hiring manager never extend a committed offer because your FLM gave you bad feedback?
If it was the latter, then you should have used common sense. Since you did not have an unconditional offer from this hiring manager, you should not have turned down the other offer that you did receive.
If it was the former, then a little known IBM rule is that you should give advance notice to your FLM stating that you will be looking to move to another IBM job in 90 days. Then, if you are extended an offer from another hiring manager, the FLM cannot block the transfer. -LookingForATransfer-

Comment 02/12/15: Kicked while Down. I believe you also must be 55 to get the FHA. Even if you had 30 years you would not have qualified since you are only 54. There does seem to be a trend to RA people under 55 to save the FHA payments. -recentretired-
Comment 02/11/15: -anonymous- Yes, managers can and do get 3's. I know of more than a few that did over the past few years. Now, that said, none were above 2nd line that i knew of. But it does happen. -managerscanbe3-
Comment 02/11/15: Question - for 2015 RA, can I come back to IBM as a contractor & NOT pay back severance? Is a break in service required? How long is the break in service? -RAed2015-
Comment 02/11/15: I wanted to send out a note that Artech (one of IBM's primary contracting companies) is sending out to people at other tech companies to staff the very Columbia, MO GDF Delivery Center that IBM is firing tons of people. I left in 2014, for those of you that are still there...are you next?
See the note sent to an IT employee at a competing company:
Hope you are doing well !!!

My name is <removed> and I'm a recruiter at Artech, a global staffing and IT consulting company. We are constantly on the lookout for professionals to fulfill the staffing needs of our clients, and we currently have a job opening that may interest you.
Below is a summary of the position.
Job Title : Storage Administrator
Location: Columbia, MO
Duration: 12 Months
Job Description:

Experience / working knowledge of IBM XIV, DS8000,
Experience / working knowledge of device configuration and operation
Experience / working knowledge of SVC
Experience / working knowledge of Brocade and CISCO switches
Experience with remote replication/copy services
Experience with installing Data Center Moves, Microcode Upgrades, Storage Allocation, SAN Zoning, and Strong Problem.
Experience in UNIX and Windows Operating System
Experience with Data Migration
Ability to troubleshoot issues independently
If you believe you're qualified for this position and are currently in the job market or interested in making a change, please give me a call as soon as possible at <number removed>.
You may respond to me via email but please be sure to include your direct phone number so I can reach out to you quickly. In considering candidates for our various positions, time is of the essence and we are committed to responding to our clients promptly.
If you have not worked with Artech in the past and would like to know more about our company and what to expect when applying for a job with us, click on our FAQs or Get Started! page for a step-by-step explanation of our hiring process.
Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read and respond to this message.
Best Regards,
-Dazed in Columbia, MO-

Comment 02/11/15: I too believe the RAs and other firing activities are going to be spread out. Heard more notifications coming in March. Don't wait, get started with your own Plan B folks. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/11/15: My Onsite Manager also leaving Organisation during this time and February end is his last date. If IBM has asked him to leave then I am really not sure what IBM is doing; He was asset of IBM. If IBM is asking people like him to leave then IBM losing is main technical and business strength. I am very upset even with the thought that IBM would have asked him to leave. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/11/15: The U.S. economy is broken and the issue isn't just IBM. Executives no longer get paid based on the true value they deliver to society. They can ruin a once great company in a year and still get a raise so long as they meet very short-sighted margin expansion goals at the expense of the company's future. It's time for everyone to write their congressmen and tell them that its time to reign in on executive pay. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/11/15:
Can IBM Possibly Go Even Lower? IBM is announcing sales, but in a niche that can't produce growth. IBM has switched its patent strategy. What was once a growth strategy is now trolling. Apple is driving the IBM relationship, and the company's assets are steadily withering away.
Comment 02/11/15: There may be something to the post that said there will be staggered layoffs each month, including Federal in a few weeks (although that date is right in the middle of the big conference). Something is amiss, because I and others do not have their PBC rating yet, and it's well past the due date and nobody is making a fuss in the management ranks like they usually do. I don't have my PBC goals for 2015 either, and we're almost two months in. So it's being held back for a reason, probably to assign more 3's and the door soon. It seems like folks are still being notified, but the posts here are a little vague as to whether these are new notifications or the poster is just getting around to putting something here. Can everyone please indicate the exact date you were notified so we can figure out what IBM is up to? In the meantime, keep the thermometer moving and please continue to join our ranks! -WaitingForACallFromMyManager-
Comment 02/11/15: Interesting how someone loves IBM so much they leave the company for a better opportunity then they tell everyone how great IBM is. Maybe they would have a different attitude if they were layed off after 20 years, lost pension, FHA and IBM did not overly promote them and pay for the MBA. Blue Kool-aid everyone -bobcat

Comment 02/11/15: To the -anonymous- who said: "So every RA I learn of, as many as half a dozen folks that were able to find some job at the last minute." It depends on the circumstances. First, if you were rated a 3, finding another position within IBM will be challenging (but not impossible) even if you're not part of an RA. Second, there have been more limited RA's, for example, when a particular project was offshored or cancelled, and in those cases you might have better luck finding something else. However, I agree that for those who were RA'ed and want to try to stay on, you have nothing to lose (except external interviewing time) by trying to find something else internally before you leave, even if the chances are slim to none. -Survivor-
Comment 02/11/15: To those RA's and whose jobs at IBM will soon be over, DO NOT GO QUIETLY! Raise a little hell before you go. On your next to last day send emails to your co-workers and urge them to join the Alliance. Wear black and blue to signify the mugging of IBM workers. Other suggestions anyone? -anon-
Comment 02/11/15: The fight gets tougher -Ano

Comment 02/11/15: Does anybody know if RA's will continúe during February in other locations of IBM?? -Somebody-
Alliance reply: Nobody knows for sure what the rest of February will bring to IBMers in the US; but rest assured that IBM's history of RA's, off shoring and general mismanagement of the company, will continue to be blamed on the IBM workers. The question is, if you are still employed by IBM, do you want to help organize IBM workers for something better than waiting for an RA?

Comment 02/11/15: Never been a 3 in my career. Not happy with my 2 last year, but after being moved to a new group and being the low man on the totem pole, as an ex manager, I remember the ratios etc..... So I thought that a 2 would be safe...... Nope
So after almost 29 years with the company and almost 54, I was given my walking papers a few days back. In discussion with others, I was advised that in your benefits portfolio in Net Benefits is a "Future Health Account" that IBM puts $$ into every year and when you retire you can use it for Medical Payments. I looked at my portfolio and there is over $30,000 in it for me at retirement. Wow maybe some sunshine in all this. OK, here's the kicker. You must retire to get this money. In my case, with the 1 year bridge, I will fall 45 days short of being able to retire and will not get that $$ or any other retirement benefits. 45 DAYS. I asked my manager about it and to see if he could ask for a 45 day extension, his answer was that he could not justify it. Nice ! So after almost 30 years (more than half my life) with the company, this is the send off.
-Kicked While Down-
Comment 02/11/15: So basically what I hear here is that unless you are an IBM executive or upper level manager you have no career growth anymore. No re-training or job potential promotional opportunities only increasing chances of losing your job. Like trying to climb a ladder and have the rungs fall off the ladder. Glad I don't work and will not ever seek work at IBM. Sounds like a labor camp from all I read here. Good luck. Alliance, seems like you might be the only hope. -visitor-
Comment 02/11/15: -Irish-American-Canuck- thanks for the video links!
Daniel Dupont: Fidelity Northstar fund co-manager: Stock buybacks are to him "Capital Allocation Decisions", and not financial engineering actions which is what most investors believe IBM has and is doing. Yeah, and hasn't been very good ones either. If it was then why was EPS $20 not even closely missed with all them incestuous buybacks? And now investors don't boost IBM stock when it hears RA anymore so the cat is definitely out of the bag on IBM. No wonder Fidelity is servicer of IBM Netbenefits..
Comment 02/11/15: To "LowMorale". I was under the impression that the "original plan" was to do the RA, then to supplement with assignment of abnormally high numbers of "3" PBCs that immediately translate into 30-day PIPs that are impossible to satisfy. Mgt would offer the 4 weeks severance to those who get the "3" PBCs so that there was another option instead of being fired for performance reasons. Not all PBCs have been completed yet. -Sad-
Comment 02/11/15: Why doesn't the City of Dubuque and the State of Iowa go vigorously at IBM for breaking their employment agreement? Sounds like Tulsa, OK all over again.. Watch out Columbia, MO your next. IBM makes more promises it never intends to keep. -MakeBluePAY-
Comment 02/11/15: Helpful tip- It's too late for those being RA's this round, but if you think you may be RA'ed later this year, consider increasing your exemptions and 401K contributions now. Increasing your exemptions gives you extra cash now in case you need it. Otherwise you have to wait until next year for a refund when you file your tax return. -CPAguy-
Comment 02/11/15: @off the hook - I was RA'd last year and had a phone. They cut it off after about three months. The worst that can happen is they cut you off and if you move from Verizon to attend you, will probably lose your number. If you cancel before they cut you off you can "control c" the process -anomominous-
Comment 02/11/15: IBM has opened a new finance processing center in Kazan, Russia in preparation for moving outsourcing operations there. They will first do enterprises based in Russia then if successful and cost effective move to those outsourced operations of enterprises hosted in other countries -RAed Southern Boy-
Alliance reply: Russia is one of the many countries that are part of the 'BRIC' (Brazil, Russia, India, China) and has been connected to IBM's operations for some time. Since "BRIC" was first introduced as a euphemism for off shoring, IBM has included many more countries in that group. It's not a surprise that IBM still uses Russian IT workers, just like they do elsewhere in the world..for example Vietnam.

Comment 02/11/15: Left IBM on my own after 15 years and have several friends still there. I've heard 2 separate suggestions from a first and second line manager there that the RA's are being spread out to avoid the "mass layoff reports" rumoured earlier. IBM's Federal group is scheduled for Feb 24. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/11/15: -OffTheHook- Give your IBM Manager the phone back after throwing out the SIM card just like they they are throwing you out in this RA! Bet your manager doesn't have a clue about it anyway. -ETPhoneTHIS!-
Comment 02/11/15: "In my opinion none of the managers (Managers+VPs) should get a rating other than 3 for 2014 PBC for missing a commitment by the whole nine yards."
Agree totally. But obvious logic doesn't apply to morally bankrupt IBM Management. They will never be a PBC 3 no matter how bad they do and they will always get their stock options, bonuses, and pay raises and even better benefits than normal IBM resources (employees).
A naive and bigoted former IBM manager of mine says "IBM management are the best IBM employees; that is why they are in IBM management and IBM promotes and keeps the best; so they are the best of the rest".
Ever hear of an IBM manager getting a PBC 3 or put on a PIP? If it could happen, they usually just get shunted to a staff position out of management before it could even happen. -anonymous-

Comment 02/11/15: So every RA I learn of, as many as half a dozen folks that were able to find some job at the last minute. So I don't know where people get this crazy "lottery ticket" idea when maybe 1 out of 1000 folks on average can find a job to stay at IBM. Why are we scaring our fellow colleagues away from at least trying? One guy I know applied for over sixty jobs including several that were quite a reach to get an offer to stay on. -anonymous-
Comment 02/10/15: -Former FLM- If you RA'd, that means your FLM just wants to kick you out. I am a technical person. In last Nov, I replied to two internal positions, after several interviews (for both positions), I got one offer. I contacted another hiring manager (Cloud) for the status, he wrote to me:
“The only missing piece of the puzzle right now is XXX's ((my FLM name) feedback on your performance. I believe you are a great match from a technical perspective. Assuming XXX has no unexpected surprises to share with regards to your performance, I would like to have you on the team. If you feel comfortable, go ahead and decline the other offer and I will follow up with XXX when he returns.”
After I received this email, I turned down the offer I received. However, I was prohibited by FLM to get that job!
I tried to work it out with him; then he told me “the position is frozen due to the end of year.”
Actually, I knew that he lied to me. Now, I am RA'd by the FLM, but this position is still open and many qualified applicants (internal and external) were rejected. I'm wondering if I should search for the legal help? -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: Unfortunately, the IBM FLM has broken no labor laws. Remember that IBM 's rules on how they handle RA's and the posting of jobs within the company are not regulated by any government. Your situation is another example of why IBM workers in the US need a contractual agreement to help "level the playing field". Sorry to hear of your job loss.

Comment 02/10/15: IBM attempting to generate "billions in revenue" by becoming a Patent Troll.
IBM is suing Priceline Group Inc., claiming the online travel company built its business on IBM’s inventions and owes it royalties on the billions of dollars in revenue allegedly made from IBM’s patents.
Alliance reply: This is not surprising to some of us that worked for IBM 30-40 years ago. While working in development engineering, there were several engineers that applied for patents at least 5 times a year, depending on what technology or program they were developing. Many of these patents went nowhere but "on the shelf" in IBM. And, those IBMers did not retain sole ownership with IBM...they had to share ownership, as it were. It's not surprising that IBM would search its patent archives to find out if any of them can be used to make IBM revenue, instead of actually making a product or a service that IBM can sell and make a profit. Sad.

Comment 02/10/15: -Former FLM- "Honestly, some of unexpected 3's immediately before being RA'd might be FLM's knowing that the person was being RA'd and just giving them the 3 as they knew it would make no difference to the person" ex-FLM'er...
If this is the case, such rationalizations were made with huge blinders on. I'm guessing that 3 spells the demise of any possible re-hire, either as a reg or contractor. I was RA'ed in 2010, but knowing in advance that I was likely to be RA'ed, my FLM fought for and won me a 2+ just 15 days before the RA. I was subsequently re-hired in 2011 and stayed with IBM until this last December when I left on my own terms. -Left-in-Dec-

Comment 02/10/15: To - Offthehook - Go on the Corporate Management Plan (CMP) website on w3. If you click on 'cancel my service', there is an option to port the number, if you want to keep it for a personal number and a new service plan/device etc..Once that change registers with CMP, they will reply to your IBM email with the actual instructions you need to take with you to the new service plan supplier. I think the whole process takes a week or so and the actual porting a day. Beware that if you DONT check the "porting" option, the service is cancelled in 12 - 24 hours and you lose the number. On the other hand you may just want to get rid of it? So the latter will apply. -Movinon-
Comment 02/10/15: Current / Former IBM’ers.
Me : former 1981 – 1991 ; ousted (wrongfully) by IBM Management Fabrications ; kinda-like what’s happening now!

