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Comment 07/01/15: In regards to the article about IBM offering contractor positions to employees who were RAed from Columbia, MO:
"It became a bit of a chuckle because it was so ironic," they said. "When I first joined IBM, they didn't say, 'Oh, you're only going to be there for one year, two years or three years.' So when they say, 'Yeah it's a one year contract,' that has about as much grain of truth in it as when you first got hired. They cut you when they need to cut you."
Absolutely true! And as a contractor you are just an IBM Purchase Order (PO). Yes, that's all. And IBM can terminate a PO whenever they want to not pay for it anymore. -Anonymous-
Comment 07/01/15: Get your message out in different locations. I encourage you to make comments in IBM Twitter feeds such as @IBMWatson and @IBM_NEWS. Also, consider commenting on any IBM Facebook page. IBM encourages the use of social media so let us take advantage of social media to get our message out. -Anon-
Comment 06/30/15: Some laid off IBM employees receive offer to come back as contractors -JustTheFacts-

Comment 06/24/15: RAs already under way in Africa too, most of the functions moving to India. -Anon-
Comment 06/24/15:

Southbury legislator: IBM considers leaving, 1,100 jobs on the block

HARTFORD — Rep. Arthur J. O'Neill reported Tuesday that IBM representatives privately raised the possibility of pulling the company's data processing center out of his hometown of Southbury because of proposed increases to state business taxes

The business giant is the largest taxpayer in Southbury, and the Republican lawmaker said the loss of its information management operations would represent a staggering blow to the town and surrounding communities.

"If IBM shuts down and pulls all of their computers out, they are our No. 1 taxpayer in Southbury. Our taxes are going to skyrocket because our tax base is going to shrink," O'Neill said.

The accompanying loss of 1,100 jobs there would ripple through Southbury and every other community where IBM workers live and spend money, he said. -Anonymous-
Comment 06/24/15: Was told by a neighbor there was an RA at the Finance COE in Rochester, MN. Do not know any details. -Anonymous-
Comment 06/20/15: Just heard substantial RA underway across Asia .. Large number of people being told about layoffs across SE Asia in particular; especially in GBS and GTS.. -Singapore Bob-
Comment 06/20/15: Interesting article in the Poughkeepsie Journal about the GlobalFoundries deal. This will remove many more IBMers from the payroll.
Comment 06/19/15: More IBM employees leaving the company soon. How long before we are under 70,000 US employees? -member-

Comment 06/19/15:
JobTitle: SDM
Location: MD
CustAcct: Novartis
BusUnit: GTS
ProdLine: SO
Message: "With the U.S. IBM RA's that are going on this week. I think it's time to remind everyone that is being RA'D to petition for your Trade and go back to school Its easy to do and you will get 2 years of college paid for plus 2 years of money equal to unemployment. There are other benefits too!"
This petition seems to require 3 or more victims to submit. How can I submit individually? -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: You should contact the TAA rep for your state by phone. If any other workers in your situation and business unit contact us we will let you know. Send me your contact info at
Comment 06/19/15: Article on recent IBM job cuts: -Anonymous-

Comment 06/18/15:
Name: Regina Manuel
JobTitle: Global Delivery Project Executive
Location: Bentonville AR
CustAcct: Wal-mart
BusUnit: GTS
ProdLine: Middleware
Message: I feel for those that have received an RA. I was laid off in March of 2014 with the same MO. I always had 1's or 2+ and for 2-13 all of a sudden I got a 2. I also firmly believe that it was age discrimination. IBM use to have to publish the demographics of a RA but they did not in the 2014 RA. Most everyone I know that was RA'ed was between 45 and 65 and a band 9 and higher. If I can help you in anyway please let me know - Is their anyone out there that also believes it was age discrimination and if so what can we do about it? Is there anyway we can get the demographics? -Gina-

Comment 06/18/15: The RAs have started.. 6 from Power servers team in Atlanta. Also ibm is moving all power servers supt to India / except govt acct to building a bigger Power Servers presence in India. Ibm solution to their ego problem is layoff Americans & hire cheap indentured slave labor in third world countries! & its not working. Maybe they should move HQ to Bangalore - that might work great. -anonymous-
Comment 06/18/15: Lots of talk of job cuts in Dubuque after another bad quarter. I've heard as much as 30% of some teams, possibly more. Not sure how we can keep working like this... -Frank-
Comment 06/18/15: With the U.S. IBM RA's that are going on this week. I think it's time to remind everyone that is being RA'D to petition for your Trade and go back to school
Its easy to do and you will get 2 years of college paid for plus 2 years of money equal to unemployment. There are other benefits too! -Anonymous-

Comment 06/18/15: 5 RA'd today from the ATT account:
What is your job title? 1 SDL, 2 SWD , 2 T3
Where are you located? WFH various US locations
What customer account are you on? AT&T
What division or business unit? Div 07 SPMS US-Group 2
What product line? GTS. Mobility Services This is the second round. 30 days notice. Shifting work from US to Costa Rica. -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: Thank you for the specific information. We appreciate it.

