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Comment 04/18/14: To -IBMer in search of justice.
Dear IBMer,
There is no longer any justice in IBM. The new IBM is run by corrupt greedy executives and 3 CEOs (Lou Sam and Ginny WHO only care about themselves and the quarterly profits. You and everyone else at IBM is a at will employee, and Executives at IBM can do what ever they want to screw the employees when it comes to raises promotions, benefits, pensions, and retirement benefits and RAs. WIhout a union contract this will continue. Join the Union. -ANA-

Comment 04/18/14: Re: the -IBMer in search of Justice- comment. Amazing once again, that there are IBM employees that *think* IBM's PBC system can be "studied" by the feds or even a State government for wrong doing of some kind. Seriously?? No government labor laws cover company created rules and systems. Why is this fact so misunderstood among IBMers? This is not the first time I've seen this question on this web site's comments sections. I personally think Alliance's patience with questions like this is way over and above what they should be. I wonder how many IBM workers actually are this uninformed? wow. - BlueEyedBlindness-
Alliance reply: We have continued to answer questions, as best we can, regardless of whether they have been asked many times before. Not being informed of labor laws and being an At Will Employee, is the exact reason why Alliance continues to answer these questions without judging anyone. We never intend to insult anyone or be condescending to get our point across.
This why Alliance@IBM exists: to inform and provide an alternative to the propaganda, lies and abuse that IBM dishes out to their employees on a daily basis. Thank you for your support.

Comment 04/18/14: HR appeals regarding PBC issues will no longer result in a "Panel Review". HR case managers now handle the appeals, and it would now take an act of God to actually get beyond them to a Panel Appeal. This is because the systemic downgrading of PBCs across target IBM organizations is a business strategy. HR knows that if these cases go to "Panel Review", fairness will prevail. This isn't about fairness. It's about contorting the PBC system into a tool used to advance a corporate business strategy. More 2's and 3's means more attrition, more forced RAs and inferior severance packages, meaning cost savings. Is it legal to screw employees this way? Of course, it is! I must say that I now envy both of my parents who were government workers and had unions protecting their interests. -Anon-
Comment 04/18/14: I have a simple question. Has anyone or any group challenged the PBC system as discriminatory? After the latest inquisition I sat down with a friend who is a senior executive in HR at a fortune 100 corporation and described the yearly bloodletting we go thru, as well as shared my PBC's for 2014. My friend was shocked at what I told her, and was especially curious as to how IBM was able to deal with the disparate impact caused from such a process. In fact, she was sure that this was an issue based on the resource action process I described. Has anyone looked into this? Is there any way to request the government run a study on IBM?s PBC system? I think all of us would do anything to get rid of this horrid, unfair, unjust, yearly inquisition! -IBMer in search of Justice-
Alliance reply: Simply put, the answer is no. Why? Because IBM can break their own rules any time they want to. The Federal government has absolutely NO SAY about what IBM does with their own policies. The best way you have to "get rid of this horrid, unfair, unjustly, yearly inquisition" is to form a union and fight for a collective bargaining agreement. All IBMers in the US are "At Will Employees" and have no say about how IBM conducts its employee policies; which include the PBC system, the Salary system, the workplace conditions, the benefits (if any) and the circumstances involving RA's. The labor laws generally vary from state to state; but even so, they are stacked in favor of Corporations and business....NOT the worker or employee. If you know of others you work with that also don't know this information, it would be a good idea if you informed them. It would even be a better idea if you and other IBMers currently employed, joined the Alliance and organized throughout the company locations in the US. With the a majority of IBMers, we could bargain for a legally binding contract that would most definitely include protections against discrimination by IBM on many levels, legally. Are you willing to do that?
For more information on "At Will Employee" status and other questions, see this page:
Comment 04/18/14: Anony:You get what you pay for. How are those cheap resources from India working for you, Ginny?? Haha -RAtirement-
Comment 04/18/14: Comment 04/14/14 from GDF comments:
got told 10 more days of furlough for 2nd quarter. After 10 in the first. poor ibm must really need the money! BASTARDS! -billy-
Comment 04/18/14: Client execs in Gb being transferred last Monday and next Monday to SWG. At least part of them, don't know what will happen with the rest, probably laid off. The drive towards business partners continues. What is the logic to transfer unskilled folks to SWG? More client dissatisfaction to come... -Midwestern anon-
Comment 04/18/14: If you treat your resources (ahem, human employees) poorly you can't expect good results. If you browbeat them to improve and threaten them (RA them) it will make it worse in the long run. When will Ginni Withchetty realize this simple fact??? -da_facts-
Comment 04/18/14: GBS Hiring totally frozen. No new hires until at least 3Q. Doesn't include some of the delivery centers (i e Baton Rouge) Any exceptions need to go through a painful process to get approval. -Anon-
Comment 04/17/14: hahaha. Seen on Twitter: @complianceweek: You gotta love modern Corporate America: IBM reports lower profits due to higher cost of laying off workers -Erin-
Comment 04/17/14: STG down 23% for yet another quarter ..
How low can you go?? .. my money says POWER will be next on the auction block .. living in the Unix days are over and it's too late to catch up to Linux -no_longer_IBM-

Comment 04/17/14: IBM to immediately reduce 25% of all US contractors. First release date is 4/18 with the next wave set for 4/25. IBM looking to adjust Subks and put on hold and red or amber (troubled) accounts. -Anonymous-
Comment 04/17/14: I was RA'd 2/27/14. IBM says I am retired. I have not signed up for my Annuity as of yet. Or have I signed up for my cheap retirement gift. Fidelity seems eager to close me out. -Over55-
Comment 04/17/14: Regarding "analysts being confused".... great article. It should be clear to everyone that IBM is in a free-fall at this point with the analysts. The analysts won't admit IBM is in a free-fall state until next year at the earliest because the numbers are just not that low to call-out IBM. The "quality" of the numbers is something that has been on their mind for quite some time. Since there is a pattern of behavior here they can begin calling a spade for what it is.... a spade. Watch Microsoft folks. They will soon be considered a stronger competitor of IBM's Lotus Notes e-mail platform since they are now in the cloud and Notes is not. -Anonymous-
Comment 04/17/14: I smell more RAs...and soon.. -POK'eybyIBM-
Comment 04/17/14: Earnings fell what a shock or not. Just as an example, I was RA'd 2/28, however, I was on a large project at the time where the customer liked me to the point of extending my contract. I was billing the customer over 48 hrs. per week and this most likely would of extended through September with the possibility through the end of the year. Since I was on a DOU to an AMS account, my division did not even consider this and went ahead with the RA. Now does that sound like good management? It just goes to show you that the customer is not even considered and the bad management that exist within IBM now. -AnonPM-
Comment 04/17/14: Not only is the erosion of the company becoming obvious to the street and customers, but internally it feels like the infrastructure is crumbling rapidly. There are huge technical problems on about every internal webcast I try to join. Where is all of the great virtual, elastic, extreme scaling goodness that we tout? Not eating our own dog food? No skilled employees to maintain and equipment/software decaying? Not to mention case after case of egregious security problems. The site that we are asking customers to use has huge security problems, and they will be putting personal information and their schedules on there. The mobile app for last year's Impact conference was a laughing stock, just horrible. -Anony-
Comment 04/17/14: The analysts finally appear to have lost their patience with IBM. If the analysts are confused, and don't quite understand what the company is trying to say, what about regular investors? -anon-
Comment 04/17/14:
What's a right pain in the ASCII for IBM? Its own leech-like hardware biz Keep your eyes on our cloud while we remove this pesky thing, say execs IBM's earnings for the first quarter of the year show that the company's hardware division has turned into a leech sapping Big Blue's profits.
Comment 04/16/14: Quote from the NY Times article: "IBM?s quarterly profit was hurt by a charge of $870 million for the severance costs for workers laid off. Every year, the company, which employs more than 400,000 people worldwide, sheds employees in markets and product areas that are declining and adds workers in other units." -Anon-
Comment 04/16/14: NY Times: Profit and revenue slip at IBM -Anon-

Comment 04/16/14: I was RA'd or fired or however IBM wants to say it back on 2/28. After 3 yrs as an IBMer and more as contractor, I was so furious at the way I was treated as an IBMer. I got a 2 and (2) 3 on my PBCs. In three years, I had 4 different managers, none who had a real clue on how to manage people or even what I was doing! When they actually lied on those two 3 PBCs, I never bothered to contest them with HR. What difference would have made anyhow?! Now I heard that my old group in GBC converted a contractor and tried to hire an old ex-IBMer, who told them NO.... It still irks me the way I was treated and it seems like others were treated the same way. Just remember, you stepford managers, what comes around, goes around.... -EXTXIBM-
Comment 04/16/14: Based on IBM's 1st QTR 2014 results you can bet on another RA real soon. -nostradamus-
Comment 04/16/14:
NEW YORK (AP) -- IBM says its first-quarter earnings fell because of a large charge related to reorganizing its work force. Revenue fell amid an ongoing decline in its hardware business. -Anon-

Comment 04/16/14: Mexican mobile phone operator sues IBM for $2.5 billion: -Nate Raymond-

Comment 04/16/14: IBM hit with $2.5 billion lawsuit by (Reuters) Mexican mobile phone operator,0,5918955.story
Comment 04/16/14: Ginni made 14 million in 2013 yet RAs continue. Ginni Lou and Sam are all three corrupt and greedy executives. Without a union, this type of corruption and greed will continue to both employees and retires will continue to loose benefits ,have no salary increases, and RAs will continue. The PBC program is a shame in IBM . Join the union to stop this corruption. -ANA-
Comment 04/16/14: -Over55- ...and you have that Gubbernor who only approves 20 weeks UI so even if the House finally approves an extension RTPers unemployed for a longer time probably don't get any further benefit. And the gubbernor in NC I heard thinks most on UI just don't want to work in the first place...and backs it up with false statistics and veiled threats too. Makes ya wonder if he is on the IBM executive payroll?!? -TarHeeledIBMer-
Comment 04/16/14: People here occasionally wonder if it would be a good idea to request being included in the next RA. I suspect the wisdom of doing so varies greatly by organization and your relationship with your manager.
Last year, I told my boss that I was in a position to retire and would hate for someone less fortunate to get RA'd when I would probably be leaving soon, anyway. Well, she must have thought it was a good idea, since SHE RAtired in the next round, as did one of the other 1st lines in our group. The funny thing is, both of them were immediately replaced by non-managers. It might have worked out well for all involved, but it's hard to explain how managers are surplus when they're backfilled. It's just another example of how poorly the RA process is managed.
Alliance reply: Without a union contract, IBMers in the US can expect much more "poorly managed" processes than just RA's. IBM "manages" RA's for IBM's benefit, not the employee. The sooner IBMers realize that IBM will continue to abuse and mismanage their workers, the sooner IBM workers can organize and change that paradigm. Get busy fighting for your jobs, or get busy losing them.

Comment 04/15/14:
"There are billionaires like Warren Buffett and Larry Page who don't pig out ... As the chief executive of Google, co-founder Page takes a $1 annual salary ... But there are others who can't keep their hands off the dough."
Ginni, for example, is number 48 on this list: -Pig Stain on Your Fat Chin-

