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Comment 09/16/14: Friday when I was told I was "not affected" by the SCAMS action, I was also told I would get to pick up my SCAMSed colleagues' work. And no, I'm not getting their 10% paycut added to my pay. So ALL of the US GTS employees are getting the CAMSS-shaft, one way or the other. This company is screwing its employees once again, yet most of you are acting surprised and still waiting for your fairy godmother to come rescue you. Quit yer belly-aching and join the union. Then at least you will have paid for the honor of coming here to b**ch. -Suffering-in-GTS-
Comment 09/16/14: @Lacking Skills: The only skill you are lacking is that of finding a better job. The so-called training is probably going to make it worse. -Anonymous-
Comment 09/16/14: As I read the memo, I interpreted the 90% as what you get paid *while training* ... and full salary otherwise. For folks in GTS that are hourly anyway, isn't this a good thing? Get your full billable hours then also get paid to train at 90% -anonymous-
Alliance reply: In the past there was no pay cut while you took classes and there shouldn't be one now. It is just another means to squeeze money out of workers to help in the goals of Roadmap 2015.

Comment 09/16/14: At the end of 2008 IBM announced record profits. In January 2009 IBM fired thousands of employees. It has continued for more than five years. This is getting to be absolutely ridiculous. Wake up and do something, get a job elsewhere, or hide in the shadows until your turn comes. But don't act surprised when something happens to you when the writing has been on the wall for the past 15 years or more. -BeefSquatch-
Comment 09/15/14: Many hit in Boulder (10%). Really exceptional employees. The best of the best. Same story from all. IBM, you get what you dish out. This will certainly have a heavy impact on IBM SO customer sat. What IBM did was dumb, dumb, dumb. Totally self-defeating. -Boulder Based-
Comment 09/14/14: For all those who were not flagged as being camss deficient - and I mean no disrespect to those who were - will they be given a 10% pay increase as they will now have to pick up this work? -CAMSShaft-
Comment 09/14/14: Current **rumor** around EFK: Intense negotiations with GF, GF to buy fab but IBM pay for 14nm production. Maybe announce oct timeframe. Heard from multiple sources. Will this correspond to layoffs if it happens? Possible! -bongo-
Comment 09/14/14: The lastest SO action is definitely a SCAMS. I'm an SO employee and was notified 9/12 of my salary reduction and the 6 month timeframe to improve my skills. Funny thing is I have spent the whole of 2014 improving my skills and my manager has reviewed and approved my "skills Update". I have received recognition this year for sharing my expertise and offered to be a mentor when asked. So just where are my skills lacking? And btw I have not been offered any assignment to utilize my new acquired skills. -Lacking Skills-
Comment 09/14/14: I don't think that hiring people in their 20s is done so that during a layoff the avg. age is reduced. I think that managers look at new hires as more mobile and able to find other jobs quicker and it saves someone in their mid to late career a job who has a family and a house to pay for. I think that new hires should be guaranteed employment for their first 2 years at ANY company. Otherwise, it is just a waste of everyones time (mentor's training, new hires investment and IBM's money). Here's to hoping I stay employed. -btvNewHire-
Alliance Reply: Speculation whether IBM uses ages of new hires to lower the "RA" age average to avoid age discrimination allegations will never be proven. However, if you believe that IBM "
saves someone in their mid to late career a job who has a family and a house to pay for", then you are not aware of IBM's layoff history. If you think new hires should be "guaranteed employment"; then the only way IBM would ever agree to that would be through a written employment contract---which can only happen if IBMers, organize and fight for a contract in the first place. We hope you stay employed too; just like we hoped the thousands of IBMers of the past that were fired for no reason would have kept their jobs....But hope doesn't guarantee anything. A contract does.

Comment 09/14/14: -fighting mad- I think it is to late to restore the old IBM culture. The changes have been made over time and are not reversible.If there is success in starting a union the best you could do is to develop a new set of working ground rules. Ask your fellow IBM'ers why they are reluctant to join up and then work to convince them to join. You need to get some benefits explained to them that will entice them into joining. Unless you press them the present membership will not grow. Start the hard sell in the field. -lastdino1-
Comment 09/14/14: Ibm announcing 10% salary cuts for approximately 75% of there SO employees. Ibm is offering them to work only 80% of there current workload. The remaining 20% is to be used for up training on new products and services. This is clearly a cost cutting measure disguised as a benefit to the employees. Statement is this is through April '15 at which time employees would get their full salary reinstated. Only time will tell if that is true. Either way affected ibmers are in a tizzy. -Bob-
Comment 09/13/14: I don't know if this is considered appropriate but yesterday. 12 SEP 2014, the "GTS US SO SKILLS DEVELOPMENT PLAN" was deployed. Many, I have heard up to 70%, of SO staff were informed they were deficient in (client) SCAMS skills (Social, Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Security (SCAMS) - of course "big blue" prefers CAMSS"). For 6 months starting in October those affected are required to dedicate one day a week (23 total) to skills augmentation. Target skill levels were provided along with an rduction path. For the same 6 month duration all people affected will have their salary reduced by 10% (affecting 401K payouts and bonuses). Supposedly day-to-day work will be rebalanced to accommodate the reduced day-to-day staffing. -Anonymous-
Comment 09/12/14: -Blue no more-: Nice and totally correct observations and suggestion! You are much, much wise and I wish more people in IBM would heed your advice! The Alliance has been trying to get folks to see things this way, for a long time. But you know how tough it truly is... -da_facts-
Comment 09/12/14: IBM announces internally a mandate of 8 hours training per week for the next 6 months along with a 10% salary reduction during that time. Can you say cost cutting and furlow manipulation? -Anonymous-
Comment 09/11/14: Economic and political systems are *reflections* of the attitudes and behaviors of people. Instead of trying in vain to clean the reflection itself, clean up your own heart with respect to receiving in accordance with what you give, and teach it to others (especially your kids). People with less self-centered attitudes magically do the right thing by others. That's how it works.
Until a significant majority of Americans no longer harbor greedy attitudes of money earned through means other than supplying something of value, until they wouldn't do any differently were they running the show, the system/environment will either remain the same or get worse. That's how it goes when a majority has an attitude of wanting more than a reasonable share, and will do anything to get it. America, you're experiencing exactly what you collectively *are*. Make the supreme collective bargain with each other: change your selves, and the cart (system) will follow you to a nobler place.
-blue no more-
Comment 09/09/14: Of course IBM is hiring in the US. They do a large hiring of unnecessary young workers right before a major layoff. I had a young lady, maybe 25 hired into an office next to me. Her job was VP Communication Liaison. She was so excited and felt great. I asked her to think about her role and what was coming shortly. Sure enough, 6 weeks later there was an RA. She was let go and many like her. The brought in about 40-50 20-somethings and they were all let go in the RA to bring down the average age. So, if IBM is hiring, watch the age. If they are young, they are getting ready to RA. Not that this is news because the cash from the Lenovo sale will go straight to RAs. Ginny has been blocked from IBM cash to do RAs. Thus the desperation for the sale to go through so she can push an RA through. -Anonymous-
Comment 09/09/14: One thing that the Alliance needs to consider is that there are a great number of current IBMers who are conservative. I am talking about the home-school parent, Bible believing, anti-government, anti-union types who are willing to take their chances and drink the blue Kool-Aid. I left IBM after 8 years. Best decision I made. No more PBCs, no more games, no more lies. -Martin-
Alliance reply: We *have* considered the multi-political and religious beliefs of IBMers, all over the US and the world since we began. Our former treasurer made no bones about being a conservative. BUT, he will always be a strong supporter and advocate of fighting for a union contract, just like the rest of us. The long history of unions also includes members' strong religious beliefs as well as Labor and Religious coalitions that stood up for working people and did what they could to organize workers toward a union contract.
The bottom line is that unions and beliefs in religion are not at odds with each other. Corporations try to divide people by using "wedge" issues, to keep them from organizing. Alliance@IBM's position has not changed in those regards. Our focus has always been to unite workers and bring their collective voice to the bargaining table and protect their rights in the workplace to form a union. And that is a decision that we want the IBMers in the US to understand that they have the right to make, collectively and openly in a union election. Getting to that point is more than half the struggle; whether you are a Christian or an atheist, it doesn't matter.
Comment 09/09/14: Peter Greulich exposes the betrayal of the employee-owner, and the myths of IBM's "leadership" beginning with Gerstner and his board and of the Harvard Business School model to maximize shareholder value.
Join the Alliance, vote your stock against the current board, support the amendment to overturn the Supreme Court's "Citizens United" decision, and it may be possible to restore the real IBM culture by removing power from the rapacious claws of those who would restore America to the days of the robber barons. I am "Fighting Mad." -Fighting Mad-

Comment 09/09/14: Any one heard of Qualcomm setting up a center in Fishkill, NY and hiring lots of ex-IBMers? -anonymous-
Comment 09/08/14: Talking to an IBMer (SWG), they tell me all previously approved expenditure is canceled for Q3 and must be entered for approval again... IBM cut the fat a long time ago. Now they've gone through bone and are harvesting vital organs. All to hit a number that is supposed to be an indicator, not a target. Gross. -quitter-
Comment 09/06/14: This article claims that hiring is happening in the US, maybe they're just pitting workers against one another. -Barb -
Article in India's Economic Times ... comments from Indians exposing the facade of H1B workers -anonymous-

Comment 09/04/14: I thought this video needs to be shared again, since there are rumors of layoffs coming. So glad to be RA'ed in 2013: IBM/Sterling Commerce Manager Holds Team Building Project (Employees Color Easter Eggs 2013). Granted it was two days after Easter and the manager didn't boil the eggs. My manager gave me permission to take the pictures of our colored Easter eggs. I made a YouTube video and wanted to share it with past/present and future IBM employees. I hope you like it and feel free to share it. The whole Easter egg color fiasco took about 2 hours of IBM time. This happened about 2 months before we got our RA'ed notices. So if your manager has you doing crazy things, it MIGHT just mean the layoffs are coming. I would really suggest organizing a union, now and please feel free to share the video I would like to see it go viral: -Glad to be RA'd in 2013-
Comment 09/04/14: Gorman, executive director of external communications for Lenovo, about the union's claim. Gorman worked for IBM says that Alliance union lies that there will massive layoff in 2015. This guy does not know what he is talking about. That is the IBM way, send IBMers from IBM to another company and lay them off within a year. All of these guys are greedy and corrupt. Join the union. -ANA-
Comment 09/04/14: I know a job cut or cuts is totally inevitable in IBM before YE 2014. And this site will expose it again and again. I wish more people and the news press will notice it when it happens. Where is the collective conscience of this conniving, lying, greedy, corrupt, and morally bankrupt IBM executive management team???? How do they even sleep at night???? -Roadkilled-
Comment 09/03/14: Anyone else find it hilarious that IBM had a global SameTime outage this week? It already happened for a couple days last week. It's almost unheard of for a large corporation to have such a large scale communication outage. Gross incompetence. I bet they outsourced all the good IT people to dirt cheap East Asian subsidiaries (Note: I am also an East Asian) -Anon-
Comment 09/03/14: To all the posters from US about fake jobs: This might make you feel "better". Jobs posted by STG India seem to be fake too. I have had a couple of friends being contacted by an IBM recruiter about"exciting job openings" in STG. They respond with their resume, and never hear back, despite having all the qualifications. Sounds pretty normal, but here's what makes this suspicious: these so-called job openings have been open on external job sites (monster, et. al.) for over 6 months, and yet, they dont even want to have a telephonic screening round with a potential candidate. I have even had a couple of friends who reesigned from the exact same job apply for the same job opening (just for the heck of it), and they were apparently found to be "not matching requirements". Bottomline is, this is not a case of IBM management deceiving US employees to grow business outside, but rather a worldwide betrayal of employees to meet their own ends. We should stop fighting among ourselves. -Anonymous from India-
Comment 09/03/14: -BlueEyedBlindness- Thanks for the story. IBM seems to be nearing the Pullman company everyday in its perceived abuse of labor. I suppose stories of past labor struggles should be taught over and over to prevent needless repeat of history. I suppose it is inevitable considering the population are ignorant Starbucks drinking buffoons who do not appreciate the benefits they enjoy are being removed under their noses and how past labor struggles afforded them this. Once it is all gone, don't expect another FDR to bail you out of eternal serfdom for a long time. The bloody struggles will continue for a long time. -Seeker-
Comment 09/02/14:
On Tuesday, UBS analyst Steve Milunovich said these long-term projections are not worth doing in this era of tech realignment and that IBM needs to focus on long-term strategy instead of EPS goals. IBM?s trailing twelve month EPS is $14.85, so it has a tough row to hoe between now and the end of its fiscal 2015, which would be Dec. 31, 2016. -Anon-

Comment 09/02/14: The majority of US jobs posted on the IBM Global Opportunity Marketplace are fake. Every time I apply internally, I am told the job had to be "pulled". IBM is full of LIES and LIARS. I'm looking forward to finding a job elsewhere, and I really don't care if it doesn't pay as well. -Anonymous-
Comment 09/02/14: This is a belated article, since Labor Day is "over"; but it still serves as evidence that the more things change, the more they stay the same:
"The True Story Of How One Man Shut Down American Commerce To Avoid Paying His Workers A Fair Wage" -BlueEyedBlindness-

Comment 09/02/14: Soon Ginni will be sucking the Morgan Stanley Bonus Stock dry. This is earned bonus money that many employees won't see. Another company lie. -Over55-
Comment 09/01/14: BTV is hiring. Linkedin has been sending me a job notice for an Advisory Engineer job. It looks like an H1B "fake-posting" (only one person, the H1B already in hand, can possibly fit the detailed job description). The fab is also hiring, I know someone who went [back] to IBM to work. -NotherBtv'er-
Comment 09/01/14: -RAtired BTV'r- it could be a phantom job hiring campaign. I see IBM "jobs" in the newspaper classifieds all the time and the qualifications are generally ridiculous for a single human to possess. So then IBM says they can't fill these "jobs" so they can get more H1B's. IBM can do this since the State of VT and other States like NY do not know the exact number of IBM employees and where they are located since IBM does not disclose employment numbers due to "competitive reasons" (whatever that means I still can't figure out). If IBM doesn't have to disclose IBM will not disclose and will obfuscate whenever possible. When was the last time IBM was forthcoming with vital public information??? -FishFooled_in_EFK-
Comment 09/01/14: "Ginni just sold $6.7M worth of stock on 8/27"
Ginni needs it to pay for her summer vacation and for her Labor Day vacation plans!
Just concern yourself with things you can control: getting organized, get a union vote, get a contract. Make money and live better! -JohnBoy Walton-

Comment 08/31/14: Hey, if we don't start organizing IBM, and America in general RIGHT NOW, Management will take back Labor Day as a holiday. I don't think it is that far fetched. WHO brought you the five day 40 hour work week, OT pay, benefits, vacation time, and something called a pension? Oh, maybe Labor Day will be a Management holiday only since they think they are the only ones working! :) Think about it. Think Twice. -IBMUnionYES-
Comment 08/31/14: Labor day is a day to respect the workers. IBM has lost all respect for its workers. Just this week Ginni sold 6.7 million dollars worth of stock and Sam and Lou enjoy millions of dollars while IBM continues to RA employees. CEO families are doing great, workers are getting the shaft. This labor day weekend, all IBMUS employees need to organize and have a union, or this corruption will continue against the IBM worker. Join the union. -ANA-
Comment 08/29/14: Ginni just sold $6.7M worth of stock on 8/27. Execs get richer, workers get poorer. -Insiders still selling-
Alliance reply: Workers get poorer until they decide they've had enough. Then they get organized.
Labor Day is recognized for good reasons, and the reasons are not barbecuing or going to a park.
One hundred years ago, big business and corporations had a stranglehold on their workers. The rich kept getting richer and the workers kept getting poorer and dying sooner. Then they did something about it, because they'd had enough. Thank unions for 8 hour days, sick pay, living wages, and earned retirement and pensions. Get organized now. If you continue to wait, all of the gains that were made 100 years ago, will certainly be lost forever.
Comment 08/29/14: Not sure if this is new news to anyone - but there is a small banner hanging on the Essex Junction tech park sign claiming "IBM is hiring". Guess you do need people to get product through the line. -RAtired BTV'r-
Comment 08/29/14: -Anonymous-