Two excellent Video’s (including Cringely) & one Article exposing IBM's Underhanded & Fraudulent Ways :
BNN (Business News Network - Canada) Interview with the CRINGE!
(February 10th, 2015) :

BNN Interview with John Del Vecchio ; Forensic Accountant Advisor
Shares Ranger ETF (February 10th, 2015) : Video Theme : “IBM has been a Total Disaster”.

Del Vecchio Author of: "What’s Behind the Numbers ; Guide to Exposing Financial Chicanery & Avoiding Huge Losses in your Portfolio".
IEEE Spectrum ; Article by Tekla Perry:

Being a Union Member will provide a Collective Negotiating Voice. This can also help Expose the IBM Management Frauds. -Irish-American-Canuck-

Comment 02/10/15: For those who will be encouraged by brokerage firms to switch 401K to IRA, please make sure you do good research. IBM 401K has been ranked very highly by Brightscope and from my experience in 2009, brokerage firms (in my case Fidelity) will encourage you to switch to an IRA and higher fees. Here is the link:
Good luck -Anonymous-

Comment 02/10/15: -Sacraficial Lamb- Yes I DO realize that this is Job Cuts Reports.
However, my point, as a dues paying member of this organization, is that the constant comments of the type that I referred to are overwhelming the other purpose of this web site: Organizing. The ratio is 85%/15%. That's out of balance in my view.
Clearly, Alliance@IBM is an IBM employee advocate and does its job quite well, to inform IBMers of the Job Cuts that are coming, the lies that IBM tells the press and the public, and the alternatives that IBMers have re: unemployment, pensions, and medical decisions that they need to consider, despite what IBM HR tells them. That's called being an employee advocate. But Alliance@IBM is also organizing IBMers toward getting a contract that protects IBMers from much of the confusion and evil they are currently experiencing. My point is simply this: To achieve the results of a contract, the Alliance dues members *must* take action. For now there seems to be an imbalance between organizing and reporting job cuts and all the other above mentioned items that ALL of us members pay for, too! I hope that you are a member, and I hope that you can help organize IBMers--even if you have been RA'ed and are outside of the company. As a member I am asking you to "kick it up a notch" and help the Alliance put more "boots on the ground" to fight for a contract for us all. -I read you, but not loud and clear-

Comment 02/10/15: RE: Comment 02/08/15: "People on the thread are talking about they are on RA list. How does someone know they are on RA list. My manager did not mention anything to me during several regular 1-1 meetings. -qralist-pbc3-"
I ALMOST got another job but it was "morphed into something that doesn't fit your skill sets". When I tried to discuss it with my manager he said "Well!! Didn't you hear the rumors? You should have been looking for something a long time ago!" He actually sounded like he was going to explode. There is no help there. They are as scared as we were and they have so much more responsibility to boot. Best time of my life there. 2's early, 2+ middle and 1's middle then 2+ last 2.
-RA'd 2/2014-
Comment 02/10/15: One important thing - make sure you call IBM Serv and activate your Cobra Heath Insurance. I found out the hard way. I broke my ankle on March 29th, RA date was March 31st. Had surgery on April 3rd. Papers came back that I did not have coverage. Called IBM Serv and a very nice gentleman told me that they do not tell us that in the package nor our managers. He reinstated me since it was not past the 30 days. If you do not reinstate after 30 days you can not activate Cobra. If I would not have broken my ankle and needed the coverage I woud have probably not thought about it and would have fell into IBM's hope we will not do it. Pretty dirty I say. The HR guy agreed with me. I have the paper trail and documentation to back this up. -Gina M-
Alliance reply: Thank you for sharing this information. Apparently, no behavior is beneath IBM HR or Executive management. This is why the IBM workers need a collectively bargained contract, so they are protected from this skullduggery.

Comment 02/10/15: In my opinion none of the managers (Managers+VPs) should get a rating other than 3 for 2014 PBC for missing a commitment by the whole nine yards. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/10/15: to On the List... I was RA'd in 2012 after being picked up in a sourcing deal in 2007. I was given 16 weeks in my "Separation Package" however I was taxed at the maximum rate of I believe 38%, so my 16 weeks became 12 weeks livable. In regards to the PBC, I was a 2 as were the others RA'd at that time. I am now back at the company that I was originally sourced from in 2007. Sometimes it is a blessing to be RA'd. -Past IBM'er-
Comment 02/10/15: Alliance members as well as prospective members should know and understand the info on these links:
~    .... 
An informed organizer is a better organizer. -Dave G-
Comment 02/10/15: What is the "Rule for 65 Post-employmment medical" thing? Thanks in advance... -Soon to be gone IBM"er-
Comment 02/10/15: Hey "I read you, but not loud and clear" - You do realize that the name and purpose of this forum is "JOB CUT REPORTS" -
This is a place where the unfortunate people caught up in these RA actions can let others know what is happening. You are seeing the same things over and over because the Alliance moderators have asked people to report these details when being fired. You are seeing them over and over because of the simple fact of the sheer numbers of discriminated individuals... heck you are only seeing a tiny percentage of examples I am sure. Just sayin......
I do agree with you thought that it would be nice to hear of some boots on the ground efforts going on to organize. -Sacraficial Lamb-

Comment 02/10/15: Re whether it's worth it to look for a job within IBM after you've been identified for the RA: I think it depends on how much you want to stay in the hell hole that is IBM. I think there are valid reasons, especially financial ones. If you want to stay, then you have only a very short time to try to secure another job within IBM. Personally I would take advantage of this time. If nothing comes of it, then at least you'll know for the rest of your life that you tried. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/10/15: -I read you, but not loud and clear- I agree. Sometimes I think it is IBM Management posters (they are calling them something like corperate apologists? now) goading us all that "life is greener on the other side out of IBM" just to try to convince those just reading here or even those on the fence of joining the Alliance to just leave IBM as the best thing to do. I don't agree "if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen mentality". IBM can work but we gotta get people to come up with the recipe to make IBM work wekl again. -IBMUnion2015-
Comment 02/10/15: The $2,500 stipend for education after you get RA'd , be prepared, IBM counts that as income to you and you will be taxed for that. 1099/W2 however they do it. -IveBeenMislead-
Comment 02/10/15: Based on the new IEEE Spectrum article by Tekla Perry, it seems that IBM's plans to stretch that $580M fund into a much more massive layoff by only providing 4 weeks severance were thwarted because legal was worried about some aspect of that. Makes sense that that's what they were up to now. I guess because that plan went out the window, they got desperate and devised the 'plan b' to get rid of folks by downgrading performance rankings and other devious means. It all seems clear now. They are in trouble-now going after other companies for patent infringement, and reportedly the big upcoming conference Feb 22 has abysmal registration from customers, who are busy talking to competitors. The only salvation for this company is radical change - at the top, and gain back the hearts and minds of it's employees. I think we are all willing to act now, even if it means 'outing' ourselves, we just need guidance from the Alliance, and please folks, keep signing up here. Strength in numbers! -LowMorale-
Alliance reply: Anyone willing to help organize in IBM please contact so we can discuss.
The thermometer was started before the job cuts. It is a membership drive to support the Alliance.
We also encourage employees to join as subscribers/supporters, which is free. The people who sign up in all 3 categories shows us the level of support for a union. Majority support at a given IBM location or division will trigger the process for a union election.

Comment 02/10/15: I think local geographies should organize and bid against IBM for contracts. So many people and so much skill left adrift. It is time to start taking your skills to market. If even a few locations can successfully win business and eventually amalgamate I can see a day where there is a Better than IBM choice. Left 10 years ago but still have some Blue in me. -A Decade Out-
Comment 02/10/15: Honestly, some of unexpected 3's immediately before being RA'd might be FLM's knowing that the person was being RA'd and just giving them the 3 as they knew it would make no difference to the person being forced out but would save them a difficult conversation with an employee that was being kept on. -Former FLM-
Comment 02/10/15: Does anyone know what will happen with my IBM provided mobile phone on my last day of work? I've only had the phone about 9 months so I assume it is still under contract. Will they just collect the phone and that will be the end of it or will they try to hit me with some fee? Will they let me port the number to a personalphone? -OffTheHook-
Comment 02/10/15: I am not an American (citizen of an OECD country); but graduated (Masters in CS) from one of the top schools in the US and pretty quickly realized, that the whole H1B game was stacked against American workers and smart foreign workers who graduated from good (top 10 CS) US schools. I moved out of the US pretty quickly and have not looked back since. Cheap labor imported by way of H1B visas is killing US middle class IT workers. Not to mention that it is having a negative impact on the quality of IT workers employed in organizations such as IBM US. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/10/15: What's wrong with you, -I read you, but not loud and clear-?
Don't you want to merely procrastinate in the form of not-very-original whining about things that whining can't change, like 95% of those who post here? :-) PS: That was the best post I've seen here in a couple years!
-action speaks louder than whispers into /dev/null-
Comment 02/09/15: I see a lot of messages on this board that repeat themselves, over and over and over again. " PBC was a 2, 2+ for x years, etc. etc." Or "life is better outside IBM" or "ginni needs to be RA'ed" or "Let's have a class action suit! That'll fix those greedy executives!!"
Please Alliance. Would you stop putting these messages up already? I'm a dues paying member. I want to see other members come on here and say things like "I'm so and so and I'm planning on picketing such and such an IBM location.. what do I need to watch out for?".
Or "I have sent emails to my coworkers on my lunch hour and I'm planning on calling them too."
I've been an active member just like -PublicFrom1999-
Can we start taking some action that means something? How about it "Alliance members"? Ready to go public? If not, when? -I read you, but not loud and clear-

Comment 02/09/15: 17+ years, always a 2. Never got a 3 until now. On my last day, 17+ years of experience is going with me. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/09/15: "..know a guy who was selected for an RA twice, and then found a job both times, still with IBM.."
Did the guy hit the lottery (MegaMillions, Powerball, etc.) too???!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stastically speaking, it's an irrelevant comment. If we were to assume this should receive consideration, then I would say someone is playing with us and lying. While I do not know every US-based IBM'er, I know many and NONE were able to pull this off one time - let alone twice. So, in summary is it plausible? Yes, just like Ginny giving her bonus away to those who need it most in IBM. Is it worthy of any more attention? Nope.
Comment 02/09/15: For those folks that are part of the recent RA and also were part of the GTS SO US skills measure announced last fall which reduced our salary by 10% to allow for up to 1 day to focus on learning and improve skills - Is there any suggestion on how to submit a formal complaint? Why are we being penalized twice - losing our jobs and at the same time having our salary reduced by 10%? We weren't even given a chance... We were forced into a layoff - why do we need to pay IBM 10% of our salary? -doublewhammy-
Comment 02/09/15: In the severance package, it states that withholding will include 1) federal at the rate of 25%, 2) FICA and 3) applicable state and local taxes. The article posted here stated 25% and FICA. There was no mention of state taxes in the article. Can someone here please clarify? -On the List-
Comment 02/09/15: H-1B visas, illegal immigration,offshoring of jobs will ruin the middle class in this country. Without a union in this company, this will continue. The face of IBM will completely different in 10 years than what it is today. The kids in the future are going to find it very difficult to find well paying jobs. Without a union, Greed and corruption will continue to ruin IBM. -ANA-
Comment 02/09/15: I too was given a 3 PBC which was completely made up of lies, such as "Not focused", etc. I am soooo happy to be gone from India Business Machines. Rembember that you were not "Laid off"! Layoff refers that your job isn't needed at this time and you will have a chance to come back later...You were "FIRED". IBM doesn't treat humans as assets, like the military and other companies, no, they treat you as a resource. I disposable resource like an empty roll of toilet paper. Be happy that your nightmare is over. Get a new job and try never to give IBM a second thought. They aren't worth the effort. -Firedin2014-
Comment 02/09/15: -want-better-: "If I go public with my membership does that help (or perhaps hurt...?) my chances of staying employed?"
The Alliance gave the truthful answer.
When I joined the Alliance as a public member I was not concerned about losing my job. I didn't do it to get any self job protection from IBM since I knew that would not happen anyhow without an employment contract. I considered joining publicly to be the best thing I could, actively and visibly, do as an IBMer in solidarity with my fellow workers treatment: a selfless decision. I did it to try to preserve ALL OUR jobs and benefits and preserve or get back to the Watson IBM where a union was just not needed since we had Respect For the Individual. Not so after Gerstner came to charge and dropped IBM Basic Beliefs and worsening employee treatment. I am positively sure my other Alliance sisters and brothers did it for the same or similar reason(s).
Comment 02/09/15: So if companies routinely blatantly and brazenly break the H1B visa laws, why aren't they losing lawsuits left and right over it? BTW... have a friend who worked for nearly 2 decades at a large company that laid off/outsourced major departments. There was a class-action age discrimination suit brought against the company - and won. She received a check for $6.80 when all was said and done.... -IBM = Idiots Become Managers-
Comment 02/09/15: -needToKnow- FMLA is 12 weeks eligibility on a rolling calendar base meaning once you start it, say on Jan 15, 2015, it gives you 12 weeks eligibility until Jan 15, 2016. In small (less than 50 employees) or large companies (IBM) you have to be employed for a particular minimum period of time, 20 weeks I believe. If you are on IBM STD you can be RAed while still on it. When you return to active work status back from STD then you are typically, summarily RAed same day, sometimes before you get your morning coffee.
If you are on STD when RAed and apply and get IBM LTD (to see if you can keep your job and beat the RA) you basically are off the IBM payroll since it becomes a disability insurance case. So IBM basically says your too disabled to work for them. So you can't beat the RA that way.
New York State has it's own State Disability Insurance (NYSDI)that pays you a portion of your working wages when out of work for a medical condition. But it too does not protect you from an IBM RA. -FMLAvsIBMdisability-

Comment 02/09/15: To anyone who was in the past or is now RA'd: Did you appeal to the IBM Project Office to reverse your identification for the RA? I'd be very interested to hear what happened. I plan to appeal my identification: I figure I have everything to gain and nothing to lose. If you did not appeal your identification, I'd like to know why not.. Thanks. -Anon-
Comment 02/09/15:
RA'd Feb 2015 (2014 PBC: 2+)
Past PBCs: 1, 2+, 2
36 years with IBM
PhD / Patents
Age: 60
Div 1G
NY: Somers
Retiring now -Anonymous-