Comment 04/15/14: To -Over55-: what do you mean that IBM can go after you? are you still an IBMer or are you retired? How could they go after you, if you are retired? Did you contact EEOC to file a complaint or to file a suit? -RAtired-
Comment 04/15/14: @-BlueEyedBlindness- ok, what you say makes more sense to me now, thanks for clarifying, and I agree. -Anon-
Comment 04/15/14: @Gone For Good - My wife is still an employee at IBM POK. She has an office, but works from home virtually all the time. We are relocating to be closer to my new job in the greater NYC area, but she will keep her office. Unfortunately I left just in front of last year's Fall layoffs. Wish I could have saved one of the cuts from my Dept. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before they punch her ticket, but we figure that at least one of us should get a package after our 50+ years with this place... -Happy To Be Gone From POK-
Comment 04/15/14: Citigroup downgraded IBM to "neutral" from "buy" and set a $200 price target. The firm cited valuation as the reason for the move -anon-
Comment 04/15/14: Well EEOC in NC contacted me today, seems like a waste of time in a "Right to Work" state to do anything Legal with IBM. Was told IBM can go after me if I open a case. I really wish my old co-workers the best of luck. IBM Retirement is not what you think. But I can say I feel more at ease now that I am out of that Hell hole worring every QTR if I have a job or not. -Over55-
Comment 04/15/14: -@Happy To Be Gone From POK- My wife was just RA'd from POK on 3/31 and the reason given is that she does not have an office in NY. We bought a retirement home out of state last year and after getting 2 levels of management approval for her to work from home permanently, we sold our NY home and moved. Ironically, right after we bought the other house, I was RA'd in June. No one knew about the new house then but they sure were jealous that I had a plan. To everyone, have a fallback plan for when IBM comes gunning for you. And they will! -Gone For Good-
Comment 04/15/14: To -Morale in the Toilet-, IBM executives have lost all respect for their employees. Sam Ginny and Lou are corrupt greedy executives. As long as their is no union, this greed and corruption will continue. Join the union so the younger IBM employees will not have to deal with this corruption latter in their careers. -ANA-
Comment 04/15/14: -longtimebeemer- Fidelity administers the plan for IBM. Each year I get a plan summary on how the pension plan is doing. Your pension is guaranteed by the PBGC. If it is sold off as an annuity it will no longer be insured by the PBGC. -samtheman-
Comment 04/15/14: -Anon- I think you misunderstood my point. You're obviously correct about UK's laws. I was saying that IBM's Business Conduct Guidelines are IBM's rules for their employees; BUT, the UK judge cited IBM for breaking it's own rules of conduct. Notwithstanding the UK laws, IBM demonstrated that they don't respect their own rules and break them to achieve their goals. In the US, many IBMers seem to think that there are labor laws that protect employees from IBM executives breaking IBM's own "rules". There are not. This was my point. And I'm not wrong about it. The alternative is a union contract that is collectively bargained for and contains specific rules that the company AND the workers agree to adhere to. I totally agree with your statement that the UK's modicum of laws were in play in this case; however, IBM in the USA is not restricted by as many of those types of laws as they are in the UK. I was simply appealing to IBM workers in the US, and saying that they need to organize and work to gain a collectively bargained contract to protect themselves from IBM's shenanigans. I hope that IBM's appeals re: the UK judge's ruling, are denied. Agreed? -BlueEyedBlindness-
Comment 04/15/14: Just FYI, the previous rumor that the growth-driven profit sharing bonuses that Ginny said would go to PBC 1's was not paid out on April 15. No, this is not some inconsiderate person whining about their bonus while people get laid off, I'm just reporting it because it's important here to provide information about our devious company. I'd actually welcome a package myself, I work hard because that's the ethic I was taught by may parents and the military, and I'm not a butt-kisser. I'm anything but, and have been called on the carpet more than a few times for saying it like it is, to both my management and our customers. I'm in my mid-50's and just biding my time. I don't see anyone around me putting in the effort they used to back around 2001, when we were all very energized. I certainly don't work as hard as I used to and it's taking a toll on my conscience. I just don't want to deal with switching and starting over with another company at this point. So, I'll bide my time a little longer and see what shakes out. -MoraleInTheToilet-
Comment 04/15/14: @blueyedblindness: you are just wrong. In the UK we have a modicum of laws that protect us. I assume you are making the same mistake that CHQ made when dealing with the UK and that "their" rules applied. The judge in 325 pages has made it quite clear that they don't and IBM has to remedy it. To quote the judge "Whether this is an appropriate way of dealing with HR relations in the US, which is the culture with which CHQ, Mr Ferrar and Mr Chrystie were imbued, I do not know. I do not find it an attractive or acceptable way to deal with matters in England." Which, in our culture, is damning. -Anon-
Comment 04/15/14: IBM doesn't want to employ us. RA's, forced commercial/travel work, the retirement 2014 initiative, no variable pay in 2014, dropping appraisals, forcing PBC 3 by quota, etc. All of these initiatives have made for a miserably demoralizing work environment, and IBM knows it. They don't want to fix it. THEY WANT IT THIS WAY! -Anonymous-
Comment 04/14/14: For the estimated 3800 let go in the recent RA, I am one of them and am still in Blue Pages so the 3800 is low. In fact, a few let go in July and Sept. were still in Blue Pages when I left in March. -Suspect in NY-
Comment 04/14/14: -samtheman- I thought that was the way the pension already worked. If you are on the old plan I believe that when you retire, IBM just purchased an annuity from Fidelity that covers the monthly payment you are to receive for the rest of your life and then you receive monthly payments from that annuity from Fidelity. I know that my pension payments are all recorded in Netbenefits and sent to my bank account by Fidelity Investments every month, not IBM. -longtimebeemer-
Comment 04/14/14: -samtheman- -anonymous-
Comment 04/14/14: Got RA'd today after 14 years in SWG. Was told I was part of the 2nd wave of cuts that started in 1Q. I was really tired of the constant cuts and got a decent package so I'm happy. Goodbye IBM. - Canned in Canada-
Comment 04/14/14: 21 years with IBM, and left on my own accord for a much better job with much better pay and benefits. I have lots of connections in the Hudson Valley and have heard of 2 recent instances where NY employees were transferred to another state (CT) and were immediately RA'd upon reassignment. The obvious inference is that this is being done to reduce / avoid reporting these actions. Anyone else heard of this. I would have never thought IBM would stoop this low, but nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to this once great but now pathetic company.... - Happy To Be Gone From POK-
Comment 04/14/14: Re: IBM UK exec breaks IBM Business Conduct guidelines and a UK Judge points that out...
Here's the lesson in a nutshell served up for all IBMers. Lesson: IBM did not break any laws by breaking their own rules. The judge can make any comment or judgment regarding IBM breaking their own rules..BUT the judge cannot impose any punishment whatsoever. If IBM has broken UK laws, then yes, IBM can be judged for that. But not if they break their own rules. Why did I bother mentioning this? Because I've read several of the comments here and in the Alliance comments "archives". Many of those comments demonstrate confusion, misinformation, and outright naivety' about labor laws and internal corporate and business "rules". That's why workers need to look through the entire Alliance@IBM web site and read up on union contracts and what they stand for and who they protect, because without one, IBMers are at the mercy of IBM execs that will even break their own rules to have power over their employees jobs and lives. A contract shifts that power to the workers. Organize and stand up together. It's the best move you can make. -BlueEyedBlindness-
Alliance reply: Our web site has a great deal of information that can help IBM workers organize and grow their numbers. We encourage all IBMers to use it. And Alliance@IBM members dues and donations pay for its availability. Thank you for commenting.

Comment 04/14/14: IBM Earnings Preview: Technically Better, Still Worried About Revenue Growth -Anonymous-

Comment 04/14/14: A long but worthwhile read on 'Corporate Malfeasance & the Myth of Shareholder Value.' A short excerpt to peak your interest: "The business-knowledge elite manipulates the behavior of large corporations, enriching themselves (money managers and institutional investors, securities analysts and bankers, and corporate executives) by skimming profits from the pension reserves of workers and from the investments of the lumpen bourgeoisie." Full paper here: -Won't get fooled again-
Comment 04/14/14: When I was at IBM, I guess I never realized how many companies used IBM as an industry bellweather, copying everything they did, including their offshore "business" model. It's really sad to see, and be a part of other companies hellbent on circling the drain like IBM did. I used to believe that if you were an honest capitalist, you'd eventually get to where you wanted to be through hard work. IBM and many other companies have betrayed that honesty, and turned their back on the very people who helped build them up. We need to unionize EVERYTHING and take our country back. - Fed_Up_American-
Comment 04/13/14: I'm sure IBM is looking to unload it's pension obligations to a company like Prudential, They can pay them a fixed sum to pay retiree annuities to replace pensions. IBM still has to pay insurance premiums to the PBGC whose rates are going up to sure up their funds. Look for many companies to unload their pension plans -samtheman-
Comment 04/13/14: RA (redundancy in the UK) to start in IBM UK this quarter. Managers will be told "this is how many people you can have in your team, decide who you are keeping". Those that just escaped in 1Q will not be so lucky in 2Q. Quite what the clients will make of this erosion coupled with the x86/networking sell off, the loss of the court case, and the blatant breach of its own business conduct guidelines to staff, trust is almost non-existent and you will not find an employee in the UK that trusts IBM any longer. Fortunately as that does not show on the balance sheet it really doesn't matter. -Anon-
Comment 04/13/14: -new2rchland-, my count of 3800 is US regulars only. The count is based on bluepages diffs. -Anon-
Comment 04/12/14: Executive Pay: Invasion of the Supersalaries
Browse the proxy statements of the nation's largest corporations and you'll find the instruction manuals for this apparatus explaining how to finely calibrate the pay of top executives with company performance. -Anon-

Comment 04/12/14: Think your pension is safe? Think again. The pensions of millions of Americans are being threatened because of trouble in a part of the retirement world long considered so safe that no one gave it a second thought.
The pensions belong to people in multiemployer plans - big pooled investment funds with many sponsoring companies and a union. Multiemployer pensions are not only backed by federal insurance, but they also were thought to be even more secure than single-company pensions because when one company in a multiemployer pool failed, the others were required to pick up its "orphaned" retirees.
Today, however, the aging of the work force, the decline of unions, deregulation and two big stock crashes have taken a grievous toll on multiemployer pensions, which cover 10 million Americans. Dozens of multiemployer plans have already failed, and some giant ones are teetering - including, notably, the Teamsters' Central States pension plan, with more than 400,000 members. In February, the Congressional Budget Office projected that the federal multiemployer insurer would run out of money in seven years, which would leave retirees in failed plans with nothing.
Comment 04/12/14: Why R U ALL STILL WAITING FOR THE NEXT RA??? Do you learn anything from the IBM past???! Has anyone counted up all the RAs? Why would anyone waste their time? They Happen and they happen because IBMers let them happen! Wake Up. Think Twice. Organize. Join the Union now. How long do you want to be a victim?? -IBMUnionNow-
Comment 04/12/14: Anon, I was the person who submitted the info on the RA in 2Q. My first line manager told me and I consider it pretty reliable. I tried to ask questions, but he clammed up. The folks under George Metz (GBS operations exec) are always on the chopping block. Just a guess, but once that 2015 target is met, you'll see a slew of execs cash out and leave. -Anon2-
Comment 04/12/14: Found in a fortune cookie: "The axe soon forgets, but the tree always remembers". Sleep well Ginny...And to all the 'trees' out there. May you find better opportunities than the ones IBM offered. -dun-4-
Comment 04/12/14: I thought the retirement gift was "cheesy" as well sent a note to HQ personnel..was told IBM focuses their "nice" gift at quarter century time, smaller, modest gift at retirement...just sayin... -Thefielder-
Comment 04/12/14: Got my 25 in and called it quits for a better place. My gift selection was quite good. Don't think they knew it was there....High end surround sound blue ray outputs. Like 800 bucks retail. Likely not there any more but rounded out my man cave well. Best thing I ever will remember from ibm. -gg-
Comment 04/12/14: -SoGrim- did your manager tell/notify HR Payroll properly you were staying an extra pay period? Or did your manager just "forget"? once your resignation letter was accepted? -anon-
Comment 04/12/14: -retired/RAed- as a regular employee, NO! You usually get nothing could lose any retirement benefits. You could even be prosecuted by your former company for wrongdoings. If you are an executive or middle management, even lower management, sometimes possibly YES, you would get an "exit package" similar to a severance with some strings attached or all depends of who you know and what's in it for the company. They even have negotiation for these folks..not usually available for the normal Joe or Jane employee. -FiredOrNot-
Comment 04/12/14: I was laid off from BTV in last summers layoff. Was retirement eligabile, didn't see much in the gift catalog that appealed to me, picked a gold diamond ring that looked nice in the picture. When I received it I was quite surprised, it looked like a ring from a gumball machine, I could have squished it with two fingers. Threw it in a bedside drawer, been sitting there ever since. - Retired2013-
Comment 04/11/14: Next week another RA. Either 4/15 or 4/16. They will just stay under the NY WARN act for EF (250 minus the small # laid off in February as the number is cumulative for 90 rolling days. BTV won't fair as well. RA will be 500 - the February #. So much for the Poughkeepsie Journal breaking news headline banner claiming Cuomo struck a deal to save jobs. Cuomo tried to take credit for a deal struck last June. Onward to $20 by 2015 Ginny! And don't forget your bonus for ridding the company of the x86 low end servers. Sammy got a bonus for ridding the company of the low margin PC business. I know that I'm not as smart as all the IBM executives but I thought you get a bonus for turning around a division. Like making X86 more profitable. The best of luck to all those affected next week. Hold your head high, you are better than these people. -Hold Your Head High-
Comment 04/11/14: -Anonymous- is your 3800 number a raw count or of regular employees? I saw a huge number of vendors and contractors let go, but the US number appeared to be about half of what you're saying. - new2rchland-
Comment 04/11/14: Please tell us more about the RA in 2Q in GBS. How credible is this? When exactly will it happen? End of May? I am really hoping for an RA package and wondering if I can trust my manager enough to ask for one. I don't have another job lined up yet. It's just that I can't take it anymore. -Anon-
Comment 04/11/14: -ANA- It's colloquially called "precommitted incentives" basically nothing short of IBM have a real downer of a year they get their bonuses guaranteed. -anonymous-
Comment 04/11/14: Watch IBM's 1st QTR earnings closely. If they have a soft or just above quarter expect another RA. The only way IBM knows how to INNOVATE to create earnings! It's $20 EPS and or bust... -nostradamus-
Comment 04/11/14: As for the "gifts," all junk so I didn't bother. -RAd Twice-
Comment 04/11/14: Info- I was told by NC Unemployment to file after my six month Sev-Period is over. $350.00 a week. Was $550.00 a week last year. New Law in NC. -Over55-
Comment 04/11/14: Yo -gone- We call it RAtirement -former BTV'r-
Comment 04/11/14: When you are fired for poor job performance, discrimation, passing trade secrets, contract fixing, etc. do companies normally give out severance pay? - retired/RAed-
Comment 04/11/14: -joe- I agree! I looked at the gift catalogue before I left, and the gifts are CHEAP. After 30 years, is that all you are worth to IBM? $3.33/Year. Those gifts would be more appropriate for IBM'ers celebrating their 10 year anniversary... I wonder what gift Adkins picked? ha! - Retired/RA-
Comment 04/11/14: Looks like IBM tried to screw UK workers and lost. I suppose in the UK government and corp doesn't join forces to screw the individual. Possibly. -anon-
Comment 04/11/14: @anon and @joe, The gold watch I referred to is not solid gold... Probably just $100-200. I wasn't trying to it was a big deal. It was just one of several indications that I did retire, yet IBM had me recorded in there system as terminated, so I didn't get my 401K match. With Fidelities help, we got it fixed so I was able to get the $xxK I was owed. That was a big deal to me. -GoneIn13-
Comment 04/10/14: It appears that about 3800 US employees were impacted by this latest RA announced at the end of February. -Anonymous-
Comment 04/10/14: My manager just told me another RA in GBS 2nd quarter. I don't know any other details. -Anon-
Comment 04/10/14: Dear -IsItorIsn't-, It was an "RA" aka:firing, but since I had 35+ years, it became a retirement. The package included a "covenant not to sue".
Dear -JoePal-, No sweetheart deal. Typical RA/"firing" package which has been unchanged for years, with a "covenant not to sue". -gone-

Comment 04/10/14: What the IBM-Globalfoundries deal could mean for Fishkill and Essex plants: -JustSaying-

Comment 04/10/14: Dear -Gone-, I suspect you got a sweetheart deal from IBM. Contracts or signed agreements can always be questioned by courts. EEOC rights trump illegal employment actions, imho. - JoePal-
Comment 04/10/14: IBMs compensation is designed for top executives. All top executives in IBM have a contract which their compensation and benefit structure based on their contract. All IBM Employees have no contract without a union. Without a union contract, IBM will continue to shaft their employees in all areas of salary and compensation and benefits. Lou, Sam and Ginny will continue to screw the IBM employee. Join the union. -ANA-
Comment 04/10/14: -Gone- So everyone who agreed to take the RA severance agreed to be separated from IBM and essentially accept being fired without cause? -IsItorIsn't-
Comment 04/10/14: To -GoneIn2013- Gold Watch in 13? I was let go and forced to retire at that point last June. I googled just about all of the gifts in the catalogue and they ran about 100 bucks.... "big deal". -joe-
Comment 04/10/14: Based on Bluepages
Since Jan 2014- Down 4238 full time US employees.
Since Jan 2013 - Down 12,053 full time US employees. This does not count contractors. -the sky really is falling-