Comment 06/18/15: So it begins again today. I got the call at 8:40, 16 years consist 2+ employee or better. The standard 1 week for each 6 months max 26 weeks. -Steve-
Comment 06/18/15:
Disney has labor unions for USA workers. We need labor unions too.
Why can't we make IBM cancel an RA? We can try to make this happen by building our union: The Alliance@IBM! It can be done but we need you to join to make it happen. -Anonymous-

Comment 06/18/15: RA's have started today in the US. 30 day notice. I just got the call. As we just had a RA finish at the end of May, I was not surprised that there would be another. As a rated 1 employee the previous 2 years and a 2+ last year, I was surprised I got the call. Still in shock and not sure what to do. I don't expect any openings within the company. Anyone have suggestions or words of advice? -Anonymous-
Alliance reply: We are sorry to hear of your RA notice and probable job loss.
You can find plenty of advice, if you read through our Job Cuts Reports Archives (in the right-hand column of this page).
Please provide Alliance with more RA information; such as the same information we've requested from IBMers training their replacements, in our previous comment, also on this page:
What is your job title?
Where are you located?
What customer account are you on?
What division or business unit?
What product line?
We will be better able to share this information with all US IBMers and the media, if there is an RA occurring at this time.
Thank you for your support.

Comment 06/18/15: Firstly, contact an employment lawyer in your province. Labour laws in Canada are a provincial jurisdiction. They can review your situation to see if there is a case of constructive dismissal. Secondly, they can review your package to determine if this was adequate for your situation. -Ferme La Porte-
Comment 06/17/15: Packaged off from long term disability Canada. So essentially I met with management to discuss going back and low and behold I was let go. When I asked for confirmation that everyone else doing the same job was also let go she would not comment. Thru Facebook etc I know for a fact these folks still have their job. I am wondering if I have a case to sue IBM for wrongful dismissal or am I just SOL trying to fight them. -Anonymous
Alliance reply: Unless someone from Canada can answer this we suggest you contact your labor board.

Comment 06/15/15: Alliance can gain traction here. This is a NY TimesEditorial.

Workers Betrayed by Visa Loopholes

It hardly needs saying that immigration policy should not undermine Americans’ jobs, wages or working conditions. The problem is that
what some companies want — cheap, exploitable, disposable labor — is exactly what the system can be twisted into giving them.

Former workers at Walt Disney World in Orlando or at Southern California Edison, the power utility, can tell the story. Those two
companies recently laid off hundreds of tech employees, who were replaced by temporary workers recruited by outsourcing firms based in

These are only two of many troubling episodes involving the H-1B program, which provides up to 85,000 visas a year to foreigners,
mainly highly skilled technical workers. The program was created to allow companies to fill gaps in their work force with specialized
employees they cannot find in the United States. But the law has loopholes, and companies here and overseas ruthlessly exploit them. A
huge industry has risen to meet labor demand in the information-technology sector, with the imported workers being
employees of the outsourcing firms.

On Thursday the Labor Department announced it was investigating two of the largest companies that supply H-1B workers, Infosys and Tata
Consultancy Services, based in India. Senators including Jeff Sessions, Republican of Alabama, and Dick Durbin, an Illinois Democrat, asked for the inquiry after reports that Southern California Edison turned to Infosys and Tata for H-1B workers even as it was laying off 540 workers, many of whom said they had to train their replacements. The Times recently reported a similar story at Disney, which contracted with HCL America, a branch of an Indian outsourcer, and laid off 250 workers. Some workers said they were asked to stay on to train the newcomers who took over their jobs.

Comment 06/13/15: More on Columbia job cuts -member-

Comment 06/13/15: There was an earlier comment about layoffs in Canada in June. Any additional information? -unimportant-
Comment 06/13/15: "Eliminating US jobs in favor of offshore resources as a practice that is alive and well."
I was let go over 2 years ago because a decision was made not to fund my position with a person from the US. The position was funded, BUT it had to be filled with someone from India.
My contacts tell me that the person is totally incompetent. No new news there. -Older, but still good -

Comment 06/13/15: "identified employees may be required to accept a temporary position to another location to assist with the transition of work until their scheduled departure date in order to receive the resource action payment and benefits."
That language was NOT in the March, 2014 package. I read the package carefully and something like that would have raised some eyebrows and would have required clarification from my mgr.....
-RAed one year-
Comment 06/11/15: Is IBM really hiring in the USA? We know they are RAing in the USA.
Plenty of job websites have plenty of IBM open jobs and most of these openings are from positions they have already RAed. Some open positions I have just looked at I swear I might know the person IBM RAed just from the location and job description listed! So the contention is are there REALLY job openings in the USA or are most or all of these employment opportunity "help wanted" ads that IBM puts out just to justify that they can't fill these "ghost" positions and thus the need to contract out (by PO) resources (human contractors), or for offshoring the job, or for lobbying for many more H1B visas for these USA job tickets? Maybe people just are not applying for IBM jobs now since they are not appealing as a potential employer for experienced skilled people in the USA(?)
So it is clear why we never get word of how many USA employees IBM has. No wonder IBM is not forthcoming. Even if IBM says they hired we have to just have to take their word about how many they hired if they even wish to disclose a number. So what is IBM really hiding? -trexibmer-