Comment 08/28/14: Wow. Conspiracy theories and toxic exhortations abound! Look, it's a large company. It's easy to get screwed over. It is what it is and corporate culture world wide has changed. Adapt and you can succeed. It sucks, but it is what it is... Responding to it with hatred and venom won't accomplish anything. Fight from within. -ChaosEnsues-
Comment 08/28/14: More cuts for contractors in the Dallas area. Roadkill 2015 here we come. -JS-
Comment 08/27/14: -VietVetIRetiredBMer- It probably has a lot to do with the fact that the US has borrowed an untold amount of money from China in the past 6 years. -longtimebeemer-
Alliance reply: The IBM business and trade with China is complicated, by the sale of US Treasury Bonds to the Chinese government. Also, IBM has moved some operations to Vietnam, for even cheaper labor costs than China. IBM, not unlike most other Global Corporations, has no loyalty or patriotic allegiance to the USA or any other country's government. Their single, eternal goal is to maximize profits. Period.
Comment 08/26/14: Has anyone heard about rummors of IBM selling GBS business Unit? -Anonymous-
Comment 08/26/14: Oh, I don't want to sound too political, but isn't China still a communist country? And how many wars have we fought against communism? How many thousands of USA lives lost? At least two (against North Korea and North Vietnam) both we essentially "lost".
So how come our USA government through the Aug. 15 OK from the Federal Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States allows USA citizens working for IBM now, to become paid slaves to communism thru Lenovo???
This is making me physically sick. I had friends that died fighting communism (backed by China) and now our USA government just follows the money and doesn't give a damn... PLEASE, PLEASE IBMers join the union, this Alliance. I don't like where we are heading as IBM and a country. Ok, IBMers won't physically die in a war, but their careers logically will die with this so-called transfer.
Comment 08/25/14: -BlueEyedBlindness- My recollection of Akers was that he actually drove a Volkswagon diesel Rabbitt to work at least occasionally at the now Old Armonk HQ. He wasn't a big man but he was taller than Gerstner (who is real short of stature and charisma and lacks some digits on one hand, hence the TFL references).
I also think Akers had none of the arrogance that was Gerstner's modus operandi.
Yes, Akers tried to hold onto the believe that IBM didn't have to change and could cling to mainframe revenue.
At least Akers was a man and stepped down. If Gerstner was still in charge and the BoD wanted to make a change he would be going down kicking and screaming and demanding a lucrative exit package worth at least a $1B. RIP Jack Akers. It wasn't all your fault: IBM management underneath was sniping at you, as they still do now. And now we see decades later it is not totally his fault why IBM is where it is. -anonIBMer-

Comment 08/25/14: It is interesting how there is no mention in all the media of John Akers post IBM failure in attempting to start an airline with Frank Lorenzo, nor any mention that John Akers was on the board of Lehman Brothers when it went bankrupt. Nice try at rewriting history. -ReWriting History-
Comment 08/24/14: As IBM workers we have power but we don't use it in an organized way. For those IBM workers being moved to lenovo, DEMAND the same $6000 deal the Chinese IBM workers got. If managment doesn't deliver take a sick day off all together. If they still don't deliver, take 2 sick days off and on and on. it is time we stopped being victims. -Anonymous-
Comment 08/24/14: Hmmm, about 81.5K USA IBMers remain. We can only guesstimate since IBM doesn't want ANYONE to know. Why? a big mystery or master coverup so IBM can get away with their big State and Federal Tax Breaks. Honest, sincere, disclosure never hurt anyone IBM, right? Now minus another 7500 with the Lenovo "deal" (paid slave transfer) for the xSeries. Still think another 4000 will go before YE 2014 based on RAs, performance force outs MIP terminations) just so IBM might make their Roadmap 2015 EPS goal. Leaving IBM at 70,000 USA. Going forward I expect another 20K to go from USA by 2020. Probably to Africa or "tech ships" just off of USA shores. Mostly non-IBM management or "customer facing positions". IBM middle management and above is safe as always since you gotta fill up 590 Madison Avenue and CHQ Armonk, NY. Just for "brand marketing" the "smarter planet". Join the Alliance; JOIN THE UNION! Protect your job. Get a contract. -sby_willie-
Comment 08/24/14: I see that former IBM Chairman & CEO John Akers has passed.
He may be the last of the "old school" IBMers. I worked there when he was in charge. He had no idea what to do about personal computers. He never even touched one and refused to use one in his office. His beliefs were entrenched in the idea that IBM was an international"business" machines (mainframe hardware) company. He really never thought that IBM would be a "consumer" machines company (ICM). They can say all the BS they want about his attempt to 'save" IBM from going down the drain; but he knew the company was doomed. Gerstner convinced the BoD that Akers was too slow. Akers didn't think so; but stepped down anyway. When the Jackal shows up, you better leave..know what I mean? RIP John Akers. -BlueEyedBlindness-

Comment 08/23/14:
John F. Akers, the chief executive and chairman of IBM during a turbulent time when the rise of the personal computer undercut the profitability of the mainframe computer business, died on Friday in Boston. He was 79. His death was confirmed on Saturday by Edward Barbini, a spokesman for IBM, who said the cause was a stroke.
Comment 08/23/14: Ok, clearly some CAs are working hard on this forum. IBM management wants you to leave on your own. Be advised if you resign/quit YOU GET NO UNEMPLOYMENT benefits unless you can get a good lawyer and see to it you quit do to emotional distress, forced out, etc. Usually the grass is greener outside of IBM but sometimes not, especially salary wise. So treat all "it's better away from IBM" with THINK 2X. It could be IBM management egging you to leave. Which is what they want to make Roadkill 2015. -IBMGodISWatching-
Comment 08/23/14: Isn't Lenovo controlled by the Chinese Communist Politburo? If so that explains the $6,000 "deal" being offered. -RedStar-
Comment 08/23/14: -IdiotsBecomeManagement- I think there's lots of questions about it because a lot of visitors are not from the U.S. It seem U.S. employees are getting screwed more than most being "at will" employees, in other countries that's not the case. People see this as an open forum not just a U.S forum. -whatever-
Alliance reply: Alliance tries address U.S. issues first, because "in other countries" their rules are different; which THEY are very aware of in most cases. "At Will Employee' policy is strictly a US labor policy of individual states' rights. Alliance is and always has been involved with "other countries'" IBM locations, and their labor issues as we understand them. Also, as was mentioned previously, there are Unions & Works Councils within IBM in other countries (IBM Global Union Alliance links).
They have protections and contracts and agreements that NO IBM US employees have. That is the perspective that US IBMers should consider and think about making happen here in the US. This is also what Alliance@IBM has been doing for 15 years.

Comment 08/21/14: Worked for > 10 years in IGS/SYSTEM X. Writing is on the wall, so left in 2013. Many talented colleagues left as well. Very puzzled by how it will succeed after 2015, with so many talented ppl leaving -left in 2013-
Comment 08/21/14: In the netherlands and some other european countries IBM has made contracts about severance. In the netherlands the workscouncil has negotiated a contract that gives up to 24 months severance based on your years employed and your age. So you see that the company has different standards per country. So i say to my american colleges get a severance contract with IBM -dutchibmer-
Comment 08/21/14: The selling continues -Insiders still selling-
Comment 08/21/14: If you are still with IBM, you need to update your resume and start networking. The company has become so short-sighted that quarter results are all that matters for the 2015 management bonuses. Left on my own recently, so glad to be a place that wants everyone to do well within normal work week hours! - Be Prepared -Glad to be gone-
Comment 08/20/14: IBM's Problems May Be Fatal -Gorya-
Comment 08/20/14: Development and test schedules in Tucson are being modified (i.e., line items de-committed) to accommodate resource movement (i.e., certain regulars are being re-assigned to other managers to be saved no doubt and contractors are being let go gradually heading into 4Q). You don't need to look at the writing on the wall. There WILL be more mass firings in the Tucson labs before 2014 401k matches are paid. Better join the Alliance as you're looking for a new job before you get labeled as "distracted, disconnected, or disengaged" for 2014. -Shaun-
Comment 08/20/14: Although this is old news, after the strike in IBM China over the sale to Lenovo, the remaining workers were given $6000 to accept the transfer to Lenovo. How much did US workers get? Zero! -Alliance-
Comment 08/20/14: US SWG services employees have been told to make sure they charge the full 40 hours every week they are deployed. This applies to the rest of Q3 and Q4. Things are going downhill.. -Anon SWG-
Comment 08/20/14: "One of the main questions that arises at the time of a layoff is whether severance will be paid. Many people operate under the assumption that they have a right to severance pay. There is, however, no general right to severance.
That is, there is no law which states that employers must provide severance pay to employees who are being laid off. Instead, severance is voluntary on the part of the employer. The employer can offer to pay severance or it can refuse to pay severance. In general, it is entirely up to the employer." -stillatIBM-
Alliance reply: Thank you for sending this article to us. Alliance recommends that ALL IBM visitors to this comments section, READ this entire article for a better understanding of what rights you have in regard to severance pay without a union contract or an individual employment agreement.

Comment 08/20/14: -China IBMer- quick questions: If they accept the low package how much time they have to find a job in/out side IBM or do they have to leave immediately? -curious??-
Comment 08/20/14: I would concentrate on working towards organizing your coworkers and getting a union contract. This is what the Alliance has been preaching for. Then you don't have to be curious: it will all be spelled out in writing! -da_facts-
Comment 08/20/14: It's just 'amazes' me to no end that IBMers think they are entitled to severance pay when IBM RAs them! -IdiotsBecomeManagement-
Comment 08/19/14: What makes the Alliance think IBM would be willing to sign a union contract and negotiate any terms with the union? All current and future members are "at will employees", and therefore can be fired anytime for any reason. -Will IBM respect the Union?-
Alliance reply: You are correct that all current IBM US employees are "At Will Employees". However, "future" IBM US employees *could* be unionized and work for IBM and be represented by a union contract. The big "IF" is very simple. IBM workers need to join Alliance@IBM and continue to organize their co-workers, until a majority of IBM workers authorize the Communications Workers of America to *represent* them in negotiations for a collectively bargained agreement (contract). Organizing and bringing an election of a union to a company is never easy. There is much work and courage of conviction that must take place in action, by a majority of IBM employees. If these actions succeed, IBM will have to bargain with the unionized IBM workers' CWA representatives.
For your information: There are already union contracts and union representation within IBM locations, in several other countries in the world. These unions & works councils are members of the IBM Global Union Alliance
(Alliance@IBM is also a member).
Comment 08/19/14: IBM and Boston authorities 'tested facial recognition software' that secretly scanned every person at two music festivals IBM ran a test of its Intelligence Operations Center that took over ten cameras at Boston Calling festival in May and September 2013 Each attendee at the festival was run through a facial recognition scan that identified 'skin tone,' 'head color' and clothing texture, according to report Operation was run and secret and only revealed when a Boston newspaper found an IBM report detailing the surveillance that had been posted online. -Anon-

Comment 08/19/14: "I think by law they have to give you 1 week per year. If it's a layoff they are suppose to give you 2 weeks notice per year or pay you out"
If IBM wanted to be more cruel than they are they could fire everyone with trump up causes (lying on CLAIM, threatening management, insubordination, etc.) and then not only no severance but generally no UI either. No USA law says a company has to give severance pay that I know of. Why do you think contractors get no severance when their work is terminated?
Alliance reply: Ok. Let's flatten this controversy, right now. THERE IS NO LAW that says ANY company has to give terminated/separated/RA'ed/Retired employees *Severance pay* at ANY time. Unless you have a union contract, or an individual employment agreement with your employer that covers "severance"; you are an "At Will Employee". The "At Will Employee" policy is in effect in every state of the United States. All employers that are non-union use this policy and will continue to use this policy. The labor laws of all states do not apply to a company's own rules and practices in the work place. If IBM decides to fire you for ANY reason or NO reason, you have no law protecting you or forcing IBM to give you ANY severance whatsoever.

Comment 08/19/14: This can't be good - International Business Machines (IBM) Korea is launching another round of restructuring to counter steep drops in profits, officials said Monday. - -Anonymous-
Comment 08/19/14: According to sources, what happened in China will happen soon in the US -- RA's in SWG. No numbers, but supposed to be similar to what happened in STG earlier this as SWG "needs to be right-sized". -Ginny Tookus-
Comment 08/18/14: "I think by law they have to give you 1 week per year. If it's a layoff they are suppose to give you 2 weeks notice per year" -whatever-
Hate to burst your bubble but there is no such law. An employer only owes you your last paycheck and any accrued vacation - not a dime more. This is why you need unions so that such things can be negotiated and put in your employment contract.
Comment 08/18/14: IBM China SWG cut people by 10-15% in the first half of Aug. The package this time is lower than STG cutting people in Mar. of this year. Manager said if employee does not accept this low package, the manager will issue PIP within one week. -China IBMer-
Comment 08/18/14: -gone in '13-: "RAs: They are mass firings."
Sure they are! The Alliance has been saying it for at least a decade but not enough of human beings outside of the Alliance challenges IBM management about it. Local, State, and Federal Government does not press IBM to disclose the mass firing (RA) and drive by snipiring (individual IBM employee MIS) numbers. You can't count on your elected officials to get this information out. Time to join the Alliance, huh?
Comment 08/18/14: -IBMer- So IBM USA sells it's paid xSeries slaves to China's Lenovo. Isn't democracy in the USA great? The USA politicos follow the $$$ just like the Chinese politborocrats."Pigs and man; man and pigs, and no one can't even tell the difference."
(Closing quote from George Orwell's ANIMAL FARM). -IBM$ucks-

Comment 08/18/14: The standard package is 1 week per 6 months, so one pay check a year. Up to a max of 24 weeks. 2000 for education and 6 months medical. I think by law they have to give you 1 week per year. If it's a layoff they are suppose to give you 2 weeks notice per year or pay you out That's why they go the 2 week per year thing. Works out cheaper. This is for full time not contractors. -whatever-
Comment 08/18/14: "what happens when wall street sees the stock price and EPS growth party is over, with IBM left as a weak shell of an IT -steve-"
That is not important to management or Wall Street. IBM is simply a host vehicle to profit from. Whether it is left as a dry exoskeleton of its former self is immaterial to management or to investors. Its more important to wall street and current management that they profit! That's all. The Watson's had a personal stake in the company and its people. Current management doesn't. Today, society has become more secular. Humans are simply resources to use or abuse, not your brother or creation of God etc.
Comment 08/17/14: Any IBM managers want to chime in on what is being reported? ie being told to give employees artificially lower reviews, putting people on pip to force them out? You can post anonymously here -Anonymous-
Comment 08/17/14: -ExIBMerLenovoEmployee- I don't know what kind of package Lenovo offers but I do know Lenovo calls it a LAYOFF, not an RA! -longtimebeemer-
Comment 08/17/14: Did they give you the option of taking the severance package before putting on 30 days PIP ? If yes did they give you a few weeks to find a job internally/externally if you go for severance package and not PIP ? -curious??-
Comment 08/17/14: Your manager can declare your work deficient at any time, even if you had no change in performance.
1 Week/year is normal for anyone fired for job performance reasons. 2 Weeks/year is only if there is a declared "Resource Action."
In most states, without a union contract, they legally could fire you with no warning, no reason, and no severance pay at all. -Anon-

Comment 08/16/14: Anyone knows what type of RA Package Lenovo has offered to those that have been RAed? -ExIBMerLenovoEmployee-
Comment 08/16/14: "IBM says $2.3 bln server sale gets regulator approval"
I guess this shipped has sailed... best of wishes to all 7500 employees who found themselves forced to move to a new company in order to please Ginni's hunger for her 2015 bonus -IBMer-

Comment 08/16/14: Cadigan is nothing more than a richly paid and compensated used car salesman. With no training. No credibility. A poor salesman at that. Kick the tires at your own risk. He is trying to get the best price to sell off a still serviceable fab that IBM doesn't want to invest $.01 to upgrade the line. Do yourself a favor all at BTV: THINK TWICE! JOIN THE ALLIANCE, sign up for a union, get a vote, get a contract! It is the only thing you can do now! -IBMUnionYES-
Comment 08/15/14: Say good bye System X folks - Lenovo deal has been approved.
Comment 08/15/14: A fellow IBMer from Israel tried to access the Alliance site from IBM's internal network. Guess what... the access was blocked and a "you're forbidden to access this site" message appeared.... They are afraid... -IBMer-
Alliance reply: Thank you for the information. This is not news. IBM has been blocking Alliance@IBM's web site for years, all over the world; not just in the US.
This is especially true in recent years because we are also members of the IBM Global Union Alliance
Allliance@IBM has always cautioned IBMers to NOT try to access our site from inside IBM or from IBM internal servers. It may be grounds for termination.
However, Alliance@IBM is keenly aware that several servers from IBM site locations inside the US, constantly monitor and access our web site anyway.
It's not hard to prove that it comes from inside IBM; bit it's not easy to determine "who" is accessing our servers.
We're very glad that this continues to happen. Our web site's number of visitors is well past 8 million, as proof.
Our web site can also be accessed from your mobile device, if you prefer.