Comment 04/10/14: Was it ever determined (or estimated) how many US based people were affected by the RA the end of February? -curious-
Comment 04/10/14: -@Anonymous- in BTV Mike Cadigan (general manager of IBM Microelectronics division (makes chips for STG in Fishill and Burlington), a part of the Systems and Technology Group (STG) which makes the Z and P series mainframes, had a town hall in Fishkill, NY on 4/8. The town hall was preceded by an All Managers meeting, with HR topics on the agenda. In the employee Town Hall Cadigan brought up how Ginny made mention in the Annual report that IBM is committed to hardware. He mentioned the 'rumors' that were in the media about the Microelectronics Business being up for sale. He even poked fun at the NY Times saying that there was even a story that said that FaceBook was going to by IBM Microelectronics.
One brave soul asked him a very pointed question. I'll paraphrase the best I can remember: 'Mike, you said that IBM is committed to hardware, but IBM said that they were 100% committed to the x86 business right up until 2 weeks before they sold the business to Lenovo. I tend to trust what I read in the NY Times more than what I hear from our CEO'. Cadigan's reply was something along the lines of "I wouldn't" , which I took to mean that he wouldn't trust the NYTimes more than he would trust Ginny.
I don't have any idea what was discussed in the Manager only meeting other than it was billed as a preview of what the employees would hear in the Town Hall and that HR would be filling in managers on something.
I do think that the last piece of info that I got out of IBM HR that made my life better was in the previous century, BOHIC again. He ended by saying that if it should turn out that we get sold it would be good for us to be in as strong a position as possible, so let's execute and don't be "distracted" by the media stories. Anything notable in the Q&A in Burlington?
Comment 04/10/14: Dear Over55, The paperwork I signed in 2013 said that I would not take legal action against IBM once I received my severance. Did your paperwork say the same? If so, IBM can take action against you. -Gone-
Comment 04/09/14: I voluntarily left the nightmare after almost 15 years. After giving two weeks notice and staying an extra two weeks to help my manager, I found out that my two checks prior to departing were held back, pending determination of whether I owed money--payment was stopped AFTER I received the paystub. Seriously?? What company withholds two paychecks after an employee volunteers to stay longer than they had to? Without warning, I might add! Not a problem for me, fortunately. Be aware that your paychecks may stop immediately once IBM knows you're leaving...even though you're still working. -SoGrim-
Comment 04/09/14: Thank you for the "Anonymous" post on 3/4/14 regarding unemployment benefits in CT. I learned that CT does not reduce unemployment due to severance pay IF it required signing an agreement foregoing your rights. With respect to reducing unemployment due to pensions, it depends on whether the employer contributed anything in the "base period" in which they calculate potential unemployment benefits. In my case, IBM stopped contributing to the old plan in 2007, years before the base period. As a result, I received 26 weeks of retroactive benefits. Every state is different, so check details carefully, appeal if necessary, and provide a copy of the 2006 IBM press release: -Anonymous-

Comment 04/09/14:You think you have a non-management career in IBM? THINK TWICE. 95% of you will not make 10 years in IBM if hired today UNLESS you make it to ER (Executive Resources) or kiss the right management a$$ then 99% of you in fast track management will be around in IBM 25 years from now. With a union you can have a career in IBM! -YaThink-
Comment 04/09/14: To -GoneIn2013- how did you get a gold watch? I retired last year and all the retirement gift choices I saw were pretty underwhelming. -Anon-
Comment 04/08/14: BTV employees have been sent a note that Cadigan will be onsite 4/9/14, no agenda was given for the talk. One can only assume he will dodge questions and claim that he is being kept in the dark by the corporation and not answer any RA questions. -Anonymous-
Comment 04/08/14: I remember in the separation docs that you can file an EEOC sit but wave the right for any monetary damages. -samtheman-
Comment 04/08/14: If STG sells to Global (or someone else) can they just take away anybody's pension who isn't retired yet without notice? Or is that illegal? From what I have heard it's illegal, but they could give people a one time payment equal to the amount of money in their account, provided they are vested or turn pension over to the new company??? I'm wondering if I should bail out now from BTV as I'm vested ? I know in the past IBM has rolled the pension over to new company. Without a union to speak for us and my lack of trust in IBM.. I need to make a decision. -Anonymous-
Comment 04/08/14: If STG sells to Global (or someone else) can they just take away anybody's pension who isn't retired yet without notice? Or is that illegal? From what I have heard it's illegal, but they could give people a one time payment equal to the amount of money in their account, provided they are vested or turn pension over to the new company??? I'm wondering if I should bail out now from BTV as I'm vested ? I know in the past IBM has rolled the pension over to new company. Without a union to speak for us and my lack of trust in IBM.. I need to make a decision. -Anonymous-
Comment 04/08/14: I can't believe I've been gone 7 years and nothing has changed on this site. Everybody still talking about their PBC rating which is a sham, how badly they are treated, and low morale. 7 years and nothing has changed. For those left at IBM, you only have 2 choices. If you really want to stay at IBM, you have to stand up and fight for your rights. The only way is to organize and unionize. Otherwise you have no chance. Your second choice is to leave before they throw you out onto the street and find a job some place else. Those are your two choices. What's it gonna be? -Gone_in_07-
Comment 04/08/14: To -RAd 2014-: In my day (2010), a "Bridge to Retirement" was an UNPAID leave of up to one year, until the date you would be eligible for retirement. Severance was separate from the bridge and followed the usual "2 weeks per year of service". Eligibility for UI varies by state, so would depend on how Florida regards severance. It would be best to check with a lawyer. To -Over55-: Bravo for filing with EEOC! Let us know how it works out. -Gorya-
Comment 04/08/14: To -RAed in Florida-, Florida has a one week waiting period after a layoff and then counts the number of weeks severance as pay. So if you had 4 weeks severance, you would have to wait 1 + 4 = 5 weeks before collecting an unemployment check. Since you are bridging to retirement, you probably are receiving 26 weeks of severance, so you have to wait 27 weeks to collect unemployment (so the 2nd week in October)."IBM Retirement" means little/nothing to Florida's unemployment system. -anon in Florida-
Comment 04/08/14: To>>-Floridian->>You must not be an IBMer or you would know that IBM DOES NOT PAY YOU while you are on a IBM BRIDGE to RETIREMENT. Payment would come via a separate Separation Package. -HUGGIE-
Comment 04/08/14: Insightful commentary on IBM/GlobalFoundries deal:
Here are two snips from that article: ...To make it plain and simple: IBM made the choice to put financial engineering ahead of real chip engineering, and now it is suffering the consequences... ...IBM's chip plant in Burlington, Vermont, is pretty old in terms of the process technology it uses, and therefore it is not worth all that much except for the skilled workforce and government permits it has to operate in the area... (if true, then it seems that IBM is shooting itself in the foot by firing many of its skilled BTV workforce) -JustSaying-

Comment 04/08/14: @SoonToGo, I left voluntarily in September 2013, after 30+ years (no package), and had quite an ordeal getting my 401K match. I called Fidelity after I didn't get it in 30 days as I was originally told. They said to wait until 12/31... nothing. Then started an inquiry and found I was listed in IBM system as terminated, not retired. I had a retirement letter from Ginni, a gold watch, and had a retirement dinner??? Fidelity was able to get this corrected and I finally got my match, plus a true up on lost gains during that period. So don't trust them to get it right without "help". I suspect my manager did something wrong when I left, because she hadn't ever handled someone leaving voluntarily... only RAs. -GoneIn2013-
Comment 04/08/14: The Jan 2014 OSHA notice in Bldg 001 in RTP shows 5171 employees. The 500 complex may be separate. I'm sure OSHA expects those notices to be placed in a prominent location, such as near the main entrance or cafeteria. IBM puts it in by a back door near the computer center. -Anon-
Comment 04/08/14: I really think if the US govt does it's due diligence on the Lenovo deal they will kill the deal. First, IBM got rid of all the experienced high-priced technical people to make the numbers look good, they could care less about the people, Lenovo, the customer base, or national security. It was primarily to make Q2 system x look good. Finally, forget about the Chinese putting in back doors in firmware, all they need to do is delay some patches and/or bug fixes during a critical time and they could cripple the capabilities of the large clusters of x86 systems and thus indirectly control some of these key systems that the our government agencies depend on. Do you think the US will get higher priority than the North Korean friends when it comes to support calls? -Concerned-
Comment 04/07/14: -Over55- I tried but my papers disappeared during 9/11 since they went to the EEOC there... If you file with EEOC I don't think it carries much weight legally unless you have a so-called "slam dunk" case. It can't hurt to try though... -I'veBeenMaligned-
Comment 04/07/14: To Over55: I believe the EEOC process is a two step process, but I could be wrong... The first step is to file a formal complaint against IBM for age discrimination. Filing a compliant is different from an actual age discrimination lawsuit, which you aren't suppose to do, if you signed that agreement, and took the severance package. - Retired/RA-
Comment 04/07/14: Filed with EEOC today for age discrimination. What are the odds that anything will come from it. We all know IBM wants and does Ra Older workers with time in the company to save money. Also can IBM come back at me? I did have to sign the document on my last day in order to get paid. -Over55-
Comment 04/07/14: To: RA'd in 2014 (in Florida). A bridge to retirement is simply a severance pay that continues paying you until your future retirement date instead of until a time calculated by the formula "2 weeks per year of service". Since you will be receiving money from your employer until Nov, 2014, you are not eligible for any unemployment benefits during this period. You can apply for UI benefits after November if you are actively looking for a job then. -Floridian-
Comment 04/07/14: @ihateibm - No Lump sum from the severance pay does not affect UI in Texas. Apply as soon as you can. -anon-
Comment 04/07/14: Poor Ginny only $15.4 million. She and Lou and Sam continue to RA employees while ripping off USIBM employees and retirees. IBM needs a union to stop this corporate greed and corruption. The only thing that will stop this corruption is when the union calls a strike and all IBM employees go out on strike. That will be the best day in IBM employees history. Join the Union -ANA-
Comment 04/07/14: Received a call this (Monday) morning from "Joelle," who "represents a financial and regulatory investigatory firm" seeking to file some sort of class-action suit against IBM, and is seeking information from former employees of same. CallerID returned "Operator 0" on my phone. Is this legit? And, if legit, is it related to the weebly link posted previously? -SimpleMath-
Comment 04/07/14: Israel media is reporting major layoffs in IBM Haifa Research labs: -ExIBMer-

Comment 04/07/14: Let me give you an insider view of IBM Burlington where I work and what's been happening amid recently job cuts. We've loss a good portion of our staff, due to the last "Resource Action", and with talks about another Resource Action coming on April 15, 2014 (I'm surprised there hasn?t been more talk of it). I'm told this RA is being performed to reduce the headcount for the eventual GlobalFoundries sale.
I can't handle working here anymore, each day living in fear as to whether I'll keep my job. Many of my colleagues have also resigned or like myself are looking for new jobs outside of IBM. I was shocked to see so many subject matter experts leaving the company for new opportunities. I discourage any new hire from taking a job in Burlington, because they don't raise your salary very much each year since our market doesn't have many engineers and they use that to justify 0-1% raises. Everyone in Burlington is demoralized and morale is reaching 0%. Management during the resource action has been appalling. They have tried to justify it with every excuse you can think of. From what I can tell many people are RAed because management is trying to silence employees that speak up and question their aimless strategy. A second line manager (formerly a third line) in the Fab had an employee RAed because of a personal vendetta against him. The employee was a above average 2+ performer, and complained to IBM HR, but despite the manager behaving unethically and breaking the business conduct guidelines he will go unpunished. I often wonder to myself why he is not RAed he routinely shows up late to meetings, he is clueless on most matters that impact our clients, and he doesn?t know anything about the Fab processes. Clients have said that they prefer not to deal with our second line manager because he has zero credibility. He also tries to shift the blame to other employees in his organization, and hides the mismanagement in his area from the director of the 200 mm fab, and the VP of semiconductor operations. My first line managers drink the Kool-Aid and will do whatever upper level management wants them to do. I wouldn't want to be in their position, because any manager that speaks ups is immediately punished. During our recent layoffs the only manager to get the ax was one that spoke up to our directors and told them their strategy was wrong. Working in this division of IBM is just absolute punishment. -BTV Nightmare-

Comment 04/06/14: Just received a random survey from IBM called "Global Integrity Survey"....
"Dear IBMer,
You have been randomly selected for participation in the IBM Global Integrity Survey.
This survey is voluntary and, as all surveys are in IBM, it is completely anonymous - all personal information submitted becomes anonymous at time of submission. This survey is conducted in accordance with IBM Employee Survey Review Board guidelines and IBM survey policy, and is being hosted on an IBM approved external website. Your opinion is very important to us. Survey results will be used to identify areas for improvement within our compliance programs...."
There is no integrity at the executive level or even 2nd line management and up. Do they really need a survey to find a clue?? omg - Clueless in Armonk-

Comment 04/06/14: To Observer: the EFK 2013 OSHA form says 3675 avg employees. -Anon2-
Comment 04/06/14: Perhaps we should take up a collection?
Study Finds BofA's Moynihan, IBM's Rometty Among Underpaid CEOs
"Another CEO who came in as slightly underpaid was IBM's Virginia Rometty. IBM is among a number of companies that have strived in recent years to closely tie performance to compensation. Rometty's going rate, according to Crystal, was $15.4 million, though she took home around 9.5 percent less." -anon-

Comment 04/06/14: One of the worst managed company. Moreover STG is handled worst. No plans for employee retention. They are putting all the resigned list into RA list. Don't know what they want to show to the world..Company speaks of Ethics, Trust and so on.. But doesn't live up to that... -Anonymous-
Comment 04/05/14: The idea of Lenovo buying IBM's server unit doesn't sit well with the FBI.
Not long ago, Lenovo announced its plans to buy IBM's low-end server business for $2.3 Billion / $1.69 Billion, but not everyone is as enthused
about the idea as the company itself. In fact, some US higher-ups are very worried.
Major infrastructure and telecommunication companies always need to subject themselves to close scrutiny by the government. After all, government agencies themselves rely on their services, both for carrying out their job and for doing so in a secure fashion. Many of IBM's servers are used by the Pentagon, the FBI and US telecoms, and it is experts from IBM that are often called in to deal with system failures, security issues and the like. After all, customer support is an integral part of such a company's business. -Anonymous-