Comment 02/09/15: [*FLASHBACK*: 2012. More on H-1B's and landed resources].
IBM: "The Cost Difference Is Too Great for the Business Not to Look for" H-1B Workers --
Be sure to read the quoted email exchange between the employee, hiring manager, and HR... Some more article highlights:
"The companies that publicly advertise illegal recruitment tend to be small. Many of these small companies publish lists of companies they supply workers to. I compiled the advertisements and customer lists in a database and found a striking feature in the data. The median percentage for companies showing up as customers of companies making foreign-workers-only advertisements was 1 percent. However, at the high end there is a small cluster of customer companies that show up much more frequently. IBM leads the pack here, being claimed as a customer by 35 percent of the companies only seeking foreign workers. Let me rephrase that. Among advertisements seeking only foreign workers that had lists of companies it supplied these workers to, over one-third listed IBM (With Verizon and JPMorgan Chase close behind)."
"H-1B workers are cheaper than Americans — 'and the cost difference is too great' for IBM not to look for foreign workers first. The H-1B statutes are designed to allow employers to legally pay H-1B workers less than Americans and IBM (and a lot of others) is taking full advantage." -@N0NYm0U$-

Comment 02/09/15: To -needToKnow- Short-term Disability (STD) Benefits and the US federal law known as FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) are two different things. Under FMLA, you are allowed 12 weeks of UNPAID leave to deal with your or your family's medical issues. Note that the law simply ensures that you will have a job when you return from leave but the law does not force the employer to pay you anything while you are on leave. Further, an employer is allowed to fire you even after you go on FMLA if the firing is part of a larger reduction-in-force driven by business imperatives. In your particular case, you have two problems. First, you aren't even on FMLA yet and you have already been given a notice that you will be fired on Feb 27. Second, your firing is part of a larger reduction-in-force anyway. So, FMLA will not protect you from getting fired on Feb 27. STD is a benefit that pays you a monetary amount while you are on leave due to short-term disability. When people go on FMLA, it is the STD benefit that pays them money while the FMLA protects their job. Note that STD benefits stop when you employment is terminated. In your particular case, as explained above, your employment cannot be protected and will terminate on Feb 27. If your last day is Feb 27, you may still apply for STD and your claim may still be approved. However, your STD benefits will end when your job terminates on Feb 27. -Legal Exporter-
Comment 02/09/15: If I join CWA 1701 as a full, dues-paying member, am I protected in _any_ way against IBM's unjust practices? If I go public with my membership does that help (or perhaps hurt...?) my chances of staying employed? I need to understand clearly what benefit or harm I can create. Thank you for everything. -want_better-
Alliance reply: The Alliance president, the vice president, and secretary are current employees and have been public members of the Alliance since 1999. Other members have also been public.
As a member of the Alliance you are under the jurisdiction of US labor law which gives you the right to help organize your co-workers. Of course there are rules and regulations you must follow and all new members that choose to go public must contact Lee Conrad national coordinator before they make that move.
Can IBM fire you for work related offenses? Of course. You are still an "at will employee". But if they harass, intimidate you or take other actions because of your organizing activities then the Alliance will put you in contact with our legal team. They only work on issues related to the National Labor Relations Act. Staying employed inside IBM is something no one can guarantee anymore. But isn't it better to go out fighting?

Comment 02/09/15: To Anon2: Why would your son even consider working for IBM when he had a degree from Oxford, especially when you already knew what a crummy place IBM really is? If it's about H-1B, there are plenty of other companies to work for than IBM. The very reason so
many of us are still here, kicking and screaming, it's because most of our skills acquired at IBM are not marketable elsewhere or we would have left in a heartbeat, and IBM knows that. So, don't let your son grow up to be an IBMer. There is no education in the second kick of a donkey. -Mike-

Comment 02/09/15: -Medical Advice- What you say is only true in States that expanded Medicaid. They did that here in Maryland. BTW. Good luck finding a doctor who will actually accept it. Even the Urgent care places like Patient First won't take it. If you have insurance that no one accepts, technically your still insured even if you cannot use it. Yes it beats having nothing only because emergency rooms have to accept it at hospitals. Before you plan on using it ask your doctor if they accept it. Look into it before you leap. Be careful with individual coverage. A hundred dollar plan with a 6000.00 deductible means you spend 7200.00 before it pays a dime. Healthcare is an absolute nightmare to navigate. Know your needs well. -Exodus2007-
Comment 02/09/15: BTW the "apply for another open position" option is a bit of a joke. I have heard that this means that you have to be the best candidate for the post. What does "best candidate" mean? It means you cannot have had a rating less than 1 in the last 3 years. A level 10. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/09/15: -Anon2- IBM doesn't hire Rhodes Scholars, Ivy League magnum cum laudes, valedictorians, valedictorians or even geniuses. Why? Because they can. It's "...not about that bass, not the treble, it's all about the bonus money..." to SAVE for the existing executive IBM "leadership" (who have NO CLUE on what LEADERSHIP is or can be). -IBM$ucks-
Comment 02/08/15: Another major problem with IBM is that employees can't debate or argue with their direct managers. Managers don't want to hear the reality or the truth. Managers want you to have the same opinion as they do which of course kills any real innovative thinking! Also, don't ever try to go above your manager... I learned a hard lesson. As much as IBM states they are fair, they are NOT FAIR! Managers want 'YES' people and they want to look good to their managers even when they steal your ideas to make it their own! I believe IBM will transform itself yet again but will hurt and damage many employees. That is how they play the game! -Glad to be Gone!-
Comment 02/08/15: -PBC Class Action?- Subjectivity always wins out over Objectivity with IBM Personal Bull Crap ratings without a Union contract as an "at will" employee. -UnionDude-
Comment 02/08/15: "..know a guy who was selected for an RA twice, and then found a job both times, still with IBM.."
Did the guy hit the lottery (MegaMillions, Powerball, etc.) too???!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment 02/08/15: The odds are poor that you will find a internal job after being RA'd. I would suggest using the 30 days to search for a new job. Updating your resume, prepping for interviews, expanding your network, etc are all better usage of your time, as well as taking advantage of your remaining benefits (use all HCRA funds, take out a HELOC/refinance, etc) Also stop doing ALL IBM work when RA'd - or at least just doing the minimum. Your job is now to find a job, 100% of the time. While internal jobs look attractive, but what happens if your 30 days are up and you have not focused on finding an external job? Time is your most precious commodity. Personally I gave myself 2 days, scouring the IBM jobs db. Found several jobs that I could do but never applied. My rationale was "If I get an internal job, what's to prevent them from laying me off again?" It was hard - sleepless nights - but in hindsight I definitely made the right decision. Best of luck to you. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/08/15: The discussion around taxability of severance brings up a question in my mind. We are compelled to pay taxes on unemployment, if we are forced to collect it. However, these should be considered insurance payments, as they come from unemployment "insurance" programs. Insurance payments, as I understand, are non-taxable. So WTF? -anonymous-
Comment 02/08/15: -To needToKnow- I am not a legal person but I can tell you what happened to me regarding short term disability. I was out for 5 months on STD from December 2007 until June of 2008. I came back and was working from home from June of 2008 until I got the call in April of 2009 that I was selected for an RA. At the time I had 28 yrs and 9 months. I was 3 months shy of being able to bridge for retirement. An old second line mgr of mine who was then a VP in another group told me to re-apply for STD - I had enough STD time left to cover the 3 months I was short. I had my doctor fill out the form that my condition made it impossible for me to travel or work in an ofice still. I was re-approved for STD after my case was reviewed by the IBM Medical Director. I remained on STD until, then I came back to finish my 30 day RA period for one week in August of 2009. Then I was within my 1 year for a retirement bride. My RA date was re-set to the date after my return from STD. I was able to take the RA package - go on an 11 month bridge to my full retirement in 2010. I got to keep the FHA and am collecting my pension. Everyone says I beat the system. Truth is I should have not come back after my first 5 months - I should have gone on Long Term Disability - but I wanted to work. Now I am getting Social Security Disability along with my Pension. -Gone In 2010-
Comment 02/08/15: IBM will save a lot of money by using these landed workers. Besides the salary, there is much hidden cost. I used to work a project at a client location. In that IBM group, about 1/3 were landed workers. IBM only needs to pay the apartment rental for these foreign co-workers, but for US employees, IBM needs to pay flight, hotel, meals ($35-55/day), car rental and maybe mobile. From a technical perspective, as a technical worker, in general the technical skills (in same band) of the US employees were much better than these landed workers. As an example, I spent a lot of my time to help a person from India. I just checked this person's data in BluePage. It seems like his department mates are landed workers. I don't think these people will be RAd as so many US employees were asked to leave. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/08/15: People on the thread are talking about they are on RA list. How does someone know they are on RA list. My manager did not mention anything to me during several regular 1-1 meetings. -qralist-pbc3-
Comment 02/08/15: -PBC Class Action?- can you provide a source for those 1, 2+, 2, 3 breakdown numbers? -provideasourceplease-
Comment 02/07/15: To -Sacraficial Lamb-. That info is from last year. On March 24, 2014, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its decision in United States v. Quality Stores, Inc., No. 12-1408, holding that severance payments made to employees terminated in connection with a company's Chapter 11 bankruptcy plan are taxable wages under the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA). -RA'd 2014-
Comment 02/07/15: It seems odd to be talking about Medicaid in this discussion. But it's well worth mentioning since a lot of people don't know about recent changes. Among the many improvements in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare") there are no longer asset tests to enroll in Medicaid. Medicaid eligibility just depends on your income now (and obviously IBM isn't helping). You can be a multi-millionaire but have low income and thus qualify. You're much better off in states that have expanded their Medicaid programs. In those states you can have earnings up to 133% of the federal poverty line and qualify for Medicaid. (Even higher than that for children and pregnant women.) So take a look at Medicaid in your state (or in another state) to see if that works for you and your household. As for any stigma, please don't worry about it. Everybody deserves medical care, even if they're out of a job. You paid for this benefit, just as you paid for Social Security and Medicare. Don't hesitate to take care of yourself and your family. -Medical Advice-
Comment 02/0715: Replying to Sacraficial Lamb: In United States v. Quality Stores (2014) the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously held that severance payments are "wages" and subject to FICA (Social Security and Medicare) tax. Oddly enough that's mostly good news for workers. Notably it means that IBM must kick in the employer's share (6.2% for Social Security and 1.45% for Medicare) above the "advertised" severance amount, just as with a regular salary paycheck. Since most of these current firings are occurring early in the calendar year, that also means calendar year 2015 should go into your Social Security earnings history at least as a decent year, depending on your severance amount. That boosts your future Social Security retirement benefits, and it also helps workers who haven't vested yet in Social Security and Medicare to make sure 2015 is a full 4 credit year. And it pushes out expiration of your Social Security disability coverage if you face long-term unemployment after IBM. [Or if you start another job your severance payment counts as income toward your annual Social Security earnings cap, so if you're lucky enough to reach $118,500 (2015) in earnings including your severance payment you won't pay the Social Security contributions on earnings above that amount for the rest of the year. Some people might be lucky that the severance pushes them over the cap for the first time in their careers.] The major disadvantage, of course, is that your net severance payment is reduced by your share of FICA contributions. -FICA Answer-
Comment 02/07/15: @lifegoeson - I know a guy who was selected for an RA twice, and then found a job both times, still with IBM. So it is possible, but usually only within the same division. -Anony-
Comment 02/07/15: There needs to be a class action by IBM employees to force out into the open the mechanism IBM is using to separate employees. It's certainly unethical and borders on illegality and misleading business conduct. A class action would force exposure of the real process and email between the senior executive and the hr 'advisors' that collude in the using 'PBC' to force uncompensated & unwarranted dismissal sham. It would also provide the basis for IBM to be forced to compensate billions back to all the ex employees that were unfairly dismissed or denied fair and transparent measures and payment for contribution.
How the PBC mechanism works & what it's intent is: The PBC (personal business contribution) ranking is quota driven - heavily masked by very senior mgt to be a committee & ground up appraisal & comparative ranking. What happens is a PBC quota for 1, 2+ is set from USA & then AP Hq for Australia. This is done in October then refined in November months before any employee or 1st line manager interaction. The quota is 1 (5%) and 2+ (20%) Then the rest of the 75% staff them have to 'fit' into what was the remaining 2 (60%) and 3 (15%) quota ranking. A person that is 2 is able to claim to be made redundant. A 3 is basically getting readied to be sacked for non performance and save IBM money. In the 2 last year IBM reduced the quota of 2 from 50% to 35% and increased the 3 from 15% to 30%. To save money on redundancies. Basically it's set up so nearly one third of staff can be fired without compensation or cost to IBM. The PBC process is like something out of a monty python movie. The PBC Quota is imposed top down. The manager already has submitted their rankings to the top down quota edict long before the employee even submits their view on performance. The PBC discussions are a sham cover and then the first line manager (and second line & third line etc) are told to assign PBC rankings to the top down Quota edict.

-PBC Class Action?

Class action lawsuits against companies that are "At Will" employers are rarely actionable in terms of a company that "breaks its own rules". This is the case in IBM US (We are not completely aware of "class action" legal specifics in countries outside the US).
The PBC process, while seriously flawed and in IBM management's complete control, is still part of the At Will Employee's process.
IBM can operate the PBC any way they choose, without violating US Federal & State labor laws to the extent that a class action would be an option.
Please take a few minutes to read through our Job Cuts Reports current comments (this page) as well as our archives, using the search or 'find' with the key words 'class action':
Job Cuts Archive most recent *Job Cuts Archive #2 *Job Cuts Archive oldest
You will find several examples and several comments that suggest what you are suggesting, and you will also see responses from Alliance@IBM that explain why Class Action lawsuits require extensive effort and cost, as well as attorneys willing to take the case. Filing Class Action lawsuits against IBM has been tried before. The success rate is dismal and is not the best option for IBM employees seeking damages from IBM for their termination for cause or layoff (firing, RA).
There are always exceptions; but historically, most Class Action lawsuits against IBM, fail.

Comment 02/07/15: Has anyone try applying for a new assignment on the internal Jobs database and then taken off the RA'ed list? -Life goes on-
Comment 02/0715: For Those Receiving Severance Pay - Calculating Deductions:
Pretty handy little instruction to help you ascertain what to expect when you hand over your signed Package on the 27th.