Comment 08/15/14: I find it baffling that everyone refers to "RA's". Let's call them what they are and avoid the political correctness and soft-selling of IBM's actions. They are mass firings. -gone in '13-
Comment 08/15/14: Mike Cadigan spoke in BTV and said all is well with new tooling and some new hires (because of the people that left for GF).
Maybe the good news is now that GF is out, IBM is willing to invest again in our fab. I hope so... he seemed to think we're good for a while in BTV.
Not sure if I believe him or not though. -John R-

Comment 08/15/14: Wasn't the last RA package in March 2014 offering 1 week of salary for every year of service, up to 26 weeks? how is that different from the minimized package? -Sigh..-
Comment 08/15/14: Now that many managers have left the company, the secrets start to spill. For example, things are really bad when Distinguished Engineers are demoted back to STSM or asked to retire. Or worse when STSMs and Band9s which represent IBM in standards groups and boards are laid off. Or the management trend to profile employees to assign retention bonuses to those most likely to leave. Oh, and let's not forget the list tracking who is single and who has kids. Where the latter is less likely to get a raise or promotion because they're less likely to leave. Add to this the trend to promote based on diversity rather than ability, experience, or skill and you can see a corrosive culture of epic proportions. -WhatIfountOutThisWeek-
Comment 08/15/14: I've had enough. I've been with IBM for 10+ yrs. Received consistent 1 and 2+ ratings. Identified as a TR, Master Inventor, Patents, etc. I participated in just about every company event and group. However, the management lies and politics are unbearable, the bonus is pathetic, and the raises are worse. It's a disservice to myself and my family to stay here. All of my talented co-workers have left for greener pastures. Other friends outside of IBM work less, have more fun, and make much more for equivalent experience. As soon as I started applying the potential employers lined up. Signing bonuses of 50K+ and 50% raises are fairly common for those in Raleigh and Austin, California and others easily command much much more. My advice to all is.... Get a job outside when you have a job inside. When IBM replaces you (which they will!!!) with a cheaper international based resource, your negotiation power in a new position will be next to zero. -Band9TechnicalResource-
Comment 08/14/14: Totally agree with some of the previous posts. Stop whining and join the union. I joined several months ago (not exactly sure when) and really regret that I didn't do it much, much sooner. -Mary-
Comment 08/14/14: -performance2+- What is the minimum separation package look like ? 1 week for every year? Also did they give you a month to be at IBM to find a another job in/out side IBM if you choose minimize pay? Or they want you to leave immediately after you choose to take minimized package and not PIP ? -curious?-
Comment 08/14/14: Seriously guys, just how much more of this BS do you want to put up with? Roadmap, RA, PIP, PBC123, etc.
The longer you stay, the more crap they would send your way. Why do you waste precious weeks of your life worrying about all that? Do as I did: get another job, submit your resignation letter and get out. I am now totally free from having to worry about nonsense like "Will I get PBC3?" "Will I be put on PIP?" "What would be my RA package?", not to mention the endless sequence of "newsletters" "communications" and"social messages" from every executive and his dog. In hindsight, I find it amusing to recall how much time I wasted on that crap. Life is much better now.
Alliance reply: To all, please do not send any more comments about getting out of IBM. The purpose of the Alliance is to advocate for employees, to fight back and to organize. We are not in the business of encouraging people to leave.

Comment 08/14/14: A Union could help IBM survive the current business environment, with a focus on best-practices and standardized work rules. The picture is always of a union hurting business, but look at IBM's lack of business success. Getting control on compensation rules and integrating family life balance would improve moral like is seen at healthcare, education and agency workplaces, where unions are in place. Pay is higher, vacations longer, great pensions, great benefits and a successful, happy workforce. -IBMband10PBC??-
Comment 08/14/14: ...keeping to facts, not complaints... Latest IBM EPS = 14.63. Company must boost net gains ~37% or cut expenses ~27% (or both) to make the promised 20. One-time sales of x86 and chip fab will help to reach this figure, but they are single short term profits which have to be timed "just right" (if they happen at all). International tax dodges are a third method, though authorities are getting wise to these. So, mathematically, there are two "impacts." The 2014 belt-tightening to lie, cheat, and steal so as to get to the 20 number (if even possible) -- and, then, the post-2015 nuke where all the belt-tightening and tax dodges and division sales implode, and the real fiscal reality sets in.
I ask, non-emotionally, and non-sarcastically: how can this be avoided? At best, you have a 27% to 37% chance of losing your job (or being forcibly restructured). At worst, you have ~16 months before post-2015 armageddon. Call me crazy, but I just couldn't stomach those odds. -SimpleMath-

Comment 08/13/14: Hatred spewed towards IBM.Instead of being ticked off get even.What is the one thing that would send IBM reeling?
A union. My Dad was an Ibmer in the 1950's. He and his peers never would have put up with this crap so why are you?
Hit them where it hurts and show them you do have a choice. -Not an ibm fan-

Comment 08/13/14: I received my first PBC 3 in 2012 in BTV. When I qustioned it, manager said you just got another 3 for next year. I never had a chance. Please everyone, get out while you can. Enjoy your family and health while you still can. -Stella-
Comment 08/13/14: The days of the big RA package are gone. Ibm wants to trim headcount but doesnt want to pay to trim. First step is being told your a low performer and offerring minimized package if you refuse you go on pip and 30 days later they will get rid of you and not pay anything. Trust me once on pip you wont survive. Take what they offer and leave and dont look back. -anon-
Comment 08/13/14: It seems like upper management must be getting paid by the email and blog post. The company has dissolved into a Dilbert-esque parody. Nobody can get any work done because they are being bombarded by useless fluff emails from everyone in upper management with pathetic links to their blogs and other ridiculous crap. If people actually read this stuff, the company would grind to a halt (or hasn't it already??). Put a fork in it, but RA me first! -Band10PBC1WishingForRA-
Comment 08/13/14: 'our reward for surviving past RA's is an inferior package and a couple extra years of circling the drain'

Well, ya can do TWO things.
1) DO NOTHING and enjoy the Casey Jones train ride and just pick up the IBM paycheck till RA time

2) DO SOMETHING and ORGANIZE and get some rules and agreements with IBM in a LABOR LAW ENFORCED CONTRACT which is your right as a USA employee!
Alliance Reply: Thank you. Well said.

Comment 08/12/14: Stop whining .. either join the alliance to protect the workers and build a union, or suffer in silence. -Mary-
Alliance Reply: Thank you. Well said.

Comment 08/12/14: The entire corporate fictionhood is a scam to allow people to privatize profits, socialize losses, and avoid criminal charges for wrong doing. IBM senior mgmt. is a pro at this. -Anon-
Comment 08/12/14: -Anonymous-: As I mentioned in my original post, the lowest PBC I received was 2 and I even received 1 in the past. I guess they just need to cut even more cost for their race to hell. -RA'ed-:
Thanks for the explanation on minimized separation. That's exactly what I received.
You are right. It doesn't matter how much or how good you performed. Politics is all that matters. -low performance 2+-

Comment 08/12/14: I am so confused by the comments I read on this page. Everyone seems to 'hate' the new IBM whilst still in love the old IBM. I get it but I do not get the inaction. Quit or unionize. The old IBM is gone and has been for years. The new IBM only cares about Wall Street. Two solutions, quit and find a private company or unionize. -Ex IBMer-
Comment 08/12/14: I assume this 'minimized separation' of one week per year worked has a max of 13 weeks? If that's not true and the max is 26 weeks then anyone with 26 years or more of service will get the full severance. And I agree with other poster that it's usually offered after two consecutive '3's. I hear it's a one time shot, you have a given amount of time to decide to take it and if you don't, it's not offered again. -anon-
Comment 08/12/14: Is the low perf package truly 1 week per year worked? If so, I'd be happy as it would still be 6 mos for me. What about unemployment? It's still a layoff, so I would think unemployment would be included just like any other RA, right? -Anonymous-
Comment 08/12/14: The days of the golden handshake RA are gone, Folks. Our reward for surviving past RA's is an inferior package and a couple extra years of circling the drain. Hasn't it been FUN?!? -Anonymous-
Comment 08/12/14: I know a lot of people hoping for another RA. Gee, that's got to create a productive workforce, huh? The separation package (usually offered after two consecutive PBC 3 ratings) is a piss poor version of the more generous RA package, which has been offered to about 4K US employees annually for the last 6 years. -Anonymous-
Comment 08/12/14: -Low performance 2+-, are you saying that they put you on the PIP even though you never received a PBC 3?!? Geesh, it's getting quite unfair and nasty, isn't it? Why not just do another RA? Why not just do one big RA of 50% of the US workforce and be done with it already?!? I am SOOOO SICK of this!!! -Anonymous-
Comment 08/12/14: looking to be RA-ed-: Minimized separation is one week pay for each year worked. Half the standard severance. If you leave voluntarily generally you do mot qualify for unemployent benefits since you quit/resigned your job on your own unless you can prove you were indeed forced out or was put under extreme duress to leave. But you usually need an employment lawyer to help you out on that. -RA'ed-
Comment 08/11/14: Hello low performance 2+, Can you explain how much they offered for minimized separation package. -Medium perf-
Comment 08/11/14: IBM performance rating is a joke. If you pixx off your manager or don't play the political game, you can be the best performer and you will still be RA'ed. With no employee union contract, you are at the mercy of greedy and corrupt management. Join the union -Ana-
Comment 08/11/14: -low performance 2+- that is exactly what happened to me in late 2012-- I had always been a solid performer, no complaints from anyone in my management chain. Got notice that my performance was"insufficient" and that I has 6 months to improve. I worked my you-know-what off, and by all accounts my first two levels of management thought I had fulfilled the terms sent down by HR. But then the summer 2013 RA arrived and I was on it. Guess it was a blessing as the severance was twice as good. I'm now happily retired. -anon-
Comment 08/11/14: Starting to see the folks who were RA'ed in the Spring show up as contractors and supplementals. How does an RA really save any money in the short term with a payout of 6 months salary, lost productivity, loss of morale, lost work product, loss of sales, etc.? -Ginny Tookus-
Comment 08/11/14: Contracts being let go in Toronto in the past few weeks. Roadmap to Hell is showing cracks. -TOIBMer-
Comment 08/11/14: @-ExIBMerHistoryRefresh- Thanks for your post and the reminder. You know what's crazy, for 7500 wrapped up in this "repeat" exercise (I'm one of them looking forward to my interview Tuesday with a competitor), there seems to very little conversation around these topics. You've posted some facts, I've posted some facts, but there seems to be little discussion around these topics, or general concern from my colleagues around these items. Seems like everyone is drunk from the cool aid or immune to the fact that as soon as a way can be found to shift your job to China, it will. Absolutely seething to tender my resignation, hopefully Tuesday afternoon. P.S. Forget the fact that no "Red" people will be eligible for any bonus until July 2015, ya'll can split my copy of . Think there won't be a copy of that on every desk on "day 1" with a date to have it finished for group discussion or test to ensure train of thought compliance? -NoMSG-
Comment 08/11/14: This came from guidotti and its being enforced by dunderdale, all internal transfers are frozen as well as external hires. If you want to poach somebody you have to go to a board. Managers keeping folks from transfers in fear of losing headcount (IBM managers stopped caring about employees some 5 years ago, treat them as replaceable cogs) but at. The same time keeping them in a very bad place to be - can't transfer can't focus. There is a concerted effort to give more 3's this year and communicate it during mid year review (have you noticed it in your w3 news instructions in having your midyear review). IBM stooped to a new low, only roadmap to hell matters now. IBM is creating a monster, show me one IBMer who was treated poorly - and ibm treats everybody poorly now if you are not a sycophant or an exec - and still entertains the possibility to buy/recommend IBM and I'll show you either an brainless bloodless person or a masochistic one. Beware. -Camms (whaaaat) manager-
Comment 08/11/14: To -low performance 2+: That is a first low from IBM,( I have been a PBC 2 and 1 since I joined the company. Then I was suddenly informed that due to my LOW PERFORMANCE I need to either leave voluntarily with minimized separation package, or choose to be put on performance improvement plan) but you have to realize IBM hires imbeciles for management case in point Ginni. Getting an attorney would be a waste of your time and money. The best thing you can do is think of it as a blessing and get out. Trust me your manager is doing IBM's dirty work and then your manager will be gone. Good Luck! -RA'D in 2013-
Comment 08/10/14: low performance 2+, what is "minimized separation package"? If you leave voluntarily, you won't be eligible for unemployment benefits, right? -looking to be RA-ed-
Comment 08/10/14: At U.S. - Africa Business Forum, Ghana's Fidelity Bank Chooses IBM to Drive Transformation Agenda --
I wonder if these folks at Ghana Fidelity Bank saw the Carlson article? Or are aware of IBM's failures at the State of PA, the State of IN, the State of TX, the NFL, ServiceMaster, Hilton Hotels, etc.?
-3V3R 0NW@rd. . .-
Comment 08/10/14: To "BrokeInEFK", check your rumors. Those may be the folks working with GF. They all receive a bonus to cover the inconvenience (and keep GF from poaching them?) -UpInTheHills-
Comment 08/10/14:
Water negotiations with IBM stall, raising new doubts
Negotiations between IBM and the public agencies that provide water to its Town of East Fishkill plant have stalled, raising new doubts about IBM's future in southern Dutchess County, an exclusive Poughkeepsie Journal investigation has found.
The troubles come more than a year after the Journal first reported that IBM Corp. was willing to renew its 10-year commitment to buy up to 2 million gallons of water daily drawn from the Hudson River in Poughkeepsie and delivered via pipeline. The current commitment ends in 2017.
The issues have arisen primarily because IBM now wants to pay less if it exits the deal early, according to internal documents obtained by the Journal via Freedom of Information Law requests and interviews with officials involved in the negotiations. -IBM Bailing-

Comment 08/09/14: I have been a PBC 2 and 1 since I joined the company. Then I was suddenly informed that due to my LOW PERFORMANCE I need to either leave voluntarily with minimized separation package, or choose to be put on performance improvement plan (i.e., the hell). I know sometimes the company gave people 3 to force them out with less or no severance, but to force a solid performer, plus to leave based on the past half-year performance? That's the new low! Could anyone please recommend some good employment lawyers? -low performance 2+-
Alliance reply: If you choose to spend your money on an attorney to fight IBM, that is your choice. But know this: You are an "At Will Employee". That means that IBM can fire you for any reason or no reason. IBM makes their own rules concerning the PBC, their salary pay outs; even the way they decide to make changes to the 401(k) plans being paid at the end of the year, instead of bi-weekly like they used to do. IBM can break or revise ALL those rules whenever they choose. There is nothing illegal about it. Any attorney worth their education should be able to confirm what Alliance@IBM is saying here. Until you have a written contract (whether it is an individual contract or a collectively bargained contract) signed by you (or your union representative) and the IBM company, that guarantees specifics of your performance plan; you have no standing or power to dispute the way that IBM does business with their employees--You. Keep that in mind, when you decide to contact an attorney. It may save you a stack of money that you can use to support yourself and your family until you find another job. IBMers in the USA need to understand that Organizing to get a union contract is their ONLY option to level the "At
Will Employee" playing field.

Comment 08/09/14: I was RA'D in 2013 and that was the happiest day of my life. I have to admit being in management at IBM has to be the lowest form of human life out there. Our manager did everything possible to fire us or make us quit before the RA'D happened. Not sure if she thought she would save money on severance or she was just being a true blue blooded idiot IBM manager, but we are gone and so is she. I can only say get out if you can and not to go through all the stress, because IBM does not care about their people that's a fact. -RA'D in 2013-
Comment 08/09/14: This is a link to IBM management principles from past CEOs. How far IBM has come down from that today. -GTA-

Comment 08/09/14: IBM below may have won the suit in a court of law but will lose in the court of public opinion long term. I think many CIOs will likely think twice before inking a contract with IBM. TJ Watson Jr. always aimed for a WIN-WIN with the customer. IBM wins $14.2 million suit against Carlson over contract cancellation. -tj-
Comment 08/08/14: A bunch of people are getting 2-year retention bonuses in Microelectronics. Not me, despite getting a 1 last year and leading a major project. All I got was a lousy Blue Points reward from my manager. I guess the writing's on the wall that those of us who didn't get a retention bonus won't be staying around whatever happens with GloFlo. Instead of union contracts we now have people indebted to IBM. Good luck to everyone. -BrokeInEFK-
Comment 08/07/14: The FEB'14 RA sent shock waves to a lot of employees in the STG India site, about 20% of STG India who managed to find a job outside have left. Some who could not find suitable jobs outside managed to jump to other departments where IBM is currently investing (Cloud, Big Data, Analytics). The rest are frustrated at their inability to find a job outside of IBM, and confused with the lack of direction for STG, and angry because the latest leadership changes in STG India only made things worse. The employee morale here is lower than a snake's belly. With all this mess, I am not sure how IBM can produce any quality products going forward, looks like we are entering a viscous circle. There are fears that there might be more RAs in the making, given that Glo-Flo ditched us. I find this site a great place for IBMers across GEOs to know what is happening. Please share some updates from your Geo/Site. -STG-INDIA-
Comment 08/07/14: IBM CEO interpretation of Einstein's theory. E=MC2"Executive = Money Cash Screw" -Anonymous-
Comment 08/07/14: Just because you can teach Elephants to dance doesn't mean they can run a company!! You should have taken the money you spent on elephant dance lessons, and spent it on developing new technology. -MR EF-
Comment 08/06/14:

IBM-Apple App Deal for Businesses Hits Snag as China Spurns IPad

IBM's goal to dominate the business application market through a partnership with former rival Apple Inc. (AAPL) has hit a snag where IBM has faced challenges before: China. China's government excluded Apple products such as iPads and iPad Minis from the list of products that can be bought with public money because of security concerns, according to government officials familiar with the matter. That means the business-software apps IBM is building for those tablets may face hurdles reaching the burgeoning Chinese corporate market. -Anon-

Comment 08/06/14: For those IBMers going to Lenovo at the RTP site, this is something of what to expect within the 1st year. A 20% job cut. A history refresh. That's what happened to the 350 of 1,800 ex-IBMers. So get your resumes ready and start thinking ahead. -ExIBMerHistoryRefresh-