Comment 04/05/14: He's probably wishing he didn't buy all that IBM stock.
"A new statistical analysis of Mr. Buffett?s long-term record at Berkshire Hathaway has just been done, for four of the last five years, Mr. Buffett has been doing worse than the typical, no-frills Standard & Poor?s 500-stock index fund ? so much worse that it's unlikely to be a matter of a string of bad luck. Mr. Buffett has begun to behave like an investor with no alpha at all." -anonymous-

Comment 04/05/14: I was RAd 3/31/14 but Brdged to retirement 11/30/14. In Florida, can I collect un-employment? Question is since this was not voluntary is un-employment available to me now? - RAd 2014-
Comment 04/05/14: 4th April 2013. Mr Justice Warren's judgement of IBM UK in the UK High Court of Justice. 700 UK IBMers left IBM as a result of pension changes (Project Waltz.) See
and -UK IBM retiree-

Comment 04/05/14: -SoontToGo- I was separated on July 15th 2013 and retired on August 1st 2013. The IBM Matching 401k for 2013 was deposited Sept 30th 2013, and included the 401k match from Jan 1st 2013 through July 15th 2013. My full 401k remains at Fidelity Investments. I don't have any reasons to move it elsewhere. -dja-
Comment 04/05/14: About East Fishkill: Once we see at least ONE RA related to the 300MM Fab then we will know... -FishFooled-
Comment 04/05/14: To -No_Respect_For_The_Individual-: When I finally told my family that I was retiring from IBM, because I was laid off, the reaction was"wow! I thought IBM was run better than that!". I had given them some insight into what was happening inside the company... info that I had not previously shared. I think IBM still has mindshare that it is a well run company, but we all know it's not the same company anymore, where decisions are made by the paper pushing accountants who know nothing about Technology, yet they are the ones who make technology decisions for IBM now. -Perceptions-
Comment 04/05/14: RA'd after 38 years. I was able to retire, but the timing was not mine. I need 2 more years of employment. Question about unemployment in Texas. Does anyone know, with the lump sum retirement from IBM, does that kill eligibility for unemployment checks in Texas? - ihateibm-
Comment 04/05/14: Pension ruling in UK
..."The Judge also concluded that the way in which IBM announced, consulted, and implemented the Project Waltz changes was in breach of its Imperial duty of good faith to its employees, and that IBM also breached its implied contractual duty of trust and confidence of its employees."
"The Judge has also found that the consultation process was not carried out in a way which was open and transparent and in accordance with IBM's own philosophy as set out in the Business Conduct Guidelines and Core Values to "avoid misrepresentation" and to engender "trust and personal responsibility in all relationships". He concluded that this constituted a breach of duty and of the consultation regulations. In particular, the business reasons for Project Waltz presented to employees were limited to the operational improvements and savings needed as part of the UKI Transformation, and did not make clear IBM Corporation's requirement for the UK to deliver pension savings as part of the IBM?s 2010 earnings per share roadmap."
Comment 04/05/14: To -In The Know-: I was RA'ed but was Retirement eligible. I live in Virginia and applied for unemployment benefits. Wasn't sure if it would go through or not, since I indicated that I have applied for pension distributions (new plan). Much to my surprise, I do qualify for 26 weeks of unemployment benefits, per the letter I got from the State of VA today. - Retired/RA'ed-
Comment 04/05/14: To -SoontToGo-: It took about 2.5 months to receive the match. My last day on the active payroll was 7/12 and I actually saw the match around Labor Day. No pun intended. -Anonymous-
Comment 04/05/14: The FAB sales may be the best thing for people still working in those areas. Having a company that would be willing to invest again in semiconductors would be refreshing, much like the way IBM invested in selling ASICs on the open market 20 years ago. -Still_Blue-
Comment 04/04/14: In order to get the magic $20 EPS, the latest rumor is that all technical sellers in SWG will go back on a leveraged pay plan for 2nd half. Mgmt is trying to sell this as a wonderful thing....think about all the extra money you will make. What they don't say is that quotas will be cranked up accordingly so most will make far less than their pay before. Given the mass firings, 401 match down to once a year, etc., there is no way IBM would increase their payroll costs. Sure, a select few will come out ahead, but 90% will lose in this "deal". Many I know are looking to get out now. This is all so pathetic.... - RoadKill_2015_Lives_Again-
Comment 04/04/14: Net body count for GBS Australia Q1 wa 550ish including RA's, voulantary leavers and the few hiring tickets. Q2 round is pending. And the pipeline looks poor worst I've seen in thr last few years. -Ozzie GBS Gal-
Comment 04/04/14: potential Sale of EFK: I thought you can start up a Biz in NY State and get a 10 year tax break. So why can't IBM work the deal? Shut down for a day reorg and then apply for the deal.. -FishFool-
Comment 04/04/14: For the reference to IBM managers requesting employees to not talking about pay. This is illegal see below. Provide the Alliance with details
In 2002 Vermont adopted an equal pay law,theEqualPayAct. Whodoesitapply to? Any employer, employment agency, labor organization, or any person seeking Vermont employees. What does it mean? It is illegal to pay wages to employees of one sex at a rate less than the rate paid to employees of the other sex for equal work that requires equal skill, effort, and responsibility under similar working conditions.
Employers cannot require employees to sign a wage non-disclosure agreement or make employees agree not to disclose their wages as a condition of employment. Employees are protected from discipline, discharge, or any retaliatory act for disclosing their own wage. In 2005 Vermont adopted a Wage Disclosure Law. What does it mean?
Employees can disclose and discuss their wages without fear of discipline, discharge, or retaliation.
Write Down What Happened. Were you offered a lower starting salary, or did you discover that you are being paid less than a co-worker? Were you disciplined or discharged because you disclosed your wage to a co-worker? Unequal pay also violates federal law.
Find Out How Others Have Been Treated At Your Workplace. Share information with co-workers on ways to improve pay, benefits, promotion opportunities, work schedules and other working conditions. Vermont's law is similar to the federal Equal Pay Act passed in 1963 which is enforced by the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The Vermont Attorney General's office notifies EEOC of complaints that involve the federal law.
Talk to Your Employer. Check your employee handbook for procedures for filing a grievance or resolving a problem. Put your complaint in writing.
Decide Whether to File A Charge. The Vermont Attorney General has the authority to investigate complaints of wage discrimination and to seek civil penalties and damages from employers who violate the equal pay law. Damages are usually double the individual's unpaid wages.
How Does The Equal Pay Law Work For You? Vermont employees have the right to equal pay for equal work.
Equal work means work that requires equal, but not identical, skill, effort, and responsibility, and is performed under similar working conditions. It is unlawful for an employer to retaliate against you for filing a complaint with the Attorney General's Office. Employees can be paid different wages when the difference is a result of:
* A seniority system;
* A merit system;
To file a complaint of wage discrimination, contact the Attorney General's Civil Rights Intake Unit: Pavilion Building, 109 State Street, Montpelier, VT 05609; (888) 746-9195 (VT only) or (802) 828-3657; or file online at
* A system in which earnings are based on quantity or quality of production; -Anonymous-

Comment 04/04/14: To "Soontogo" I retired effective 11/30/2013 (not part of RA, although I volunteered in 2012 and 2013), I received my matching 401K within 1 week, in fact before the normal 12/15 date and I still had my 401K with Fidelity, I transferred it out of IBM in late December -new2013retiree-
Comment 04/04/14: Maryland's governor blamed IBM and its software for the website's technical problems.
"We take responsibility for fixing this, and we'll see IBM in court," O'Malley said.
IBM said in a statement that it went beyond its contractual obligations to help Maryland meet enrollment goals and that state officials didn't properly manage the exchange.
Comment 04/04/14: Lenovo's bid for IBM server unit reportedly sparks national security concerns -Anon-
Comment 04/04/14: More cuts in Brazil today, Sales Transaction Support. Bid Manager roles being transitioned to GDCs. About 15 folks were cut this morning and more to come in the next months as more positions are being trained in Hortolandia center. -anon-
Comment 04/04/14: Thanks IBM for laying me off. It was tough in the beginning, but found my self in the process and understood my value is much higher then what IBM used to make plus got separation of course ;) -H1B laidoff-
Comment 04/04/14: Heard on a call this afternoon that there was a RA announced this morning that affected S&D where a number of Client Execs were affected that supported some large core accounts. -IBMer again-
Comment 04/04/14: Lenovo-IBM Deal Probed by U.S. Over Servers at Pentagon
Lenovo Group Ltd. must convince government officials that buying a server unit from International Business Machines Corp won't give China back-door access to U.S. secrets and infrastructure. -Anon-

Comment 04/04/14: "Received 1% salary TCR effective 4/1. After tax's breaking it down to a weekly amount, it barley covers the cost of coffee and a bagel per day."
Are you an Alliance member? If so great. If not, why not take your piddly TCR from generous IBM and join now? It is only $0.165 a day to join the Alliance as an associate member. And it costs only $0.493 a day to join as a full-time Alliance voting member. - IBMUnionYES-

Comment 04/04/14: Let me TRY TO understand something: Once you are RAed from IBM you no longer work for or are not employed with IBM. Period. So how can severance pay be considered any way close to earned pay (work for compensation, i.e. PAY in legal tender)? If IBM is going to report severance pay as "work income" then they have to again announce age and numbers of those getting severance pay during an RA or drive by!!! What is happening in this country and with the USA Congress who does next to nothing?? It is getting worse than absurd! God bless America. How about God PLEASE SAVE America! -IBM$ucks-
Comment 04/04/14: article on possible sale of IBM EF -anon-

Comment 04/04/14:
Report says IBM selling chip branch East Fishkill plant's future seems uncertain again -Anon-

Comment 04/04/14: Only IBM innovation left is how to do financial engineering to try to boost EPS at all cost. Is it also innovation how to wreck a corporation by these RAs? Haven't seen too many of those Smarter Planet campaign commercials lately. I guess those folks who say "I am an IBMer" can't say that anymore since they probably have been RAed... -IneffectiveBusinessMeanderings-
Comment 04/03/14: Kiss Burlington, Fishkill, good bye:
"Globalfoundries Inc. has emerged as the lead candidate to buy International Business Machines Corp.'s IBM -0.44% semiconductor manufacturing operations, people familiar with the matter said. IBM has also held talks with chip makers Intel Corp. and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. these people said. TSMC has dropped out of the talks, the people said. Intel is still involved, but Globalfoundries appears to have a stronger interest, these people said. Talks between IBM and Globalfoundries are ongoing and a deal isn't imminent, these people said. The transaction involves thorny issues, including control of intellectual property and terms under which the ultimate buyer of the facilities may keep manufacturing chips for IBM computers, they added. Price is also another sticking point, with IBM initially asking for more than $2 billion and bidders coming in north of $1 billion, the people said." -Anon-