Found another interesting development in flight regarding the legality of taxing Severance pay as wages or not. Keep an eye on this one...
"A decision is expected as early as June 2014. If the Supreme Court rules against the IRS, severance pay would not be considered wages and would be exempt from taxation. In that case, the IRS would owe substantial refunds to taxpayers — close to $1 billion. - See more at:"
Here is the link I found:
-Sacraficial Lamb-
Comment 02/07/15: Hello, Alliance or a legal exporter, I have had chronic medical problem and am under treatment for a long time by several medical agents. My medical problem is getting worse recently. I should be for eligible for short term disability benefits from IBM. My questions are:
1. If it is against US labor law to turn down my claim since I am on an RA list?
2. If my claim is approved, will my last day (Feb 27) still be kept the same or changed to the end of the Short Term Disability? -needToKnow-

Comment 02/07/15: To posters, please see main page for article IBM Executives Morally Bankrupt. -Alliance-
Comment 02/07/15: To -Anon2- I have three sons. Two of them double majored in computer science and math. The third double majored in computer science and economics. I advised all three to stay away from IBM. One works at Google, one started his own compnay and the third is production lead at a goevernment contractor. Two of them have been solicited by IBM to apply, but neither responded. Most importantly though, they are all happy with their jobs, something that wouldn't have occurred had they come to IBM. -Mark1-
Comment 02/0715: Back in November there was a post on this board from an investigative reporter for PBS's "Frontline," seeking input from laid-off IBMers. Perhaps it would be good to repost that info, giving the recently-affected a chance to send their comments. If the testimonials are numerous (and we know they are), and if his work is presented well, it could really help in making a larger audience aware of the injustices going on at one of the country's most-storied companies. I would also suggest this would be a good chance for the Alliance to get it's name out there further. Take advantage of whatever opportunities are presented. -anonymous-
Comment 02/06/15: Hi - Long term member here: Some suggestions to other Alliance members.
Let's try to focus attention on the things that we can address as a group. As members, remind visitors to this web site, (in your comments) that their stories and experiences are important; but we need to move forward with a simple plan. We need members to grow the membership with still employed IBMers across the US.
RA'ed and fired IBMers' information and experiences are valuable to us for reference. Alliance is doing a good job. I think that the Alliance staff wishes to continue helping IBMers, members or not, through their RA or firing. However, there's much more to organizing than just joining, paying dues and reading these comment sections. Based on the thermometer number, there IS a desire to help Alliance@IBM grow. That thermometer needs to rise even faster. Growth includes getting the word out, and yes, even going public with your membership. Alliance has never forced anyone to go public and they never will; but they have mentioned it as a strategy that could really work well, if enough members, went public inside IBM.
The NLRB recently ruled that employees can use the employer's email system to organize on *non-work* times.
And "protected concerted activity" information is invaluable for staying on course, while organizing. Members should read this link:
As members, the best use of that is, be public inside IBM, and then begin contacting other IBMers (non-management) on your lunch break or coffee break or any *non-work* times. This could expand the membership quickly. More actions could be taken to show IBM that IBM employees are fighting back with numbers and determination. I suggest that members contact Alliance staff for a list of organizing steps and strategies that must be used, and what NOT to do, for legal reasons. There will be push back, resistance, and union busting tactics from IBM to shut down the organizing movement. Alliance@IBM is CWA Local 1701. CWA will be available for advice and council when the situation requires. There are federal and state labor laws in our favor; but they only go so far. Just be sure that if you are in doubt about any action you want to take, contact the Alliance first and make sure it's legal, BEFORE you do it. If we do this as a group and coordinate several groups all over the US, we CAN be effective and we CAN win. Let's do this!
Comment 02/06/15: The PR campaign continues. I wonder how much she paid for this attempt to humanize her? You would think with this kind of humble background,she'd have some compassion in her heart, instead of harming working families like the one she professes to come from:
And what a great rebuttal from the LA Times in this article: -LowMorale

Comment 02/06/15:
EFF Files Amicus Brief in Case That Seeks to Hold IBM Responsible for Facilitating Apartheid in South Africa
EFF defends rights in the digital world. But what about when the digital world enables violations of human rights? We think that’s important, too. That’s why we filed an amicus brief in In Re: South African Apartheid, a case that seeks to hold IBM's headquarters in New York responsible for purposefully facilitating apartheid, by creating a computerized national ID system that the South African government used to strip the country’s black population of its rights as citizens. -Anon-

Comment 02/06/15:
Not only did Rommety get a huge bonus in 2014 read the following:
CFO Martin Schroeter will receive a 2014 bonus worth nearly $740,000.
Steven Mills, head of software and systems, will get $703,500.
Senior vice president John Kelly will receive nearly $800,000 and
General counsel Robert Weber, now employed as a senior adviser, will pocket $737,000.
This is unbelievable. This is what happens when there is no contract to protect the rank and file.
RAs continue while massive bonuses are given to executives. We have been given the shaft. -ANA-

Comment 02/06/15: For those on Cash Balance plan and entitled to the 'enhanced annuity'... YES, the rate used for the enhanced annuity is lower this year than it was in 2014. The rate of return I would have gotten on my enhanced annuity if I had started payments in 2014 would have been about 8%. In 2015 the rate of return is about 7.5%. There is also a decrease in the amount the 'enhanced' portion of the annuity contributes and the 'enhanced' portion decreases until it is 0 at age 65. Your annuity payment is calculated in part based on what year you commence taking the benefit (ie. your BCD). Other factors of course are your age and type of annuity selected etc. Sometime in November, likely mid to late in the month, the online tool will be loaded with the rates for 2016. If you use the online tool in Net Benefits late in November, you should be able to compare if your annuity payment is higher for a BCD in 2015 (ie. Dec 1, 2015) OR higher if you wait and have your BCD January 1, 2016 for example. The rates are reset each year, and you will lock in for life at whatever rate was used for the year you commence benefits (your BCD). Even if you call Nov 30 and tell them you are retiring THAT day, they have to honor the date you select, and will make payments retroactive to your BCD. I don't want to 'eat' another drop in the rate of return so I don't plan to lock in on my date until I see the 2016 rates. Do your homework in advance so you know what decisions regarding retiree benefits you need to make ie. medical, % of FHA you want to spend on premiums etc.
If you are using the online tool, you should also ensure you are lowering the future credit rate displayed to a more likely number... it defaults to 6%. I set it to 1%. This is the interest being paid on the balance of your account each year it sits there. The historic return has been laughable... closer to 1% for years now. It is critical to set this to a value based on current interest rates (near 0) to get a realistic picture of the lump sum and thus annuity payments if your planned BCD is several years out. Remember though, you will not know an exact payout until they have set the annuity rates in late November for the next year. The assumptions pdf generated when you run a scenario from Net Benefits contains a lot of detail you should read. You should also call and speak to someone and get your questions answered. You will be speaking to someone from Fidelity, NOT someone from HR or IBM. I have found they provide very straight-forward. answers. -ReadYourPlanInfo-

Comment 02/06/15: Re: AnonIbmer "Do I see a trend of IBMers just under age 55 years old getting RAed? This means they lose all of their Future Health Account, correct?"
You damn well see this trend and I am right in the sweet spot. Turning 55 in June and been at IBM for 18 years ago last NOV. I knew I was in the cross hairs and as soon as I got the unfounded PBC 3 was certain of it. When I got the urgent meeting notice with FLM I figured that the PIP thing was not the option and the "don't let the door hit you in the ass" was for sure. I figured I was on a list to save money because in June when turning 55 I was eligible for FHA. After a lot of frustration and disappointment I started going thru the package and saw something about a "Bridge to Retirement" option. It took 3 calls to the employee service center to finally get an onshore knowledgeable guy who provided me with the one little piece of good news....I can take the Bridge option (which is basically like an unpaid leave of absence but still accrues time with IBM) and it will get me from Feb 27th(my last day) thru my birthday in June until the end of that month and thereby qualifying me to be eligible for my FHA account(about 33K btw). He did day something about needing to fill out the Bridge To Retirement Form (one of many in the package) and it needed to be evaluated and approved. Hopefully not another disappointment coming because of some concocted HR loophole. Just an FYI for the large amount of us in my age group being discriminated against by being kicked out. Good luck to all of us "Sacraficial Lambs"
-Sacraficial Lamb-
Comment 02/06/15: Would someone who's already collated the RA info from this site be so kind as to present your findings in this format:
(1) Number of RAs by age, shown for each age (e.g. Age 55 - <m>; Age 56 -<n>; Age 57 - <o>), and also
(2) Number of RAs by Years of Service (e.g. 15 Yrs Service - <p>; 16 Yrs Service <u>).
If this is too much work, then could show a range (e.g. Ages 55-59, 60-54; e.g. Yrs of Service 5-9; 10-14; 15-19).
Thank you - This info would be great to see in this format! -KnowYourRights&Fight-

Comment 02/06/15: Good to know news has made it to the Senate floor. We also need to do what we can to get the news out in the public eye in every way possible. Regardless of your political leanings, try to get the word out thru whatever channels possible - such as "Open Mike Fridays" on Rush Limbaugh, where you can air whatever gripe you want. Or viewer email on various shows, such as the "Mad As Hell" segment on Bill O'Reilly. Whatever it takes to get the word of these illegal and criminal corporate acts and the politicians they buy off spread far and wide. -IBM = Idiots Become Managers-
Comment 02/06/15: IBM took a resource action of admin staff (IBM employees) who support IBM executives (Band D and Band C) of approximately 10-12%. IBM has hired full time new assistants (permanent) in Costa Rica. Here is the kicker they are asking for volunteers from the remaining assistants to train the new assistants in Costa Rica, no additional compensation. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/06/15:
Why Ginny Rometti's pay package (and that of other CEOs) affects every taxpayer in the US. An interesting perspective.
Comment 02/06/15: If you are in the US and were laid off by IBM be sure to contact (and register at) your local Workforce Center immediately for
effective and practical assistance. To find your nearest Workforce Center start with the state map here:
Or enter the following terms in a web search engine: <YOUR_STATE> state workforce centers
Example URL search:
Example Workforce Center web sites:
North Carolina:

The "Workforce Centers" may be also called "American Job Centers."

Be sure to ask your counsler if your job loss is already covered (or might be petitioned to cover) training and assistance provided by the Trade Adjustment Act (TAA). The TAA has been providing assistance to US workers after a trade-related layoff since 2002.
Overview of the TAA program (up to two years of job training tuition, income, and supplies):

No need to wait. Contact or visit a center as soon as you receive your RA notification. -Anonymous-

Comment 02/06/15: My son graduated 1st in his class from a public ivy with a double major in Math and CS (3.95 GPA and won dept prize as top graduate). He got a master's degree from Oxford. He couldn't get an interview with IBM and I even talked with an Exec in charge of college recruiting. Skills gap, I don't think so -- although I'm sure there would have been a SALARY gap vs H1B's. -Anon2-
Comment 02/06/15: A good article on IBM recent RA. -PBC'SAJOKE-
Comment 02/06/15: -Anonymous- You don't have to sign the PBC in order for the manager to finalize it in the system. I retired at the end of 2013 after being on the T2R for 18 months. My manager asked me in December 2013 if it was OK if he gave me a 3 for 2013 since I was retiring anyway and it could help him give somebody that was staying a 2 in hopes of being able to keep that person. Of course I agreed to that since I had and still have no plans of ever going back to IBM. However, the part I didn't realize is that he never even sent me the PBC to look at, let alone sign before I retired. So, my final rating after many years of 2+'s and 1's is a 3 and I never even saw the justification that was given for it. It doesn't really matter to me but those are the kind of games played with the PBC system. I wouldn't be surprised if the majority of people retiring towards the end of any year are also rated 3's either knowingly or unknowingly. -longtimebeemer-
Comment 02/06/15: Relative to H1-B visas and those RA'd because of them. From the Department of Labor, "The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) requires that the hiring of a foreign worker will not adversely affect the wages and working conditions of U.S. worker comparably employed" Unfortunately our Labor Secretary and President turn a blind eye. The POTUS was just in India talking to TATA and INFOSYS who are given 20,000 H1-B VISAS every year. I am afraid, many of us have little chance with IBM and our government working hand in hand to supplant US workers. -Anon-
Comment 02/06/15: "Been with IBM 1.5 years. never got a PBC, even got present RA and signed all documents, still didn't get latest PBC result."
I've been talking to people and becoming aware that there is a group out there in this 'limbo' state that haven't received their PBC ratings yet. It sounds like this poster is one of them, and was just let go without even that formality. Are there others of you that haven't received PBC ratings yet for 2014? They were supposed to be in Jan 27. Nothing like living every day and trying to work under this kind of stress. Maybe this is yet another Project Chrome tactic to stagger these firings out so they are less visible to the media and clients. -WaitingForACallFromMyManager-