Comment 08/06/14:
Ginni couldn't entice GF with $1,000,000,000 to take the chip fab well guess how she'll raise a billion without enticing them? Duh. Another RA coming soon. Another financially engineered cost cut to try to get to $20 EPS. Full steam ahead, don't oil the main bearings, damn the torpedoes, and and the icebergs, the jagged rocks in the shoals IBM Titanic!
Comment 08/06/14: Andrew Stevens shown the same door as Jim Bramante it appears.
PWC virus downloaded by Ginni continues to wreak havoc within the company. Good call GR.
-out of the blue-
Comment 08/05/14: Ginni is trying to sell the chip unit so she Sam and Louie can get their big fat bonuses at the end of the year. There will definitely be more RAs now until the end of the year. US IBMers need a union to protect their families from these three corrupt and greedy CEOS . Join the union -Join the Union-
Comment 08/05/14: GlobalFoundries is hiring and has an ad in the Burlington Freepress today for a job fair on Tuesday Aug 5 from 6-8pm at the Sheraton in Burlington -JustSaying-
Comment 08/05/14: Looks like Ginni is running a reverse garage sale. She's paying folks to take her junk? Help the bottom line by taking take a hidden 1-2 billion dollar write off. Imagine if that money was invested in EFK's physical plant instead. -anon-
Comment 08/05/14: IBM GF Explore New Partners -justsayin-
Comment 08/05/14: For those tracking numbers, IBM has recently stated that if the System X divestiture gets approved (which is still uncertain) it will be losing 7,500 jobs. This appeared as a full page ad this month in Wired, and is available on too: "Can a move spark a transformation? See it happen with System x."
Noteworthy is that it was signed "Sincerely, The entire System x Team". But do you really think each and every one of the 7,500 is sincerely excited about leaving IBM? Well, most probably are elated to get out of IBM, but do you think they did an employee survey to determine this stated consensus? What's most interesting is that no single person, like an Adalio Sanchez-level executive individually signed it. Maybe they don't want to be too accountable for this massive and historic loss for IBM, which is short changing its long-term future? Or, maybe they just don't have the authority, as it seems everything is spiraling further out of control? -eXer-

Comment 08/04/14: Einstein, Bohr, Newton, and Galileo would ALL get 3's -- for being distracted. "What have they done for us lately?" -Anon2-
Comment 08/04/14: Ginni's desperation knows no bounds:
IBM Said to Have Offered GF Cash to Take Over Chip Unit.
IBM was willing to pay Globalfoundries Inc. to take on IBM's money-losing chip-manufacturing operations, according to a person familiar with the process. IBM was offering about $1 billion to persuade Globalfoundries to take the unit, said the person, who asked not to be identified because the negotiations were private. Globalfoundries wanted to be paid about $2 billion, enough to offset the division's losses, the person said. IBM's willingness to pay underscores the urgency for Chief Executive Officer Ginni Rometty to get less profitable businesses off the books. Even so, letting the deal unravel shows Rometty wasn't willing to exit at any cost. -Anon-

Comment 08/04/14: GBS Got the boot March 2014 full payout, early retirement, now hearing from people who are getting RA's with reduced payout after 2-3 weeks bench time. 2 in my small circle so who knows how many. Even heard a person being replaced by H1B and going to bench. These are not 3 performers getting 13 weeks pay with just 3 weeks notice. What is IBM doing? -Gonein2014-
Comment 08/04/14: Well - IBM may try to sell its chip mfg business but it will still maintain integrity in the research initiatives - or will it? -RAtired BTV'r-

Comment 08/04/14: It is very sad to see how IBM STG managers follow the senior managers direction to kick out the old workers. The young /inexperience workers get the high visible projects even they are clueless. There is no moral code. -dark blue-
Comment 08/03/14: Re the PBC process, if IBM employed Albert Einstein, Neils Bohr, Sir Isaac Newton and Galileo one of them would get a 3! -Glad To Be Gone-
Comment 08/03/14: To previous post by eXer. The issue is larger than it appears on the surface. I'm currently working on a government contract, and with the chance our new IBM HMC's (all System X) are going to be made by Lenovo, all of our POWER8 orders are on HOLD. There's no way they're going to let a Chinese company build HMC's being used by the government. We're now placing orders for POWER7 systems instead (since the POWER8's will utilize a new HMC). This may mean the demise of AIX in our organization in the future. -Anonymous-
Comment 08/03/14:

The job fair is from 6 to 8 PM Tuesday 8/5 at the Hyatt House, 100 Westage Business Center Dr, Fishkill, NY -Interviewing-

Comment 08/02/14: "IBM Australia/NZ MD Andrew Stevens retires. Profits plummet. It is a bad time in Australia at the moment. I am just glad to be out of IBM. Guess he'll end up with a "golden handshake"
Golden Handshake?? Perhaps he doesn't deserve a "Golden ANYTHING" based on his performance ... Perhaps another PW acquisition horror story for IBM (my opinion):
During Stevens' tenure, IBM Australia has watched its profits plummet.
The company reported total revenue for the 2013 financial year tumbled by a third, and net profit for the year went down to AU$233 million from the AU$355 million profit recorded during the previous financial year.
The company also made recent cuts to its local workforce, where 500 jobs were expected to be slashed in March, in addition to the 1,500 jobs culled during June 2013, as part of a global restructure plan. -anon-

Comment 08/01/14: Now is the time to find another job. Not q1 2015... -Anonymous-
Comment 08/01/14: I recently saw a cloud provider's (IBM competitor) business update that included a bullet point on the fact that IBM are deeply discounting (providing credits) on attempted Softlayer sales. Discounting on a already commodity priced offering? It doesn't bode well for IBM replacing lost revenue with cloud growth. -Where's the growth?-
Comment 08/01/14: To -Anonymous-, I have been a solid '2' for over 14 years at the same band level and all of a sudden I am dropped to a '3' due to 'relative contribution'. And this year I will most likely see the same, so two '3's in a row. Like you, performance has not changed. I'm sure I'll be shown the door with a reduced or non-existent severance. -anon-
Comment 07/31/14: I was a PBC 2+ or equivalent for 25 years. Then, boom, a 2 and then boom, a 3, and now I'm looking at another 3. Has my performance changed? No. Is IBM looking for a way to manage me out without severance? Yes. I'm sure I'm not alone. This is just another "initiative", intended to avoid more billion dollar"restructuring" (aka layoff) costs. -Anonymous-
Comment 07/31/14:
With IBM future foggy, Dutchess eyes $250k jobs fund Dutchess County leaders are considering a boost in funding aimed at attracting jobs and investment to the local economy. With the county's largest private employer, IBM Corp., reported to be trying to sell its microchip manufacturing business, doubt about the future of workers at the East Fishkill chip site have added urgency to the jobs issue.
Comment 07/31/14: @-anonymous-Who posted the news on CEO walkout: Why do you "hope" for Ginny to walkout, instead of, uhm .. well, walking out of IBM and getting yourself a better job? Come on, you *should* be able to get a better job if you try. Are you so madly in love with IBM that you will stick to them till the ends of the Earth? -CleanPro-
Comment 07/31/14: 12,000 shares sold in the last 4 weeks by IBM insiders, only 1,000 bought. Nice to know the folks at the top have zero confidence. Join the club folks! With the GF deal cratering, and cloud becoming a non-profit commodity business, looks like the screws are tightening more every day. I have no shares, but if I did I'd sell now too while they have peaked. -ReadTheTeaLeaves-
Comment 07/31/14: IBM Australia/NZ MD Andrew Stevens retires. Profits plummet. It is a bad time in Australia at the moment. I am just glad to be out of IBM. Guess he'll end up with a "golden handshake" which is more than what I got when I resigned on my own terms - I got sent a bill yet I have evidence I was next on the list for RA! Company is a joke and all I can say is good riddance. For those that remain, stand up or get out - the grass is truly greener on the other side -glad2bgone-
Comment 07/31/14: All should stop referring to IBM's System x business as "low end". It's not. That's just IBM executive spin to justify selling off the whole division, as if they were doing something smart. In reality x servers are relatively high-end, leading the technology and innovation curve in STG for the other HW lines to benefit from. Wall Street and US Military tanks and fighter jets use System x servers because they are high end. X could be called "high volume"; however, with the growing uncertainty of the potential sale to Lenovo (US Gov might not allow Chinese x firmware controlling our military), it's freezing sales. If the sale doesn't go through, IBM will end up with a "low volume" and "high end" (but starting to trend down from neglect) business pulling along less of the more profitable SW and services. And, all those dedicated IBMers who put their hearts into building the best x servers in the world - many are doomed whichever way x goes. Join forces now - your job might be next! -eXer-
Comment 07/30/14: "..None of us even knew she was here. You would think maybe the site workforce would be made aware of a visit by the CEO.."
Not the first time Rometty went incognito to an IBM site. I spotted her at EFK just after she was made CEO near the main EFK cafeteria. Her visit was probably to size up EFK microelectronics operations, and who knows maybe that was preliminary advance scouting for the current GF sell that is now off from all reliable sources. These IBM executives want to keep a low profile. Why I don't know..other than irrational fear(?)
Comment 07/30/14: -Join the Union-: Actually I think the discrimination starts earlier than 55 year old. Once you are 55 years old with 15 years of IBM service you get the FHA. If you are only 54 years 364 days old when IBM RAs you LOSE ALL YOUR FHA! Unless your an IBM executive once you turn the big Five-Oh your targeted. We are on a Roadmap to Hell! No doubt about it. -IBMUnionYES-
Comment 07/29/14: 6 stocks go higher after CEO's walk out the door....we can only hope IBM will be #7 on the list. -anonymous-
Alliance reply: Don't get your hopes too high for CEO Rometty to walk out. It would be better if you could hope that you and your co-workers could organize and fight for a union contract. Numbers make a difference for unions, just like numbers make a difference to the CEO's that live by the stock market. Let the CEO's, whomever they might be, play their game and lose. You should play YOUR game to win. And organized workers' numbers could be much bigger than theirs.

Comment 07/29/14: Several contractors in the Netherlands and possibly also IBMers were let go today. -IBMer-
Comment 07/29/14: I spent a little over 3 yrs at IBM. While there I got a PBC of a 2 and (2) 3.....The problem I had was I got 6 Outstanding PAs! So how can someone who gets outstanding PAs during a year end up with a 3? Well let's see, first I was over 50 when i was converted to full-time IBMer. I know they love to let us old-timers go. Second, I know that my salary was higher than other Band 9s in my group who were much younger than I. Good riddance IBM. You should go the way of DEC, SUN, etc... -TexasEx-
Comment 07/26/14: IBM management is not only sexist about women in the workplace , but they also have a history of discrimination against women and workers over 55. They are the worst company to work for when it comes to discrimination due to age and sex. IBM US employees need a union to protect this type of discrimination in the workplace. IBM H/R is useless when it comes to discrimination. Join the union. -Join the Union-
Comment 07/26/14: What's the latest in the France TSS strike? I haven't been able to find anything in English language since early July. -still_suffering-
Comment 07/26/14: My area is again actively replacing US-based workers with people based in other countries. One contractor was let go this past week, another person will be let go next week. Both IBM employees and contractors are under consideration. Management is being pressured to get US workers off the books, regardless of the impact to the customers they are supporting. -still_suffering-
Comment 07/25/14: IBM Is a 'Kindred Spirit': Whoa, Tim Cook, Whoa!
What I'm saying here is this: If this deal is so amazingly "landmark," the details provided do not match the hype. If the collaboration is real, it would be fairly easy for Tim Cook just to say so. He could at least give us a hint that the collaboration with IBM will extend much deeper than collaborating on how to handle invoicing. Personally, I'm taking all this with a grain of salt. -anon-

Comment 07/25/14: ...Ginnie asked someone in the command center...
Q:"What do you do every day that is stupid?"

A. Work for IBM without a union contract!" I'd say!
Comment 07/25/14: Regarding Ginni in RTP, what was she even there for? None of us even knew she was here. You would think maybe the site workforce would be made aware of a visit by the CEO but apparently the company's most valuable asset isn't worth keeping informed. -Anonymous-
Comment 07/25/14:

IBM Said to Reject Globalfoundries Offer for Chip Unit
IBM's talks to sell its money-losing chip-manufacturing operations to Globalfoundries Inc. have ended after the two companies failed to agree on terms, according to people familiar with the process.
"The breakdown of the talks is a setback for IBM Chief Executive Officer Ginni Rometty as she attempts to meet 2015 earnings goals by shedding less profitable units and reversing nine straight quarters of revenue declines."
-Bad Number's Ahead-
Comment 07/25/14: At the dog & pony show in the triangle the other day Ginnie asked someone in the command center "What do you do every day that is stupid?" Bless her heart, had she asked me I would have stood up and said "Ma'am, I worry about getting pulled into the next RA".
Are they really that out of touch? -Magnolia-

Comment 07/25/14: You are gonna love this:
IBM is among the "Top 5" companies to work for in India. -Anonymous Coward-

Comment 07/25/14:
The Fed suckered IBM into a failing cloud strategy?
Economist David Stockman, who is probably best known for being President Reagan?s budget director back in the era of voodoo economics, has been particularly outspoken about IBM as a poster child for bad policy on the part of the U.S. Federal Reserve. How this would be isn?t immediately obvious but I think is worth exploring because IBM is far from the only company so afflicted. There?s an important effect here to be understood about corporate motivations and their consequences.
Comment 07/25/14: All businesses do not enter into buy/sell negotiations until each party signs agreements not to talk to much less hire the other parties employees. These agreements are usually in force during and last for sometime after negotiations end. The process of hiring employees of this caliber is not done over night and has probably been ongoing for some time. IBM is either foolish (doubtful) or a party to this ongoing charade. -60Hurtz-
Comment 07/24/14: -JustSaying- I'm sure these three have employment contracts with GF and probably got a nice signing bonus! A raise perhaps too?! -IBM2GF-
Comment 07/24/14: Here's a good one, they will probably just get a slap on the wrist but really need to go through at least 6 months of diversity training, lol.. -sinking ship-
Comment 07/24/14:
Female coder live-tweets overheard sexist remarks 'made by IBM execs' at lunch who refuse to hire young women because they 'get pregnant again and again and again'
Comment 07/24/14: GlobalFoundries hires 3 more IBM execs -JustSaying-

Comment 07/24/14: @-Jason-, The answer to who left IBM and was hired by GF is here: -anon-

Comment 07/23/14: I just saw this.... IBM: "Environment - If you're a woman looking for a company that appreciates you" here:
Who the #@%$ came to that conclusion??!?
Comment 07/23/14:
There's no single stock that funds hated more last quarter than $200 billion tech behemoth International Business Machines (IBM). All told, early-filing investment funds sold off 2.56 million shares of IBM in the last three months, shedding more than 15% of their holdings in the firm. Now the question is whether it makes sense to join them in the selloff.
Alliance reply: The real question is not about IBM's stockholders' participation in a selloff--the question is whether IBMers will finally stand up together and take some action and push back against the Roadmap to Hell?
If you aren't a member or aren't aware, this comments section is paid for by Alliance members and its purpose is getting information and reports about Job Cuts. We decided to post your comment to remind everyone that comes here that in order to take action and push back, worrying about what IBM does with their "holdings" is not on the list of "things to do". Joining Alliance@IBM and organizing is at the top of the list. FYI.