Comment 04/03/14: Question for retires in 2013 that left before Dec. When did you receive your 401K match, when you left, or in December like everyone else? Had you transferred your 401K out of Fidelity previously, if so how was the match handled? -SoontToGo-
Comment 04/03/14: Rumors that IBM will start reporting severence pay as salary in all states. Good luck with filing for unemployment if that is true. -In The Know-
Comment 04/03/14: Well sad to say Netbenefits does not let you run numbers for Pension since Iam no longer with the company/Retired as Ginny would put it. You now have to work with Fidelity who just wants you done with them. -Over55-
Comment 04/03/14: To Exodus-2007 - Maryland isn't the only state blaming IBM for healthcare site failures. Minnesota has blasted IBM as well. Way to go IBM...keep up the good work.. RA all the senior workers with experience, then let the junior-less experienced workers run the show. -dun-4-
Comment 04/03/14: I was wondering if anyone has heard of addition resource actions at IBM Canada this year for reg employees? -Anon-
Comment 04/03/14: @temp@ibm Received 1% salary TCR effective 4/1. After tax's breaking it down to a weekly amount, it barley covers the cost of coffee and a bagel per day. Looking at place in the salary range info, competitive? After years just off bottom end. Insulting to say the least. -Anon-
Comment 04/03/14: Well, some of us are in crap-hole areas of the company where it's nearly impossible to get better than a 2 these days, and we've seen our organizations offshore to 80%+ and seen many colleagues RA'ed over the last 5 years, so yeah, it's annoying to hear complaints about bonuses from areas of the company where the grass just happens to be greener by sheer LUCK. Your manager doesn't want you to talk about your bonus since it is the same as bragging about being a 1 performer, given that we all know only 1 performers are getting the bonus. Many of us have had years where we deserved a 1 but got a 2+ and years where we deserved a 2+ and got a 1. It's LUCK, about 90% of the time - right place, right time, opportunity, visibility, and LUCK. -Anon-
Comment 04/03/14: I've heard from a few folks that management has been saying the following. "at some point money is irrelevant, it's about the people you work with". What a bunch of BS. There's no money, ALL of the talent is leaving, and they treat us like $#!+... I don't see IBM recovering from this.... -Anonymous Coward-
Comment 04/02/14: Unfortunately this round is not over . The names of people in NY state left out because of the deal with the governor are being revised now. Once legal gives the ok those people will be Ra/fired like the rest of us. -Anon-
Comment 04/02/14: -da_facts- Actually, public perception about IBM is probably neutral bordering on unfavorable. While people may not see the rampant mismanagement we do, they're not seeing any distinguishing innovations either. Very little differentiates IBM from any other bloated corporation. -Ano Nymous-
Comment 04/02/14: Talking about bonuses on a "job cuts report" forum is much like Ginny saying she's forgoing her bonus. It's a punch in the gut for the RA'd people. There's allot of people on this forum who just lost their job. -No_Respect_For_The_Individual-
Comment 04/02/14: Don't talk about bonus or raises. Boy is that funny. A local manager has asked that the employees receiving a Top Contributor adjustment to not talk to other employees about it. They feel that talking about the top contributor pay raise would make moral even lower than it already is. Make any excuse you can to keep employees from talking to each other about what is wrong here. Yes, I got a top contributor adjustment and I AM A VERY PUBLIC MEMBER OF THE ALLIANCE. I am also very much aware that a few more of us will be tapped by the end of April. -Got Mine-
Comment 04/02/14: Maryland Governor blames IBM by name on Fox45 local news for Maryland's Healthcare website failure. Says we will see IBM in court. -Exodus2007-
Comment 04/02/14: To: -Jobless and now broke- As you'll see reading through the rest of the forum, you weren't really laid off - you were fired. Sorry. -Anon-
Comment 04/01/14: "All the people who the managers are scared of, get a raise so they don't go running off to second level"
Maybe. But more likely this is the scenario now: IBM Directors usually hold the budget so ultimately has to approve the raises. That IBM Director, if a male, is now playing golf somewhere since it is Spring and the country clubs are open. So generally forget about a raise being approved in time!
Comment 04/01/14: -Surreal feeling- Like lambs to the future slaughter... New Hire Orientation is New Hire Brainwashing except I don't think IBM can afford the new test flavor of their Kool-Aid! They have to use every last $0.001 to getting to EPS $20. - BigBlew-
Comment 04/01/14: IBM is still living off of the vast public perception that it is a stellar company to work for. Most of the public still believes it. The public largely doesn't even hear a peep of IBM layoffs in the USA. So the public still thinks IBM has a stable workforce where you can work a career there if you want. Nothing is farther than the truth. This IBM is far from your father or mother's IBM! Bad news with IBM is released and watered down in sanitized spin press releases. So IBM's good perception is still existing, though eroding slowly due to the younger souls now around. Once the perception is gone so will IBM. -da_facts-
Comment 04/01/14: To -Jobless and now broke- I guess you didn't believe us when you this forum told you: "RA = FIRED"! There is no plan to bring you back. -Huggie-
Comment 04/01/14: To -Surrealfeeling-. You have a group of new hires. I have not seen a new hire in our group in years. -stillatIBM-
Comment 04/01/14: Yesterday was my last Day at IBM Germany. It's a strength feeling. But I am not unhappy as the outlook for new jobs/opportunities are really bad. I've never understood the companiy strategy to reduce skilled people in major European contries while increasing it in Asia. Who is our customer? Regards, -WH-
Comment 04/01/14: I'm a z FTSS (or CTS) who was RA'd. I think IBM is making a mistake in believing that they can depend on Business Partners to sell IBM products for them. For years I've seen people in the field working hard to help sell BP proposals. In one account I am aware of (and I believe there are others) all the selling was done by IBM and the BP just took the order. Now with the co-sell model, more of the selling responsibilities will have to be performed by the BPs because the IBMers who back stopped them are no longer there, and the ones who are left are spread too thin to cover all the customers. And despite what IBM management might want to believe, the BPs follow the path of least resistance. If they are trying to sell IBM storage, and the customer is leaning towards a competitor, with no IBMer working with them and the customer, the BP will gladly and happily sell the competitive product. They have neither the time nor the inclination to invest the resources in a customer that it takes to convince them that IBM has the better product. -anonymous-
Comment 04/01/14: To -MarchRetire?- These folks didn't all retire on 3/31 of their own free will. They were RA'd and were either retirement eligible or were close enough to bridge to it. The fact is, they were RA'd. Calling it retirement is marginally better but I bet if you asked them in private, they would tell you they were RA'd... they were probably glad to get the severance and be gone, although it wasn't on a schedule of their choosing. -LowlySDM-
Comment 03/30/14: Today was my last day at IBM. As I was walking in for the last time, it was sort of strange seeing the weekly group of new hires lining up for New Hire Orientation. IBM doesn't want you unless you are paid a very low salary. Sales teams were swarming the building trying to close stuff for the quarter. Funny that for the other ~89 days of the quarter, you don't see them around, working with such a feverish pace. -Surreal feeling-
Comment 03/30/14: Here is a comment from about 2005 that was posted in one of Alliance's "Archive Visitors Comments" section. Looks like even upper management was not happy about what IBM was doing to its workers:
"As a third line manager in RTP with over 25 years of service with IBM, I find it unconscionable, that I am asked to stand before a group of employees and announce that we are creating a new career position for my operation and how exciting this is for all of us.
What isn't said outright is that there will only be a limited number of these positions open to the current population, and as soon as they are filled you can certainly count on the rest of what Corporate now considers the back office work will move to Brazil. When does all this stop? How long can we hide this from our customers as we have tried to do for the past year? I am afraid that Sam is going to box this company into a position that we will all regret in years to come. -Anonymous-
Editor's note: Alliance@IBM has no way of knowing whether or not these comments are actually from a 3rd level manager. However, our members and supporters have been making these same observations for some time. IBM needs to stop Offshoring...."
Comment 03/30/14: I applied for North Carolina unemployment about 2 weeks after I was laid off (July 2013). I received it for about 3 months and was then notified that I have to REPAY all (~$4K!). Before filing my first claim, I read/researched when I can apply and many sites state that since you didn't receive an ongoing check (just one all inclusive check for the 6 months), then you can claim benefits. When I contacted them, they told me I cannot claim that time because my check included those months. What's going on here? I'm reading more and more about IBMers being able to file claims immediately so are they discriminating against me? They will not budge on this so what do I do??? - ifeelcheated-
Comment 03/30/14: Just got laid off after only 9 months on the job, and when I received my severance checks, surprise surprise, they took out over 2000 because of the mobility package. When I signed the contract , it stated I would have to pay back if I quit or was fired, but they laid me off. Can anyone explain how they can legally do this? -Jobless and now broke-
Comment 03/30/14: "There is really no career planning progression to 90% of the workforce except for the execs."
AMEN! Stultification IBM style? We need a union contract with defined career paths and progressions. -IBMUnionYES-

Comment 03/30/14: "Why was I so gullible to not think the new plan would NOT give me the same or more money at retirement (unless perhaps if interest rates had skyrocketed."
YOU were not the only one hoodwinked by IBM! Well, IBM tried to "sell" the cash balance plan to just about EVERYONE as being a "cost neutral" conversion implementation meaning it didn't hurt the future retiree based on a 6% average yearly return on the cash balance account which IBM supposedly "front loaded". IBM also said they did not do it to save money originally and then said it saved about $200M in "administrative costs" by switching to a cash balance pension plan from the defined benefit plan. P.S. the YTD return for the cash balance plan is now only 1.1%... The formula is USA T-bill rate + 1% still. -da_facts-

Comment 03/30/14: I just had 3 very experienced guys in my dept. retire today on 3/31/2014. 1 seemed overjoyed while 2 others did not seem too happy about it. But I have no other information about it. I was wondering if anyone could elaborate on what IBM did here? Thanks. -MarchRetire?-
Comment 03/30/14: Folks are losing their jobs and people are complaining about bonuses. Alliance - why don't you create another forum so people can talk about their bonuses amongst themselves? After all, isn't this forum titled"Job Cuts Reports"? -No_Respect_For_The_Individual-
Alliance reply: We won't be creating any separate forums to talk about bonuses. We do agree with your point, though. However, it might be a way for IBMers to recognize what's more important for all IBMers' future: Organize first and then collectively bargain. Worry about bonuses last.

Comment 03/30/14: IBM can't even communicate details of an RA anymore. And now about the GDP situation: I can see effective COMMUNICATION IS NOT in Ms. Ginni's makeup. She has got to work on being clear to even appear articulate. And unless she gets effective communications crash course lessons right now the Stockholder's Meeting might be interesting to HEAR! I guess IBM HR communications staff suffers the same malady (whoever is left in Armonk for communications besides "Talking Head Doug Shelton"). -anon-
Comment 03/30/14: Corporate America's switch to private health-care exchanges could be a bigger deal than Obamacare. Are you ready for private health-insurance exchanges? Some of the biggest employers in the U.S. "AT&T, DuPont, General Electric, IBM, Time Warner, and Walgreens" have started to shift the management of health-care costs onto their employees. Increasingly, workers must use so-called private health-care exchanges, self-directed marketplaces in which they can select their coverage and pay for it via a contribution from their employer. While small and midsize companies have used such exchanges for years, the giants of Corporate America have only begun to embrace the model in the past year or so as health-care reform has taken hold. -Anon-
Comment 03/30/14: KJ: so IBM bleeds more $ with a "new bonus pay plan" design and implementation. No TDSP in this bonus; not surprised. Do all PBC 2+ qualify? How about those over their midpoint? -Curious-
Comment 03/30/14: I am quickly learning that IBM is not the great company I thought it was. Apparently it was at one time, but that time has passed years ago. It is not the leaders of today's version that brought it down, but rather the Board and the leaders combined over the years with the incentives that drive their success factors that have led to the company we see today. That is hard to reckon with as an employee because besides organizing there is nothing we can do as individuals. Holler and scream all you want at Ginni and her cronies, they are getting paid and congrats from the Board. In fact, they are successfully meeting the Board goals. Our choices - organize or quit. -Concerned IBMer-
Comment 03/30/14: I just wanted to clear up the apparent confusion regarding GDP and raises. There were NO GDP payments this year. The 1 performers will receive a bonus payment, similar to an award, which is why no TDSP option is available. The 1 and 2+ performers will get a pay raise, effective either last pay period in March or first pay period in April. -KJ-
Comment 03/30/14: While many complain about RA, PBCs, GDP, I believe there are even bigger lingering motivation issue with employees. Many of us are struck with same position for years, with managers failing to vacate their positions for decades (until they retire or die). There is really no career planning progression to 90% of the workforce except for the execs. I would say if you are in 30-49 years of age group, Career in IBM is really your career killer. Any alternative views? -Anonymous-
Comment 03/30/14: GDP is to only 1s not to 2+ and was paid on 3/31. Increase (TCR) is effective 4/1 and will show up on 4/15 for all 1s and some 2+s -temp@ibm-
Comment 03/30/14: -Over55- file now in NC and let that jerk NC governor who only gives you 20 weeks unemployment use tax money to have the NC DOL use a stamp and letter to notify you when you are allowed -TarHeeled-
Comment 03/30/14: To Over55, in North Carolina you should apply for unemployment as soon as you can after your last day at IBM. You might have to wait one week, but no longer than that. -under55-
Comment 03/30/14: To Resume Re-tooling Time - I was told I would get a small raise and also as a PBC1 I'm eligible for the GDP, but neither were in the 3/31 paycheck. I think someone said the GDP at least would be in 4/15, to keep it from affecting 1Q financials (but what will keep it from affecting 2Q, the way things are going??). -MoraleInTheToilet-
Comment 03/30/14: Only pbc1 get 6 percent. Pbc2+ do not get anything. Not GDP this year since there was no growth. Assuming that's why 401k deduction was not in it (ibm never matched bonus 401k contribution anyway as far as I know) -pbc1-
Comment 03/30/14: To JazzOrGlobal: They are also doing a lot of "staging around BTV" . People in Vt should be happy someone wants to buy the plant, it's old.. very old and as NPR said probably only has 5 or so good years left anyway. People in BTV should be positioning themselves for an exodus no matter who buys it if they are young enough to do so. I was let go in EFK a few years ago miss the fine workers and friends at IBM, but not IBM . Good luck BTV ! -John-
Comment 03/30/14: To RA'ed in California, you should apply the first work day after your last day of work at IBM. But, make sure that you do include your package dollar amount. It does not impact what your weekly unemployment will total. Also keep in mind that because our unemployment % is below the national average you are only eligible for 26 weeks of payment. You can apply for an extension but they are making peoples lives he ll in qualifying for it now. I was rejected for any extensions when I was RA'd in 2012. I had to appeal and go through hoops multiple times. -RA'd in 2012-
Comment 03/30/14: So, are some SSR's still supposed to be getting RA'd on Monday? Someone mentioned 3/31 as the date, but nothing since. Honestly don't see how we could ever make it with any less than we currently least in my group. -49R SSR-
Comment 03/29/14: Some PBC 2+ get a GDP this year? Really?! I thought Ginni said only PBC 1 get a GDF this year so what is the REAL STORY? Okay, GREAT, if PBC 2+ are eligible now...(?) So Ginni where is some for PBC 2 now then? IBM Management apologists better not be on this UNION forum! -JoePaycheck-
Comment 03/29/14: To -resume-re tooling-. So IBM is still giving the same BS that only one and twos are eligible for a raise. I will assure you Ginni will be getting her bonus and stock options. This farce will continue as long as there is no union. Join the union to stop this corrupt policy in reference to raises. -ANA-
Comment 03/29/14: @ResumeRe-toolingTime, Seriously? It was stated two months ago that only 1's would get any GDP. 2+'s get nadda, Nothing showed in pay stub received covering 3/16-3/31.
@screwed-again, It is not up to IBM to decide how any GDP is allocated. As an employee, YOU, are the one who makes the percentage selection. You are given the opportunity to change allocations via NetBenefits. -Anon-

Comment 03/29/14: Signs of the Burlington plant of being sold are as follows:
1)Global Foundries on site touring with executives.
2)TowerJazz on site, touring with executives.
3)No mention of 2014 PBC submission due on 3/28 in Burlington MFG and engineering.None.
4)Confirmed with colleagues in EFK that all PBC submissions were due Friday 3/28.
5) The fact that all Personal Business Commitments are due by the 1Q in all divisions of IBM is very very interesting.
Based on the ease of transition to an Israeli company, over Saudi's Global Foundries, the match of RF applications, the fact that TowerJazz will be able to corner the market, eliminate it's competitor, and would be in a position to be the #1 supplier of custom RF/SiGe,and CSOI applications (and IBM could get a better price) leads to a logical conclusion TowerJazz will be part of or owning the Burlington site in the near future.
In any event, IBM is selling this plant. It won't be long until we all know the new owners/partners. -JazzOrGlobal-

Comment 03/29/14: Who is behind the data collection from ?? Is this a management troll? -No Trolls please-
Alliance reply: This is not a management troll. We know who it is and discussed this with him.
It is a serious attempt to find out if workers are being blacklisted in RA's.