Comment 06/11/15: Comment made on an internal blog post today: "This is such uplifting news on the day our mass redundancy was announced as our UK jobs are transferred to Sofia". Possibly unsubstantiated rumour. -Anonymous-
Comment 06/10/15: After two big waves of layoffs this year, mostly older American workers, my organization is now giving referral bonus for new external hires to fill a sudden large number of newly open positions. Looks like age discrimination to me. -Anonymous-
Comment 06/10/15: -LowMorale- So IBM can demand the RAed trainer to go to the offshore location and train their replacement so will IBM pay for the travel and accommodation expenses? And as a temporary position could it be IBM could reduce the pay to offshored prevailing wage rates for the training assignment? All in all, not a fair treatment at all for the person that is losing their job. -Anonymous-
Comment 06/10/15: There is a project being run now to transition accounts to a 100% Global Resource model called GDD or Global Delivery Direct. All service lines across all IOT's and sectors are being targeted. Initiative is being supported by service line VP's. Long term / large, well established accounts affected. India GDC leadership is lobbying for large accounts . CA is a problem because IBM has to pay a 200K tax for landed Visa resources. The landed positions are typically leadership roles. In order to mitigate the tax some of these accounts are being filled with lower banded inexperienced resources in leadership positions. 100 plus accounts transitioned in 2014. Target for 2015 is 250. Some large accounts affected include Walmart, national Grid, HSBC, etc.. Eliminating US jobs in favor of offshore resources as a practice that is alive and well. -Anon-
Comment 06/10/15: Over one thousand members of IBM Australia staff have been RA’d since February 2015 mostly older workers , some jobs off shored others replaced by younger new hires at less cost . -anon-
Comment 06/09/15: HSBC just announced they are shedding 50,000 jobs and moving software development to India and China. Their stock of course went right up on the announcement. Look for IBM to take advantage of that to do more cuts and 'hide behind' or join this 'trend' by using the same excuses. IBM stock has been down for days running, and they will soon be needing some excuse to justify poor 2Q earnings and yet another quarter of declining revenues as they are in 'transition'. Buckle up if you haven't been RA'd yet, and by all means join and support the Alliance now while you still can. -ReadTheTeaLeaves-
Comment 06/06/15: OSHA 300 form on Southbury site hasn't been updated as of June 1 - date on the form says Jan 2014. I'd seen it posted that they were supposed to be updated in May. Not like the number had any basis in reality to begin with. They're also closing part of the remaining building to make it look less empty. Not really related to job cuts, but posting here just in case anyone was interested. -Southbury-
Comment 06/05/15: The article just posted was interesting, because in the"permanent layoff" package there was some language that I don't remember hearing about before. Has anyone that received an RA package in the past remembered seeing these clauses, or are they a new bag of dirty tricks to use against workers? They are:
"identified employees may be required to accept a temporary position to another location to assist with the transition of work until their scheduled departure date in order to receive the resource action payment and benefits."
- if not you can be terminated with no package pay or benefits. How is one to do that when we have families and responsibilities at home, and need to find a new job locally?
In part two of the information packet it talks about opportunities for laid off employees to pursue other openings in the company. It said"an identified employee who receives an offer of a comparable job will not receive the payments and benefits of the resource action regardless of whether the employee accepts the comparable job." So if you even try to find an internal position, you lose your package?
Another section of the packet said if they leave before the departure date determined by management, they will get no pay or benefits. -LowMorale-

Comment 06/04/15: Some IBM employees are training their offshore replacement right now.
There are members of congress finally looking at IBM's destruction of US jobs.
If you are training your offshore replacement or are being replaced by an offshore worker please furnish us with the following information:

Send information to
Help us break the secrecy of IBM's destruction of US jobs -Alliance-

Comment 06/04/15: I guess Disney learned these tricks from IBM:

Comment 06/04/15:

Documents obtained shine new light on IBM
ABC 17 News is uncovering more information about recent layoffs at IBM in Columbia.
In a Special Report last month, employees told ABC 17's Jillian Fertig the company was laying off people and replacing them with foreign workers.
ABC 17 News also reported some of the state tax incentives were suspended because the company only employed 453 people of the promised 800.
On Wednesday, Fertig obtained the packet that was handed out to employees the day they found out they were losing their jobs.
The packet contains 33 pages of what's called the "Resource Action Information Package for Employees," informing employees they were "identified for permanent layoff."
ABC 17 News found some questionable statements in the documents that Fertig tried to clarify with IBM, but a spokesman said the company has no comment. -Anon-

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