Comment 07/22/14: -bongo- Remember whenever you see an IBM executives lips moving or quivering, they are LYING! Standard IBM executive CYA. That's why they are more slippery than teflon or butter or oil on a hot skillet. -anonymous-
Comment 07/22/14: "...but rather a standard 1 month severance without regards for years of service..."
I thought you only get 1 week of employment service up to a max of 13 weeks with consecutive PBC 3s with an RA?
So IBM changed this? Another devious an unethical way of cutting costs since the IBM executives have NO CLUE HOW TO MAKE REVENUE. Ginni should be a PBC 3 for two years running!
Comment 07/22/14:
Why The IBM-Apple Agreement Could Fail
The supposedly "landmark" deal faces some serious obstacles. An iOS centered mobility management solution will not do well in a BYOD dominated market. IBM is a newcomer when it comes to mobility management and lacks the clout that Apple needs to thrive in this market. IOS security woes are a major obstacle for highly regulated industries. This problem isn't likely to go away through IBM's partnership.-anon-

Comment 07/22/14: 6 weeks since I left ibm, sleep is easy now. I pray for my remaining friends. -grayson_ex-ibmer-
Comment 07/21/14: -jason- my sources told me that Tom Callfield recruited them. The names I heard was George Jorodomino , Deb Leach and some other young up and comer. Also heard someone name Hank Demarico who was an exec who got retired is also hired by GF..Could be a message here. -lastdino1-
Comment 07/21/14: Re: -SimpleMath- The next logical follow-on question: even IF they carve off these large chunks of the enterprise to reap one-time billion dollar payouts and (temporarily) make their numbers, does that really have much meaning in the long term?"
LOL - "long term" is not in IBM's vocabulary. What can they do to make the numbers look good for NOW, to hell with 1 year from now. -Glad-I-Left-

Comment 07/21/14: To jsb2b, the IBM earnings report is for just one quarter yr (second quarter). So you have to multiply by 4 or look at the full year forecast for the full year earnings. The 20.00 per share in 2015 is a full year EPS. -wackomole-
Comment 07/21/14: Question to bongo... not sure if it's allowed on this website, but if it is, tell us the names of these execs who left for Global if you can. -Jason-
Comment 07/21/14: -Curious-, two consecutive "3" appraisals generally results in layoff without the more generous RA-type severance packages but rather a standard 1 month severance without regards for years of service. IBM HR is enforcing more "3" appraisals to increase attrition and force employees out without standard severance. -Anonymous-
Comment 07/21/14: (I am trying to link this post to actual job-cut forecasts... I think we generally err on the side of excessive negativity here, without constructive end-product.)
Seems clear, at this point, that to make $20 EPS, IBM must divest its x86 server business and (much of) its chip-fab business. (Ideally both.)
If one sells without the other (e.g., x86-to-Lenovo goes through, chip-fab-to-GF-or-Tower fails), the number is still theoretically reachable, but will be difficult. If neither happens (e.g., both x86 and EFK deals delayed post-2014), expect November-to-March bloodshed.
The next logical follow-on question: even IF they carve off these large chunks of the enterprise to reap one-time billion dollar payouts and (temporarily) make their numbers, does that really have much meaning in the long term? What will keep this target-or-die crisis from recurring (whether officially forecast or not) in 2016, 2017, 2018?
Comment 07/21/14: A little audience participation exercise for the"theoretically almost RED team", since all the internal reporting MAY be just a tad one sided... Go out to Search Lenovo Layoffs and sort by oldest... SPOILER ALERT: May 2nd 2005 was the first day for the 2000 lucky RED transfers at the time. First major layoff? Less than a year later March 17 2006. Next major layoff? April 19, 2007. Transferred people gone in total? 600, or 30% in 2 years time. Pretty close to one a day if you look at it that way, transformation at it's best! In case you haven't noticed the shift of work east has already begun. P.S. Posted from my shiny new envy laptop, guess what it's NOT. -NoMSG-
Comment 07/20/14: "IBM outstanding stock shares are scarcer..."
Yeah, it's called stock price manipulation. Does anyone think IBM can ever become a $200 a share company anytime soon??? Can anyone figure out since Gerstner accelerated IBM stock buybacks in 1993 what the TRUE IBM stock price is without all these incestuous Billion dollar buybackSSS financed by IBM stockholder $$$?LIFE@IBM IS NOT GOOD and not getting better anytime soon. Roadkill to Hell and bust I'm afraid. LISTEN to the Alliance folks! They know what they are telling you all is true!!! Then THINK 2X for yourself and JOIN the Alliance! -trexibmer-

Comment 07/20/14: 3+ executives left to GF from Fishkill last week. Not exactly a morale boost. One of those same execs gave people a "there's nothing to worry about" meeting only 2 months ago. #rolemodels -bongo-
Comment 07/20/14: In response to the seekingalpha article, I present to you facts: -Another Ex IBMer-

Comment 07/20/14: anon....what is the "3-check your out without severance now. That's the latest plan"... I havent heard that one? -curious-
Comment 07/19/14:

U.S. Senator blasts Microsoft's H-1B push as it lays off 18,000 workers Republican lawmaker takes issue with U.S. corporate belief that there's a STEM shortage
On the floor of U.S. Senate Thursday, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) delivered a scalding and sarcastic attack on the use of highly skilled foreign workers by U.S. corporations that was heavily aimed at Microsoft, a chief supporter of the practice.
Sessions' speech began as a rebuttal to a recent New York Times op-ed column by Microsoft founder Bill Gates, investor Warren Buffett and Sheldon Adelson, a casino owner that has chastised Congress for failing to take action on immigration reform. But the senator's attack on "three of our greatest masters of the universe," and "super billionaires," was clearly primed by Microsoft's announcement, also on Thursday, that it was laying off 18,000 employees. -anonymous-

Comment 07/19/14: The Fed's Financial Repression At Work: How Big Blue Was Turned Into A Wall Street Slush Fund

IBM is a poster child for the ill-effects of the Fed's financial repression. In effect, the Fed's zero interest rate policies are telling big companies to issue truckloads of debt and use the proceeds to buyback shares hand-over-fist. That way fast money speculators on Wall Street are appeased by the resulting share price lift, and top executives collect bigger winnings on their stock options. -Anon-

Comment 07/19/14: Ginni is hellbent on $20 EPS by 2015. Last report was $4.21 EPS. How is she going to jump $16 to get to $20 in less than 6 months? Fire every employee world-wide??? -jsb2b-
Comment 07/19/14: Corporate greed and stupid management is taking over -this says it all: -John Doe-

Comment 07/18/14: The author is very wrong, and Cringely comments on it. -Anonymous-

Comment 07/18/14: I always thought Think40 was a failure in my opinion. It was very frustrating in that it was yet more lip service from IBM management with no funding attached to it. It was more fend for yourself initiative. IBM couldn't be bothered to even train its employees for its own software. I am taking the liberty of re-branding Think40 to mean Think! before you commit to doing more than 40 hours for IBM! Do not cheat your family of their due time to give to IBM. It will never pay-off. You will be tossed out in your old age (40 or above). That's another Think40 - the age at which you will feel age discrimination. Much like adult film actresses that look back and lament in their old age, you will too. These are all my opinions. -anon-
Comment 07/17/14: Have you read what is happening in IBM France? See what dirty pool IBM management plays? Putting striking workers behind the 8 ball? IBM: a RESPECT FOR THE INDIVIDUAL corporation? Not in my my dreams; in my nightmares though... Gosh, the Watsons must not be resting in peace now they knew how this IBM they created and groomed is now. You in the USA need a contract! Otherwise IBM will continue to run roughshod over you! -Support_IBM_France-
Comment 07/17/14: IBM Shares Grow Scarcer as Buybacks Bring Count Below 1 Billion
IBM shares are getting scarcer as the company acquires its outstanding stock, making each share of the company more valuable. -nonymous-

Comment 07/17/14: IBM Sales Sink Again, for the Ninth Straight Quarter
IBM posted yet another quarter of falling revenue, its ninth in a row, as the 103-year-old technology company continues to struggle to adapt to the cloud era of computing. Shares fell 1.5 percent in after-market trading. -Anon-

Comment 07/17/14: IBM Is The 'Poster Child' For What's Wrong With Corporate Behavior Today -Bad Behaviour-

Comment 07/17/14: When's the next RA, or can IBM not afford it? Oh that's right, they will 3-check you out without severance now. That's the latest plan. -Anonymous-
Comment 07/17/14:
IBM local job numbers fall to new low
IBM's total Dutchess County headcount fell to its lowest in decades in early 2014. A report made by the company, and obtained by the Poughkeepsie Journal, revealed a count of 6,897 at the end of February, a drop of 10 percent from one year earlier. That was 771 jobs gone off the IBM payroll.
Comment 07/16/14: -Sam- IBM keeps everyone, except their select few inner circle, former executives, and current executives, and middle management (band D), in the know. Everyone else just has to speculate, hope, and try to keep the faith that all will turn out OK or stay the status quo (which isn't that good, eh?). IBM DOES NOT COMMUNICATE even close to effectively anymore. It is all FUD and/or obfuscation when any news comes out, sanitized, from IBM. "...IBM does not speculate..." is Mr. Doug "Talking Head" Shelton's -I'veBeenMisinformed-
Comment 07/16/14: You better believe the Alliance when they say you are all on the Roadmap to Hell! This is no exaggeration. IBM's Roadmap 2015 is gonna be a failure and IBM knows it and has not enough runway left this year to make that $20 EPS no matter they do. They are trying to pull out all the stops with the recent Apple alliance but it is a case of a little to late. Let's see what the 2nd QTR numbers are gonna be. -IBMUnionYES-
Comment 07/16/14: So, a group of greedy corporations, including IBM and Abu Dhabi, shake down NY for $135 MILLION and it's presented as a good thing? -Ralph Montefusco-
Comment 07/16/14: Do IBM employees have to serve notice and pay the expenses for training, etc if they don't? -Anonymous-
Comment 07/16/14: Sam from mfg here.... I know it's only speculation (just like on CNN) but does ANYONE have any guesses on what the heck is happening in STG BTV or EFK?? By the way, thank you Alliance! -Sam-
Comment 07/15/14: And all over IBM America the BOHICA boys choir is warming up for yet another encore performance and still so few refuse to bend over. Have the Lenovo bound figured out which dialect of Chinese to buy from Rosetta Stone so they can pretend to communicate with new owners? Those headed to Malta rejoice as English is the primary language. For those of you reading this who still claim to not know about any union effort in IBM enjoy the bliss ignorance begets. -Exodus2007-
Comment 07/15/14: Managers meeting in EFK today, Cadigan announced GF deal is off... -anonymous-
Comment 07/15/14: I'm BTV manufacturing... doesn't look too good for us here in Vermont. -Sam-

Comment 07/14/14: For everyone enjoying the red kool aid after signing the dotted line, a friendly reminder/after dinner chaser to go with the clearly spelled out at-will employment clause.
If you haven't educated yourself on glassdoor on general sentiment toward your "theoretical" new employer, you should. If you are not actively making a contingency plan for your career regardless of what you do, you should. Remember "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face"... I wonder if there are any plans to shift work en masse to China if the deal goes through?... -NoMSG-

Comment 07/14/14: GF is advertising in IBM locations for personnel for Malta. My guess is that they have decided that it's cheaper and easier just to cherry pick people than to buy the whole of MD, especially as they've indicated they want people more than physical assets. -Dave-
Comment 07/13/14: More offshoring, my friend of my just got laid off from UnitedHealth. Management and subordinates of a customer call center trained their replacements in Malaysia. They gave them two weeks to train them before being let go. My friend was told Malaysian English sounds more American than other foreign countries English, which is why they opened a huge call center there.
I don't understand how they help American customers in Malaysia. How can your personal information be accessed by foreigners? How is that even lawful? I would think at a minimum that would violate HIPPA requirements. -Anonymous-

Comment 07/13/14: Alliance do we assume that the people who "outed" themselves on the facebook page have already made it known to IBM who they are. If no I guess it's out now. Good luck. -Anonymous-
Comment 07/12/14: Does reading about the potential global foundries sale count towards my think 40? #wastedhours -Anonymous-
Comment 07/12/14: Rumor is IBM and GlobalFoundries talks have hit a snag. They are NOT talking to each other anymore. IBM is pursuing PLANB. -anonymous-
Comment 07/12/14: "Who wants to contact Weird Al Yankovic to do the honors?"
If you want it done, then do it.. Typical, let someone else do it for you, just like forming the union. I had handed out thousands and thousands of fliers, even at Sommers, walked the line at stock holders meetings, worked the telephones calling people, and worked for 14 years to help.. What has anyone else done? -A non mouse-

Comment 07/12/14: NY Senator Schumer Calls Ginny about East Fishkill, Buy She Ain't Talkin: Rometty, however, "was totally mum'' during a Thursday phone conversation about the future of the company's East Fishkill facility, Schumer said. New York's senior senator said he called IBM's top executive to ask about the future of the East Fishkill plant in Dutchess County, which is rumored to be for sale."She said she didn't have anything to say on that,'' Schumer said."Nothing imminent. I made a strong pitch that I hope you'll keep East Fishkill, keep all the jobs there. Even if you'll have to modify what the factory does.'' "She did say that these new research jobs, a large proportion, a good proportion would go to New York,'' he said. "I asked her where in New York. She said she couldn't say." -Ginny Aint Talkin-
Comment 07/11/14: Folks - Re: "Diane Gherson's son was awarded a Watson's scholarship?"
Know that this scholarship reflects her son's abilities not his parent's politics/leanings/whatevers and it is a need based scholarship with a floor of 2000 USD - i.e. that is all he will get. As you are surely aware this will not cover much with the yearly estimated tuition for public schools closing in on 16,800/year and private schools ~2X that figure - she will be paying for the rest.
-fair but off-centered-
Alliance Reply: This topic is closed. No more posts on Ghersons son or Watson Scholarships

Comment 07/11/14: Watson Scholarship is based on student merit - not financial need. Her child should be congratulated for this high honor. Also -the Watson Scholarship is only a couple of thousand dollars per year, not a full ride. The uninformed and hateful remarks on this board detract from it's very important purpose. -Anonymous-
Comment 07/11/14: Be sure to visit the IBM global union alliance facebook page with pictures of worldwide IBM employees against IBM's "Roadmaps" at And don't forget to click the "like" button. -Alliance-
Comment 07/11/14: Well said IBM Patriot. You articulate the disease state well. Best analogy I can conjure is a diagnosis of cancer. On one hand, death is lurking, on the other a cure is possible. Everyone thinks time is the mitigating factor., but success is a combination of time and disease management. IBM has time but no interest in a cure and a leadership team completely isolated from the diagnosis. Terrible to watch a great company now in hospice. -Ex-IBMer-
Comment 07/10/14: Why does the "Roadmap to Hell" make me think of AC/DC? I think it's time for a parody music video, Folks. That should attract some attention. Who wants to contact Weird Al Yankovic to do the honors? -Anonymous-
Comment 07/10/14: Curious or the least bit surprised with this Big Blew? Nah! Like Diane Gherson can't afford Ivy league, Big 10, PAC, or elite universities tuition for her son... Why pay a $.001 for collegiate education if IBM will pay it all for her and her son? Greed. Greed. Greed. To the rich belong all the spoils. It costs them nothing. -IBM$ucks-
Comment 07/10/14: Largely caused by IBM in East Fishkill. Cleaned up by taxpayers $$$. -FishFooled-
Comment 07/10/14: Re: "Diane Gherson's son was awarded the Watson's scholarship?" I think you mean "..a Watson scholarship.." since dozens are given each year. Back in days gone past there was more to be outraged about with nepotism. One former exec of mine got both son and daughter hired even though they did not pass muster in interviews. Not an isolated case. -Oldtimer-
Comment 07/10/14: @IBM Scientist, John E Kelly is SVP of Research. He has no connection with Microelectronics Division. Yorktown chip lines are 80's, 90's vintage. These lines are for developing samples, not production chips. Clean room - Fab workers are Fluor employees no longer IBM'rs. -Yorktowner-
Comment 07/10/14: What an act of deception. Notice in the $3 Billion chip announcement the word FISHKILL isn't mentioned once, just Albany and Yorktown. It is a ploy so that when they announce they are abandoning FISHKILL analysts wont say they are abandoning chips. $3 Billion over 5 years is $600 million a year, less than they have ever spent historically on chip research. How does that saying go:
"You can fool some of the people....." -NOTHING BUT DECEPTION-

Comment 07/10/14: They must be feeding this to the universities, since the EF fab is being sold. looks like vapor ware -Anonymous-

Comment 07/10/14: IBM patriot, well said! -Michele-
Comment 07/10/14: IBM hiring microelectronics scientists. Is this the same John Kelly the has been sinking the Microelectronics Division for years?
"The effort, Mr. Kelley said, will have two main goals. The first will be to wring further improvements from current silicon chip technology, by shrinking the tiny circuits from today's 22 nanometers down to 7 nanometers, a few atoms wide. The second goal is to accelerate progress on novel and promising, if unproved, approaches - designs that employ quantum physics, carbon nanotubes and chips inspired by the brain, called neuromorphic chips. To step up its chip research, Mr. Kelly said IBM would be hiring more scientists and investing in industry partnerships and academic collaborations."
-IBM Scientist-
Comment 07/10/14: Mandatory IBM Challenge. Testing from ThinkFridays. More harassment.
IBMers Challenge CAMSS Privacy Statement Information about you such as your name, employee serial number, email address, location and business unit will be used to register you for this program. This information, along with your program completion status and as permitted by local law, the number of attempts you make at completing each of the test's modules, will be recorded, and shared with your first-line manager(s) (in-country and functional managers as applicable) to assist with coaching and development discussions. This information will also be available to the program administrator, and it will be anonymized before it further shared. Any survey you elect to answer will remain anonymous. Completion of program activities will be recorded in IBM CareerSmart/Talent@IBM and credited to Think40. -Anonymous-

Comment 07/09/14: You are a Resource and as a US IBM employee, no longer considered an asset but a liability. I highly recommend the following:
1. If you are an exempt employee, work the 40 hours per week you are paid for. No more evenings or weekends of unpaid overtime.
2. Take ALL of your earned vacation this year. Do not carry over any vacation into 2015.
3. If you are sick, stay home and recover. Do not think you are being a hero coming into work sick.
4. Hire a professional to update your resume and start looking for another job now.
If you think for one second what you do is of vital importance to IBM, you are wrong. Executive management does not care, even if you do perform critical work. Face reality and understand that anyone in IBM can be replaced, no matter how much knowledge and expertise you have. I have seen it first hand at BTV. -truthVT-

Comment 07/09/14: For IBM leaders to watch: -E-
Comment 07/09/14: Do you find it curious (aka wrong) that Diane Gherson's son was awarded the Watson's scholarship? Shame on her for even allowing him to apply. -Anonymous-
Comment 07/08/14: Is there an area in which one can post a listing seeking a prospect who may be interested in buying a business in another industry? Thanks -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: No.