Comment 03/29/14: To Resume Re-tooling Time: I'm a 2+ and didn't get any increase in my 3/31 paycheck...Unless it is coming as a separate payment on Monday. I think we have heard 6% for PBC1's... that's the % for PBC 2+? -Where's my money-
Comment 03/29/14: Heard today that GDP and the salary increase will be in 3/31 paycheck. Only 1 and 2+ are eligible. And of those not all got an increase. Blamed missed numbers for the limited amount being paid out. IBM spends $Billion$ a year buying back stock - the money is there but just not for the troops who do the work. -Resume Re-tooling Time-
Comment 03/28/14: The OSHA form at Albany NANO was blank until this week. Average number of employees is listed at 151. I wonder if this board had something to do with the report suddenly being posted. -Albany NANO OHSA report-
Comment 03/28/14: So for those lucky few who are getting variable pay this year it appears there is a new name to this bogus bonus and none of it goes to 401K. Which means this bonus is getting taxed at close to 40%. -screwed-again-
Comment 03/28/14: When can we apply for unemployment in CA? Are we eligible on April 1st or after completion of accrued years of service pay? -RA'ed in Califonia-
Comment 03/28/14: Wegman's was rated top supermarket in USA again. Why? They state:
"We have always believed that if you meet the needs of your employees, they will in turn take care of your customers. That has been the central philosophy of this company for many years, and it has a proven track record of working."
Hear that Ginny? IBM used to believe in that. When it stopped, it started to eat itself alive. -jsb2b-

Comment 03/28/14: Alliance Question: what is the current status of the selling of Burlington site and several buildings in East Fishkill (310, 320, 321)? -no where else to work in this town-
Alliance reply: We don't know. Hearing the same rumors you are.

Comment 03/28/14: Can't get a job after being RA'd? Think you have been blacklisted? -Anon-

Comment 03/28/14: To -Afraid to take flyers-. I was one of those handing out flyers in Fishkill at the main gate and at gate 5. We watched the security cameras track us. I put flyers in the break room and sat at the table to talk. I WAS A FISHKILL EMPLOYEE at the time. I am still an IBM employee with 33 years in the company. I wear an Alliance lanyard for my badge. Most of the people I started with have been resourced and none of them ever went public if they were an Alliance supporter. As long as we are afraid of taking a stand we will get what we deserve. If they decide to RA me at least I can say I tried to help my fellow employees. I now mentor new hires to get their contacts in the industry, polish the resume and get out. -Still a Public member-
Comment 03/27/14: I am seeing a pattern here of PBC 3 performers being told they were "distracted". Who came up with this plan to use this particular word? Those of you who received the 3, what group are you in - e.g., STG, GBS, GTS? The quota for PBC 3s appears to have gone up this year - in some organizations more than others. Why? To encourage attrition? To avoid severance costs? It is a dirty move. -Anonymous-
Comment 03/27/14: Even if IBM makes their $20 EPS, no IBM resources other than IBM management will make their stated goals in their PBC since all employees are essentially "distracted resources", except maybe Watson which can cognitively keep making gourmet flavored IBM kool-aid for the distracted resources. -da_facts-
Comment 03/27/14: @Anonymous Coward. The ability to copy previous years data into one new PBC has been there for about ten years. -anon-
Comment 03/27/14: -concerned IBMer- Exempt employees can unionize. Most IBM non-management employees should qualify. I'm not well versed on the exact break point but generally management cannot unionize. For non-management there are some restrictions related to how much you control others work load and career but I don't know the details. -anonymous-retiree-
Comment 03/27/14: Comment 03/24/14: How many Persons with a disability(PWD) have been RA'd in the last couple of years or encouraged to go on disability after asking for accommodations? -Anonymous-
I am a PwD and while I was not RA'ed, I left of my own accord in 2011. I could tell I was targeted and I believe the expense of accommodation services I was using was probably one of the factors (but of course, we will never know for sure). There were two PwD's in my department and we were both gone by 2011. In hindsight, leaving was the best move I ever made because multiple people from my old department were RA'ed this time in 2013.
Comment 03/26/14: Look at the top 50 CEOs rated by their employees, Ginny why aren't you setting our company goals to make the list? Oh, wait $20 EPS is more important.
-Wrong priorities-
Comment 03/26/14: X86ers TUPE If you have a email outlining your in scope to move to Lenovo there us not much you can do It's a lockdown meaning you can't apply for jobs or take any severance packages Your IBM pension I Believe will be frozen on the day you become a Lenovo employee 1st Nov -Joe-
Comment 03/26/14: I'm not 100% About the 2 yr thing but I think I do know that your seniority will transfer over no issue ..... I know cause I was part of the first sale (thinkpad). -lenovo guy-
Comment 03/26/14: There are good sources at BTV claiming another layoff is coming soon. Good luck sounds like 300 + or - -Free@last-
Comment 03/26/14: Wow, so the PBC tool now asks if you want to copy the prior years goals for this year. That's should be blatantly obvious that it's a scam..... -Anonymous Coward-
Comment 03/26/14: I don't care about not getting a bonus (although they shouldn't be giving it to anyone). The bonus is for if we exceed the stated goals. I budget each year assuming I'll get nothing. The persistent lack of MBA or even cost of living / inflation annoys me more. The market is pretty hot, even if IBM isn't. That's why I quit for a ~20% bump in salary. -Moved on-
Comment 03/26/14: "anonymous", You are correct. Jobs can be at risk when trying to organize into a Union. That is especially true in a company like IBM that does not value the human resource. That drives some questions: The National Labor Relations Board typically oversees "serious" organizing efforts. One of their roles is to determine what categories of employee are 'eligible' to organize. Have we compiled a list of job categories or identified the type of employee that could organize? In other organizations the line is typically drawn between Exempt and Non-Exempt employees. But IBM seems to treat everyone as Exempt from overtime pay. Second question or offer, I am willing to do more than simply send money. People need to be protected so they can keep their homes and feed their families and at least exist on the lowest level of Maslow's Hierarchy, what can I do to help? -concerned IBMer-
Comment 03/26/14: In North Carolina when do you file for Unemployment? After 6 months or now. -Over55-
Comment 03/26/14: Can anyone who is affected by the x86 server sale to Lenovo reply to this question: I read that if you are offered a job with Lenovo, you must take it, else you must quit/retire and you can cannot work for Lenovo or IBM for 2 years. Is this true? And most importantly, if you transfer to Lenovo, what happens to your pension if you are on the old IBM pension plan? And what happens to your years of service, vacation days per year, etc. -x86ers-
Comment 03/26/14: To samtheman and Alliance: I was RA'd in 2013 as one of those 'distracted' workers. While I support a union you all have to understand why it's so hard to come forward and go public while working at IBM in support of a union, management does not need anymore ammunition to tag us for dismissal. I can only speak for IBM workers in the Hudson Valley, the IBM jobs we have provide a very generous salary that cannot be matched in many other places. We have lived here all our lives, bought homes, raised our families. This is why drawing unwelcome management attention in support of a union keeps us away?we are willing to keep taking it on the chin so we can afford to keep our homes and feed our families. I am in support of a union but am tired of the comments for being too 'weak' to unionize. I would have been willing to canvas the entire Poughkeepsie site to get folks to join, but can you guarantee that I won't come across that one employee who would go to my manager and blow the whistle on me? I will always put that paycheck first to support my family. I challenge any other older worker like myself who had 30-35+ years and was let go. How is life now? Can you survive on your pension in the Hudson Valley? Wish you still had your full-time paycheck? I was not weak but trying to survive. This is why back in the day when folks were on site handing out union fliers we were too afraid to take one for fear of being seen taking one by some snitch or manager. -anonymous-
Alliance reply: We're sorry for your job loss. There have been many IBMers that have lost their job, anyway, whether they were organizing openly, or not. Most every member that has done organizing inside IBM has risked their job. There just isn't any other way to gather people together and fight back. We DO understand your situation. We have several members that feel the same as you do. Those members have joined Alliance and paid dues and continue to send us information about what is going on in IBM; especially during mass firings. This is a tremendous help. If you can support us with a donation or a $5.00/month associate membership, that would help too. Thank you for your support.

Comment 03/26/14: The only INNOVATION left in IBM is how they report RAs! Now IBM leaves out the age of those RAed (to avoid age discrimination), position level/band (to show they are not going after eliminating specific skill sets or experienced people, see age discrimination) and numbers RAed (so they can RA 500 or more at a site and not report it as per WARN Act). -sad'n'true-
Comment 03/25/14: I was RA'd in 2002. Since then I have come to this site for information. There is a highly recognizable pattern prior to and following an RA. First fear and then outrage resulting. I silently endured a prior co-workers statement following their RA, "they got rid of valuable employees this time". That is the crux of the biscuit. Earlier RA's in my opinion produced more outrage, IBMers are becoming trained to accept annual or semi-annual RA's. -JoePal-
Comment 03/25/14: Page 78 of IBM's 2013 Annual Report shows that for 2013 IBM had a total revenue of $99.8 billion. And after expenses of taxes, development, research, interest, etc, IBM had a net income of $16.4 billion for 2013. So IBM now says that after making a profit of $16 billion, they can't afford to give contributing employees a bonus or raise? For those of you who have not joined the union yet because you are not sure what the union can do for you, let me ask you; how has not joining worked out for you? Please join now. Many people ask, when will there be a union vote; Keep in mind, IBM will hire union busters if there ever is a vote. Why not just join now? If everyone joined, we would not even need a vote and we would all be getting our bonuses this year. Stop complaining, reading these comments and doing Nothing! JUST JOIN. The IBM Annual Report can be found here: -JustJoin-
Comment 03/25/14: In response to Cassandra. It is just as well that IBM no longer offers insurance to those eligible for Medicare. Why? Because the IBM insurance is SECONDARY to Medicare.
Example: I was RA'ed last July. I immediately continued with COBRA, with the idea of signing up for Medicare immediately before COBRA coverage ended. Wrong move! I had a medical problem for which I tried to use my COBRA, and the claim was denied three times. I called IBM and they told me that I should have used Medicare, because IBM COBRA was "secondary". I said that I have not signed up yet for Medicare. They said that IBM ASSUMES that I had signed up for Medicare. Claim denied. Net result is that I paid for six months of COBRA and was never able to use it to file a claim. Best advice: if you worked for IBM sign up for Medicare as soon as you lose your job. Don't let them do it to you twice. -namecnassianer-

Comment 03/25/14: An Open Letter to IBM's Open Letter. Last week, IBM published an "open letter" about "government access to data," where it tried to assure its customers that it's not handing everything over to the NSA. Unfortunately, the letter leaves open more questions than it answers. -Anon-
Comment 03/25/14: The disbelief, anger, and the "why me, never seen it coming" of the recent RA seems to have cooled again...Why does this always seem to happen? If those left would be in disbelief and angry at their present situation and future uncertainty and refuse to resign to the sentiment of "woe is me" and organize, positive measures can happen! If anything the feelings should not cool, but those left around (this time) should not just cower and submit to IBM management but JOIN THE ALLIANCE NOW! -IBMUnionYES-
Comment 03/24/14: How many Persons with a disability(PWD) have been RA'd in the last couple of years or encouraged to go on disability after asking for accommodations? -Anonymous-
Comment 03/24/14: IBM India Battles Fraud Amid Scramble To Save Its $2.5B Airtel Contract IBM India Battles Fraud Amid Scramble To Save Its $2.5B Airtel Contract -Anon-