Comment 02/06/15: ive been put on a pip. anyone ever heard of someone succeeding at it? any managers ever put an employee on a pip and didnt fire him? anyone know of employees that were on pips that didnt get fired (-other than employees that escalated to a peer panel.) i want to know if any realistic chance or if this is just ibms "process" to get rid of you. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/06/15: I got RA'ed in March of 2014. In my docs from IBM it stated $2500 for career training. Did others only get $1500? -Anonymous-
Comment 02/06/15: In response to Anonymous who refused to sign the PBC. It is not mandatory for you to sign it. There is an option for manager to conclude PBC without employee's signature. There is no point to appeal the PBC rating either. All rating is final and manage solely by your first and second line manager. HR is completely out of the picture. As for your stellar mid year review while you were still with GBS. IT DOESN'T COUNT! TBDM was done on 4th quarter of the year, it will be whoever your 4Q manager / organization decides your fade. (TBDM = Team Based Decision Making - group of managers deciding who gets a 3) -PBC'SAJOKE-
Comment 02/06/15: Just so I have this straight; IBM reduces the severance for PBC3 rated individuals ignoring your ratings for previous 10-15-20 yrs of service? So some of you maybe be 1 and 2+ for 15 yrs and with a 2014 PBC3, due to a change of the HR forced distribution, are now subject to half the severance? Whoever came of with that ingenious idea is scum of the earth, no doubt. I think IBM is counting on individuals not challenging this, and I get the "at will" no contract stuff. But collectively, I think you all may be able to make a little noise and perhaps even get this decision reversed. There may yet be some decent person in the exec chain that can point this out. I doubt Ginni even knows about it. This is an HR/Finance ploy to make a number and get a bonus. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/06/15: Do I see a trend of IBMers just under age 55 years old getting RAed? This means they lose all of their Future Health Account, correct? -anonIBMer-
Comment 02/06/15: Regarding the downgrading of PBCs, it is enforced by HR. HR gives SLMs and their FLMs a "distribution". The distribution now includes more 2 and 3 appraisals than ever before. It's extraordinarily unfair when you consider that after 6 years of layoffs, how could anyone be remaining except top performers? And now you are going to give them a 3? The other reason they are getting 3 appraisals - they are doing technical work when most technical work has already been moved overseas. Either way, it is a tremendous slap in the face and a deplorably damaging LIE, intended to increase attrition and unfairly justify a PIP, leading to lower severance packages. It's about money without consideration for impact to employee's confidence, self-esteem, and health. It is really stressful to be put through the 3-check PIP, and IBM is just PURE SCUM for doing this to its employees. Just give them a regular RA, but don't try to tell us that our performance is under par. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/06/15: -Leftin14- You retired, bobcat was laid off. Bobcat received 1500 as part of his layoff package. -longtimebeemer-
Comment 02/06/15: On the topic of H1B's and the supposed STEM skills gap amongst U.S. workers, check-out this Dec. 2014 slide deck from the elite big business lobbyist group of CEO's of which Ginny is an active member (
Change the Equation Survey on U.S. Workforce Skills --
Notice the title of the slide deck and the targeted questions all specifying the "U.S. Workforce." I guess when you poll the members of your own lobbyist group (& likely other elite C-Suite level folks from other companies that may not be members) on a supposed issue impacting their companies, using carefully crafted questions and then massage those results to gain sympathetic responses from the politicians you're presenting to, one can certainly see how the tweaks of the laws regarding H1B visas (allowing more, extending durations, relaxing acceptance criteria, etc.) are being pushed to occur / are occurring. For reference, another article on Business Roundtable: Why Obama, execs relished each other's company --
"To begin with, the Roundtable is the white-glove business lobby for the biggest of the big."
Comment 02/06/15: -another member- said on 02/05/15:
"The Alliance was quoted on the Senate floor today. It was about IBM's job cuts and the use of offshore workers to replace US workers."
That's great news, but please supply more details. Who was the Senator? What is the exact quote? -Gorya-
Alliance reply: The Alliance was contacted by Senator Sessions office in regard to IBM job cuts and the use of guest workers (h1b and L1 visa) to replace US workers. Lee Conrad wrote up a short report and sent it to him. Within 2 hours the Senator was on floor using the material as the debate on immigration and bringing in guest workers was being discussed.
We will put the report up on the Alliance web site. Comments in the report were from this comment section.

Comment 02/06/15: Best Stock 2015: IBM --
Remains to be seen if the author's rationales and projections bear themselves out, but don't believe anyone's willing to wager on this.
Comment 02/06/15: - reply to question about retraining. I was RA'd after 18 years of service and 54 years old in the US March 2014, part of the RA package was 26 weeks severance, bridge to retirement, matching 401K, retirement gift, letter from Ginny, Future Health Account (FHA) as part of the bridge to retirement. Also $1,500 USD for career retraining that must be used in 1 year. The program is administered through Acclaris along with some job placement services I choose not to use. They offered similar retraining funding in the 2013 layoff. So how am I listed to what IBM reports? RA'd or took early retirement by choice? No doubt, I was RA'd and would be stupid not to take the bridge to retirement. -bobcat-
Comment 02/06/15: To -Leftin14- You had to be part of a RA package to get access to the RE-TRAINING ALLOWANCE ! Where have you been the last 10 years? -Huggie-
Comment 02/06/15: "$1500 for career retraining to be used within a year" I think the older RA packages were giving out up to $2500. -anon-
Comment 02/06/15: I got a PBC 3 for the first time and no explanation was given. My manger harshly hurried me to sign it on last Tuesday, but I refused and requested for explanation. However, I received a PBC completion notification at 5:00PM without my signature. In the next morning, I was notified being RAd. Yesterday, I received my manager’s invitation to discuss the PBC. Is that supposed to be a joke? I declined his invitation and just asked him to document why I was a rating 3. My age is in the age 50’s, and have been in the current dept (SO/GTS) only for 5 months. I had a very good mid year review with GBS. Can anyone advise me why the manager wants to discuss my PBC now? Did I do the right thing to decline him? -Anonymous-
Comment 02/06/15: To 'Trying to get answers' – for any employees that join IBM as a result of an outsourcing transaction, it will depend on the terms and conditions of the outsourcing contract. If it was negotiated that your previous years would transfer as IBM service,,,then that’s the deal. However, if that was not in the contract, and only your vacation years roll-over, then it is not in the contract. You will need to go to ‘About You’ in IBM HR Website (w3) and check your SRD (Service Reference Date) or if you were re-hired, your re-hire date. Severance will be based on either SRD or re-hire date. -IBM_Pauper-
Comment 02/06/15: Does anyone know of a place where small shareholders can exchange views and perhaps join together to vote against the Directors and Ginni to express our disgust at the way they are running the Company. Under US law shareholders cannot influence the day to day running of the Company. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/05/15: Sam Palmisano got $200 million retirement package and $1 million to staff and furnish his office. I got a cheap retirement gift (worth less than $200 bucks!) and a photocopied signature of Ginni wishing me well on my retirement after 30 plus years. Cheap Bas---ds! Employees (or Resources according to IBM)need a contract also! Join the Alliance. -IBM_Pauper-
Comment 02/05/15: Fully retired from IBM in 1995. My Dad also retired after 30 years. I am forever grateful we both worked at IBM during the good golden years. I feel bad for those who work there now and those of you who had been and are about to be forced out. The IBM I worked for would never have done to the employees what is being done to you. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/05/15:
RA'd Feb 3rd
PBCs - nothing below a 2; last three 2+
31 years with IBM.
Age 54
Age discrimination? Stupid Q, but has anybody tried going to the Project Office to appeal their identification for the RA?
Comment 02/05/15: Are there any shareholder resolutions in place for this years IBM annual meeting to:
1) Withhold raises and bonuses to all executives.
2) Remove Ms. Rometty as CEO? If not, will there be? There should be. -gone in '13-
Alliance reply: No there are not. Stockholder resolutions had to be in by November 2014.

Comment 02/05/15: Has anyone noticed a significant reduction in your Pension (Annuity) calculation in 2015? Mine dropped over 5% from last year for no known reason. I am in the "new" Pension plan since I didn't meet the age requirement to stay on the old plan. THANKS! -eec-
Comment 02/05/15: The Alliance was quoted on the Senate floor today. It was about IBM's job cuts and the use of offshore workers to replace US workers. Go Alliance! -another member-
Comment 02/05/15: "We trained hard…but every time we formed up teams we would be reorganized. I was to learn that we meet any new situation by reorganizing. And a wonderful method it can be for creating the illusion of progress while producing confusion, inefficiency, and demoralization." ~PETRONIUS ARBITER, ROMAN WRITER AND SATIRIST, 210 B.C.~ -Exodus2007-
Comment 02/05/15: If IBM is systematically unfairly downgrading people's PBCs to get rid of them more cheaply, then either all FLMs are personally choosing to do that, or there are instructions being given. Someone reading this site will have seen those instructions. Has the union looked for a whistle blower who would hand over copies of those instructions? What would it do to IBM if the allegations of dropping people's ratings were proven? -Randroid-
Comment 02/05/15: Outsourced from Fannie Mae to IBM 10 months ago. Got RA'ed like everyone else last week. Cannot get a straight answer if my 14 years at FM will be taken as employment so I can get more then 2 weeks severance, didn't get severance from FM. My vacation got transferred over as if I worked for IBM 15 years, manager says call HR rep, HR rep said talk to manager.
Question: Can't get a straight answer and I will be gone in 7 weeks and don't know what the hell is going on, any advice? -Trying to get answers-

Comment 02/05/15: It's come to this. IBM has turned to twitter to financially engineer its stock price. -it'scometothis

Comment 02/05/15: I worked as a contractor for IBM for 2.5 years. The company is crap. I left 6 months ago. Perfect timing. Feel bad for all the folks I know over there. Not a good place to work. Hope Ginny enjoys her three vacation homes. -BarryO-
Comment 02/05/15: @bobcat - "$1500 for career retraining to be used within a year"
What $1500? I retired last year with over 30 years and am over 60. There was never any mention of it??? -Leftin14-

Comment 02/05/15: If you have been RA'd, brush up your resume and don't look back. There are plenty of opportunities at good companies if you have good experience. I left IBM in 2005 and have never had trouble finding jobs equivalent or better to what I had at IBM. It is very liberating to leave IBM. Think of the possibilities. For example, you could get a job at Oracle and start kicking IBM's a**. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/05/15: GBS / AMS India - In October 2014 all travel ready resources in my team with H1 and L1 visas were mandated to relocate to US. In some cases customer did not want to have these resources in US and IBM agreed to charge India billing rates for some time. Now it is clear that this strategy was for KT from US employees to GD landed. Also on several AMS contract GD landed resources are being assigned as DPEs with specific targets to replace other US employees on these contracts with GD landed. -landed@us-
Alliance reply: Anyone with information on the use of landed resources in IBM USA please send to
We need to push back hard on this. IBM US workers should not be fired and replaced with landed resources.

Comment 02/05/15: 3 pieces of advice for those recently RA'd:
1. Don't bother searching the IBM jobs database. I had a friend who actually found a manager who wanted to take him, but the VP killed it.
You're better off freshening up your resume and looking outside. If you really want to come back check in @ 6 mos, but expect it to be a hurdle even then.
2. If you are putting away pre-tax money to cover medical expenses, you can use your entire yearly amount, but only while you are an IBM employee. Get glasses and prescription suns; get a blood pressure machine on, but use up those funds before your last day.
IBM benefits will acknowledge this if you call (at least they did in 2012).
3. If you think you may need extra funds and already own a home, get a HELOC now, while you are still employed. Same goes for refinancing
Best of luck to you all - at least the economy is doing better. Lots of opportunity here in Seattle.
Comment 02/05/15: Hi
Here is the information for the recruiter
Hiring Project Manager, for top tier global management consulting firm, in Manhattan, to join the IT Security organization in support of multiple new initiatives to improve enterprise security controls, programs and policies across all lines of business. Hiring:

Positions are all located in Greater NY Area (northern NJ, NYC, )
For more information, call Roz Mallin at 212-993-8000 x216
Send resume to -Anonymous-

Comment 02/05/15: I left in Sept 2013 at 65 after 18 years at IBM (Research and Consulting) - no retirement plan since I just missed the cut when they changed the plan - felt that the company was no longer a place where I could feel good working. Immediately took a job at a new company - where I have been for almost 18 months and the difference is like night and day. So, just wanted to encourage people that there are still a lot of companies that value employees (as well as their customers - something I think IBM has lost ) -gone_and_glad-
Comment 02/05/15: UK Based left today , handed laptop in and asked systems guy how many had been returned today due to redundancy. Considering this is a small site he said 30 and this was at 10am in the morning. Also had to queue at reception with various people handing in passes and company car keys. Glad to get out , hope I am wrong for those left but I can imagine switching on the news some time and IBM will be down the pan. GLAD TO BE GONE.COM -Gladtogo-
Comment 02/05/15:
Good news for UAW union workers at Ford:
Good news for IBM workers: None
-Dave G-
Comment 02/05/15: To Happy to Be Gone - I left IBM on my own. About 3 months after I left I got a letter stating that I owed them around 500 usd. One month letter I got another letter. This time they said I owed more. I called them and in my case the reason was taxes they did not collect. Honestly speaking I did not believe it. I considered not paying, but in the end I came to the conclusion that it was not worth the headache. So I told them I would pay them, but in monthly payments of 10 usd. They agreed to that. -Blue Never Again-
Comment 02/05/15: From an earlier question - RA'd in March 2014. Yes with 18 years of service and bridge to retirement at 55 later in 2014, I am eligible for the FHA. The FHA is not all that great, you have to have and be able to prove fulltime healthcare insurance coverage with no gaps in coverage until you use the FHA at some time in the future. You can only use the FHA for IBM insurance, no ACA (Obamacare)or non-IBM plans can be paid for with FHA funds. I suspect the FHA will pay for a year of IBM coverage at best. I also received my retirement gift of Maui Jim sunglasses, $1500 for career retraining to be used within a year and Ginny's congratulations letter. Not a bad package overall considering they do not have to give you anything, but it still sucks after 18 years often with zero pay raises and looking for a new job at 55.
I even had to take a cut in base pay from a base salary with no bonus to base salary with a bonus plan, if you do that a few times in your career, switching back and forth you make less base pay after years of service than when you started since you have to give up 10% of your base pay each time you switch to a bonus plan. All I have seen in 18 years was cuts in benefits constantly, with no upside.
Comment 02/05/15: Been with IBM 1.5 years. never got a PBC, even got present RA and signed all documents, still didn't get latest PBC result. Reason: outdated skill, actually, it's not, very hot in the market. I'm tired of IBM... Good time to go. Management is crab... -Anonymous-
Comment 02/05/15:
RAed on 2/28
PBC 3 for the first time (unexpected and no proper explanation), previous two PBCs 2+
Div 1G
Seven and half years with IBM
51 years old -BrightFutureAhead
Comment 02/05/15: My stomach fell this morning when I heard about the massive layoffs at IBM. I gave my all to IBM for 14 years, I let my job define me. I was part of the March 2014 RA. It was same MO recieved my first 3 PBC. In my years of IBM I never had below a 2+ and mostly hit 1's. Overnight, it felt like I went from great leader to nothing. I was called at 5:30 AM on a Friday morning and read a script that I was part of the RA. I was hired in as a B9, 58 at the time of my RA and had 13 years logevity. Do the math - I know it was age decrimination. I know what IBMers are going through I was broken and devasted. Please reach out to me if I can help you in any way! There are certain things I found out by lving the nightmare of IBM HR and being involved in an RA. I would have filed a complaint but thought IBM had all law actions covered by giving me a 3. I know right now you are feeling many emtions but - There is life after IBM -- Believe me! -Gina M-
Comment 02/05/15: TELL YOUR STORY to the press... Contact the reporter TEKLA Perry at Let's not let IBM senior management get away with laying off thousands and then compensating themselves with huge bonus and raises! Include things like paying 401K matches on Dec 15 and them laying off people in Q3, giving unreasonable objectives which can't me accomplished, making up lies about a person's character or actions to give IBM reason to FIRE you so that they won't have to honor what's been promised like 401K match, unused vacation, the list goes on and on! It's an opportunity to UNITE TOGETHER! Join the ALLIANCE and they will help you!
Comment 02/04/15: -bobcat- Did you get the FHA? Appears based on your age and years of service criteria you will not. So I say your not retirement eligible from IBM. -anonymous-
Comment 02/04/15:
Notified 01/28/2015
Div 07 - GTS - SO
Age 63
Project Manager
PBC 2+ or 1 for many years prior, now 2.
Standard package. -Ghost of TJW
Comment 02/04/15:
Gee, this looks familiar; A company replaces IT workers with foreign H1B holders.
Comment 02/04/15: @Anonymous. Please provide contact information for your headhunter friend looking for IT Specialists in tri-state. Thanks! -On the list-
Comment 02/04/15:
PBC 3 for the first time expected 2+
Div 16
Nine years with IBM
56 years old -Of the fallen
Comment 02/04/15: An employer is looking for people- If you find any interested friends or colleagues, please direct them to me at either or They can also call me on my cell 774.245.9590 or.. try me on LinkedIn. Good luck to everyone... There is life after IBM ... take it from me! I am much happier and healthier!!! -AZ-
Comment 02/04/15:
I've gone through and crunched the Jan/Feb claims as reported on this forum.