Comment 07/08/14: Stand in solidarity with the TSS France Team. Think of something you can do to show your support. Even if it is taking five minutes more for lunch to report back to work. "If we don't hang together, we will surely hang separately" - Benjamin Franklin - -IBMUnionNow-
Comment 07/07/14: Backlash stirs in US against foreign worker visas
"Last month, three tech advocacy groups launched a labor boycott against Infosys, IBM and the global staffing and consulting company ManpowerGroup, citing a 'pattern of excluding U.S. workers from job openings on U.S soil.'"
Nice to see Big Bleu prominently mentioned in such a positive light. . -@N0NYm0U$-

Comment 07/07/14: An Open Letter to IBM Management:
If you are in fact reading this, know that this is coming from a BTL selected, Ivy educated, flag-waiving IBM patriot and a manager in a profitable IBM division. Please know that we employees understand the need for IBM to remain competitive, and that, in order to do so, any company will require headcount reduction. The backlash you see here, and hear of elsewhere is not one related to monetary poverty, but one that is centralized in a different kind of poverty. A poverty of employee dignity. It is difficult for us to hold our heads high and state that we work for the best company in the world, we know it is an untruth.
When we employees buy our IBM stock at a 5% discount through the Employee Stock Purchase Plan or at the market price in our 401ks, to hold as an investment for our families, it is hard to watch IBM executives flip the stock like daytraders without a meaningful cost basis. Our executive team has sold over $43,000,000 in stock in 1H2014. Zero dollars were spent in 1H2014 acquiring the stock, unless you count option exercises. The next batch of "leaders" at IBM see this, we answer puzzled inquiries from our employees about your actions. I am not sure what to tell them, as I am unsure how securities analysts continue to view this as anything but a vote of"no confidence" by management.
The worst part, and what will likely be identified post-mortem in the halls of elite business schools for the next century, is the cause for the continued recession of top-line growth. It is caused simply by the insulation of the executive team by self-aggrandizing sycophants. They attempt to satiate our queries with hopeful colloquialisms and half hearted explanations on contrived "town-hall" calls.
In the end, both they and you treat the average IBMer like an illiterate laborer, despite shouting to the world about our collective brilliance. You have created a culture where any given IBMer might smile to your face and shake your hand as they congratulate you for improving bottom line while they curse your ethics and your tenure here at this once fine company. Sincerely, An IBM BTL Next Gen "Leader" -IBM Patriot-

Comment 07/07/14: OK France nice job so lets see what the results will lead to. Please publish what you have won for the employees. -lastdino1-
Comment 07/07/14:
Guess it's easier to try conquering a smog cloud rather than the real Cloud. . . -@N0NYm0U$-

Comment 07/07/14: As the job market has improved some of key client architects for very prominent customers are leaving IBM. Their customer knowledge and experience will be quite difficult to replace. Especially as there is no loyalty to the people in the trenches. In the Army when the sergeants stop re-enlisting, the war is lost. -weary-
Comment 07/06/14: File under Ignorance is Bliss.
"IBM will partner with Beijing - increasing the monitoring and forecasting capabilities of the Chinese capital to reduce its issues of severe smog. IBM aims to help the city through its collection of real-time emissions data and forecasting expertise, and to help it attain its 10-year Green Horizon initiative."
IBM would like to forget the spectacular failure of it's "Deep Thunder" weather forecasting initiative with New York's Consolidated Edison
Comment 07/06/14: There's not much you can do about the 2015 roadmap it's to close to it's target date for them to change coarse now. It's up to you tho what happens next. It'll be interesting to see what happens in 2015 how many shareholders will sell off if IBM misses their target or creates a new roadmap of the same thing. There's a good chance their stock will nose dive in 2015. You should protect yourselves now or have an exit strategy. -whatever-
Alliance reply: It is time to start planning on how we halt the next Roadmap.

Comment 07/05/14: With "Congrats to the TSS France Team" I meant of course congrats for being so brave and stand up. That's what all IBM workers worldwide need to do. We don't have much more to lose, we only can win. Writing here in the forum is important to share information and to organize, but writing alone won't stop Agenda 2015. Again, as written quite a few times already: Organize yourself, join the unions and go on strike. TSS is one of the areas where it is really painful for IBM. I am sure there are others as well. We have at least the chance to show them that we are not willing to accept everything. To all IBM workers: Hold your heads up, be proud, strong and courageous and don't give in like this. FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS, AGAINST JOB CUTS AND FOR YOUR WORK BEING APPRECIATED AGAIN. -Time_to_act-
Comment 07/05/14: If IBM leaves the East Fishkill fab., can Dutchess County NY possibly put a lien out on IBM's PILOT and demand reimbursement of property taxes due since that would seem like a breach of faith when the agreement was signed and extended? -Fishkilled-
Comment 07/04/14: Congrats to the France TSS team on strike and good luck. Hopefully this starts a movement all over the world. We should stand up and organize in all countries. That's the 'onliest' chance to stop this madness. -Time-for-a-change-
Comment 07/04/14: Remember do not spend more than the 40 hours you are paid at work. Do not do more than your paid - not for IBM anyway. Go home. Spend time with your family. No matter what you do, if you fit the bill to reduce cost (age, salary etc.), you will be tossed out like yesterday's garbage. Your boss is no longer TJ Watson Sr. or Jr. Do things with the deathbed test. For example, on your deathbed, are you likely to say "I wish I had spend more time at work for IBM and less time with my family" ? No. So don't do it. You will regret it later. -test-
Comment 07/04/14: Really, there was any question? Lenovo, IBM deal approved by China? 4:42 AM
Lenovo's (LNVGF) $2.3B deal for IBM?s (IBM) low-end server business has been approved by the the Chinese Ministry of Commerce's anti-monopoly bureau. The acquisition is still awaiting approval in the U.S., as the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States investigates possible American national-security risks under the proposed deal, including concerns of the Pentagon's use of IBM servers. -anon-

Comment 07/04/14: Ginny (pun intended between Ms. Rometty and one who consumes too much gin) Please watch the Twilight Zone Season 5 Episode 33 - "The Brain Center at Whipples", then try to sleep at night..... man has value, man has worth... -BTV-No-Mo-
Comment 07/03/14: Endicott went through what the city of Poughkeepsie and other cities near Poughkeepsie are gong through now. There were restaurants that closed on Washington Ave, a car dealership closed, Union Endicott School district lost tax revenue, and the real estate market crashed. IBM does not care about their employees and how many plants and employees are RA'ed. Join the union before all of IBM US employees are RAed. -ANA-
Comment 07/02/14: EFK goes:
then BTV..
Comment 07/02/14:
Small business owners near IBM not optimistic.
WICCOPEE – It's beginning to look like a ghost town. Small business owners near the IBM East Fishkill plant say things have been slow before, but not this bad, as they — and the dwindling number of IBM workers who stop into their restaurants for lunch or a snack — wait with bated breath for news about the property on which their livelihoods rely. Evidence of the plant's diminished use appears in covered-up stoplights near entrances, grass or weeds growing up through cracks in parking lots visible from the road, nearby eateries that have closed and other empty spaces in commercial buildings. "We all depend on IBM," said Eddie Pun, owner of Oriental Kitchen, a restaurant on Route 52 near the IBM plant.
Comment 07/01/14: IBM financial engineering/fraud is running out of low hanging fruit:
Comment 07/01/14: I've been told that GBS has changed it's bench policy, shrinking time to being "offered" a separation from 90 days to four weeks... -anonymous-
Comment 07/01/14: Layoffs coming. All jobs have been frozen. RAs are forthcoming. Numbers were not good for 2q. Revenue down. More heads must roll. Watch out if your over 50 and make 90k. IBM is struggling to bring new customers in faster than they are leaving. -Aloha-
Comment 07/01/14: Playing the odds of getting laid off at IBM is like playing Russian Roulette.
The difference is you have a 15 shooter cylinder with 15 chambers. To determine the number of bullets at the next draw do the math below:
* Every 4 years of age you are over 40, add 1 bullet.
* Every $8K of salary you are earning over $60K add 1 bullet.
* If your division is targeted then add 2 bullets.
* If are in banding level over 9, take out 1 bullet for every levelyou are over 9.
* Add 1 bullet of every 2 PBC levels you are at below 1. So PBC 2 is 2 bullets = +2 and 2 or 2 levels.
* If you have a union contract pull out 5 bullets - you don't have one so forget this altogether.
The number of bullets you have chambered will determine your survival rate at the next pull of the trigger. So this reflects how little PBC actually plays into you survival chances at the next RA.
Comment 07/01/14: To -Anon- "Hence employees that were expected to be transferred, may not be now." They will still be transferred, just to the unemployment line. IBM already wrote all those people off originally identified in the Lenovo transfer. Do not expect the company to "re-absorb" them back into the fold otherwise RoadKill 2015 will be a failure. -Exodus2014-
Comment 07/01/14: The "day of reckoning" for EFK is fast approaching: IBM EFK: WHY NOT do something positive:
Take a break for 15 minutes at 2PM. Hit the restrooms en-mass even if you don't have to! Go to the snack machines in the break areas. Take a break! Go outside for a breath of fresh air. Call a loved one on your cell phone, check you car's tire pressure/oil level in the parking lot...etc. Then join the Alliance!
Comment 07/01/14:
Dell Exec: Campaign To Go After IBM Business Is Working
Add Dell to the list of companies courting IBM partners and customers, trying to win their business ahead of IBM's sale of its x86 server division to Lenovo.
Last week, Dell reported it has experienced healthy growth in the number of partners and customers that have made the switch. -anon-

Please see our page for comments on IBM Retiree Issues:

Comment 07/01/14: See Alliance main page for news on IBM France TSS strike. -Alliance-
Comment 07/01/14:

Comment 07/01/14: Your question about "scope" would be defined by Lenovo or IBM. If you had a union contract the meaning would be defined. -samtheman-
Comment 06/30/14: "How can IBM say you are in scope for Lenovo transition in March 2014. Then on June 24, 7 days before you are to receive the Lenovo job offer, tell you , that you are no longer in scope."
Welcome to not having a labor employment contract and being an at-will employee! Join the Alliance to make a difference! -IBMUnionYES-

Comment 06/30/14: In the latest Barron's Most Respected companiy list, IBM falls from #10 last year to #52 this year. I'm sure we are all in shock over this one. I think its time for a mid year PBC review for the entire executive team. Perhaps they should be rated 3's and put on a performance plan. Time for you to go Ginni. -anonymous-
Comment 06/30/14: Scope vs not being in scope. Due to issues related to the potential X86 sale. IBM may not be selling off all that was originally expected. Hence employees that were expected to be transferred, may not be now. -Anon-
Comment 06/29/14: For those who are about to be laid off, we salute you. If you are "over qualified (age)" and are ready to work where age is not a bias, look into patent examination (staffing up). There are many here from the 'company that shall not be named' and it's all on you. Many commute back to their homes on weekends, every other weekend, or in some cases back to California when they can. No need to sell and move if that works for you, and after a time you can telework from your home. It pays the bills! -Ich Bin Muede-
Comment 06/28/14: How can IBM say you are in scope for Lenovo transition in March 2014. Then on June 24, 7 days before you are to receive the Lenovo job offer, tell you , that you are no longer in scope. You are not the only one being pulled back. Cause they had too many people tagged as in scope? Whats up with that? This smells Fishy. -Anonymous-
Comment 06/28/14: "why don't you ask your manager to put you on the RA list then you can get a package and split."
Risky strategy and I'll tell you why:
1) If you are currently a PBC 2 you could easily be dropped to a PBC 3 by your manager since you expressed your intentions. This could cost you half severance payment IF you get RAed.
2) You could be fired for performance soon after expressing your intentions. Then you get nothing and possibly no unemployment benefit eligibility.
Best thing to do is look for another job and only do your job for 40 hours at IBM. Nothing, nothing extra. Just don't go the extra mile for them at all.
If you are already a PBC 3 then you will likely be RAed within the year anyhow after your next PBC 3 so just take it easy and only do the minimum requirements for your job until then. The productive thing to do is join the Alliance!
Comment 06/28/14: A big announcement next week, joint venture with gf for BTV. Will finish the year with IBM. Next year all gf. Loss of vacation pay, tdsp, plant to close by 2016. This is straight from a 3rd level manager. So sorry Vermont. -Joe-
Comment 06/28/14: @whatever and others. Any use of IBM internal network is subject to auditing or monitoring it's in the BCG you sign every year. ST messages can be analyzed for context via Kenexa offering for social media (IBM absorbed HR company)
All external traffic goes through a transparent proxy, All internal site access that requires IIP credentials can be summarized. There is no group that spends their time looking 24 x 7, but in big data terms the information is there. -Ex IBM CIO Org Drone-

Comment 06/28/14: Don't believe for a minute there is no Sametime admin. I know for a fact Ibm uses the same key word search that they use while watching your email. It's a constantly evolving algorithm. You can bet they have added "roadkill" "ginni" and all the others that show up here in this forum. The software keeps count of the keywords and flags the highest counts. Ibm even touted this about a year ago when they offered software to companies to monitor what their employees were saying about them in social media. (And don't use asterisks to cover up words like roadkil*, they get a high ranking in the flag count.) -sametime_admin-
Comment 06/28/14: Big moving event in Ottawa Cognos building. Workers who have longer years in the company used to get better cubicles. But this time many of them are assigned worse cubicles than less year workers (worker compare to worker, not worker compare to manager). A way to discourage, embarrass and push senior workers to leave without RA cost. -cognosriverside-
Comment 06/27/14: LOL @-depressed- why don't you ask your manager to put you on the RA list then you can get a package and split. As for sametime no they don't monitor chats if they did I would have been gone along time ago. They don't even have anyone supporting the sametime servers. IBM wouldn't spend the $$ on monitoring it. The only time they might is if someone reported you as being abusive or something on chat. Even if someone wanted to look at the logs I don't think anyone in IBM would even know who to ask. -whatever-
Comment 06/27/14: Another Customer Bails on IBM
Roadchef exits IBM Global Services for direct supplier relationships
Motorway services company Roadchef ended an outsourcing contract with IBM Global Services (IBM GS) when its IT was up for refresh and decided to move to SAP. At the same time, Roadchef ended its relationship with IBM GS. It also carried out other projects, including the implementation of a wide area network and a desktop refresh. The company used different technology suppliers and brought IT management back in-house to its seven IT staff. Sharkey said the company wanted to work directly with different IT suppliers, rather than through an IT service provider.
"From my experience, you get a better response if you work with people directly,"
he said.
Comment 06/27/14: T2RTAKER - I took the T2R last time and didn't know anyone who was told hey needed to work more than the agreed upon 24 hours a week.That is not part of the program. Tell your manager that you will be there 3 days a week for 8 hours a day so he/she should plan the amount of work they intend to get from you accordingly. If you don't get satisfaction you can go to HR or just work 24 hours a week. They aren't going to fire you for adhering to the program and they can't lay you off. -longtimebeemer-
Comment 06/27/14: -Depressed-. IBM has the right to track anything you do on your work computer or on the IBM network. There is no such thing as privacy in that context so basically don't say, send via text, sametime or email or post on a blog or anywhere else from inside the IBM firewall, ANYTHING you do not want them to be able to attribute to you because they can simply use it as a reason to fire you. Not that they need that any way, being 'at will' but why give them help! Even outside the firewall, one has to tread carefully because it's all ammunition for them if they chose to use it and trust me, some managers will. -Glad To Be Gone-
Comment 06/27/14: -depressed- asked the same question I came here today thinking about: Does IBM Management spy on sametime conversations? If so, I'm a gonner. Co-workers and I constantly chat about the declining and sad state of affairs at IBM and our do-nothing FLM and SLM. -LetsBeFrank-
Comment 06/27/14: Hey Big Bob - One thing YOU need to keep in mine is that wonderful statement included in all the annual reports regarding Executive Compensation: The Board Of Directors makes a conscious decision and proclamation to pay these folks ridiculous amounts because they are all "1 Performers" and the Board is afraid they will leave IBM and go elsewhere unless they continue these nonsensical compensation packages. While I find this statement to be wildly amusing since I no longer am with IBM, the fact of the matter is if you are going to pay these people like they are the "Best and the Brightest" then they should be expected to perform to that level. Kah-Peesh? -Happily Departed In 2013-
Comment 06/27/14: For those like me who used to work so hard, going above and beyond and putting in so much extra time but are now refusing to do so, or those that are taking T2R and trying to keep your work hours to a limited number, here is the answer. Just make sure to carefully document everything that you do during your work hours. If you ever get accused of being 'distracted' or not productive by your manager, just pull out your daily or weekly list of accomplishments. Just be more organized than your manager (usually not hard!) That's what has worked for me. -HelpYourself-
Comment 06/27/14: At the IBM East Fishkill Site we are seeing a lot of County officials and prospective Real Estate buyers who have been touring the site along with upper management. Also,the site property is being resurvey along with a host of surveyors.The latest is that there will be an upcoming announcement on who will own the EF site. Building 334 was been cleaned and is being converted into a major conference center which will support up to 4,000 people for the all hands on event! -Bring in the Chairs!-
Comment 06/27/14: @depressed - The need to get something out the door to generate revenue no matter what the quality is is paramount. If and only when a customer reports a problem it is fixed. Time to stress test and debug products before being released causes delays in release. Because of self imposed loss of qualified technical staff by RA's or folks leaving there have been crisis meetings in SWG. -Anon-
Comment 06/27/14: @Wondering, There have been changes, one has to keep a close eye on Netbenefits. For example if one retired 12/31/13 the lump sum amount (prior pension plan) was several 10K higher and they offered 100% joint survivor. If you retired a day later 1/1/14 you lost the several 10K in lump sum and now only 50% Joint Survivor is offered. In my case the difference was about $40K 12/31/13 vs 1/1/14. -Longtimer-
Comment 06/26/14: It looks like Day 1 at Lenovo is on track for August 1. Lenovo has leased a new office space for x86 nearby in RTP. Anyone have an estimate for the remaining employee population at RTP? A site that once hosted 12,000+ IBMers is most certainly under 5,000 today. -RTP x86 to Lenovo-
Comment 06/26/14: I am slowly getting sick of my job as a dev in IBM. Everyday, we have client support issues. Fix this, fix that. That takes up 80% of my time. It's endless because:
1. We support 1 new version each quarter and the management didn't see fit to expand our manpower.
2. We have subpar developers who keep breaking things and their supervisors (who are in fact competent) not watching them closely enough
3. The upper management is hellbent to keep adding more and more to the product when the code is becoming increasingly unstable.
I really am looking for an exit from this. It's a comfortable workplace but I joined the industry to be at the forefront of innovation and not to endlessly fix stupid bugs caused by half competent coders. By the way, does IBM management spy on sametime messages? -depressed-