Comment 03/24/14: Another point for those RA'd to consider. When you turn 65, IBM forces you to Medicare for your primary health insurance. If your spouse is covered by you and younger than you, s/he will be dropped from the IBM plan along with you, but will be unable to be eligible for Medicare until s/he turns 65. -More Health Insurance Woes-
Comment 03/24/14: mar 31st, 2014 I am being laid off from IBM under the Broadridge Account. I beleive I am being singled out by my ex manager. Prior to working for IBM I was with ADP, never written up in 25 yrs, now 1 year/10 mths with IBM, I get 2 bad PBC ratings -Anonymous-
Comment 03/24/14: Any word on the TSS RAs? -Jacob-
Comment 03/24/14: A friend in Ottawa reports many farewell lunches in the weeks since the RA passed them by... presumably all people who hoped to leave with a package, but needed to leave in any case. (Ottawa was clobbered in the 2013 RA.) -15yrsandcounting-
Comment 03/23/14: Comment 03/20/14: A couple of months ago (2013) my manager, in a team meeting spoke about a new compensation package that was to begin in the new year. Has anyone heard another mention of it, or is that gone too, like our GDP. -GinniGinniWhy-
Ha!! You know as well as any of us that once something has been taken away by ibm, it never, ever returns.
-VT Woodchuck-
Comment 03/21/14: Look out folks, the RAs that were on hold pending the fab sale are back in plan now. Managers need to load names into the tool by March 26 and employees will be notified in mid-April. Big cuts for affected organizations, in the US and elsewhere. -RAed-
Comment 03/21/14: It is a little more complex who has the FHA than over 40 in 1999. I was over 40 in 1999 and am on the prior pension plan but I also have an FHA. My husband has the prior pension plan and no FHA. He is a few years older and a few more years with IBM. By the way that was the year the alliance saved my pension. I was cut from the prior pension for several months and then, I am sure due to the uproar from the alliance at that time, I was reinstated. Thank-you! -StillAtIBM-
Comment 03/21/14: To anonymous-Ant- if you had the old (Defined Benefit) pension you probably had the old medical plan too, not the FHA. No I have the old pension plan(monthly annuity) and FHA. When I go to the Fidelity website I can watch the lifetime balance drop by about 900./month!! lol..So it seems like there may have be changes to various retirement rules since I left. -ant-
Comment 03/21/14: I am a retiree since July of 2013. I was a GM, member of the I&VT for many years. I read the comments here, and while I will not debate them, I will say that not every senior leader is / was a money grabbing exec. In fact there were many that remembered old value and lived by them. Treated people with respect and fought for them, always. Pushed back on issues and ensured clients came first. Took the attitude that clients payed our salaries. Not all leaders are categorized as evil, in fact I know many good people remain. -tm-
Comment 03/21/14: New IBM compensation package for next year? LOL It'll be called IBM Pay Remix Plus! You'll all (exempt and non-exempt bands) get paid less since more of you hard earned paycheck with be at risk pay as determined by your PBC and IBM management subjective whims. -IttyBittyMachines-
Comment 03/21/14: I read this forum and everyone is discussing after the fact (RA'ed) and not looking at what organizing can do. Those still left will have to unionize or you'll be here making the same after the fact comments or complaints. -samtheman-
Comment 03/21/14: As IBM exists the hardware arena, let us pause a moment and remember RCA, GE, UNIVAC, Burroughs, Honeywell, DEC, CRAY, KODAK, XEROX, Motorola, HITACHI and most recently fading HP.
IBM essentially invented the role of the PC in businesses only to lose the market and sell the business. Once IBM led the industry in communications controllers . . . gone. Sent men to the moon and back safely . . . no matter, not enough profit in Federal Systems Division and feds too hard to deal with. Led the industry in retail POS systems . . . SOLD. Premiere provider of check processing systems and competitive in other banking hardware . . . checks were to be obsolete by 1990 . . . NOT. Have long history of leading data storage technology and solutions . . . IBM is now #3 and will likely lose more market share along with database licenses due to sell of a large part of the server business. Now some analysts are suggesting that the chip manufacturing business is next.
Comment 03/21/14: FYI, IBM no longer offers medical insurance to retirees who are eligible for Medicare (including people on disability). No prescription coverage, no Medigap supplemental medical policies, no dental, no vision. Some people get a annual HSA contribution from the company, but IBM has an arrangement with an outside insurance broker to sell us private insurance, and you only get the HSA if you buy a private insurance policy from that broker (even if you can find a cheaper price for an identical policy on the open market). There's a lot of discussion about these changes on the retiree comments page - the changes took effect in January 2014, and the broker was originally named Extend Health. I hadn't seen this mentioned explicitly on this page, and it sounds like this may be an unpleasant surprise for a number of people who are retiring in this RA. -Cassandra-
Comment 03/20/14: A couple of months ago (2013) my manager, in a team meeting spoke about a new compensation package that was to begin in the new year. Has anyone heard another mention of it, or is that gone too, like our GDP. -GinniGinniWhy-
Comment 03/20/14: Re: FHA - You can only use it to make payments for IBM defined insurance offerings. That means you can not use it for COBRA insurance IE Oxford. Keep up use by selecting IBM dental and or visual coverage. -Anon-
Comment 03/20/14: Regarding the site OSHA forms people are quoting...Can anyone tell me if the number on the form is the total number of employed people on the site (IBMers, supplementals, contract employees, workers for other companies like janitorial staff, cafeteria staff, etc., employees of companies who rent space, etc.) or if the number is just employees of the IBM corporation? -SoftKitty-
Comment 03/20/14: It's worse than you think on those who lost their FHA account due to ineligibility. If you don't make the eligibility rules IBM has set for your FHA account, not only do you forfeit the balance, but you also lose any opportunity to buy into IBM retiree health insurance, even with your own money! Sadly, this is a hard, cold fact in today's IBM. -FHA is Not Yours, It's IBM's-
Comment 03/20/14: "I think if you have 25 years or more, or are over 55 you automatically get the option to bridge." I had 25 years when I got RAed, my empty IBM Quarter Century book with no letters in it, a severance check 15% lighter since I was recently"pay remixed", and no notice from my IBM Director that I even existed, and no bridge. I was not yet 50 years old. -I'veBeenMaligned-
Comment 03/20/14: -Ant- if you had the old (Defined Benefit) pension you probably had the old medical plan too, not the FHA. You were born at the right time(!) (over 40 years old in 1999) since if you were born later you could have screwed into the cash balance plan (a legal connived pension heist) and FHA (basically a FUTURE HELL ACCOUNT that IBM reneged on lifetime retirement medical coverage that they promised all employees). To get the FHA you have to be 55 years old AND have at least 15 years of IBM employment or added bridge to retirement if you had a moral FLM to get it for you. I can't stress enough that IBM can take the FHA away at any time. Besides it is funded like with poker chips, not real $money$, a"notional" account. IBM think they only lose their job with an RA. They usually lose much more than they realize!!! -anonymous-
Comment 03/20/14: The OSHA form 300A dated 1/15/13 posted on the IBM Poughkeepsie bulletin board cites avg annual number of employees as 3750. -Observer-
Comment 03/20/14: Re: FHA account. All should be aware, as IBM does not tell this outright that you forfeit your FHA balance in total if you are without medical insurance after retirement for even one minute. This information is available on the Fidelity website but it is hidden in a 'library'. Most of Fidelity's admins do not know about this but when pressed will find out and show you where to see it on the site. Imagine your rage when you have been stripped of your FHA because of a hidden fact you had no reason to suspect. This applies to all retirees not just RA's employees. -Chris s/n823964-
Comment 03/20/14: I just saw the latest opinion survey results. It's interesting that they report the results of your department vs the"Best of IBM" and vs the "Industry." What they don't show is how larger organizations and/or IBM overall did. Obviously, the results are so bad that the company isn't willing to share the information. It's not much "news" if one department looks bad, but they don't want word leaking out that there is a pervasive morale problem. Apparently, our 1st line managers are supposed to fix this problem. Good luck with that, Ginny. -Ed M-
Comment 03/20/14: Ed - "Be Careful Out There" was correct. Your information packet is not a signed commitment - you don't get THAT until your exit interview (as your signing that you won't sue). If you read the packet, it's very clear that IBM CAN pull it back at any time before you leave. The reason doesn't have to be acceptable to the employee and continued employment doesn't even have to be in the same job, at the same level, or pay. Be VERY Careful. -Ed M-
Comment 03/20/14: There is a Supreme Court case pending to decide whether severance payments are subject to SS and Medicare taxes. The IRS (obviously) says Yes, but it's a question of whether the payments are effectively wages, or are they settlements. (They're subject to Income tax, either way). A decision is expected as early as June. For those being fired now, pay attention; for those in the past, you might need to file a refund request with the IRS if your amendment window is running out.
-Ed M-
Comment 03/20/14: IBM Mexico job cuts -anon-
Comment 03/20/14: -Dazed_&_Confused- As far as retirement medical coverage is concerned there are no legal protections if you do not have a contract. This means IBM can make as many arbitrary changes as they wish or cancel the coverage altogether. As this issue applies not to employees but retirees I think claiming age discrimination is impossible. Personally I would not be surprised to see IBM drop all retiree medical funding sooner than later. -anonymous_retiree-
Comment 03/20/14: What is the current known country-wise count of RA'd employees? If that's not available, what is the total global RA'd count? -anon-
Alliance reply: Those numbers are still being counted.
Comment 03/19/14: FWIW, I had the same experience with the FHA. I was within 90 days of being eligible for the retirement bridge. My 1st line went forward with a legitimate business case to move my end date, which would still have been within the RA window. It was denied immediately. A co-worker will turn 54 with 30 yrs service within the RA window. She was also denied am extension to reach a retirement bridge. -FleetingHealthAccount-
Comment 03/19/14: Link on home page on RH side does not work. The link for "IBM not required to disclose age" does not work -Jon Doe-
Alliance reply: Thanks for letting us know. I discovered an "errant" character in the link 'string'. I fixed it and it worked correctly for me, afterward. I couldn't send you an email to thank you, so I posted your comment to say thanks. BTW.. We appreciate that you were visiting our front page. Many of our visitors just come to this forum/board and never see the rest of what we have to offer. Please "peruse" the whole web site, at your convenience. There is a lot of valuable information here.

Rick White
Treasurer, Organizer, IT Administrator
and Health & Safety Representative
CWA Local 1701
Twitter ID: @Allianceibm
Facebook: Allianceibm Cwa
Comment 03/19/14: To Dazed_&_Confused- I left via RA in 2009. I was 52. The"bridge to retirement" gave me 30 years service. I have the old pension and the FHA. I don't know if there have been any changes to the rules since "09. As of 2009, the Bridge, was automatic for anyone who was within 1 year of retirement eligibility. Whether that eligibility was reached by years of service OR age. -Ant-
Comment 03/19/14: Thanks for the comments. Still assessing next steps if any exist to preserve FHA. I think if there are many of us in a similar situation lodging a complaint w/ the department of labor won't hurt while getting some attention. Whether anything pans out or not is up in the air. At a minimum we can be on the offense and do what we can to put IBM in an uncomfortable position as they are us. I vaguely recall this in 1999 though thought 30yrs of service trumped all. FHA= 15 yrs of service& 55yrs old along w/ the Pension Old vs New Plan w/ those 40yrs old & 10yrs w/ IBM getting to choose plans.
I am in the group where in 1999 I was 37yrs old w/ 15yrs of service. So I was forced into the new plan (-$600K+ in value lost) even w/ more seniority then those w/ 40/10. So if IBM can change the rules then "it is what it is". The concern is if in changing the rules there is an "age bias" or "age discrimination" that would violate dept or labor law. Couple that with what I would call predatory "herding/culling" of older workers. Workers that cost them more in benefits & salary. Using PBCs in an unethical way to herd & cull older workers. Being "At Will" is one thing, though have they crossed a legal line? All we need is one 1st/2nd line to come clean w/ the process. Certainly they would want a clear conscience before ultimately meeting their maker.
Alliance reply: First, Age bias or discrimination is very hard to prove. It's been tried before with limited results. The legal costs are sometimes very high, too.
As far as the "Pension Heist" and the subsequent change by IBM Execs to allow 35,000 IBMers to get the choice between the "old" pension and the Cash Balance in 1999; If it wasn't for Alliance@IBM, that decision most likely would have never been made. Again, with "At Will Employment" comes the acceptance by the employee, of IBM's practices and rules. Could they have "crossed a legal line"? Maybe. But the best way for IBMers in the US to get guarantees with a contract is to organize. Unions consist of many workers and a company must bargain fairly, according to States' and Federal Labor law, and continue to abide by those laws as long as that contract is in force. Individuals fighting back alone or with just filing "class action" suits does not guarantee anything; much less making any IBM manager adopt a "clear conscience". Instead, fight back through organizing and encourage IBMers past and present to join Alliance@IBM. The comments here, that helped you, have been paid for by Alliance members' donations and dues. Please consider a donation or becoming an associate member. Thank you for your support!

Comment 03/19/14: -Dazed & Confused- are you calling a 1 year leave of absence what was actually a 1 year 'bridge' so that you could qualify for full retirement benefits when it comes to FHA, etc.? One of my team members received a 1 year bridge when he was RA'd to make him eligible. -RA'd IBMer-
Comment 03/19/14: To -MoraleInTheToilet- I was RA-ed in September 2013, and I was also offered the 1 year LOA/bridge to retirement. I think if you have 25 years or more, or are over 55 you automatically get the option to bridge. I'm not sure what it buys you if you are on one of the newer cash balance pension plans, but it does permanently put on your record that you went on LOA instead of being RA-ed. Maybe that helps if you are job seeking and don't want to say you were laid off. I dunno. -miss_understanding-
Comment 03/19/14: I am gonna have to disagree with -Be Careful Out There-. I have a signed separation document from IBM saying my last day is on 03/28. They can't just say the documents we signed is void and we will retract the RA offer entirely or fire you. All I have to do is work until 03/28. I have all the right not to sign another document and stick to that one I've already signed. -Ed-
Comment 03/19/14: "I received separation agreement my manager says I have to sign or not get my Sev Pay. The documents mentions age discrimination multiple times, will signing this hurt me later when dealing with IBM. Everything is in IBM's favor."
Yes, it is all in IBM's favor. Separation pay is given with the proviso that you will not sue IBM for wrongful anything. When I was a manager I had an employee who was fired for a drug issue. HR advised me to give him separation in return for the protection against a future lawsuit. If you think they're giving you "what they owe you" or doing something out of the kindness of their hearts, forget it. It's cheaper than defending against a lawsuit, that's all. -Research RA-

Comment 03/19/14: @Hope is Gone: they did away with "Respect for the Individual", so they can call you whatever names they want. We want names. Which execs have a limited vocabulary that consists mostly of 4 letter words? DOes anyone call the execs to the carpet for creating a hostile work environment? -WeWillSurvive-
Comment 03/19/14: I got out on LTD in 2001. I saw all this coming. I got hired in 1985 and worked what was called GTD. I am so grateful for my journey. I know it hard out there and I pray for all those in BTV who are still left. -Got Out-
Comment 03/19/14: to -Dazed_&_Confused- what is that about the "permitted 1yr leave of absence"? Does everyone have that ability if RA'd? I'm worried because I'm over 55, but only just hitting 14 years, so if RA'd I'd like to play that card to reach 15 years and be eligible for my Future Health Account, etc. -MoraleInTheToilet-
Comment 03/19/14: More cuts in Australia. Dozens going by March 31. IBM acts like it is going out of business.. clients are getting sick of having named resources in contracts RA'ed. Its like IBM doesn't want to be in this market anymore:
Amenities and perks have disappeared.
Stressed and worried bosses
Hushed meetings.
Departing staff aren't replaced.
Plunging stock price and bad press.
Risk taking is discouraged.
Salespeople are freaking out.
No pay rise.
The best people are leaving. Low morale. -Anon-