Approx. 110 forced-layoff/retire/termination actions have been posted herein. Let's assume these are legitimate claims from non-falsified humans.
There are two ways of crunching the data: including won't-disclose-age/tenure, or excluding won't-disclose age/tenure.

Including won't-disclose, 50.9% of cuts are less-than-20-yrs of service.
Including won't-disclose, 16.4% of cuts are 20-to-30-yrs of service.
Including won't-disclose, 14.5% of cuts are 30-to-40-yrs of service.

Including won't-disclose, 48.2% of cuts are age-40-or-younger.
Including won't-disclose, 2.7% of cuts are age-40-to-50.
Including won't-disclose, 40% of cuts are age-50-or-older.

Excluding won't-disclose, 62.2% of cuts are less-than-20-yrs of service.
Excluding won't-disclose, 20% of cuts are 20-to-30-yrs of service.

Excluding won't-disclose, 17.8% of cuts are 30-to-40-yrs of service.

Excluding won't-disclose, 9.6% of cuts are age-40-or-younger.
Excluding won't-disclose, 5.8% of cuts are age-40-to-50.
Excluding won't-disclose, 84.6% of cuts are age-50-or-older.

It is, of course, a non-rigorous statistical sample. But I'd say there is blatant evidence of age discriminatory action here. Reaching legal remuneration will be difficult if not impossible. Beware employers who engage in such practices. -SimpleMath
Comment 02/04/15: Just a clarification for the folks saying they "...know IBM is losing money, but..."
IBM is NOT losing money; rather, their profit dropped to a measly $14.8 BILLION. So yeah, they lost $600M in profits (which also happens to be the charge they took for "restructuring"), but they did not lose actual money, they just made slightly less.
-Still Scared-
Comment 02/04/15: I was blindsided with a PBC rating of "3". Fortunately for me, I moved to a different group/division in October ..out of GBS. My new manager was able to go to HR and get it changed to a "2". So I eeked this one out. I had a perfectly good review midyear in July with GBS. I have never been more than a 2+ and even a 1. This was mind numbing and hurtful to my core. I work and always have worked over the top for IBM. I cannot believe that I'd get caught up in something as vindictive as this. Its not fair and its not right. I am not an under-performer. What I am is over 55 and a target. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/04/15: To -anon- regarding "will there be restriction on future hiring" - two things:
1) there is a report that your manager fills out for HR that will indicate whether or not he/she recommends that you be eligible to be rehired if you should apply for a position after leaving IBM. A "no" answer will block you from being rehired. You can ask your manager what they have put down for you when you sign-off on receiving your RA package - it is up to them whether or not they tell you.
2) not sure if it is true for this RA, but in 2013 there was astipulation in the RA package that if you returned to work for IBM, either by being directly hired by IBM or by a third-party agency, that you would pay back part of your severance payment (e.g. if you received 6 months severance and returned to IBM after 4 months, you would need to repay 2 month's severance). The phrase "third-party agency" was interpreted to mean that even if you returned as a contractor (not sure if that was a correct interpretation or not though). -OutIn2013
Comment 02/04/15: Looks like IEEE Spectrum is wanting to write an article about our plight and the dastardly moves by IBM. Their previous one from the other day was very good and did not mince words. They are asking for folks to email them with your stories:
Looks like Rometty's approval rating on is still stuck at 48%. We've moved the thermometer here for memberships (not enough!), let's keep trying to move her 'rating' down as she has done for so many of us. I'm hoping that this doesn't turn out like all the other times, people get all scared, congregate here, get all angry, then the 'survivors' just wipe their brow, say "whew" and go away until next time. Do something this time! Join here, this organization is fighting for us! Stand up to someone who doesn't value you one whit, and is pulling down millions of dollars for taking down a great institution and ruining lives. Sadly, the traffic here is already down. But, there are rumors that the RA's may be a monthly event now, so don't go too far. Well the stock is up, the financial machine driven by greedy, filthy rich people is showing it's approval that all us low-life schmucks got laid off and the CEO was rewarded. Do something! Don't just bend over and take it... -WaitingForACallFromMyManager
Comment 02/04/15: The IBM plan for US employees over most of the last decade has been to incrementally make the workplace a worse and worse place, hoping that people will get fed up and leave on their own, thus saving them severance pay packages. What they didn't count on, however, is that the vast majority of the people they brought in thru outsourcing agreements were already top performers, and, regardless of the miserable treatment at IBM, still have pride in their work, and a sense of responsibility to the customer, so they worked the 80 hour weeks, reworked the terrible code from offshore even though offshore got all the credit, covered for offshore at every turn, and still did a great job. Some folks left, but some folks may have had family, obligations, etc, that did not allow them to just pick up and move to another state at the drop of a hat following another job. But there comes a point when IBM has pushed all they can, and the best performers (and, by association, usually the highest-paid) wouldn't quit and leave on their own (often because of a clause in the contract that says you can't go back to work for who you contracted to for 6 months) - so they found another loophole - give the 3's, make up reasons why, or saddle them with completely unrealistic and unattainable goals, so you can fire them and withhold all or part of the severance package. Oh, and give some of them the package, and also fire a few younger ones or put them on PIP, so you can argue that wasn't really the case. Would be interesting to find out in a couple months, how many of the older/higher-paid people put on a PIP were"unable" to meet the requirements for continued employment vs how many of the younger/lower-paid ones WERE "able" to improve.....??? -IBM = Idiots Become Managers-
Comment 02/04/15: -Maxwell Smart- IBM has been practicing age discrimination ever since Lou became CEO. In relation to this issue, IBM is an "At Will Employer" and they can fire anyone they wish without just cause. IBM's attitude is "sue us, employee", but you have no grounds for a law suit. This is why IBM is in need of a union. They do not care about you as an employee, You are just head count on a sheet of paper who can be discarded at any time. Any person who works for IBM today should be looking for other employment. You have no protection without a employee contract union. Days of respect for the individual are long gone in IBM. -ANA-
Comment 02/04/15: A friend of mine is a head hunter looking to hire IT specialist in the tri state area. How can I get the word out to those folks who have been RA'd because some of the folks might benefit? ....Trying to help -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: You just did. Check back here for replies, and please leave an email address we can publish.
Comment 02/04/15: It is age discrimination and here is how you can see it for yourself. Scroll through this forum and view the comments where people who were RA'd posted their positions, age, pbc rating and other information. Now search the public IBM job posting site for those same positions like Architect, Project Manager, SAP, or any other. You will see that there are a number of open jobs in the US for every position that just had RA's. So why wouldn't IBM look to fill these open positions with experienced people from the company?? Its because IBM wants the older, higher salaried people out. This is the public jobs site: and if that doesn't work go to and search for jobs. -Maxwell Smart-
Comment 02/04/15: To Alliance. I heard shortly after the 28th that IBM is bringing in 900 landed resources, currently in the process of finalizing their H1-Bs.. -done ibm-
Comment 02/04/15: I have been RAed and my last date is 2/27.If I accept the severence package,will there be restriction on future hiring .I definitely don't want to be back in the blue zoo again but still hopeful the morons at the top will be replaced at the top and this company will be good again in future.5 years service.2+ ratings all along except 2 this time.GBS is the unit I work.Manager never interact with me each year except when it's time to give my PBC.What a pathetic people this company is full of now. -Anon-
Comment 02/04/15: To -Sacraficial Lamb- about Lump Sum Severance ... When my wife was RAed, she received two hardcopy checks at her close out. Her last pay check and severance. I heard (but didn't know anyone in this camp) that for remote folks, they needed to send their equipment in first. 401k loan repayment would be setup with Fidelity. -Anon-
Comment 02/04/15: I was RA'd March 2014 after 18 years at IBM at 54 years old, with 26 weeks severance, bridge to retirement when I turned 55 later in the year. I wonder if I was considered to be RA'd or Retired Early since I got the Ginny congratulations retirement letter? Yeah Right !! I asked to be put on the Lenovo list since I spent 80% of my time on System x but they said no since I was not a System x resource funded by System x they could not move me. IBM sent me a bill in August after I was gone for about 5 months for about $21.00 that appeared to be a monthly bill, after several back and forth calls over several days asking for the details I finally paid it. They said is could have been anything over the 18 years and that made no sense. Once again their mistake in accounting as something was not done correct. Never got a specific answer, but they spent hours trying to track down the details of about $21.00. Interesting to see the job openings on usually during layoffs the jobs are frozen and you can not transfer to another position. IBM wants more H1B workers because there is no talent in the US - makes no sense. -bobcat-
Comment 02/04/15: For those of you concerned about possible age or gender discrimation in the latest RA it only takes one of you to file a complaint with the EEOC. The EEOC will force IBM is provide the age and gender demographics for the latest RA. Don't wait for someone else to file the EEOC claim just go ahead and do it yourself. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/03/15: for non ibmer s reading really are seeing what ibm folks talk about every day...the only place employees are open IS on the alliance website.. in ibm s social connections its all just suck ups posting comments when Ginni holds a session..and execs blogging their fingers off now to look like they understand agile, mobile. and social. -dunbelievin-
Comment 02/03/15: To -Happy To Be Gone-: I've been with IBM 10 years and have never received 1 cent in pay raises. And several 3's. Despite (as I mentioned in a previous post) always being rated as a very top outstanding performer by the company/boss I contract to. Haven't had a single penny bonus for the last 3 years either, will have to see what happens this March. Also, last year, approx 75 people in our org were let go, based on age/salary, apparently. They started with Band 8's, and it was pretty much consistent with the oldest & highest paid being terminated. -IBM = Idiots Become Managers-
Comment 02/03/15:
Word is starting to spread in the media; this site seems to be quoted extensively. There are even some comments about age being a factor the the RA. Let's see how far this progresses in the media. -was4blue
Comment 02/03/15: Does anyone know how bad the CyberSecurity & Privacy (CS&P) sector got affected? I wouldn't mind getting a 6 month severance and getting another security job that actually gives raises every year :) -an0n-
Comment 02/03/15: IBM 8-K SEC filings on Aug. 28 show Rometty (or her proxies) executed 32 sales of IBM stock on Aug. 27, selling some 26,113 shares at an average value of $191.74 for a $5 million gain. On the same day, Rometty purchased 27,678 shares of IBM stock at an average cost of $96.73, making her net take on the day about $2.3 million. This CEO is so corrupt, this is unbelievable. This BS must stop in IBM/ We are in desperate need of union. She lays off thousands of people while she makes millions. She is a crook and is full of greed. -ANA-
Comment 02/03/15: This raise for the IBM CEO is nothing less than an ABSOLUTE kick in the face and onto the ground for all the IBM employees,ex employees who have sacrificed SO MUCH and have seen their salaries cut, benefits cut, pensions cut, even tens of thousands of jobs cuts...Lord knows God knows, what goes around comes around....When the business continues to fail as it has been, there will be big changes at the top...and VERY soon. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/03/15: Have been told I'm "resourced" with last day at IBM being 2/27/15. It's a relief. I don't have to be silent any more. Shame on me for doing so! I have seen managers hit employees, and then C&A team buried the complaint. I've been bullied myself, have evidence of poor air quality and soil issues around Fishkill that link to the cancer cell allegations. Heard directly from a VP about the contamination in the soil which stopped IBM's interest in building a child care center in the area. Heard directly from an exec who was told she should not have children if she wanted her career to continue. Oh, there are so many stories. As for me, I am a disabled American with a mentally ill child. This goes to show that IBM management cares nothing about their fellow humans. They care only about themselves and money. Oh --- I met and exceeded all my performance commitments in 2014 and was rated 3. Will not sign off on that. I will sleep better at night NOT being an IBMer. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/03/15: I have another unbelieveable tale- after being 'forced' to retire almost 7 months ago... IBM sends me a letter stating that I owe them $530.00 ... ARE YOU SERIOUS?!!... I have been going back and forth asking the Payroll people to show me details as to why I owe them $534.00...They keep sending me letters stating that they overpaid me on my 401K match... With Ginni getting 3.6M in BONUS and a 16% raise they can't write off $534 even if it was their mistake!!! You wonder why the company is in the mess they are in...They are paying someone to send these letters and waste alot of time for $530.00!!! They also kept 20 days of unused vacation which they did not pay. Has anyone gotten these types of notifications after leaving the company?? Also, by the way what was the highest pay raise you ever received... Most of my raises were 3 to 4% ...Once in the mid 1980s I got a 10% in the good old days!!! Signed -Happy to be Gone-
Comment 02/03/15: The word keeps getting out -anon
Comment 02/03/15: "So, let me get this right, Ginny fails miserably to achieve her promised $20 EPS and she is rewarded with $3.6m and a 6.7% increase in pay, meanwhile those who have been working their arses off get PBC's lower than ever, or RA'd ? Is IBM about to go bankrupt? -anon-"
IBM already is morally bankrupt.
Comment 02/03/15: Question About Lump Sum Severance. To anyone that had the misfortune of going through a recent does that actually work? How long after your "final day" of employment does it actually take IBM to pay you the money? Weeks, months? I am trying to sort all this package stuff out and need to begin planning for things I need to paying back the outstanding 401k loan balance, signing up for the 6 month Health Coverage etc etc. Thanks in advance for any real-word experience/advice offered. -Sacraficial Lamb-
Comment 02/03/15: To the -anonymous- who asked me "how many weeks of severance does the separation package provide for 16+ years of IBMer?" Depends on the separation package: The full one, which you'll only get for an RA, is one week for every 6 months of service, maximum 26 weeks; the minimized package is one week for every year, maximum 13 weeks. For 16 years you'll get the maximum. Transitional medical coverage is the same for both packages: 3 months for < 5 years of service, 6 months for 5 to < 25 years, 1 year for 25+ years. -Survivor-
Comment 02/03/15: I cringe every time I hear someone say they don’t want a union, "because it gives the lazy employees an excuse not to work".
Well what about companies that don’t have a union and gives the “Good Ole Boys” an excuse to hire and cover their friends that aren’t qualified for the job and don’t do any work?
Before IBM bought us, our company did not have a union and I saw innocent people fired for no reason except they didn’t like them.
The year I was let go we had one of the "good ole boys" being protected from upper management, moved into our dept, and after we were let go they moved this person again.
This employee made well over 100K while other employees made about 38K and were busting their rear-ends while this guy sat there or took walks.
The "good ole boy" at one time, was our manager, who couldn’t do the job (per his own words) so they moved him to another dept. so he didn’t have to do anything.
Hopefully this story will even get more people to join the union; membership should be going through the roof.
Anyone who was not affected by the RA’s this time: Don’t think it’s over. Your time will be next and for the areas or cities not affected it will be coming and you need to make your voices heard. Enough is enough! -Gone in 2013
Comment 02/03/15: My wife has been notified of her last day. She has worked there for almost 25 years. The max she can get is 6 months of salary. Last few years have been been hell for her on how many hours these f*****s ask her to put every week. So regardless that we'll be facing a challenge I'm glad it's over. I'm also happy that I quit IBM 21 years back. Things will continue to get worse for sure. -JC-
Comment 02/03/15: So, let me get this right, Ginny fails miserably to achieve her promised $20 EPS and she is rewarded with $3.6m and a 6.7% increase in pay, meanwhile those who have been working their arses off get PBC's lower than ever, or RA'd ? Is IBM about to go bankrupt? -anon-
Comment 02/03/15: -Be Free Eh- I believe the DTIRA form is a way to shelter some of the severance from taxes by putting it towards any unused RRSP contribution room you may have. I also think it has to be in with your signed package as it is sent to HR, and they would shuffle that money to your financial institution rather than tax it and pay out the remaining amount to you. Hope this helps. Best of luck! -Anonymous-
Comment 02/03/15: Saw this Los Angeles Times article this evening:
Very interesting read. The headline will immediately grab your attention: "IBM redefines failure as 'success,' gives underachieving CEO huge raise"