Comment 06/26/14: -helpless- Without a union we are ALL helpless. Some of us realized it 15 years ago. Some just now. -Exodus2007-
Comment 06/26/14: To the person who said "Tens of thousands took T2R...". Please have more respect for us all than to make ridiculous claims like that. You even include "sales execs" in your blather, and those folks were not even eligible for the program. And let's quit calling the CEO dumb and stupid. Disagree with her all you want as do I, but she has an engineering degree from Northwestern folks. She is neither dumb nor stupid. -BigBob-
Comment 06/26/14: Taking the T2R. 3 day workweek starting 6/28. Boss said 3 days with 2 hours ot each working day = 30 hour workweek for me. Talked to others I know that are taking the T2R and they said it was stated to them it's 3 8 hour days with 2 off and and anything over 8 counts as hours owed back to you before you leave. Anyone else being told they need to work over the 24 hours a week they were told? -T2RTAKER-
Comment 06/26/14: Sounds like everyone agrees, the 2015 roadmap is going to kill IBM US.
Raising EPS is not a strategy, it is only results of a good strategy that obviously, we don't have. I'm not getting why Alliance as a union of the mother company in the US is not organizing a strike in sync with other unions World Wide to request that "Roadmap" to be cancelled, Ginni to be disembarked of course with no compensation has she made enough harm to that company already, and request an actual IBMer to be designated as CIO, so that he can put back our main resource that is IBMers in the heart of our strategy. Without this all what is said here is just verbiage and will not avoid our boat to continue sinking. TSS in France started a strike on their own, but obviously, 80 people on strike will not be enough in the balance, so quite useless. I know a strike is not in US citizen culture, not in mine either, but I don't see other ways.

Comment 06/26/14:

Comment 06/26/14: -helpless-, don't be a puppet. Work your 40 hrs then close the laptop. Take care of yourself and your family. IBM will bleed u dry and throw away the carcass. -Anonymous-
Comment 06/26/14: An important read for IBM mgmt:
There is great part in there covering elements of job sat. Let's review today's IBM:
"Job satisfaction" includes a number of values that are to be considered by anyone...?
- Wages/Benefits <-cuts, stagnation, furloughs, 401k delay, pension games
- Job sec. <- 'Resources' in many units are regularly in fear of their job
- Company Culture <-Once great, in freefall
- Ethics & values <-Respect For the Individual long gone, Superlative Customer Service long gone for cost savings & target games, Pursuit of Excellence in NA questionable due to mass demoralization
-Support & training <-No budget Think40 is a joke /w no support, just another ticky mark
- Company loyalty to its employees <- HA HA HA
- Location <- Work from just about anywhere?but best if that location is overseas
The only logical choice is to bail or Union up & actively fight. Your choice. -YouCantRAMeIQuit-
Comment 06/26/14: Hearing rumblings, rumors in EFK about upcoming IBM announcement; happening next Wednesday, July 2. People are being asked to update their vacation plans, if they will be at work next week. Layoffs, GF deal; who knows. -endless-
Comment 06/26/14:
IBM, Lenovo server deal in limbo over security worries (Reuters) - IBM's proposed $2.3 billion sale of its low-end server business to China's Lenovo Group is in limbo as the U.S. government investigates national security issues, The Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the matter. U.S. security officials and members of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) are worried that IBM's x86 servers used in communications networks and in data centers supporting the Pentagon's networks could be accessed remotely by Chinese spies or compromised, the newspaper reported.
Comment 06/25/14: I'm wondering what happened to the rumors that there would be changed to the retirement plans to try and force US employees to retire. At one point, there were posts on here that said there would be changes announced that would ultimately force US employees to retire by year end 2014. -Wondering-
Comment 06/25/14: Nobody here knows anything about a feeling of limbo right? Apparently 7,499 other people aren't significantly concerned...

Somebody surely will pocket a few million and it will get forced through I'm sure. I'm packing my parachute fold by fold everyday and can't wait to pull the rip cord! Food for thought for anyone contemplating "loyalty" in 2014, I've been here 8 years too long.
Geez that sounds like a fitting handle. What planet are you on with this comment? Is IBM holding you hostage?
Does IBM have a corner on the employment market? Have you looked for other jobs? If you are a salaried employee, every hour over 40 you work is volunteer time and your compensation/hourly rate declines as a result. I am going to happily be a hired gun the rest of my career, loyalty is no longer in my dictionary as it certainly isn't in any company's especially this one. Not to be harsh, but it's people like you "working 12 hour days" who allow management to try and overload everybody instead of staffing properly. What are those 12 hours a day getting you by the way... Underpaid versus the market I assume, perhaps an ulcer, maybe strained family relationships? My heartfelt suggestion to you, stop bitching and feeling sorry for the situation and find other employment, that's what I and anybody who cares about their future should be doing at this point. -GutterOil-

Comment 06/25/14: CIA wants more AWS. -in the weeds-
Comment 06/25/14: First it was the GM, Watson leaving IBM to join a hedge fund. Now the GM of SaaS/Cloud left IBM and joined eBay. and -ex-blue-
Comment 06/25/14: @helpless.... do you need help updating your resume? No one on their deathbed ever said, "I wish I had worked more weekends and spent less time with my family." Ever.
Change is scary - but the atmosphere of joyless forced labor camp you describe is even scarier. IMHO, time to move along... and if there is some way for us to find one another through the Alliance, I am sincerely offering to help with your resume. -fifteenyearsandcounting-

Comment 06/24/14: I worked in the Endicott Plant from 1981 to 1986 4 or 5 of those years were in Bldg 018. I left the Endicott area in 1992. How does one get included in the lawsuit? I was never notified of anything even though I was exposed to many dangerous chemicals in Bldg 018. -longtimebeemer-
Alliance Reply: The lawsuit was originally setup on behalf of those that came forward from the Village of Endicott residents. It was not focused on the IBM employees. Some of the plaintiffs however, were former IBM employees AND they were also residents of the Village of Endicott. Alliance@IBM representatives made efforts to bring the NYS Dept of Health and the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health in, to study the effects on 35,000 IBM Endicott employees health records and IBM's industrial hygiene records. Those results were published and made public in January of 2014. If you were an employee of IBM Endicott between the years 1969 and 2002, then you were included in that study.
Comment 06/23/14: IBM at the Crossroads: Employees Talk In the Shadow of Layoffs -Anon-
Comment 06/23/14: T2R -- Any HR types lurking out there? I would love to know an approximate number of folks who took the T2R option this time around - I know that the company was disappointed with the acceptance rate in 2012. My hand is up.. ok, that's 1... -fifteenyearsandcounting-
Comment 06/22/14: I have been working 12 hrs day including most weekends and it's not enough to do all the work that is required. I have no time to even cook dinner on a Saturday for my family. I have no time to take care of basic items like medical appointments. I feel sad, frustrated and helpless and don't see any lights at the end of the tunnel. -helpless-
Comment 06/22/14: "Tens of thousands" It's probably wishful thinking but you're probably in the ball park. -anonymous-
Comment 06/22/14: Full steam ahead to Roadmap 2015 IBM! Captain Ginni: do you have you hand on the rudder? Your deckhands never see the light of day in the boiler room. Oh yeah, forget the weather reports of high seas, wind, storms. And those buoys out there in the channels you'll ignore as long as EPS has any chance to go up. -AncientMariner-
Comment 06/22/14: "Tens of Thousands of Sr. Technical Engineers, Sales Execs, Programmers, and architects are taking T2R package."
But how many thousand will decide to come back as yellow badge IBM contractors and be treated worse than 2nd class workerbees? -curious-

Comment 06/22/14: Pennsylvania Won't Renew IBM's Contract for Botched Project
An IBM spokesperson said the company was "surprised" by the state's decision. In addition, the spokesperson said that,
"IBM is fully prepared to continue to bring the benefits of a contemporary unemployment benefits system to the state and its citizens, and we stand ready to work with the state to resolve this matter."
In other words, don't blame us, instead the blame should be placed on the state's mismanagement of the system contract for the modernization effort ending up resembling IT roadkill. -Anon-

Comment 06/22/14: This article in the weekend WSJ on Workday pretty much sums up what a CEO should be thinking in regards to their employees... "We've thought about it very carefully and the employees come first. If you do that, customers will have a wonderful experience. Happy employees create happy customers. And ultimately you will have happy shareholders. We try to tell people not to focus on the stock price. If you continue to innovate and improve performance, the share price will ultimately take care of itself.".....
Perhaps Ginnie should read the WSJ from time to time. I'm sure she can afford a subscription.
Full article - -Anonymous-

Comment 06/21/14: I lived in Endicott on the north side and many people have gotten cancer from the ground water caused by IBM chemicals into the ground water. -Cancer Victim-
Alliance Reply: It has been verified through health studies by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the NYS Dept. of Health that the cancer rate for Endicott village residents and IBM workers is 2 to 3 times the rate compared to a general population not living or working in that area. However unfortunately, it cannot be scientifically proven that the cancers are directly caused by the toxic waste
. There is a $100 million lawsuit pending and investigations of the site for persistent contamination is on-going (which began with a clean-up of a chemical spill in 1979). There are citizen groups and government agencies still involved in the clean-up and the recovery of this Class II designated Superfund site.
For more information, please visit this Facebook page: and our health & safety page here:
Comment 06/20/14: On lowering SoftLayer prices: Looks like the elephant can't dance in the Cloud! -IBM$uck$-
Comment 06/20/14: Tens of Thousands of Sr. Technical Engineers, Sales Execs, Programmers, and architects are taking T2R package. No more regular beatings, no more 80 hour weeks, no more RAs, no more excuses. This does however further drain the company of it's already shrinking intellectual assets (seasoned veterans). This is just an effort to further reduce US headcount and offshore more jobs to countries that cannot execute for 1/2 the price. Read this closely - THE SHIP IS GOING DOWN ! Good luck to all that remain on a stinking rotten Titanic on the verge of PANDEMONIUM. The RAs will continue, the beatings will continue, and the bonuses will continue to be non-existent. The tide is turning and the Titanic is going down.
What else can they take away besides 401k match, pensions, LTD, STD, vacation, bonuses, promotions,future health account, US Jobs, and increase cost for LTD, STD, health, dental and other standards. Join the union now before it's too late.
Comment 06/20/14: Forbes blasts IBM again. Why The World's Dumbest Idea Is (Finally) Dying.
"As revenues fall, IBM's higher earnings targets are met through relentless cost cutting, tax reduction gadgets and share buybacks funded by borrowing. While IBM's share price soars, as the top managers and big investors extract cash from it in a weird kind of reverse-Ponzi-scheme, IBM steadily becomes an increasingly unproductive shell, a mere shadow of its once truly-innovative self. As a triumph of financial engineering, IBM 'makes money from money', while its future is being systematically destroyed. How many more of such disasters will we have to witness before the shareholder primacy idea finally dies?" -anon-
Comment 06/19/14: "IBM lowers its SoftLayer cloud prices while no one is looking" IBM is too late to the big dance and once it's midnight the ride home becomes a pumpkin! -The_FOG_is_a_CLOUD-
Comment 06/19/14:
Mentions IBM. Can anyone express the message and thoughts any better? LIFE@IBM IS NOT GOOD. -trexibmer-

Comment 06/19/14: Remember the old Dayton Princeton Site? Thats another site that ground water was polluted by IBM. How do they just walk away from everything they do wrong to peoples lives? -Over55-
Comment 06/18/14: I believe that the state of NY owns the former IBM site in Fishkill. If that is the case then under Federal and State labor laws you can pass out fliers, freely talk, and organize Alliance members and supporters just outside the doors as well as lunch, snack, and break areas! For instance, EFK parking lots are fair game for organizing. So what R U all waiting for?! -Alliance Supporter-
Comment 06/18/14: I still feel if IBM makes anyone who signed a non-compete agreement and then fires you without the enhanced separation package should have you released from the agreement. If IBM deems you a PBC 3 thus, in their opinion, lacking in making business commitments then what should IBM fear from you competing against them? They can't hold you hostage in finding another IT job if they rate you as "unacceptable".. -anonymous-
Comment 06/18/14: Sorry, red Mandarin font not available for the chosen ones who are "transitioning". -ThanksAward-
Comment 06/18/14: -Off-to-Lenovo- The grass might seem much greener...But, please remember, Lenovo is controlled by Chinese communists and their interests. And any communist ultimately don't play fair, just like mother IBM. -don't_be_fooled-
Comment 06/18/14: @-Off-to-Lenovo- You're using the term "we" somewhat loosely my friend. Have you done any polling of people who transferred in 2005 or Lenovo employees in general about their sentiments on the Lenovo experience? I have, not a lot of "highly recommends". Look at Glassdoor if you don't have contacts you're comfortable to engage 1 on 1. After they have the IP and know-how the agenda will quickly become "how fast can we move x,y,z to China for cost savings". Think TSTL history on a grander scale. Are you paid at market value? I'm not. And people are supposed to be happy with a "comparable offer"? What is the incentive to transfer, continued employment and a shiny new cubicle? ror Lenovo and IBM appear to have the arrogance of thinking they have the employment market cornered... And I wonder why the CFIUS approval hasn't been granted yet hmmmm. Just like Uncle Sam very well may do, I think I'll pass... -GutterOil-
Comment 06/17/14: Lenovo had the roadshow the other week. Obviously it is slanted to be positive, but everything about it was very positive. They operate like IBM used to in the 70s and 80s. Not exactly the same, but close to SAS. The only negative was the 401k match. IBM matches 100% of the first 6% if you are employed on Dec 15. Lenovo matches 50% of the first 6% immediately. Easy to deal with the difference by gains throughout the year.
We only have history to show from the PC sale. However, there is a huge difference. Lenovo had a complete PC division already and wanted the name and sales channels. It is different with the x86 business. They have almost no footprint and duplication of work. All I know is that we are leaving a terminally cancerous company to a company that is greeting us with open arms and potential.
Comment 06/16/14: To: longtimebeemer & Alliance: I believe that the state of NY owns the former IBM site in Fishkill. I think it was "transferred" as part of the incentive to put in the 300mm semiconductor line. -gone2013-
Comment 06/16/14: For sure there is lead in the water at EFK. That is a fact jack! I bet the homes around the site off Lime Kiln Rd. and Old State Rd. in East Fishkill/Wicoppee and vicinity have elevated TCE levels from any waste wash from the fab.
Of course IBM will deny it as "without merit".
BTW: IBM was asking Dutchess County to reduce the price it paid per gallon of water delivered to EFK by the pipeline under the Dutchess Poughkeepsie Railroad rail trail since it contained to much urea (a nature waste product produced by mammals (i.e humans) and IBM contended it was "too contaminated" to be used in EFK even though the urea level was well within environmental limits. Reckon IBM wanted the water for about "settlement" of tax on the water supply. -Pok'edEFK-

Comment 06/16/14: IBM has polluted the East Fishkill site. Part of the remediation is to constantly pump water from underground wells in order to contain the plume of toxic chemicals from spreading into the water supply. Most of the area residents have wells. A few years back IBM helped pay for a water supply from the Hudson River. It took years for them to lay the pipeline, only to find that the water was too salty to use. How many ways can you say 'Major F***-Up'. IBM only pretends to be a good community citizen all the while using the town and state for their own greedy profits. -24 Yr Resident of East Fishkill-
Comment 06/16/14: This IT worker had to train an H-1B replacement.
The references in the article sure make this sound like a Big Blue facility. . .
Comment 06/16/14: HR can get copies of non competes and confidentiality agreements you signed. -Left 2013-
Comment 06/16/14: -anon- Take a trip to the Triple Cities (Binghamton, Johnson City, Endicott) area to see what will happen when IBM leaves East Fishkill. -longtimebeemer-
Alliance reply: Endicott is also heavily affected by the pollution or "plume" of toxic chemical waste (TCE) that lurks under nearly 300 acres of the Village of Endicott. Most of it is IBM's waste from 40 + years of releasing, dumping and spilling the waste; either accidentally or otherwise. The clean-up of the former IBM Endicott facility has been underway since 1979--and it's still going on. In spite of that 24/7/365 activity, there is still a significant amount of toxic waste to be cleaned up. The Federal government assigned this site as a Superfund Class 2 situation, in 2004.
The question that should be asked by the East Fishkill community is: What kind of pollution is IBM leaving behind there?