Comment 03/19/14: In BTV no promotions no bonus pay no raises BUT they spend 90K putting in new floor tiles in the lobby when the carpet that was there was fine very puzzling place we all are wondering why -puzzled-
Comment 03/18/14: To add to -sby_willie's- post, one doesn't want to have a vote w/o a strong majority support because if the vote fails, another election can't be held for an entire year. I recall hearing a case where, during that year, the company stripped most if not all of their employee's benefits. hmmmm.... Sounds to me like ibm's got it easy - their workers haven't even made it to the vote in 14 years while ibm continues to rip them off. -Dave-
Comment 03/18/14: "Is this not a form or age bias or age discrimination (to deny IBM retirement medical benefits)?"
Tough to prove in USA Court though sure sounds like it. Could it be IBM is not releasing the ages of those RAed because of this? 30 years employment in IBM does not make you eligible for all retirement benefits anymore in this IBM.
Comment 03/18/14: -Dazed_&_Confused-: This is FHA (Future Hell Account) for those that are not 55 years old when they are RAed from IBM. The Alliance has made this clear in the past that you need to be AT LEAST 55 years old AND (N.B. NOT OR!) have at least 15 years to qualify for the Future Health Account which is used to buy from notional funds retirement insurance from IBM. The similar thing happened for those who were 39 years old with 21 years of IBM employment that were forced to the cash balance pension in 1999. Those that were 40 years old with only 10 years of IBM employment got a choice between the traditional IBM defined benefits pension plan or cash pittance heist.. -da_facts-
Comment 03/18/14: -Dazed & Confused- Being an at will employee, IBM sets all the rules. These FHA rules have been documented since 1999. The time has long passed to start complaining now. It does amaze me how many IBMers don't understand the rules laid down by IBM long ago especially regarding the FHA. I always knew 2 milestones were very important. Age 55 with at least 15 yearswas first and 30 years was second. I am sorry to see this happen to you. Maybe if we had organized over the past 15 years it wouldn't be. -longtimebeemer-
Comment 03/18/14: -Dazed_&_Confused- I retired with 31 years and age 51 and am using my FHA and have access to IBM group plans once the FHA runs out. I am on the old pension plan but don't remember if that made a difference. The key was my 30 years of service which trumped the age/service requirement. Unless it has changed you should be eligible for the FHA at 30 years. Who is telling you that you are not eligible and why? If it is HR try another person or supervisor. -anonymous_retiree-
Comment 03/18/14: Dazed & Confused: yes, it's a cruel joke along with the cash balance. You must be 55 yrs old and retirement eligible to receive the future health account dollars set aside. So, in addition to losing your hard earned traditional pension, you'll have no health care bennies. -Anon-
Comment 03/18/14: RAd in 2013 w/in less than a year of 30 yrs. Will be able to retire at 30yrs following the permitted 1yr leave of absence. At the 30yrs though I will be 52 and am told that I "..will forgo any/all access to the $25K+ funds on account already (set aside from age 40-50) along with participation in IBM Retiree Benefits at "group rates". How is IBM able to approve folks 55 (& over) w/ 15 yrs of service access to these funds and deny someone age 52 w/ 30 years of service from these benefits? Decision is purely age based not recognizing seniority.
Is this not a form or age bias or age discrimination? The 30 years used to be the "trump card" and still is to some extent for one to declare as "retirement eligible". Wondering if this is something that can be reported to the US Department of Labor?
Comment 03/18/14: To -Ed-, who is getting advice that he can't be forced to work an extra week to close the quarter...
Ed, I don't know if your adviser is an actual attorney, but you're getting bad information. While no one can force you to come to work, IBM CAN retract the RA offer entirely. They CAN schedule you to work that week. They CAN fire you "with cause" if you don't show up for work that week (meaning you get no RA package AND no Unemployment Ins). Even if you DO come to work that week, they CAN fire you anyway with no package. You have very few rights and an attorney should know better. Be careful.
-Be Careful Out There-
Alliance reply: Also extremely important for ALL IBMers to know: You are an "At Will Employee". See this page for more information re: At will Employment ->
Also remember that when IBM makes their own rules, IBM can break their own rules and there's little an employee can do about that; since the State or Federal Labor Dept. has no jurisdiction over company rules *unless* those company rules conflict with those labor laws.

Comment 03/18/14: UnionGuy is right. IBM management would want us to call a vote right now since we don't have a majority of signed (but names kept anonymous so IBM can't find out who signs) union cards to win the vote and get collective bargaining agreement at this moment. A failed, defeated union vote serves IBM management to their betterment. This ask for a vote has been done many times before on various boards and blogs by some union busters and IBM corporate apologists as a basic labor taunt. The Alliance will be ever patient, continue to organize, and wait for the right time when it comes for a vote. -sby_willie-
Alliance reply: While there certainly have been taunts by union busters, we also get serious questions about "the vote". Most do not understand the difficult process of getting a vote and the right to negotiate. We continue to educate and inform.

Comment 03/18/14: -Over55- maybe sign the RA separation agreement with your date of birth (DOB) after your signed name? just an idea.. -anonymous2-
Comment 03/18/14: To -da_facts- : You're correct about the GDP Holdback. I was with Big Blew the year they instituted this. We got no raises that year. (The beginning of the 'no raise for you this year shennigans), but we also didn't get the GDP, as it began the following year. So YES!!! That GDP crap is all a shame. It was a new way for IBM to keep your salary from increasing. If IBM gives someone a 5% GDP, that is a one-time thing. BUT... If you used that same 5% monies as a raise it now becomes the new baseline from which all future raises are based against. This was just another cost savings measure. I am always amazed that people are so happy with the GDP. That was part of your salary anyway. and IBM could say anything they want in order to take it away from you. -dun-4-
Comment 03/18/14: I received separation agreement my manager says I have to sign or not get my Sev Pay. The documents mentions age discrimination multiple times, will signing this hurt me later when dealing with IBM. Everything is in IBM's favor. -Over55-
Comment 03/18/14: "would it hurt to pull a vote ???" Strange as it sounds right now IBM management would want us to. Support, along with timing, is everything. As the Alliance has explained it is more than a voting process and CWA with the AFL/CIO would want to make sure Local 1701 gets certified as a collective bargaining unit. A vote could be called at 30% minimum signups/memberships I believe but ideally one doesn't call a vote until at least 50.01% card membership is met. If we lose the election then I believe we cannot set another vote for a few years even though we might have 100% signups by then. I also wish we had gotten the Employee Free Choice Act passed. That would make the cause easier for each of us and the Alliance! As you see it is a tough fight but one with patience and persistent is well worth winning! -UnionGuy-
Comment 03/18/14: -Boned_By_Blew-: very good observation! Basically the GDP was a pay "holdback": IBM kept part of your pay you already should have earned as "competitive pay" and then disburses it later in the next year. Not too many IBMers viewed the GDP as "performance based pay" since it was all based on the PBC process which is a just a budget target exercise by management to weed out and discourage workers: a terrible process and continued failed process instituted by Gerstner. Now IBM will do a holdback to it's supposedly best performers. That is not setting a good example! -da_facts-
Comment 03/17/14: Union campaigns begin to make a difference in Bangladesh...
Hmmmm... What a concept, eh? -BlueEyedBlindness-

Comment 03/17/14: I retired 2 years ago at 30 years, had more than enough of a company in decline. My wife still works at IBM and I thus get to hear what is still going on. And things are clearly far worse. I listen to calls with Executives using abusive profanity directed at employees and its clear to me that IBM has lost all that it once had. I wish I could suggest hope but unless something radical happens, IBM is on the road to doom. Great job, Rometty, a failure. -Hope Is Gone-
Comment 03/17/14: As an IBM stockholder I voted my shares today. I voted against the Executive Compensation Plan and several directors, including Ginni and a couple of directors who were CEO's of companies that filed for bankruptcy. I doubt my voteswill change anything, but it made me feel better. Does anyone know how or when the severance pay will be paid out? -Anonymous-
Comment 03/17/14: GDP payouts for PBC 1's are getting 6% as said by Ginni. Slap in the face to anyone who busted their rumps to get a 2+. This was a mistake by Ginni and IBM. It will end up costing them in the end. -bigblusea-
Comment 03/17/14: Here is what I sent management when the 401(k) holdback came out. I didn't send it to them, but I really wanted to:
Dear IBM:
Beginning January 1, 2013, I am changing the timing of my IBM "over and above effort and caring" from 24x7 to an annual contribution at the end of the year. The amount and quality of the work IBM receives - which makes my results among the best in the workforce - is not changing. I must be employed on December 15 of each year for IBM to receive my contribution for that year. For eligible projects, my effort and caring contribution will be deposited to the project on December 31, 2013 (and on the last business day of each subsequent year). IBM contributions to projects are not affected by these changes. In the event I choose to leave the company IBM will receive their effort and caring contribution on my last working day, based on the eligible effort and caring credit accumulated during that calendar year. -Anonymous-

Comment 03/17/14: Just got of the phone with my legal counselor to discuss the latest IBM offer to force me to work an extra week to close the quarter. I was offered a package 2 weeks ago and my last day of work was supposed to me 03/28/14. Now they want me to work an extra week "to close the quarter" or I won't get my severance pay. It is confirmed that IBM has no right to force anyone to work a single min extra. Unless you feel they are compensating you fairly for the extra time you lose finding another job. -Ed-
Comment 03/17/14: Flipping burgers is way more honest and respectable work than MANY of these executives do. Seriously. It's amazing what a false sense of their own value many of them have. How does one get so arrogant with nothing to show for it? Most are a bunch of frat boys who cheated their way through college and happen to be part of an exclusive network by luck and family connections. -Anonymous-
Comment 03/17/14: For all those fellow souls who were freed from this mentally abusive relationship aka IBM employment, be sure to make IBM pay you all that you have earned. Eg, if you were forced to not take all your vacation last year so as to support your customer IBMs policy is to have these excess vacation days be applied to the following year as immediately earned. Ie, you were forced to work on 2 vacation days in 2013 translates into Jan 1 2014 you have already earned two of your max vacation days. For someone like me who has been at IBM over 15 years this translates into 7 days of earned vacation by the end of March.
Unused/excess vacation
You may take your accrued vacation before you have earned it. However, vacation taken before it?s earned is considered a salary advance. If you separate from IBM before you earn the vacation you have taken, IBM will seek reimbursement for the value of the unearned days.
You're required to take all earned vacation each year. Vacation earned but not used is considered excess and will result in a reduction to the maximum number of new days you can earn the following year.
For example: In 2007, an employee uses 10 of 15 earned vacation days. As a result, the employee will retain the five unused days in 2008 but will earn only 10 new days instead of 15 in 2008, so the total is still 15 days.
Updated on 02 May 2012 -Anonymous-

Comment 03/17/14: Has anyone had difficulty finding a job after an RA action. Do you know your status in regards to your ability to return to IBM? Have you heard rumors of your status? Sorry to be cryptic, but with snoops out there, I am holding my ace -Toadstool-
Comment 03/17/14: "State-IBM jobs agreement forged in 2013, not 2014"
So if contractors were included in the IBM employee national job figure back in 2013 with NY State I never imagined an IBM PO (Purchase Order) is a job! That is all a contractor is to IBM. Nothing permanent, just fleeting, and basically unaccounted (able). RAs anyone? So the new 2014 has got to be the same. -da_facts-

Comment 03/17/14: Does anyone know if this is the first time GDP Payout has been nullified? I have been with IBM since 2004 and have received a meager distribution every year, until now. I might add that the amount that I received broke down to about $7.00 per hour, based on the mandatory 10% overtime rule that IBM imposes on their salaried"resources". I believe the new precedent for GDP payout going forward will be "1" performers only, and we all know how many "1's" there are. This is another, IBM takeaway ploy to cut costs for the Roadkill, similar to pay your own cell phone, pay your own home phone line, pay your own ISP, annual 401k matching contribution, annual increase in HC premiums, etc, etc. Yep, GDP is gone forever for the 2 & 2+ population. -Boned_By_Blew-
Comment 03/16/14: would it hurt to pull a vote ??? you might get more than you think if workers were insured it was in confidence. just thinking. -just vote-
Alliance reply: As we have said before, we can not just call for a vote. There is a process through the (Federal law) US labor department that must be followed. A lot of requirements; the main one being we have to prove, through signups, that there is sufficient interest in a union to call for a vote in an appropriate bargaining unit. No such sufficient interest exists anywhere inside IBM.

Comment 03/16/14: To: Chris s/n 823964, I could not agree with you more. I have been retired for several years. I did not have any problems. I have read the after the fact comments on this site as they pertain to unfair treatment. All have known these facts for a long time, and yet not many sign up. In the past I had concerns about unions, however now as I watch the practices of many large business's I must and have changed my perspective to organizing and unionizing. -ZioGiorgio-
Comment 03/16/14: GDP pay out in 2014: "That it would be paid around April 1st".
IBM will pay it out when it is convenient for them whenever that will be. If the PBC 1s get upset they have to wait and wait IBM doesn't give a rat$ a$$. Of course it will not be paid out this month since that would hurt the 1st QTR results with less profits.
Comment 03/16/14: Another blow to IBM's cloud plans. WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Navy is shifting large amounts of data to the Amazon Web Services cloud, and expects the move to produce huge savings.
"We are in the process of putting most of our public-facing data in an Amazon cloud service,"
said Terry Halvorsen, the Chief Information Officer of the Department of the Navy, in a keynote at Meritalk's Data Center Brainstorm event Thursday. Halvorsen said the move could save the Navy as much as 60 percent versus the cost of managing that data in its own data centers.
Comment 03/16/14: "Morale is at an alltime low at. Btv. Nigel, no raises, don't like your job, go flip burgers McDonald's. This from our site executive. -Joe-"
I recall Caddingan saying we could go stock shelves with milk at the nearest grocery store if we weren't happy in Essex. That sneering comment did no go over well with the crowd. A mob mentality was much closer than he could have ever imagined it -VT Woodchuck-

Comment 03/16/14: 75 RA in Bromont,Canada last week. -Anon-
Comment 03/15/14: To the PBC3s and the "distracted" -- OINKMONK has inserted "wiggle room" into the PBC rankings in the form of the following statement: "I understand that my management will assess me based on not only WHAT I achieved in my Business Goals above, but also on HOW I achieved them, as evidenced by professionally demonstrating: [blah, blah, blah]." Despite superior performance relative to that of other colleagues, management can invent a reason -- like "distracted" -- to hand you the PBC3 required by their PBC quota system. -Liberated-
Comment 03/15/14: -Joe- and -nwzimmer-: This site executive sounds eerily close to the same sentiment that king IBM scandal ex-Sr. VP Robert Moffatt told some IBMers: "..if I wanted loyalty I would get (hinting: hire or keep) a dog.."
Yes, these IBM executives are jerks. And they are playing you all as fools if you believe one word from them! -anonymous-
Comment 03/15/14: To -anon- who addressed me Yes. Of course. I will leave no stone unturned. That I put it up here. You saw it and so will many others. -DGC-
Comment 03/15/14: Just curious. How can the Alliance turn around IBM? How can you stop the layoff's, RA's? In EVERY union contract I have ever read (clearly to all) "management reserves the right to make decisions about workforce needs, the right to determine start and stop times as well as shift and workdays." How can the Alliance deal,with that power clause? -Questioning-
Alliance reply: Yes, the management rights clause is powerful, but the contract is a document that has input from the workers and management and then signed off on by both. The contract could have clauses that seek alternatives to job cuts. Lay offs could be temporary and workers called back. Overtime and use of contractors while regular employees get terminated would also be looked at.
The resource action process taking place at IBM is a mess. Workers are targeted for reasons not connected with their work performance or the state of their business unit.
Don't underestimate the power of an organized and mobilized workforce in bringing fairness, balance and sanity back into IBM.
Clearly IBM management is messing everything up.

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02.27.12: To all, please send us the RA pack so we can track the numbers at   When reporting job cuts, only count those "Selected" for job cuts, not the whole list. Good luck to all.

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Comment 8/20/11:
Washington, D.C.– Members of CWA and IBEW at Verizon Communications will return to work on Tuesday, Aug. 23, at which time the contract will be back in force for an indefinite period.
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