Also, in my previous post I neglected to include my age...I am 2 months shy of my 58th birthday, Band 8, and have been with IBM for 12 years. PBCs always 2 or 2+...never able to get the elusive 1 despite
utilization rates consistently well above defined targets. Received RA notice on 1/28, and I'm being replaced by a Landed Resource strictly for financial reasons...margins aren't large enough to
continue to pay for a US Band 8 "Resource" and still pay Ginni and her Inner Circle their huge bonuses and stock options for doing a lousy job.
Offshoring of jobs is no longer a concern for US workers...the new concern is being replaced by the "Landed Resource". I guess replacing a US citizen with a "Landed Resource" still qualifies as a US employee
for accounting purposes...and the "Landed Resource" costs IBM less in the long-run so G.R.E.E.D. wins again...Ginni Rometty Ensures Employee Demise.
The beginning of the end for this once great company was when "People" became nothing more than a "Resource". Watson is turning in his grave. -GinniOnlyCaresAboutEPS
Alliance reply: Yes, the use of landed resources is a concern and we are trying to find out how deep it is in IBM. Anyone with information on the use of landed resources especially when there have been job cuts, please let us know.
Comment 02/03/15: In preparation for job searching after being whacked last week, I downloaded a salary survey, which offered other whitepapers for download. One of those was an example of IBM hypocrisy at it's finest...a paper published by IBM on the importance of employees in this changing market. Summary:
"The essential bridge between an organization and its customers is the workforce. The ability to engage, develop, recognize and support
employees will be critical in the decisive battle for customer loyalty. It is employees who represent the organization's brand in the market, who interact with customers on a daily basis, who analyze
changes in customer preferences and who develop and maintain the technologies that help connect the physical and digital worlds. And, therefore, a motivated and properly prepared workforce will be
indispensable for success in the customer-activated world. "
Link to download: -Another RA over age 50-
Comment 02/03/15: To - Anonymous- "Ive worked at IBM for just over 5 years and have been given my first 3 and on a PIP, no package offered (but after reading all this Im going to go back and ask). I did not put a response to the PBC, but am wondering how long we have to request a review and how do we even ask for one if we can once it is submitted? The review process isnt listed anywhere, if anyone knows how id appreciate if they can post."
There isnt anymore PBC review process by an independent 3rd party, or the HR. Everything is manage by first and second line managers. -HRP
Comment 02/03/15: To -Survivor-, how many weeks of severance does the separation package provide for 16+ years of IBMer?
To the -Anonymous- who asked "does anyone know if our medical insurance will cover us through the end of the year if we get let go after our PIP"? If you get a separation package, you'll get transitional medical coverage for 6 months, since you've been at IBM for more than 5 years (same deal for both the minimized and full package). That means you'll pay the same rate you're paying now for medical for 6 months, after which you can pay the much higher COBRA rate for another year (if you can't get a better deal elsewhere). Note that this is only for medical, you have to pay the full group rate for dental and vision if you want those. If you don't get a package, you'll get no transitional medical coverage, but I believe you'll still have access to the COBRA rate for 18 months. You and anyone else on a PIP should press your manager for details on what happens if you fail. Your manager is supposed to document your specific goals and what happens at the end of the PIP. I've been led to believe that people on a PIP will get the package if they fail, but I wouldn't count on that unless you get it in writing from your manager. -Survivor- -anonymous
Comment 02/02/15: My last nine performance ratings (starting with 2014 and going backwards) 2,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1. Band 8 IT architect with 41+ years. FWIW time to move on, feel sorry for the ones left behind, they have no hope of delivering service. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/02/15: Funny how Ginni thinks it's a great use of the corporation's money to buy back her shares. Warren B, you might want to ask her about that. If you look around the room and don't see the mark - you ARE the mark. -anon-
Comment 02/02/15: To -Kicked In The Stomach- I've got PBC 3 and been put to PIP too without any packages. For those of you who got the standard package, what does it mean? How many weeks of severance the standard package would provide for 16+ years of hard working for IBM? -anonymous-
Comment 02/02/15: I got my RA notice on Wednesday. I'm 57, 10 years with IBM. I was not surprised as I knew I would be the one to have my role move to a lower cost location. I'm a Band 8 financial analyst in STG and it's a relief for me to know I am leaving. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/02/15: Look at this article written in 2004 by someone that was RA'ed back then. Also read the Reader's Comments portion (only a few are there, but represent the vast majority of the comments that were submitted). Not much has changed (except for perhaps getting worse)... -OutIn2013-
Comment 02/02/15: To the -Anonymous- who asked "does anyone know if our medical insurance will cover us through the end of the year if we get let go after our PIP"? If you get a separation package, you'll get transitional medical coverage for 6 months, since you've been at IBM for more than 5 years (same deal for both the minimized and full package). That means you'll pay the same rate you're paying now for medical for 6 months, after which you can pay the much higher COBRA rate for another year (if you can't get a better deal elsewhere). Note that this is only for medical, you have to pay the full group rate for dental and vision if you want those. If you don't get a package, you'll get no transitional medical coverage, but I believe you'll still have access to the COBRA rate for 18 months. You and anyone else on a PIP should press your manager for details on what happens if you fail. Your manager is supposed to document your specific goals and what happens at the end of the PIP. I've been led to believe that people on a PIP will get the package if they fail, but I wouldn't count on that unless you get it in writing from your manager. -Survivor-
Comment 02/02/15: "In late August 2014, Rometty sold or exercised options on roughly $6.7M worth of stock valued around $192 per share".
Insider trading? Naw! The SEC is a joke as a regulation agency. It's is like the casino regulatory commissions. Ginni just gets good financial professional advice for tax planning for free ad well to pull this off. Gee, and that $6.7M bonus figure. Coincidence?
Comment 02/02/15: Good move by our Indian friends... -indiait
Comment 02/02/15: This is just incredible The IBM board of directors did a huge favor for mediocre CEOs the world over on Friday by announcing (quietly) that it has granted Chairman and Chief Executive Virginia Rometty a $3.6-million bonus for 2014 and a $13.3-million stock incentive award payable in 2018. She's also getting a 6.7% bump in her base salary, to $1.6 million from $1.5 million.. All of us IBM employees are totally getting the shaft being employed by IBM. Join the union asap. -ANA-
Comment 02/02/15: Hopefully after reading this it will encourage more people to join the Alliance. In 2013 I was RA’D I was rated as a 1 on my PBC. Everyone including my idiot of a manager (who was new) came to me for answers. My manager made fun of everyone and enjoyed going after employees; she even pulled and employees work cell phone and found out a possible affair an employee was having with a manager. Six months after she got rid of 4 people all in their 50’s and 60’s in her dept she left. I heard she is now a pastor what a joke. IBM bought us from another company and our severance was grandfathered in for 2 years. After the 2 years was up we were RA’d which means we only got 5 weeks’ severance and 1 person got 1 week severance. It doesn’t matter what is on your PBC they are just getting rid of old timers; Age discrimination “YES”. I’m seeing the membership going up, but it should be going through the roof. One thing I did was file the petition with Trade/TRA and I got my 2 years of college paid for free. I did make sure I kept notes and gave Trade in Washington DC all the dirty things IBM had did. BTW a couple of months after I left I had a lawyer call and talk to me about IBM and China I told them anything I knew, but that was very little. Don’t be afraid to speak up and tell everything you know after you are RA’D. People in numbers can move mountains and please spread the word to join the Alliance IBM. -Gone in 2013-
Comment 02/02/15: More scathing coverage on Ginni's bonus .. maybe all the negative PR will have an effect on BOD and stockholders: -Anonymous
Comment 02/02/15: IBM redefines failure as 'success,' gives underachieving CEO huge raise -JustSaying
Comment 02/02/15: It will be interesting to see if there is any fallout from shareholders and or employees with regard to Rometty's pay increase. I'm hopeful this will be seen as unacceptable by both and stock will either drop and/or employees will simply walk away from their work until something is done. -Mike-
Comment 02/02/15: Interesting article in the LA Times today about how "IBM redefines failure as 'success,' gives underachieving CEO enormous raise." -ibmphantom-
Comment 02/02/15: In late August 2014, Rometty sold or exercised options on roughly $6.7M worth of stock valued around $192 per share. By mid-October, IBM stock was at $162. Isn't insider trading like this illegal? Stockholders should be outraged. Further, stockholders should be outraged that the IBM Board of Directors gave Ms. Rometty a raise and bonus. Class action suit anyone? -Ex-Blue-
Comment 02/02/15: 4900 laid off in US in total, including myself -Gone-
Alliance reply: Thank you for the information. We have been hearing it was close to 5000 notified. Sorry for your job loss.
Comment 02/02/15: I think I speak for ALL IBMers today when I ask how can Ginny look at herself in the mirror? GTFO Ginny! RA'd in Atlanta after 34 years -Anonymous-
Comment 02/02/15: Rometty is running the company just the way Warren Buffett wants it run and as specified by her employment CONTRACT. That’s why she is getting rewarded. IBM (now) is nothing but a big pyramid scheme with the pyramid inverted … fewer on the bottom … more on the top. Picture it like a spinning top. When it runs out of inertia … it will topple. The ones on the bottom will be crushed. The ones on the top will jump off with their golden parachutes. -Blue Knight-
Comment 02/02/15: Another good IBM article from WRAL -anon
Comment 02/02/15: I just paid to become a full voting member. For the amount that I have been on this website over the past couple of months I feel that it is the right thing to do to support. Notice the lack of any sort of reporting in the news on this event. Is the news media in IBM's back pocket? Shouldn't someone be picking this up and reporting on it? Someone other than a local college TV station? Am I a little bitter with being a 50 + individual being let go while the mid-20 year old new hires kept their jobs? Yes, you betcha!!! -GTS - PM-
Alliance reply: First of all thank you for joining the Alliance. As far as media reports, google Alliance@IBM or IBM job cuts and you will see lots of coverage.
Comment 02/02/15: Would someone please explain to me how IBM has gotten away with not filing anything in the WARN system? -GTS - PM-
Alliance reply: IBM has been playing this game for years. The WARN notifications are local and IBM keeps the number of cuts at a given time under the threshold limit per resource action.
We used to rely on the RA packs that IBM gave to terminated workers that list the age/title.number cut at a given business unit. They no longer do that. We need sources inside IBM that know the cuts to let us know. Help break the secrecy.