Comment 06/16/14: If Global just took some workers from BTV and EFK and left the plants... wouldn't it take a couple of years to dismantle the plants? Just asking, I'm in mfg in BTV and hoping for a chance to stay on while looking for another job. -James-
Comment 06/16/14: What if IBM left East Fishkill? IBM actually partially has already left East Fishkill! Take a look if you can of the West Campus. It is not a pretty site. What will IBM East Fishkill look like after IBM totally leaves? Take a look at the remains of the former IBM Kingston plant. Ugly dumps of dirt and rubble and probably toxic to boot. -anonymous2-
Comment 06/16/14: IBM lowers its SoftLayer cloud prices while no one is looking -4n0nyM0u5-
Comment 06/14/14: What if IBM left East Fishkill? -anon-

Comment 06/14/14: Need help for my NCAs. I am planning to leave IBM soon but I've lost my copy of non-competition agreement I signed when I was hired in2013. I am at IBM GBS. Does anyone have a copy of that document? Would that be possible to send me a copy? Many thanks here! -Leaving-
Comment 06/14/14: FYI: IBM Wiccopee is IBM East Fishkill (EFK). IBM Burlington is IBM Essex Junction (BTV). -da_facts-
Comment 06/14/14: Insightful comments on LinkedIn from people who left IBM. Perhaps, the power of social media can influence change. -Social-

Comment 06/14/14: The problem isn't with insufficient IBMers joining the Alliance, but with technology workers in GENERAL ->
... it doesn't matter if you're a ditch digger or a software engineer ... YOU NEED A UNION TO PROTECT YOUR INTERESTS! Companies have legions of lawyers to protect theirs ... who do YOU have?? .....Exactly ... -Exodus2014-

Comment 06/14/14: -theDeal- I do not know what the Lenovo deal will be. However when Printing Systems was sold to Ricoh they were considered resigned from IBM and qualified for IBM retirement benefits based on where they stood in the plan. For those eligible for full benefits they could start drawing if they wished. For those not eligible they were limited to the vested rights rules. Same with the FHA. Once they were with Ricoh they were under it's plan which I believe is a 401K only plan. -anonymous_retiree-
Comment 06/13/14: IBM local chip plant future cloudy
Questions about the future of IBM's Wiccopee plant are increasing with a new report that IBM Corp. and GlobalFoundries are nearing a deal for part of Big Blue's semiconductor business.
Would the plant be part of the deal? Nobody is talking, and even the financial media that claim to have inside information aren't saying it's a done deal.
The latest report from Bloomberg this week states that if GlobalFoundries buys IBM's semiconductor manufacturing business, its primary interest is in getting the talent and the intellectual property, rather than real property, such as aging chip plants. -Chips Ahoy-

Comment 06/13/14: Please join the Alliance if you are viewing this site and have not joined yet. IBM has not announced another RA layoff/firing but you can bet one will happen before this year is out. Right now individual RAs (sniper firings based on PBC 3's) are still happening. We need to stop this madness. We have to be vigilant and united! The only way is to join the Alliance! -IBMUnionYES-
Comment 06/13/14: Executive Compensation is the reason for no Bonus Checks -SEC Filings-
Comment 06/13/14: Can any x86 IBM employees who are affected by the Lenovo deal provide some details as to what the transfer will mean once you become a Lenovo employee. Will your years of service carry over? If you were getting 4 weeks of vacation will that carry over? If you where on the old pension, will that transfer to Lenvovo or will your pension stay with IBM? etc, etc. Or, have no details been released yet? -theDeal-
Comment 06/13/14: I agree something/someone/some group needs to collectively stand up for the employees that stuff the wallets of these greedy leaders. What puzzles me is why this push for organization is not more well known. Perhaps leveraging social media would get the word out. Has that been advanced? -Concerned ibm'er-
Alliance reply: The Alliance web site has had well over 8,000,000 hits from all over the world's IBM locations. Alliance has a Twitter account and a Facebook account (see our front page, Spotlight section). We have consistently sent emails to IBMers on a regular basis, since we began in 1999. We have press coverage by hundreds of internet news and blog sites.
Whether or not our "push for organization" is well known, is debatable. The key to the whole process are the IBM workers' efforts to organize their co-workers, once they've become Alliance@IBM members. Joining is easy and there is a join section and a donate section on this comments page. The IBM workers must make the effort to join, AND organize at every opportunity. You must never expect the union to do it all, while you stand on the sidelines. Promotional expenses for advertising Alliance@IBM publicly can be astronomical. The best advice we can give you is to join the Alliance, and then get your co-workers to join. There are risks associated with any organizing campaign. Being anonymous is not one of those risks. Consider joining today, and start the process in your dept or function and organize. It is the ONLY option left that will work.

Comment 06/12/14: Hearing at IBM East Fishkill that the site has been sold with an offical announcement this Monday.. -Left in the Bag !-

Comment 06/12/14: From a financial security point of view it is irrelevant to these Execs if IBM eventually goes over the cliff. They will have screwed as much as possible out of our company, built by the IBM serfdom and secured their family dynasties future. Many an English Lord can trace his ancestry back to brigands, pirates and mercenaries who found fortune and favour. The Gerstners, Palmisanos and Rommetys will be no doubt doing damage to this world for generations to come. -Anonymous-
Comment 06/12/14: -Getting the Shaft- Yes, notice they sell more than they acquire. The $0 per share dispositions at non Open Market is something isn't it?!? Not only do we desperately need a union. We need to reign in these thieves. We need and should demand more ethical management from IBM. IBM management say times are tough (so no raises, continued RAs, a 401k match change, increasing healthcare costs, etc.) and IBM executives continue to reward themselves lavishly with stock in the million$..they lie and deceive to us by these actions!!! -$ellSell$ell-
Comment 06/12/14: IBM is worried about loosing customers in X86 sale to Lenovo.

Comment 06/11/14: IBM Said Near Deal With Globalfoundries for Chip-Making -anon-

Comment 06/11/14:
It seems as though some IBM executives are doing very well while the rest of us get the shaft. We need a union in this company.
Jun 8, 2014 GHERSON DIANE JOfficer 1,398 Direct Option Exercise at $0per share. N/A
Jun 8, 2014 GHERSON DIANE JOfficer 513 Direct Disposition (Non Open Market) at $186.78 per share. 95,818
May 5, 2014 ARNOLD COLLEEN F.Officer 5,460 Direct Sale at $191.06 - $191.1 per share. 1,043,0002
May 2, 2014 KELLY JOHN E IIIOfficer 1,799 Direct Sale at $193.43 - $193.48 per share. 348,0002
May 2, 2014 KELLY JOHN E IIIOfficer 1,500 Direct Disposition (Non Open Market) at $0 per share. N/A
May 2, 2014 KELLY JOHN E IIIOfficer 12,742 Direct Sale at $192.77 - $193.41 per share. 2,460,0002
May 2, 2014 KELLY JOHN E IIIOfficer 21,972 Direct Option Exercise at $101.33 per share. 2,226,422
May 2, 2014 KELLY JOHN E IIIOfficer 7,431 Direct Sale at $192.56 - $192.76 per share. 1,432,0002
-Getting the Shaft-
Alliance Reply: The Alliance has been saying this for 15 years. Every year, IBM Executives "exercise their options" and every year IBM fires hundreds if not thousands of US IBMers. Yet, it seems that
all that negative activity doesn't affect the majority of IBMers enough to sign up, join, and take some concerted action to get a majority of IBMers to form a real union that can call for a vote and install a union within IBM. IBM will never run out of "shafts", as long as IBMers keep making them for IBM. Organize. Seriously.

Comment 06/11/14: I watched this video and at the tail end of the video I immediately thought about IBM's roadmap and the impact on their
"most valuable asset". -Anonymous-

Comment 06/11/14: Warren Buffett Is Missing Red Flags At IBM -anon-

Comment 06/10/14: -Dave- No. Once your manager has your badge, verifies your corporate credit card is $0 balance, collects your laptop, and informs HR, and you are removed from CERIS by EOD, you are paid up till you are "shown the door". IBM does not pay you for work not given even if you offer 2 weeks service before you leave. It's all up to IBM management and IBM management is paid to $ave all them $.001s to make Roadkill 2015. -IBM$ucks-
Comment 06/10/14: IBM is toast by 2025. It will wiggle past Roadmap 2015 selling things off like a cheap tag sale UNLESS YOU ORGANIZE NOW and SAVE YOUR WORKPLACE!!! IBM might still be around come 2025 as Itty Bitty Machines Corporation. -da_facts-
Comment 06/10/14: A Big Blue Deja' Vu: Is It 1914 Or 1984 For The Long-Term IBM Investor?
Tom Watson Sr. inherited a company in financial and cultural trouble.
John Akers inherited a company in financial trouble.
Ginni Rometty inherited a company in cultural trouble.
The next path chosen "not the roadmap enforced" will determine IBM's long-term future. History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme. -ByeByeBlue-

Comment 06/9/14: It's absolutely true that depending upon what area of IBM you work in, it ranges from dismal (SWG) to the fires of hell (GBS IGA). -Anonymous-
Comment 06/9/14: -Not so confident- IBM executive insiders hardly ever invest their own real salaried money in IBM stock. They only take the stock options and stock bonus crack and reap the greed and 'tax planning purposes' when they exercise/sell it. -OtherPeoplesMoney-
Comment 06/7/14: Agreed on "The Decline and Fall of IBM" ebook. It puts to paper what a lot of us have/are seeing. There's a few things that I don't think he got quite right and/or are more dependent on what section of the company one is, but all in all, very accurate and paints a detailed picture of what is going on. The sad thing is - I doubt anything will change until the company is too far gone. It will be interesting to see what happens after EPS 2015. -*Watson's_Tumbler*-
Comment 06/6/14: If we IBMers don't care enough about our fate to organize, why should anyone else care enough about us to save us? Is everyone here a member? If not, please tell us what's holding you back. From what I read here, we're all in agreement that it can't get much worse for us. -Union member-
Comment 06/6/14:
No senior exec is investing. So they're not believers in hitting the 2015 target, I suspect.
-Not so confident-
Comment 06/6/14: The Decline and Fall of IBM...WOW, I just started reading this book and all I can say is every IBM'er ought to either join the union right now, or bail on the company. -anonymous-
Comment 06/6/14: -Lost in Band 10-: ha. just have your friends copy the job requirements and place them in their resume. The mgr probably doesn't have any US resources to really validate that the resumes are accurate. Existing resources are probably in India, and FLM's can't think for ---t and need someone to tell them if the resume is valid or not. -KD-
Comment 06/6/14: More often than not the pattern is you are rail-roaded out of your job on trumped up charges of non-performance and your smug FLM says you can appeal this decision up stream. This seems to be a non-stater and unfair considering the upstream managers were in collusion when they trumped up the charges against you and convicted you of non-performance in absentia. This would have been like appealing to Gestapo leaders for false conviction. Good luck with that one. -anon-
Comment 06/5/14: "Its too bad Sam Louie and Ginny are hiding from the IBM employees. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered from these three CEOs. -ANA-"
But who will ask those questions? Not the government. Not the Board of directors. Not the rank and file employees. Certainly not anyone in management. If IBMers do not organize no one will ever fight for them. If IBMers do not fight for themselves then there is no fight.
Comment 06/5/14: The 2 week notice v Walked out the door question has been asked a lot. The answer (at least in NY), comes down to management discretion. I have seen people allowed to work as long as they wanted, after announcing a job offer at another company, others were walked to the door when they told management. (in one case, 2 people, same company, same manager... Different results.) And, AFAIK, pay stops when you leave (period) -CommonSense-
Comment 06/5/14:
HP and IBM List North Korea as a Supplier in Conflict-Mineral Reports.
IBM's filing said North Korea processed gold that may be used in its products. Douglas Shelton, a spokesman for the company, declined to comment, saying only that IBM expects suppliers to "procure minerals from responsible sources." -Ginnis Gold-

Comment 06/5/14: In re: -I don't believe it either-: Those long job ads are called tombstone ads. It means the IBM manager has already selected a foreign person to hire. Then the manager draws up a job description that is entirely based on the prospective hires education and resume. So only one person can possibly meet the requirement. Legal taught us to do this back when I was hiring in the 90's. Then HR does the paperwork to the government to prove that since on one else applied for the job IBM is forced to hire the foreign national. If someone does apply for one of those jobs the manager has to review the resume and qualifications and perhaps interview him, then write an explanation of why he wasn't qualified. So if you want to have some fun, have friends and family apply for those jobs. The company can't ignore them legally so they have to spend time and effort disqualifying them. -Lost in Band 10-
Comment 06/5/14: Given the current political environment, does anyone realistically see the xSeries divestiture to Lenovo being approved by the US Government?
-China Rising-
Comment 06/4/14: IBM's "Yellow Brick Road 2020" is without the ruby slippers! -TheGreatOz-
Comment 06/4/14: Regarding job postings. One was created specifically for me to back fill. I applied, did not hear back, pressed the issue and was told it "was filled". Not possible, the position was for specific skills and could not legally be filled by an offshored person. Later I was told the listing was pro-forma, That in reality there was no money to fill it. -anon-
Comment 06/4/14: Ginni, start cooking the books for 2Q.
"Lenovo, IBM Said to Seek Extension in U.S. Review of Deal".
The decision to refile with CFIUS "does indicate that things haven't gone smoothly," said Harry Clark, a lawyer at Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP in Washington. "At some level some challenges have been encountered," he said. "That could be anything from they were relatively modest and there's time to get it all done and they may have clear path to getting it done, or it could mean it's a desperate situation."
-Uh Oh-
Comment 06/4/14: The Decline and Fall of IBM -bad tidings-
Alliance reply: In regards to Cringley's introduction there was local reporting in Rochester MN and other locations as well. The Alliance comments section has been read widely worldwide by the media, and Robert Cringley.

Comment 06/3/14: -Really?-
Comment 06/3/14: U.S tech worker groups boycott Infy, IBM and Manpower -Anonymous-

Comment 06/3/14: Per Forbes Critics point to Palmisano?s exit package from IBM, enabling him to clear an estimated $225 million, including all the options, restricted stock, pensions, deferred compensation, bells and whistles. The crook ( Sammy ) walks away with millions from IBM, while he Ginny and Louie continue to cut back pensions benefits salaries and retirement health insurance on the backs of hardworking IBMers. IBM employees need a employee union contract to stop this greed and corruption. Its to bad Sam Louie and Ginny are hiding from the IBM employees . There are a lot of questions that need to be answered from these three CEOs. -ANA-
Comment 06/3/14: An interesting document is floating around for what is to come after Roadmap 2015. It's titled "Yellow Brick Road 2020". -Gone-
Comment 06/3/14: To -We don't buy that line-: Dude, your sure right on 100% about this!
In NY State, IBM lists available jobs, but they are all bogus (except the ones in Nanotech perhaps). A few jobs look like the one I had before RA. In fact, one was probably my actual job assignment! Of course these bogus employment postings are not challenged by NY State and the NY Dept. of Labor for PILOT, tax breaks, and job creation initiatives. Some job postings, like in the NY Times, Gannett group newspapers, are almost a column long of job qualifications and descriptive duties making it clear no one could possibly have all the requirements for the IBM job. So IBM uses this to lobby for more H1B visas since all IT workers in USA are 'under qualified' in IBM's very cataract-ed eyes.
-I don't buy it either-
Comment 06/3/14: If leaving IBM and you admit you are leaving to a competitor, I know you will be walked out the door immediately. You still are laid your two weeks whether walked out the door or not, correct? -Dave-
Comment 06/3/14: I talk to a guy from a local institutions. He mentioned where they did a POC with IBM for some software. It all went well until.. IBM presented the institution with the final contract. The contract apparently put in clauses that increases the TCO over 5 years. The institution contracts guy was pissed for this slight of hand by IBM. He immediately terminated the relationship with IBM. Dupe the customer for more money to give to shareholders.. That ought to work well long term! -contract-
Comment 06/2/14: I used to be an IBM'er. I hated the place. I went to HP instead. over the years I have noticed HP is quickly following in IBM's shoes, like lemmings and the pied piper. Well today is layoff day at HP and unfortunately I was affected. My manager would not say how many people on my team were affected today. the deal is you get paid out the 60 days warn notice, and one week per year of service. A minimum of 11 weeks gets paid out overall. -EX Hp'er-
Comment 06/2/14:
China's Inspur vows to take over IBM's local business Inspur Group Ltd, a Chinese domestic server maker, says 80 ex-IBM employees have joined after it recently started a campaign to lure customers from Big Blue.
Late last week the Chinese server business unveiled its "IBM to Inspur" initiative in Jinan, Shandong province, vowing to take over IBM's server business in the country after reports indicated China's government has banned local banks from using IBM servers due to security concerns.
On Thursday, Inspur told Chinese media the company is ready to 'comprehensively' take over IBM's server business in China. Some 80 IBM former employees have already joined Inspur, according to the company.
-China Uh Oh-
Comment 06/2/14: Re: "There have been two instances I'm aware of where management threatened to walk the employee our the door if they didn't disclose where they were going."
Mislead them, give a Mark Twain "lie" since IBM management has been misleading FUD to us for many years now. Touche' They can't fire you if you are already leaving!
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