Comment 02/02/15: To -Kicked In The Stomach- I've never heard of your situation either. It's bad even by IBM standards. With no package, you would have nothing to lose by suing. Either find a lawyer on your own, or join Alliance (if you aren't already a member) and use the lawyer referral service through Union Plus. Please let us know what the lawyer says. -Gorya-
Comment 02/02/15: Ive worked at IBM for just over 5 years and have been given my first 3 and on a PIP, no package offered (but after reading all this Im going to go back and ask). I did not put a response to the PBC, but am wondering how long we have to request a review and how do we even ask for one if we can once it is submitted? The review process isnt listed anywhere, if anyone knows how id appreciate if they can post.
Also does anyone know if our medical insurance will cover us through the end of the year if we get let go after our PIP (I have medical conditions which I need it for and am unsure how to proceed if I get let go)...
I feel like my management is completing lacking of any direction and are only retaining the people who choose to be yes men instead of the actual talent and looking to replace us with cheaper labor. I look around and the only ones left are the ones that never challenge the direction because something can be done a better way or always do what they are told.
Comment 02/02/15: Got my call last Wed along with everyone else. Aged 59, 36 years IBM service, all in GTS teams (and their many alphabet predecessors), my last PBC rating a 2 after 1s & 2+ over the rest of the years at IBM. Numerous 100% Clubs, Golden Circle & even CEO Awards. None of that mattered at all at the end of the day. I know I am in a better space than a lot of the people on the site as this is not the IBM I joined in 1979. So I am ready to go with head held high anyway. I just want to wish everyone affected by this the best of luck and remind them not to define themselves by this RA process. They are far better than this. In my time I have worked with some incredibly talented and inspirational people at IBM, probably some of the people who have already commented on this site !! One thing I remember well was the guy that gave me my first managers role in 1989. He refused to use the term "resource" and used to fine us $1 if we used it in meetings. He always said "they have names, or collectively they are our people and we will use one of those descriptions from now on". So I will say to our people (still in fear of the fine), move on when the time is right for you to do so, and to leave this life lesson in the rear view mirror, for you are so much better than this. For the people who remain, good luck, but I would consider joining the Alliance in some form to protect yourselves. You will need an effective tool in your arsenal sometime soon. I have never felt the need to join one, and now its too late, but the last few years has taught me that this is a ruthless world and exec team. The timing of the pay raise, $3.6M bonus and a bucket full of shares after missing the targets and you walk with 6 months pay or less speaks volumes! The bodies are not even cold so to speak. I found out about this site from a colleague a few months ago and have been watching the last few weeks with interest as the thing unraveled. I will make a donation to the site. Thanks and Goodbye -Readytomoveon-
Comment 02/02/15: To all IBMers there should be an SEC investigation in relation to the last three CESOs dumping their stocks and options before a missive downsizing. These CEOS and greedy and corrupt individuals. This company is need of new management board of directors and a new CEO. These people have destroyed the lives of descent and hardworking IBM employees and their families since Lou Gerstner became CEO. Without a strong union, this type of treatment and insult to the intelligence of IBMERs will continue. -ANA-
Comment 02/02/15: This is how I see it: We can leave or we can organize for a contract. But before choosing to leave, consider this: The situation we are facing is much bigger than just us. Our company is positioning itself to be an HR "thought leader". The same analytics and tools that are being used to surgically select terminations here will be rolled out to other companies quickly. No worker will be safe anywhere under this insane treatment of human resources as "just-in-time inventory". -AFellowPeasant-
Comment 02/02/15: I don't understand my fellow employees! Another round of firings and an announcement of the CEO's compensation and yet only 43 new Alliance members since the beginning of December. I would expect to see thousands joining after last week. I'm still employed by IBM after a very long career and I'm glad I'm approaching the end of that career. I just hope I can hang in there long enough to retire on my terms. Come on IBM'ers, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? -Long time IBMer-
Comment 02/02/15: All agreements between IBM and NY have copious loopholes. Remember that IBM and the State of NY are in bed together and that corruption is commonplace for both. In NY, some have gotten caught by Preet Bharara, but Joe Bruno and others have gotten away with it and perhaps Sheldon Silver will as well. Same goes for much of IBM's upper management. -Ex-Blue-
Alliance reply: Whatever the case, IBM workers need to focus on unifying and gathering momentum to fight back for THEIR voice in the workplace. Organize and build unity among IBM US workers.
Comment 02/02/15: hi -Anony-, thanks for your support. I am in AIM SWG. In all my 20+ years w IBM, I've never heard of anyone in my situation: NO package offered - just the PIP. So disgusting. -Kicked In The Stomach-
Comment 02/02/15: I feel deeply for the all employees who are either remaining or RA'ed. IBM is hell to work for, though it's heaven for top management to achieve their personal greed while slaughtering the people who work hard to provide family a decent life. I left IBM on my own terms in 2013 after refusing a new retention and having to repay the company a retention I was given in 2012. I became sick of this retention crap. Retention is a cheap way to keep employees while not raising their salaries and benefits. My family has been happier than ever since I left this grave. Should IBM value good employees, it should raise their salaries instead of drip-feeding them year by year with retentions. Ahh, our mighty Ginni just got a *proper* recognition including a nice pay raise and millions in bonus. I *hope* Ginni can sleep well receiving such perks by shedding the blood of the hundreds of thousands *resources* working hard to survive. While typing this, I kinda realized the logic of *performance reward* IBM follows - whoever manages to sink the ship the fastest gets rewarded the most. No wonder why Ginni and her close acquaintances are getting bloated wallets. Good job! IBM management will no doubt achieve target - sinking the once legendary IBM ship to the very bottom of the deep *blue* sea. Sigh!!! -Resurrected_From_Hell-
Comment 02/02/15: In 1981 when I joined IBM, it was the company every college graduate wanted to work for... Look where it is now in the ranking...bad management and leadership! -Ex IBMer-
Comment 02/02/15: -CanadianSeverance- Great article! Still trying to get some advice before the deadline to return the papers.
On a different note, any *Canadians* know what is that "Direct Transfer of an 'Ineligible' Retiring Allowance" (DTIRA) form is for? And how to calculate the max amount? Do we need to return that form before the same deadline to accept the offer? Thanks in advance! -Be Free Eh
Comment 02/01/15: We lost at least 4 good people in the Phoenix-Metro area. But, on top of the insulting bonuses that Virginia Rometty is getting, want to get good and angry? Look at the trading:
She and the rest of the C-levels KNEW this was coming and dumped while they could!
She lines her, and her hand-picked minions', pockets with money that could have saved good people's livlihoods:
Listen, we all know business is about profit. IBM has been losing money. Obviously, something had to be done. But when you lay off thousands, and then stick $3.6 million in bonuses, and dump millions in sold stock into your bank account, something is gravely wrong with the leadership of the company.
Comment 02/01/15: Well surprisingly (to me) I survived the latest cuts... was fully expecting a 3 and an RA. To all those worrying about their job ratings, or bragging about their psst job ratings..... it's all meaningless at IBM. I've gotten multiple 3's in the past when the manager I contracted to rated me the very top person in their organization. The "go-to" guy, the "indispensable" one, voted by others as their favorite person to work with, etc.... all glowing reviews on the contract I'm on. Then my IBM managers, who admit they have no idea what I do all year, give me underperformer ratings. Ratings in IBM really have absolutely nothing to do with your performance. Its just politics. They're checking a box, and they have their favorites, or those they are in closer touch with day-to-day (I work on a Statement Of Work - basically contract out) and rarely if ever have any interaction with my IBM manager. Maybe twice a year. One year I got a poor rating and the manager I actually contract work for said they were never even contacted once that year to ask how my performance was..... even though IBM claimed to have. Which is SUPPOSED to be what my rating is based on..... It is the absolute rottenest to the core company I have ever even heard of, let alone experienced first hand. Morale could not possible be any lower among the few left. One thing I know for sure - if/when we part ways, I will do anything and everything in my power with whomever/wherever I end up to let them know what a mess IBM is, and doing business with IBM would be the worst possible thing for their company. My loyalty to them is pretty much a match for the loyalty they show their employees. Ever think about that, Ginny?
Having said and vented all that, I've been preparing for and doing alot of research into this IBM practice of withholding severance or partial severance for "low performers". Yes, they can legally do that in most places, but there's a catch: They have to PROVE that you are incompetent. So do like I do..... document everything, save all your glowing reviews from those you actually work for/with, so when they arbitrarily give you a 3 and try to withhold part or all of your severance pay.... you may find those "expert" IBM lawyers aren't as insurmountable as you think. They have to PROVE to the court your performance is sub-standard.... and as the Canadian poster said recently... if you have evidence to the contrary, its almost impossible for them to screw you out of severance pay if you deserve it. Good luck to all of us. -IBM = Idiots Become Managers
Comment 02/01/15: CEO Rometty gets a bonus and a raise. She has a contract! IBM resources (used to be known as IBM employees) RAed and do not have a contract. See what a contract can do? A contract can save or protect your job, get you a raise, and get you a bonus. You get none of this without a contract. -anonymous-
Comment 02/01/15: This is why you're being laidoff:
Comment 02/01/15: I spent 30 year in the HR dept of Italian HQ in Milano, was assigned for two years in Armonk and hold several international HR tasks. At the time IBM was well known for a cornerstone of its policies: respect for individuals.
During the tenure of mr. Gestner this IBM principle was progressively cancelled, substitute by the word "execution". Many high level managers felt authorized to consider their colleagues as servants to be dismissed without personal consideration for any "business reason":
if not they were to be fired for missing execution. Today managerial tools like teamwork, performance appraisal, proper rewarding, internal communication, are considered useless and even time consuming. Workforce is a commodity all around the world. Manager/employee communication is a mere loss of time. Selfishness and lack of strategic business views are the main qualities of present top managers. They do not want even to consider that employee dedication, professional growth, teamwork, respect, proudness in the company are the real ingredients for long term business success. My best wishes to all RA's around the world and good luck. -Pier Luigi Salvini-

Comment 02/01/15:
Notified 01/28/2015
Div 07 - GTS - SO
Age 57
30+ years
Project Manager
PBC 2+ for last 5 years. All 1's for 2 decades prior.
Standard package.
Last day is 02/27/2015 -Anonymous
Comment 02/01/15: If there is anyone left who doubts the hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy of this company just look at the huge bonuses the execs are giving themselves and compare it to the way they are treating everyone else in the organisation. -SickOfIt-
Comment 02/01/15: I am at the partner level and was included in the resource action in spite of consistenly high performance numbers. It was weak business conditions and the fact that the other partners were more important to the existing projects. I am the only woman in the work group and one of only a handful in the whole region. I am a women in my 50s and will no doubt face age/gender discrimination. The male partners that were retained have crucial chummy drinking buddy relationships with their customers. The treatment and support of professional women, in spite of the window dressing at the top layers is appalling. The other senior women are competitive not supportive. The leader of my group that made the decision to let me go let two women and a black man go last year (in total). I have an MBA and tons of experience and have always always been successful and well regarded in other companies. I had far better signings numbers than the male partners that were kept. In fact one had zero for signings snd the other had 500k. I had 3.2m. I took all the CAMS training and am conversant in IBM's assets yet I am also not allowed to be considered for the new business units, again in spite of strong pbc results and email accolades from over 7 senior people. A company that cannot make the best use of the talent they have and allow age and gender bias is not an ethical company. -Anonymous-
Comment 02/01/15: It is time for decisive and collective action! A worldwide strike at IBM is required.
IBM management is in a state of denial, and continue the pursuit of maximising earnings at all cost.
Over the past decade, the actions of IBM executive management, and the Board of Directors, could be considered as sabotage. They have sought to denigrate the contributions and achievements of a generation of hardworking and loyal IBMers.
IBM GTS, and specifically Strategic Outsourcing (SO), has been the target of severe ongoing cost cutting. SO is depleted, under-resourced, facing wave after wave of internal attack, and delivering ongoing savings to the company. Yet within SO lies the treasure chest of a loyal ‘True Blue’ customer base, one that was the initial source of the revenue and wealth creation for IBM in its glory days - since then mistakenly considered as an expense to be eliminated.
Nelson Mandela epitomised the struggle of a nation against apartheid. He showed how one man can change the course of history by acting with conviction and courage, fighting to change what he believed to be unjust. He also believed there comes a time when acting peacefully needs to be revisited: “If the government reaction is to crush by naked force our non-violent struggle, we will have to reconsider our tactics…”
For the past 22 years, hundreds of thousands of IBMers have been laid off, causing untold harm to them and their loved ones, and the shattering of lifelong dreams and hopes. IBM jobs have been continually and aggressively moved offshore, and most IBMers have not seen pay rises for many years. Over the past 10 years, and despite what could be considered as one of the toughest economic periods in world history, IBMers rose to the challenge and helped to create net profit in excess of 100,000 Million US dollars. A stellar performance!!!
IBMers are the essential providers of IT Services for much of the world’s economy, serving many of the corporations. A worldwide strike at IBM has the potential to impact every institution, every nation, and every person in the world, with enormous international ramifications. But so would be the impact if IBM were to suddenly fail and disappear.
The message needs to be sent out loud and clear, far and wide, for maximum impact. Clients, institutions, and governments, would then feel compelled to pressurize IBM management to resolve and cede to this one simple demand: treat your employees with integrity, dignity and fairness. IBM executive management needs to know and understand, that what IBMers do, matters to the world. They provide their skills, effort, and talent in service of humankind, to the benefit of the whole community - not to fill the pockets of a select few. Alliance@IBM, please consider leading and coordinating a course of action in collaboration with other affiliated unions around the world. Set a target date for a worldwide IBM strike, and request all IBMers to join their respective unions to make this possible. Setting a targeted agenda, based on the current issues, will compel IBMers to join in large numbers to enable change. These can be the simple and basic demands to IBM management:
1.The restoration and adherence to the basic historical IBM principles of ‘Respect for the Individual’ and ‘Reward for Performance’.
2.The removal and/or modification of the current Personal Business Commitments (PBC) appraisal system. In its present form, it violates the human dignity of every IBM employee.
3.The restoration of the jobs targeted in the current layoffs, for those individuals wishing to continue working at IBM.
4.Failure to demonstrate progress in meeting the above demands will result in the potential of further periodic strikes.
“It always seems impossible, until it is done” (Nelson Mandela) -timeforchange
Comment 02/01/15: To -skidmarx- You are gone, no matter what you do. Ask for a full year insurance coverage, 26 weeks separation pay and documentation on your reduction of level' especially, if no review had been done earlier. Also, ask if it is because of your age. Most managers are so dumb, they will give you the honest answer. Then tell them if they do not offer you all you have asked, your attorney will be contacting them. At this point, answer no more questions and tell them to talk to you attorney, if they want any answers. Also, tell them that anything you say from this point on is "OFF THE RECORD"! -Higgoe-
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Comment 8/20/11:
Washington, D.C.– Members of CWA and IBEW at Verizon Communications will return to work on Tuesday, Aug. 23, at which time the contract will be back in force for an indefinite period.
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